100+ Hawaii Trivia Questions and Answers

Hawaii is made up of 132 Islands; which encompass the northwestern Hawaiian Islands, a group of islets, seamounts, and shoals. It harbors beautiful marine life and a diversity of seabirds.

Remember that old fashion rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? Well, forget about it in Hawaii. Here it’s quite the norm to adorn in white clothing since the weather is warm all year-round.

Hawaii Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Hawaiians are extremely friendly. If you’re not a hugger, this might sound like a bummer but here people love to hug. Be it a hello, goodbye, “I love you”, sorry, “Nice to meet you”, or even “Thank you.”

If you’ve gone through our trivia quizzes on places all over the world, by now you must have noticed every place has bred talented individuals and Hawaii is no exception. These incredible celebrities were born in Hawaii: Former President Barack Obama; AOL co-founder Steve Case; dancer Carrie Ann Inaba; vocalist Bruno Mars among many others.

Check out these interesting Hawaii trivia Questions and answers to fill you with crucial knowledge.


1. What is Hawaii and where it is located?

It is a state of the United States of America located in the Pacific Ocean.


2. Between 1778 and 1878 Hawaii’s native population decreased by 80% to 90%. What was the reason for this?

Introduction of new diseases


3. Which is the only state located outside North America and the only island state?



4. Before we start our tour of Hawaii’s state capital, what does “Honolulu” mean?

Sheltered harbor


5. When Hawaii was admitted to the union?

August 21, 1959


6. Diamond Head is the most-photographed landmark in Hawaii. On which island can it be spotted?



7. How many islands are spread over Hawaii?

137 Islands


8. Maui consists of two extinct volcanoes. Which of the two is older?

West Maui


9. How much population was recorded in 2019?



10. Which of these choices is the tallest mountain in Hawaii?

Mauna Kea


11. What is the capital of this state?



12. From the top of Mauna Kea to sea level, what is the elevation of Mauna Kea?

13,000 feet


13. How many miles of a state’s ocean coastline?

750 miles (1,210 km) long.


14. When did Hawaii become a state?

August 21, 1959


15. How many countries are in Hawaii?



16. How many of the islands that make up Hawaii are represented on the state flag?



17. Which flower is considered to refuse to wear, if someone gives it to you?

Lei Flower


18. Who wrote the novel “Hawaii,” published in 1959?

James Michener


19. How many pineapple mazes consist of colorful crafted Hawaiian plants?



20. Hawaii is also known as what state?


21. On which island, do only, 7400 people live?

The island of Molokai, which used to be a leper colony


22. Which star rises directly above Hawaii?



23. Which is the only royal palace in the US?

Iolani palace


24. Downtown Honolulu is home to many historical buildings, including Aloha Tower, which was the tallest building in Hawaii when it was first built along the downtown waterfront. What is the distinctive feature of this historical structure?

Clock faces


25. How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet?

Only 12


26. Which UNESCO World Heritage Site (the only one in Hawaii) is located on Hawai’i Island?

Volcanoes National Park


27. Is Hawaii one of the four states in the US that has banned the use of billboards for advertising?



28. What’s the name of this wharf, now a popular SCUBA, snorkeling and surfing site?

Mala Wharf


29. On the land of Kauai, what is an interesting thing related to construction?

There is no building, on the land of Kauai, can be taller than a palm tree by law.


30. What is so special about Mauna Kea?

The observatories


31. What is the origin of the word ‘Hawaii’?

The place of the Gods or Homeland.


32. What is Hawaii’s area code?



33. Who is the first pilot to fly his solo flight from Hawaii to the mainland US?


34. Captain James Cook is credited with being the first European visitor to the Islands, which were “discovered” during his last voyage in the 1800s. When did he join the British Navy?



35. In 1810, which king conquers all the islands for the establishment of the kingdom of Hawaii?

King Kamehameha


36. What is Haleakala?

World’s largest dormant volcano


37. How many years old is the culture of native Hawaiian?

About 1,500 years old


38. When flying into Maui, you’ll probably land in this city. It’s an oddly positioned city, because it faces the wind blowing onto Maui, which basically forces ships into the docks. Its airport designation is OGG. What is this city?



39. What is the culture of Hawaii?



40. What is the claim-to-fame of Mt. Wai’ale’ale on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i?


41. What is Polynesian?

Sharing many similar traits including language, culture, values, norms, family, belief systems etc.


42. How many counties does Hawaii have?



43. What is Merrie Monarch Festival?

It is created to honor King David Kalakaua.


44. What is Hawaii’s state bird?



45. Name some common dishes of Hawaii?

Kalua pig, Lau-lau, Poke, Squid Luau and Haupia.


46. Ulu is an itrinsic part of Hawaiian food. By what other name is it known?



47. Who is the first Asian American in the US senate?

Hawaii’s Hiram Fong.


48. What were the two states (49th and 48th respectively) before Hawaii became a state?

Alaska and Arizona


49. On which island would you find Hulope Bay?


50. On the mountain of West Maui, there’s a small valley cut into the mountainside. It was the site of a famous battle between Kamehameha the Great and Kalanikupule. What is the name of this valley?

