100+ Dallas Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas, after Houston and San Antonio, but larger than, Austin. It is the 9th largest city in the United States with a population of 1.3 million and is similar in size to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Love watching the Super Bowls? You got Lamar Hunt to thank for coining the term ‘Super Bowl’ in Dallas while writing a letter to the then NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.

Dallas Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Remember Barney & Friends? This hit Tv show was created in Dallas! Other movies and TV shows filmed partially or wholly in Dallas include Bonnie and ClydeRoboCopWalker Texas Ranger, JFK, and the Dallas series which is also tested in this trivia.

Below you’ll learn a whole lot more about the “Big D” with these fun Dallas trivia quiz questions and answers. Take the quiz!

1. What is the new tourism slogan for Dallas?

Live Large. Think Big.


2. Dallas is also known as?

Big D


3. How many square miles of land is encompassed by the greater Dallas metro area?

9,000 square miles


4. What is the new tourism slogan for Dallas?

“Live Large. Think Big”


5. Dallas is considered the home to the United States’ largest:

Urban arts district


6. What Dallas, a neighboring city, is known as the Place Where the West Begins?


7. Name the river that is in Dallas.

Trinity River


8. The Dallas metropolitan area has many rivers and lakes, what is the name of the biggest lake located in Dallas?

White Rock Lake


9. Can you tell the established year of Dallas?



10. What city in the Dallas metropolitan area has the slogan Fun Central, based on hosting many theme parks?



11.  __________ is the nickname for the City of Dallas, other than Big D. Both

Triple-D or D-Town


12. What makes Dallas famous as one of the world’s most excellent shopping areas?

The Dallas Market Center and The Original Neiman-Marcus department store


13. What is the current-estimated population of the city of Dallas?

1.3 million


14. In _________ city is the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport located.



15. What should you be aware of weather-wise when you travel to Dallas?

There is a good chance of severe weather in late spring including tornadoes so watch the weather and be prepared.


16. What is the minimum number of occupants in a car before it can use the new high occupancy lanes on Dallas highways?



17. What is the name of the Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART) light rail service from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to locations in Dallas and Fort Worth?

Trinity Railway Express


18. Name the fun option to travel between attractions in downtown Dallas.

McKinney Avenue Trolley


19. What is a rule of thumb when you are approaching toll booths on Dallas highways or beltways?

Have the correct change ready and avoid asking directions.


20. _______ Dallas’ area city is host to a famous championship rodeo that takes place every Friday and Saturday night.

Mesquite Championship Rodeo and Stockyards Championship Rodeo


21. What is the name of the place where some of the scenes from the popular TV show Dallas were filmed?

Southfork Ranch


22. What is the new name of the building in Dallas where a gunman fired the fatal shot at President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963?

Dealey Plaza


23. The name “Dallas’ means:

Valley of water


24. What is the name of a famous and historic 20-block area in Fort Worth featuring red brick streets, shopping, dining and art?

Sundance Square Entertainment District


25. Name a must-see attraction that you can find just two miles north of downtown Fort Worth.

the Fort Worth Stockyards


26. What is the name of the saloon in Fort Worth whose claim to fame is being the Worlds Largest Honky-tonk?

Billy Bobs Texas


27. Which Dallasite invented the “frozen mar ganta”?

Mariano Martinez


28. Where is the only place in the world to find a Texas delicacy know as “donkey tails”?

Tolhert’s Chili Parlor.


29. Who was the only actress on the original ‘Dallas’ to win an Emmy?

Barbara Bel Geddes


30. What is Vanilla Ice’s real name?

Robbie Van Winkle


31. Which Dallas high school is the only one in America to produce two Heisman Trophy winners?

Woodrow Wilson


32. Who shot J.R. in the original series?

Kristin Shephard


33. Joe Bob Briggs is actually a herald Dallas writer named:

John Bloom


34. When Boz Scaggs and Steve Miller attended St. Mark’s together, what was the name of their band?

Hie Marksmen


35. What years was the original ‘Dallas’ on TV?



36. Why has a Dallas man named David Joyner become more famous than another Joyner, the Dallas-based radio personality whose first name is Tom?

David Joyner is the man in the Barney the Dinosaur outfit.


37. What show was a spin-off of ‘Dallas’?

‘Knots Landing’


38. What was the original name of Hoop-It-Up when it was created as a D magazine promotion in Dallas?



39. What is Lamar Hunt credited for naming?

Super Bowl


40. What network aired the original Dallas series?



41. What is the name of Mr. Pepper mint’s son’s hand?

Bun Hole Surfers


42. What was Miss Ellie’s maiden name?



43. What does the W.A. stand for in the name of the First Baptist Church’s legendary W.A. Criswell?

Wally Amos


44. How many times did Sue Ellen marry J.R.?



45. What is the significance of “10, 2 and 4”?

The time to drink Dr Pepper


46. How many times did Sue Ellen marry J.R.?



47. How did Dr. James Beckett make his sizable fortune?

Valuing Sports trading cards


48. The Ewing/Barnes feud all started when ___________?

Digger Barnes blamed Jock Ewing for stealing the oil wells for himself.


49. Willard Watson is better known as:

The Texas Kid

50. How many times was Bobby married throughout the original Dallas series and the reboot?



51. Who dug the huge 90-foot hole at the corner of Lemmon and Cole for an indoor country club?

Larry Lassiter


52. What Dallas sportswriter was crucified in 1993 by Cowboy fans when he went against the grain and was first to report that Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson did not get along?

