100+ Brazil Trivia Questions and Answers

Brazil is a vibrant and exciting place to be. It has 4 time zones thanks to its vastness which translates to a big difference when the sun sets across the country.

Most of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil. The rainforest is home to lots of animals and rare species such as the Amazon river dolphin, electric eel, and the green anaconda snake. Also known as ‘the lungs of the Earth’, the rainforest plays a vital role in fighting climate change.

Brazil Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Brazilians are football enthusiasts! The country has so far won the World Cup finals five times, more than any other nation. In fact some of the world’s best football players- Pelé, Ronaldinho, and Neymar hail from Brazil.

If you’re passionate about women’s empowerment, then this will put a smile on your face. Brazil was the first country in the world to accept women in its armed forces.

Quiz yourself with our comprehensive list of Brazil trivia questions and answers.


1. What is the most populous city in Brazil?

Sao Paulo


2. What state, named after the largest and second-longest river in the world, is home to the highest mountain in Brazil?



3. What is the capital city of Brazil?



4. What do the colors of the Brazilian flag – yellow, blue, and green – stand for respectively?

For the gold, the sky/rivers and the forests


5. The statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the seven new wonders of the world, was originally built in which country?



6. I was an independent territory from 1899 to 1903. Before that, I was claimed by Bolivia, but my remote location prevented the claim from ever being settled in any conventional way?



7. What is the official language of Brazil?



8. The Brazilian city of “Ouro Preto” is in which Brazilian state?

Minas Gerais


9. What is special about the rainforest in Brazil?

It is the most biologically diverse habitat in the world


10. Brazil is the largest country in area and population in South America. Where does it rank worldwide in the area?



11. What is the most typical form of music in Brazil?



12. This state has on its border with Argentina the Iguaçu Falls, one of the biggest in the world, and on its border with Paraguay the Itaipu Dam, the second-largest hydroelectric dam in the world. What state is this?



13. Brazil is bordered by all countries in South America, except which two?

Chile and Ecuador


14. I’m famous as being the hub of Afro-Brazilian culture, religion and cuisine. My capital was the colonial capital of the whole of Brazil up to 1763 and its name in English is still often confused with that of the state?



15. Which fruit was first discovered in a Brazilian monastery as an accidental mutation?

Navel orange


16. It’s at this point folks that our river meets that of the Napo. Way back in 1541 a Spanish Conquistador and his men sailed down the Napo and continued on all the way to the Amazon’s mouth. This fellow is credited with being the first to journey the length of the river. What was his name?

Francisco de Orellana


17. What is the formal name of Brazil?

Federative Republic of Brazil


18. How does Brazil rank worldwide in population numbers?



19. What is the approximate percentage of Brazil’s territory consisting of the rainforest?

60 per cent


20. This is the most central state of Brazil and in the last century had territory removed from it twice: in 1960 it gave territory for the creation of a federal district and in 1988 the northern part was separated and formed another state. What state is this?



21. In which year did Brazil gain its independence from Portugal and become a separate country?



22. I’m the youngest of Brazil’s states, and my territory was detached from that of the state of Goiás. I’m named after the main river crossing me from south to north. What am I?



23. When does the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro often take place each year?

From February to March


24. The popular tourist town of Rio De Janeiro is located in which Brazilian state?

Rio De Janeiro


25. Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil. It is made of beef or pork and which ingredient?

Black beans


26. Which of the following options describes the Amazon river best?

It is the largest and the second-longest river in the world


27. From the air, what does the shape of Brazil’s capital city, Brasilia look like?

An aeroplane


28. Caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil. What type of beverage is it?



29. I’m the most industrialized state in Brazil and the most populous. Who am I?

Sao Paulo


30. Geography isn’t only about cities. What is the highest point in Brazil?

Pico da Neblina


31. In which year did Rio de Janeiro host the Summer Olympics Games?



32. Sorry for the stop here ladies and gentlemen but paperwork has reared its ugly head. We have reached the border between Peru, Brazil and Columbia and we need those visas checked. There isn’t much to see here but take the opportunity to explore this town. Who can tell me the name of this town?



33. Marmosets are native to Brazil and other South American countries. Which type of animal is it?



34. How many stars can be found on the Brazilian flag?



35. What is the official currency of Brazil?

Brazilian real


36. How many countries does Brazil border?



37. Where did the name “Brazil” originally come from?

A tree


38. Everybody quick!! If you look to our left you can catch a glimpse of some Amazonian wildlife. Can you see it? There under the jacaranda tree. Oh magnificent! You know its may or may not be the longest snake in the world but it certainly is the most massive. Can anyone tell me what this snake is called?



39. Except the Federal District that holds the capital city Brasilia, how many states are there in Brazil?



40. What is the largest city in Brazil?

Sao Paulo


41. The yellow color on Brazil’s flag symbolizes what?



42. The Pampas, fertile South American lowlands extend through Argentina, Uruguay, and this state in Brazil – the southernmost one. What is it?

Rio Grande do Sul


43. How many times did the Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna da Silva won the Formula One Championship?



44. How many independent South American nations does Brazil not share a border with?



45. Brazil is bounded by which ocean on the east?

Atlantic Ocean


46. Which night is the final night of Carnival?



47. Itaipu, one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world, is located on the border between Brazil and which neighboring country?



48. What is the largest religion in Brazil?



49. We have an unusual surprise for you tonight ladies and gentlemen. As you can see our normal buffet has been replaced by a traditional Amazonian meal. The fish you see is piranha. Better that you bite it than the other way around. Alongside that is a staple of Amazonian cuisine. Yes I know it looks like mush. Who can tell me what it is?


