100+ Colorado Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The state of Colorado is located in the western and southwestern regions of the USA. It is among the Mountain States alongside Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

The state’s Western Slope is home to 30 wineries which can be found in the cities of Grand Junction. The climate and proximity to the Colorado River make it a great agricultural spot for grapes hence the production of wine (alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines).

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If you love Christmas decorations, this one is for you! It is believed that the outdoor Christmas lights were invented in Denver in 1907 by merchants who thought it wise to replace street lights at the 6th Street Mall with Christmas ones.

Pueblo, Colorado, hosts a massive green chilies festival every year. The event goes for three days and entails live music performances, art demonstrations, and chili cooking competitions. Should you be in attendance, make a point to sample some of the locally grown green chilies.

Want to learn more about Colorado? Take part in the following Colorado trivia questions and answers to understand the place and its people.


1. What is the nickname of the U.S. state of Colorado?

The Centennial State


2. There are several mountains over 14,000 feet in height in Colorado; which is the tallest?

Mt. Elbert


3. What is the motto of the state?

Nothing without Providence


4. The name of Mesa County is from the Spanish word “mesa”, which means:



5. Which is the capital city of the state?



6. One of the features which adds to Boulder’s dramatic setting at the base of the Rocky Foothills are a series of steep-sided peaks which rise above the town. What are these peaks called?

The Flatirons


7. What are the residents of the state called?



8. Where can you ski powder in China Bowl, hit bumps on Prima or Highline, then head to The Club or The Tap Room for a few pints? You’ll have to dodge posers in fur coats and designer one-pieces as you make your way through the village.



9. Which state is to the north of the state?



10. What Western Colorado town is famous for its peaches?



11. When the state admitted to the Union?

August 1, 1876


12. What park is in between the Colorado state capital building and the city and county building of Denver?

Civic Center Park


13. What was the rank of Colorado joining the Union?



14. Colorado boasts the world’s highest _________?


15. What is the total area of the state?

269,837 square kilometer


16. In what year did Colorado become a state?



17. What percent of the area is covered with water?

0.36 percent


18. Eighty percent of Colorado’s water comes from what source?



19. How much is the height of Mount Elbert?

14,440 ft


20. What river runs through the town known as ‘The Choice City’?

Cache La Poudre


21. What is the lowest point of the state?

Arikaree River


22. A national park in Colorado contains cliff dwellings, some of which are over 1,500 years old. What is the name of the area?

Mesa Verde


23. What is the rank of the state based on population?



24. As you descend into South Park, you gaze upon the valley and are surprised by what you see. The South Park basin primarily contains what type of terrain?



25. What is the official language of the state?



26. What are the names of the two largest rivers in Mesa County?

Colorado gunnison


27. What is the state bird?

Lark Bunting


28. One of the first pedestrian malls in North America was established in Boulder over in an effort to revitalize the downtown core. What is the name of this mall?

Pearl Street Mall


29. What is Colorado’s state flower?

Rocky Mountain Columbine


30. You rent a car at DIA and make your way to I-70, heading west. In no time at all you are in the heart of Denver, the beautiful capital of Colorado. You pass a sign that displays some of the city’s vital statistics. What is the elevation of this cosmopolitan city?

5,280 feet


31. What does the word ‘Colorado’ mean?

Colored Red


32. What Western Colorado town is famous for its sweet corn?



33. Which is the only place in the U.S where the corners of four states meet?



34. Denver was founded at the confluence of what two rivers, (one is actually a creek)?

Cherry and South Platte


35. What brewery can you tour in Golden?



36. How much land in Colorado is owned by the U.S. federal government?



37. What is the state animal?


38. How many state wildlife areas are there in Colorado?



39. What is the name of Colorado State University’s mascot?



40. Which is the longest continuous street in America?

Colfax Avenue, Denver


41. What city is home to the United States Air Force Academy?

Colorado Springs


42. Which is the only state to turn down the Olympics?



43. Home to the main campus of the University of Colorado, what is this town known for outdoor activities and several award-winning breweries?



44. What percent of the state voters choose not to host the Olympics?

62 percent


45. It’s not really in the middle of things, but which Colorado city gave itself the nickname “Richest Square Mile on Earth”?

Central City


46. Why does the state refuse to host the Olympics?

Because of the cost, pollution and population boom expected to have in the state.


47. The county seat of Mesa County is:

Grand Junction


48. Which is the tallest building in Colorado?

The Republic Plaza, Denver


49. Where can you hit some great double-blacks on the North Face, Phoenix Bowl, and Third Bowl, as well as making a short hike to the very topmost peak to ski the Banana Funnel?