Iao Valley


51. Name the first municipal course?

Wai Golf course.


52. What is the state flower?

Yellow hibiscus


53. Which is the world’s most active and largest volcano?

Kilauea Iki


54. There is a huge hula competition in Hilo, Hawaii. Held annually for roughly the last 35 years, this is called the:

Merrie Monarch Hula Festival


55. What is the Hawaiian Standard Time?

Hawaii has its own time zone refer as Hawaiian time zone. It is one of two states that does not follow daylight saving time.


56. This boat used to be the old whaling museum, but when they built a new facility in town, the ship was sunk to serve as a coral reef. What is the name of this ship?



57. What is the motto of this state?

The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.


58. What historical precedent did Gov. George Ariyoshi (1976-1986) set?

First governor of Japanese ancestry in the U.S.


59. Which is the wettest place on earth?

Mount Waialeale on Kauai.


60. What is on the top left-hand corner of Hawaii’s flag?

Union Jack (UK flag)


61. Who was the last monarch of Hawaii?

Queen Liliʻuokalani


62. During which season do the humpback whales migrate through the Hawaiian islands?



63. Hawaii is one of only two states that are not in the what?

Contiguous United States


64. A typical side dish at a luau is opihi, which is?

A black mollusk


65. Hawaii is the only state that grows what type of beans?



66. What is the average temperature in July?

75 degrees F


67. The Hawaiian islands are continuously being formed from an underwater volcanic activity called a what?



68. Many hotels in Hawaii offer private lanais. What are these?



69. It is thought that the Hawaiian people first came from an island group many miles to the south. What is the name of this island group?



70. In 1790, Kīlauea erupted and killed how many warriors and their families?



71. What is a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a?

Hawaiian fish


72. Hawaii has more of what type of species than any other state?



73. How would you say “good evening” in Hawaiian?

Aloha Ahiahi


74. Hawaii has areas that are under the protection of the what?

National Park Service


75. At the Tedeschi Winery on Maui, you can sample Maui Blanc wine, which is made from?



76. European visitors introduced diseases islands and the Hawaiian population was decimated by what three main diseases?

Influenza, smallpox, and measles.


77. Hawaii was the target of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by who on December 7, 1941?

Imperial Japan


78. How long was the average projected lifespan of people born in Hawaii in 2000?

79.8 years for males, and 82.5 for females, longer than any other state.


79. Since statehood in 1959 what is Hawaii’s largest industry?



80. According to a 2013 study Hawaii had the fourth-largest number of what in the United States?

Millionaires per capita.


81. Are palm trees native to Hawaii?



82. Has the US Air Force ever dropped bombs on the Big Island? And if so, why?

Yes, to try to stop a lava flow.


83. What is a hula dancing school called?



84. Kanaka Creek, settled by Hawaiians, is located where?

British Columbia, Canada


85. Island flowers and colors are used to represent each Hawaiian island. What is the flower that represents the Big Island of Hawaii?

Red pua lehua (ōhiʻa blossom).


86. In what month does Hawaii receive the most tourists?



87. What is a Loco Moco?

A dish native to Hawaii made of a hamburger patty, rice, a fried egg, and brown gravy


88. How many people live on Niihua?



89. “Pidgin” is a creole language based in part on English used by many residents here. How do you express in pidgin that you really like the food you are eating?

Brok’ Da Mout.


90. The Outdoor Circle, Hawaii’s beautification organization, has planted how many trees since 1912?

Over 500,000


91. How many letters can you find in the Hawaiian alphabet?



92. Hawaii is the only U.S. state where the sun does what?

Stands directly overhead at noon both in May and July


93. How many shark attacks per year does Hawaii average?



94. Where does the Passion fruit plant get its name from?

The vines symbolize the crucifixion of Christ.


95. What is Kona snow?

The spring flowers of coffee plants


94. What is Vog?

A fog caused by the sulphur dioxide of volcanic gases


95. What event destroyed Waipio Valley’s hotel, restaurant, church, jail, school and post office in 1946?

A Tsunami


96. How many one-lane bridges does the road to Hana have?

more than 50


97. How much did it cost to build the Hyatt Regency in Maui, in 1980?

$80 million


98. When was the road to Hana built, using prison labor?



99. What is Kekaimalu, born in sea life park?

A wolphin – a cross between a whale and dolphin


100. When it opened in 1959, Ala Moana shopping center was billed as?

The world’s largest shopping center


101. What is the name of Oahu’s bus system?



102. What group is honored by the Natatorium, the saltwater pool next to Sans Souci beach in Waikiki?

Hawaiian veterans of WW1


103. How did Diamond Head crater get its name?

Sailors thought they had discovered diamonds inside the crater


104. How many people visit Hanauma Bay every year?

Over 2.5 million


105. According to Hawaiian Legend, what is Chinaman’s Hat on Oahu?

The tail of a vicious dog

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