50. In 1988, which epidemic occurred in Brazil with more than 500,000 reported cases?



51. The Octoberfest festival, a copy of the original in Germany, is celebrated each year in which part of the country?



52. What is the most popular sport in Brazil?



53. To bring good luck in the next year, Brazilian people typically wear which color on New Year’s Eve?



54. What state in the north region of Brazil is the second largest state in Brazil and borders Guyana and Suriname?



55. Which day of the week is considered to be the quasi-official day for feijoada in Brazil?



56. If you were in Brazil and wanted to visit the “Estação da Luz”, a famous train station, which city would you go to?

São Paulo


57. Festival de Gramado is the biggest festival in Brazil in which industry?



58. My north borders the Amazon rainforest. My southern part contains parts of one of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems – the Pantanal. Before 1977 my area was well over 1.2 million sq. km, but a new state was created from bits of me. The most prosperous ones, lie nearest to SP and Bolivias’s oil and gas-rich Santa Cruz province.

Mato Grosso


59. The Cathedral of Brasilia in the capital city is an example of which architectural style?

Modern architecture


60. How many states are contained within Brazil as a country?



61. Which immigrant community in Brazil has the largest population outside the home country?



62. If you look over the edge of the ship now. Careful there dear, let me help you with that walking frame. As I was saying if you look over the edge you will notice that the river is two different colours. In actual fact we are at the convergence of the Amazon with one of its largest tributaries. The dark waters of that river are filled with the tannin of vast amounts of decomposing vegetation whereas our own Amazon is a muddy brown. This phenomenon goes on for quite a few miles before the two rivers blend together. Can anyone tell me the name of the dark river?

Rio Negro


63. In which year did Brazil win the first FIFA World Cup title?



64. Brazil also leads the world in the production of which metal?



65. What is the most popular family name in Brazil?



66. This state is the western extreme of Brazil and was bought in 1903 from Bolivia. Its name also represents a unit of area, but the origin comes from a misspelling of the name of a local river. What state is this?



67. With more World Cup wins than any other team, Brazil boasts the world’s most successful soccer team. As of 2009, which country has Brazil not beaten in a World Cup final?



68. What is used in Rio to describe local people?



69. One of the largest dams in the world is known as the Itaipu dam. It is located partially in Paraguay, but it is located primarily in which Brazilian state?



70. Brazil’s rainforest holds what distinction?

World’s most biologically diverse habitat


71. People can vote from what age in Brazil?



72. The Amazon is home to many curious creatures, some well-known others not so well known. Pumas and jaguars hunt capybara, sloth, and tapirs under the dense canopy. Insects rule the jungle floor, not to mention the bird-eating spiders. One little-known creature is the jiboa. This creature is frequently caught by locals and kept as a pet, earning its keep by keeping the home free of rats and bats. Who can tell me what kind of creature the jiboa is?



73. The popular 1960s song “The Girl From Ipanema” is an example of what type of Brazilian music?


74. Name the Brazilian festival based on a story about the death and resurrection of an ox?



75. For how much of its length is the Amazon navigable by ocean-going ships?

2,300 miles


76. Scientists have discovered that Brazilian honeybees create a sticky substance potentially capable of preventing what condition in humans?


77. Where are the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches located?

Rio de Janeiro


78. Pantanal is a wetland area located in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, mostly. Which facts about Pantanal are correct?

It’s home to a known 3,500 species of plants.


79. In 1500, Brazil was discovered by sailors from which country?



80. There are over 75 primate species in Brazil, including the Howler Monkey and the Squirrel Monkey. In Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, who helps monkey look for his mum?



81. Well folks we’ve reached the end of our first Amazonian cruise. I hope you enjoyed it. You may be wondering where the land has gone. Well at this point the river is so large that you can no longer see the banks. In fact, one of the islands at the mouth of the river is the size of a European country. Guess which one?



82. The total population of Brazil is approximate?

190 million


83. In My Village: Rhymes from around the World, the traditional Brazilian song is called ‘Se esta rua fosse minha’ in Portuguese. What is its English title?

If this street were mine


84. In which city is Sugar Loaf Mountain located?

Rio de Janeiro


85. Brazil is home to hundreds of exciting animals, including the ocelot. What is an ocelot?

A wild cat


86. The current President of Brazil is?

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva


87. In the Vanishing Rainforest by Richard Platt, who are Remaema and the Yanomami tribe trying to protect the rainforest from?

Potential developers


88. Brazil’s largest river system, The Amazon, originates in which mountain range?



89. In Eva Ibbotson’s Journey to the River Sea, Maia goes to live with relatives in Brazil and explores the Amazon river. What are the names of Maia’s cousins, the spoilt twins?

Beatrice and Gwendolyn


90. What terrain Brazil is extensively covered by?



91. The Brazilian folklore prankster Saci is a mascot for several football teams and has been made into a children’s book by Monteiro Lobato. What magical item does the character always wear?

A red hat


92. With which country does Brazil share a short border?



93. Trash by Andy Mulligan is about shantytowns. What are shanty towns called in Brazil?



94. The group of islands located in the west of Brazil?


95. Which of the following Brazilian states are located side by side?

Sao Paulo & Rio De Janeiro


96. In the northern part of Brazil, which highlands are located?

Guiana Highlands


97. How many percent of Brazil is located in the Tropical climatic zone?



98. By which extreme climatic condition is Northeastern Brazil prone?



99. The most practiced religion in Brazil is?



100. Brazil’s type of government?

Federal Republic


101. How long is the coastline of Brazil?

7,491 km.


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