100 Albania Trivia Questions and Answers

Albania is a tiny country on southern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula with spectacular Adriatic and Ionian coastlines that offer a peaceful ambiance perfect for a treat. Graced with their access to the sea, beach holidays are the most popular in Albania. Your summer experience here will be worthwhile. At the spectacular views of the Lonian sea is Borsh, the longest coastline in Albania, spanning 7 kilometers.

Albania Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Albania has a rich culture and great history. Xhiro is common during the evenings, where Albanian locals go out for a walk after dinner to burn off their excesses and catch up with the neighbors. In some traditional towns, to uphold the culture, the roads are actually closed for vehicular traffic until people are through with catching up. 

Visitors who explore Albania often get confused when talking to an Albanian local. Conversely to the norm, the Albanian locals will shake their heads when they mean yes and nod when they mean no!  

Below are Albania trivia questions and answers that are helpful to test how well you know Albania.


1. Which is the official language of Albania?



2. Which is the currency of Albania?



3. What is the approximate area of Albania in square miles?



4. Who ruled Albania in 1945-1985?

Enver Hoxha


5. There is disagreement about the population of Albania. Which ranges are generally accepted?

2.8-3.2 million


6. Which country invaded Albania in 1939?



7. The heraldic creature of Albania is the double-headed eagle. What reason was generally cited?

As the Byzantine flag it came to symbolize resistance to Ottoman rule


8. When was Zog king of Albania?



9. Mussolini used Albania as the launch pad for his attack on?

Greece in WWII


10. Who was the Albanian general known as Skanderberg?

George Kastrioti


11. Tirana is the capital of Albania, but when did it start being the capital?



12. Which sea is to the west of Albania?



13. When did Albania gain its independence?



14. Which country is to the south of Albania?



15. For nearly four centuries Albania was part of an Empire. Which one?

The Ottoman Empire


16. When did Albania become independent?

28 November 1912


17. What is the main port of Albania?



18. Which is the capital of Albania?



19. What is the terrain of Albania, mostly?



20. What percent of Albania’s land is arable?



21. Albania has mountainous geography, being covered by the Albanian Alps, also called?

Accursed Mountains


22. Albania is the ____ largest country?



23. What is the national dish of Albania?

Tavë Kosi


24. How many provinces does Albania have?



25. What was the greatest extent of Albania?

The League of Prizren


26. Name the 12 provinces of Albania?

These are Vlorë, Elbasan, Durrës, Tiranë, Korçe, Shkodër, Kukës, Lezhë, Dibër, Fier, Berat, and Gjirokastër.


27. What is the main religion of Albania?



28. How long is Albania’s coastline?

450 km


29. Which year did Albania take over?



30. Is the island of Corfu part of Albania?



31. What is Albania called in the Albanian language?



32. When was the Albania flag with a double-headed eagle adopted?



33. Albanians often refer to their country as the “Land of the Mountain Eagle”. This is reflected in the country’s flag, which shows a double-headed eagle.



34. Which is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula?

Lake Shkoder


35. Lake Shkoder is also called?

Lake Scutari or Lake Skadar


36. Lake Shkoder is situated at the border of Albania and which other country?



37. What is the approximate surface area of Lake Skadar?

370 – 530 sq. kilometers


38. Lake Shkoder drains in which sea?



39. What is the name given to the provinces in Albania?

“qarku” or “qarqe”


40. Albania shares a land border with Slovenia.



41. Which country borders Albania to the northwest?



42. Which country borders to the east?

The Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


43. Which country borders Albania to the northeast?



44. Which country borders Albania to the south?



45. Which sea borders Albania to the southwest?



46. Albania has how many sea borders?



47. Albania has how many land borders?



48. Name a historical figure born in Skopje although she was actually Albanian?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


49. Where is Albania’s lowest point (0m) located?

Adriatic Sea


50. Which language family does the Albanian language belong to?



51. Which river is Albania’s longest?



52. How many dams are there in the Drin River?



53. What two seas are around Albania?

Adriatic and Ionian


54. Which mountain is traditionally holy to Albanians?

Mountain of Tomorr


55. Which of these mountains of Albania is located on the edge of the capital city, Tirana?



56. During _______, both Muslim and Christian families hid over 60 Jewish families in Berat?


57. Dajti is part of the Skanderbeg mountain range, and stands at approximately ___high?

5,300 feet


58. Which mountain is to the east of Berat?

Mountain of Tomorr


59. Which lake is situated at the border of Albania and North Macedonia?

Lake Ohrid


60. What city of Albania is located around ten miles away from the island of Corfu?



61. There are three cities situated on its shores, one of which is Albanian. What Albanian city is it?



62. The Borsh is Albania’s longest what?



63. Out of the 12 counties of Albania, which one is the smallest in the area?



64. When was Borsh Castle built?

4th century BC


65. Which is the largest archaeological museum in Albania?

Durrës Archaeological Museum


66. Which landmark of Albania, according to legend, is what Princess Argjiro threw herself and her child from, in order to escape the Ottomans?