Skip Bayless


53. Who played Jock Ewing in Dallas Series?


54. Who is Bobby’s brother-in-law when he is married to Pam “Dallas Series”?’

Cliff Barnes


55. Marvin Lee Aday is better known as:



56. Which of the following Von Erich boys is still alive today? Your options: Kevin,  Kerry, David, Mike



57. What happens to Pam Ewing when she’s in a car accident?

Her body is horribly burned.


58. Who holds the scoring record for the Dr. Pepper high school basketball tournament in Dallas?

Don Meredith


59. Who started the Prufrock restau rant chain (Black-Eyed Pea, Dixie House, etc)?

Phil Cobb and Gene Street sold their restaurant chain and became millionaires.


60. How many children did Jock have?



61. What Dallas Cowboy was known as “the world’s fastest human”?

Bob Hayes


62. After Bobby was killed in a car accident, how did the writers bring Bobby back to life?

His death was not real but was part of Pam’s dream.


63. How did Turtle Creek get its name?

Turtles in the Creek


64. Name the NFL teams that have called the Cotton Bowl home;

Dallas Cowboys,Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts


65. Who is Pam and Bobby’s adopted son?



66. Campisi’s Egyptian restaurant is best known for:



67. Who was the matriarch of the Ewing family in the original series?

Miss Ellie


68. What is the name of Jim my Johnson’s boat in Florida?

Three Rings


69. The Dixie Chicks are known for their song, “Oak Cliff Bra.” True or False?

False: Credit Edie Brickell with that song. “North Dallas Bra” would be more the Dixie Chicks’ style.


70. Channel 8 once had a studio in a storefront in NorthPark, attracting passers-by to stop and watch television shows being taped. True or False?

True: And Ron Chapman was the host of the afrernoon teeny-bopper show.


71. Where does Bobby go and visit J.R. when the series reboots?

Nursing home


72. Tevin Campbell is known nationwide as an heir to a soup fortune. True or False?

False: He’s a national singing sen sation who could someday be richer than the soup Campbells.


73. The Cuellar family founded El Chico.

True: Mama’s Boys.


74. It is discovered that Rebecca Sutter is related to whom?

Cliff Barnes


75. Ownby Stadium on the SMU campus is known as “The House that Doak Built.” True or False?

False: Doak ’’built” the Cotton Bowl.


76. Where does Christopher in Dallas series, think the future of energy is headed?

Alternative energy


77. The Bass brothers of Fort Worth make up the nation’s most famous professional wrestling family. True or False?

False: If they wrestle, it’s over the control of a corporation or Biosphere.


78. Who is helping Rebecca’s scheme to infiltrate the Ewing family?



79. The original editor of D magazine was Jim Atkinson. True or False?

True: He set the tone, then moved his tone over to Texas Monthly.


80. What political office does Sue Ellen hold in the continuation series?

Governor of Texas


81. Bette Graham of Dallas invented Liquid Pape.

True: She was a secretary at the time.


82. Bette Graham’s son is Stephen Still.

False: Her son is former Monkee Michael Nesmith.


83. The original 7-Eleven store is still standing in Oak Clif. True or False?

False: The original store was torn down, but a new one was built on the site at 12th and Edgefield.


84. What happens to Ann’s daughter, Emma, when she was little?

She is kidnapped.


85. When Neiman Marcus expanded beyond its downtown store, its second location was NorthPark.

False: The first Neiman Marcus suburban expansion was Preston Center. Later that location moved to North Park.


86. Who controls Harris Ryland and his mass fortune in Dallas Series?

His mother.


87. When Brad Davis got the call to play for the Mavericks, he was playing?

Pro basketball in Alaska


88. Chantai Westerman was once named?

“the Sexiest Woman in Dallas.”


89. Who stole Ewing Oil from the Ewing family in the original series?

Jeremy Wendell


90. Norman Brinker created Chili’s. True or False?

False: Brinker has made Chili’s one of the most successful restaurant chains in America. Larry Lavine created Chili’s, then sold it to Brinker.


91. Who plays Christopher Ewing in the reboot of the Dallas Series?

Jesse Metcalfe


92. Edie Brickell, formerly of the New Bohemians, surprised America by marrying singer Lyle Lovett. True or False?

False: She didn’t marry Lyle Lovett of Julia Roberts fame. She married Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel fame. Edie is what she is.


93. A Dallasite named Kit Carson wrote?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


94. Who plays John Ross in the continuation series?

Josh Henderson


95. Who plays Bobby Ewing from the original series to the end of the reboot?

Patrick Duffy


96. The Dallas Cowboy quarterback known as “The Mad Bomber” was?

Clint Longley


97. The two largest banks in Dallas, Republic, and InterFirst merged in an unsuccessful effort to survive. True or False?

True: Two dinosaurs took each other down. It’s incomprehensible that the banking industry could collapse like that, but it did, creating a new generation of humility.


98. Bar owner Louie Canelakes and Dallas Cowboy Bill Bates have one thing in common.



99. What US state is Dallas in?



100. In the Dallas series what was the name of the bar?

Cattleman’s Club


101. What is Texas also known as?

The Lone Star


102. President Kennedy was shot in Dallas in what type of car?



103. When was President J.F Kennedy assassinated?

November 22, 1963


104. What famous person was born when pluto the astrological sign of death was directly above Dallas Texas?

President J.F Kennedy


105. Who was the actor who played Bobby Ewing in Dallas Series?

Patrick duffy



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