Crested Butte

50. Which is the world’s largest Rodeo hosted by Denver every year?

The Western Stock show


51. What annual sporting event takes place in Grand Junction?

Junior College World Series


52. In Boulder, you can dine at a grill named for what famous cannibal?

Alferd Packer


53. From what language did Colorado get its name?



54. How many cities of Colorado are located at the Front Range of the Rockies?



55. You would expect Colorado’s economy to benefit from skiing and winter sports but what is another large contributor to the state’s economy?



56. What percent of the total population of the state lives at the Front Range?

70 percent


57. How many US states are smaller than Mesa County?



58. What is the anthem of the state?

‘Where the Columbines Grow’ and ‘Rocky Mountain High’


59. Where do powder hounds make their way to Parson’s Bowl and Vasquez Cirque, and the bump-lovers stick to old favorites such as Trestle and Derailer?

Winter Park


60. What is the state insect?

Colorado hairstreak butterfly


61. Which is the largest metro in the state?

Denver Metropolitan area


62. Alongside of US 115 south of Colorado Springs, you can see the world’s largest ________?

Hercules Beetle


63. What is the state fish?

Greenback Cutthroat Trout


64. Where can you ride up the Outback Express lift, then hike out to the North Bowl for some pow-pow? Afterwards, you can lick your wounds at at the Last Lift bar with the obligatory aprés-ski-live-solo-acoustic-guitar-cover-song-singer.



65. How many gambling towns are there in Colorado?



66. Glenwood Springs, Ouray and Dolores are three towns in Colorado known for which natural phenomenon enjoyed by tourists?

Hot springs


67. What are the gambling towns in Colorado?

Central City, Cripple Creek, and Black Hawk


68. What famous hill in Denver used to be a major meeting place for the KKK?

Ruby Hill


69. In which year gambling became legal in the three towns?



70. Which famous beverage is manufactured in a factory located in the northeastern suburbs of Boulder?

Celestial Seasonings Tea


71. Where the Jolly Rancher Candy Company originated?

In Golden, Colorado


72. What town is the gateway to Mesa Verde National Park?



73. What did James Huff discover near Argentine Pass, on September 14, 1864?



74. Boulder’s altitude and runner-friendly footpaths have long made it a training venue for runners from around the world. A statue of one of Boulder’s most famous runners stands outside the Folsom Field . Who is he?

Frank Shorter


75. What  is the primary North/South highway in Colorado?

Interstate 25


76. Where do you find your expert terrain on the backside of Union Peak and Tucker Mountain, as well as the terrain under/around the Resolution lift?

Copper Mountain


77. Which US President signed a proclamation that admitted Colorado to the Union?

U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant


78. What is the state tree?

Colorado Blue Spruce


79. Grand Junction, Colorado, is the largest city on the what?

Western Slope


80. In Colorado, the Eastern Plains have had some of the biggest what in North America?

Hail storms


81. What is the state gemstone?



82. The borders of Colorado were originally defined to be lines of what?

Latitude and longitude


83. What famous peak can be seen to the south of Denver on a clear day?

Pike’s Peak


84. What is the average yearly precipitation?

It ranges from 15 to 25 inches.


85. After your busy day you set up camp in South Park, gaze at the stars, and wonder to yourself, “Who on this planet is seeing these same stars?” You open your world atlas and find that this country is at the same latitude as South Park, Colorado. Which one is it?



86. Coloradans when compared to all other states, have the lowest rates of what?



87. What resort in Southwest Colorado typically gets pounded with more snowfall than any other in Colorado?

Wolf Creek


88. The northwestern corner of Colorado is sparsely populated and contains part of what national monument?

Dinosaur National Monument.


89. Where can you find The Garden of the Gods?

Colorado Springs


90. Before it was Colorado the region was inhabited by Native Americans for how many years

Over 13,000 years


91. The University of Colorado at Denver, the Community College of Denver, and the Metropolitan State College of Denver are all located on one campus, what is the name of this campus?

Auraria Campus


92. On May 10, 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah, the Union Pacific railroad linked up with the Central Pacific Railroad to form what?

The First Transcontinental Railroad.


93. What is the state fossil?



94. The right to vote was given to women beginning on November 7, 1893, making Colorado the second state to grant what?

Universal suffrage


95. Where can you find Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument?



96. The 2010 U S Census,  shows Colorado with a population of how many people?



97. Where is Buffalo Bill’s grave?

Lookout Mountain


98. Colorado has seven of the  100 largest natural gas fields in the US and two of its 100 largest what?

Oil fields


99. Which famous Colorado people lived in the Manitou Cliff Dwellings?


100. Natural gas from several Colorado basins typically account how much of the yearly gas production in the US.?

More than 5 percent.


101. Which state borders Colorado on the south?

New Mexico


102. How many barrels of oil are estimated to be held in shale deposits in Colorado?

1 trillion barrels


103. What popular TV series took place in Colorado?

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman


104. At what time of year is Loveland’s post office especially busy?


105. What is the all-time record high temperature for Colorado?

115 °F





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