Gjirokastër Fortress


67. Which King of Albania uses the prison of Gjirokastër Fortress for political prisoners?

King Zog I


68. Which princess inspired Albanian poet, playwright and novelist Ismail Kadare to write a poem about her?

Princess Argjiro


69. What city of Albania is located on the bank of the Osum river?



70. Where was Princess Argjiro born?



71. Our next visit takes us to the south of the country, where we find an archaeological site which is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. What is the name of the site, very near to the island of Corfu?



72. At the start of our trip we took an airplane to Albania’s only national airport in the capital city of Tirana. The airport was named after a famous Albanian in 2001?

Mother Teresa


73. Next stop on our visit is a city in the southeast of Albania. It houses the National Museum of Medieval Art and the National Museum of Archaeology, for instance. Which city is this?



74. Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza is located in which village?



75. The city of Korce is found in which part of Albania?



76. As soon as we have settled into our cozy hotel in Tirana, it is time to explore the city. We wander to the city center and come across the city’s principal mosque. What is the name of this mosque?

Et’hem Bey Mosque


77. As we continue our journey, we reach the city of Elbasan. Here we find a church that was an important center of the Albanian language. The writer of the Dictionary of Albanian language, Konstandin Kristoforidhi, has served in the church. What is the name of the church?

Saint Mary Orthodox Church


78. The principal mosque in Albania is the Et’hem Bey Mosque. It was named after Ethem Bey, who completed the construction of the mosque in which year?



79. The city of Elbasan is found along which river?

Shkumbin River


80. As we stroll around the city of Tirana, we enjoy the weather as well. Since we are visiting in September, what would be the average high temperature (in degrees Celsius)?

27 degrees


81. The Saint Mary Orthodox Church was established in which year?



82. The next morning we set about making a day trip to a mountain east of Tirana. From the suburbs of Tirana you can take the funicular to the mountain. At the top you will have a nice view over Tirana. What is the name of the mountain?

Mount Dajt


83. When did Albania become independent?

28 November 1912


84. Our next visit takes us to a coastal town near the Adriatic Sea. After Tirana, it is the second largest city in Albania. To which city has our journey taken us?



85. As we overlook the Adriatic Sea from the Albanian coast, we learn that the Italian cities of Bari and Brindisi can be found on the other side. Italy does not have a land border with Albania, though. Which of these countries does have a land border with Albania?



86. Next on our list is a visit to the city of Lushnjë. The city was founded in medieval times and was originally a rest stop on the road from Durrës to the city of Berat. Lushnjë is the capital of the Lushnjë district, one of the 36 districts of Albania. To which county does Lushnjë belong?



87. By the 7th century BC, Ancient Greeks began building small outposts in Illyria in what is now Albania. One of these outposts grew into a large city. What is the name of this present-day city that is home to the largest amphitheater in the Balkans?



88. Who ruled Albania in 1945-1985?

Enver Hoxha


89. Led by Haxhi Qamili and others, what was the goal of the Peasant Revolt in 1914?

To return Albania to the Ottoman Empire


90. What caused the church in Albania to fall under the jurisdiction of Constantinople rather than Rome in 732 AD?



91. By the time the Ottoman Empire began to collapse, Albanians were the first group of people to urge dissolution.



92. Which person became King of Albania during the late 13th century?

Charles of Anjou


93. When did Charles of Anjou become king of Albania?



94. Who is considered the founding father of Albania and became its first prime minister in 1912?

Ismail Qemali


95. What historical significance does the aftermath of the Battle of Savra hold in Albania history?

Albania fell under control of the Ottoman Empire


96. When did Ismail Qemali resign as the prime minister?



97. During the Sino-Soviet Split in the 1960s and 1970s, which country did Albania side with?



98. In the lead-up of World War II, King Zog ceded most of Albania’s sovereignty to which country?



99. What is the name of the man who led a series of mostly unsuccessful Ottoman rebellions from?



100. What is the name given to the evening walks common after dinner in Albania?




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