100 Kentucky Trivia Questions and Answers

Kentucky is located in the south-central United States along the west side of the Appalachian Mountains, and ranks 37 in land size, with 102,907 square kilometers.

Its capital city Frankfort is famous for having the most beautiful Capitol buildings in America. However, the population here is slightly less than 30,000.

Kentucky Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Apart from the state of Alaska, Kentucky has more miles of running water. These rivers together with the state’s water impoundments provide 1,100 commercially navigable miles.

How well do you know about alcoholic beverages? If you are keen on Bourbon brands, you may have realized that this drink traces its origin to Kentucky. Bourbon production has grown tremendously in the last couple of years and its exportation has tripled over the last two decades.

Learn more interesting facts about Kentucky by taking up the following quiz!


1. Kentucky is one of how many states formed as a commonwealth?



2. The first state park created in Kentucky is located in the southeastern area of Kentucky, 13 miles from the Cumberland Gap. What is the park’s name?

Pine Mountain State Resort Park


3. What is Kentucky’s official state bird?



4. What year did the Kentucky Derby Festival begin?



5. What did the Governor of Kentucky deploy to end the Black Patch Tobacco Wars?

The Kentucky Militia


6. What major fast-food chain has its corporate office in Louisville?


7. The longest cave system in the world is located in south-central Kentucky. What is it called?

Mammoth Cave


8. In June 2007, the speed limit on rural portions of Kentucky Interstates was raised from 65 to how many miles per hour?



9. There is a replica of the first cabin built in Kentucky, located just outside of Barbourville in Knox County. What is the name of this state historic site?

Dr. Thomas Walker State Historical Site


10. What is the official state motto?

“United We Stand Divided We Fall”.


11. How many counties does Kentucky have?



12. Kentucky Derby Festival starts two Saturdays before Derby, what event blasts off to the start?

Thunder Over Louisville


13. How did Kentucky get its nickname, the “Bluegrass State”?

It’s based on the bluegrass found in many of its pastures.


14. What major river flows by downtown Louisville?

Ohio River


15. What is Kentucky’s official state butterfly?

Viceroy Butterfly


16. What is the state flower?



17. Kentucky hosts one of the biggest races in American horse racing called the what?

The Kentucky Derby


18. Louisville is named for a French monarch, Louis. What ‘number’ was this Louis in the ruling line?

Louis XVI


19. Where does Kentucky rank in goat farming?

5th nationally


20. This lady was born in Butcher Hollow in Johnson County, Kentucky, got married at 13, and became one of the Queens of Country Music. Who is she?

Loretta Lynn


21. What is the official state fruit?

The Blackberry


22. What was the first event of the Kentucky Derby Festival in 1956?

The Pegasus Parade


23. Which two of Kentucky’s major cities are located in the Bluegrass Region?

Louisville and Lexington


24. Who was the coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team in 2003?

Tubby Smith


25. On January 30, 1900, what Governor was mortally shot by an assassin while walking to the State and died of his wounds?

Governor William Goebel


26. What is Kentucky’s state tree?

Tulip poplar


27. What is the official state dance for Kentucky?



28. Kentucky has the world’s longest what?

Cave system at Mammoth Cave National Park.


29. The tallest mountain in Kentucky is located in Harlan County, near the Virginia border. The town of Lynch is nearby. What is the name of this 4,145 foot summit?

Black Mountain


30. What is the official state horse?



31. This event is held on Wednesday of Derby Festival Week?

Great Steamboat Race


32. Governor William Goebel is the only governor of a U.S. state that has been assassinated while what?

Still in office


33. OK then, how about Madison County?



34. What is Kentucky’s official state gemstone?

Freshwater Pearl


35. One of the most prominent mountain ranges of North America runs through eastern Kentucky. What are these mountains called?

Appalachian Mountains


36. Which US state lies to the east?


37. What is the state of wild animals?

Gray squirrel


38. Old Louisville hosts the St. James Court Art Show which is the what?

The largest outdoor art show in the United States


39. Louisville became a center of horse racing attention on May 17, 1875, when Churchill Downs opened its doors for the first time. The first Kentucky Derby was run that day. What horse won?



40. Which state borders Kentucky to the south?



41. What is the official state fossil for Kentucky?



42. Louisville, Kentucky, the state’s largest city, was once given which ominous nickname?

Graveyard to the West


43. What river forms Kentucky’s northern border?

The Ohio River


44. The 1956 Kentucky Derby Festival Queen later became Kentucky’s first female governor, who was she?

Martha Layne Collins


45. A vigilante wing, the “Night Riders”, terrorized and burned several tobacco warehouses  in what cities?

Hopkinsville and Princeton


46. It’s important to be honest for this one: Larue County?



47. Kentucky’s official state mineral is what?



48. What is the symbol for the city of Louisville?



49. Hundreds of what kind of farms are located in Kentucky’s Inner Bluegrass region?

Horse farms

50. What is the state fish?

Kentucky bass


51. ln Kentucky, the average annual rainfall is how many inches?

46 inches


52. In 1873, Louisville druggist John Colgan invented something that you can find in any just about every grocery store in the world. What was it?


53. What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Kentucky?

114 °F at Greensburg on July 28, 1930.


54. This US Army installation is located between Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Tennessee, and is home to the 101st Airborne Division. It is named for the last Whig Governor of Tennessee. What is its name?

Fort Campbell


55. The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln is in Hodgenville and hosts the annual what?

Lincoln Days Celebration


56. Here’s a great place to take a hike: Powell County?



57. What is the official state beverage?



58. What major interstates run through Louisville?

65, 64, and 71


59. Kentucky has the only domestic site for enriched uranium rods which are produced at what plant?

The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.


60. How many states border Kentucky?



61. What is the official state rock for Kentucky?

Kentucky Agate


62. Who wrote Kentucky’s State Anthem, ‘My Old Kentucky Home’?

Stephen Foster


63. Lake Cumberland in Kentucky is the largest artificial lake east of the Mississippi in terms of what?

Water volume and surface area


64. This Congressman and 23rd vice president were from Christian County, KY. Who is he?

Adlai Stevenson


65. What is the famous two-legged running event?



66. Kentucky is the only state that is bordered on three sides by what?

Rivers, the Mississippi, the Ohio, and the Big Sandy River.


67. Name a major employer in the city of Louisville?



68. One of the world’s finest bourbons is made in Loretto, Kentucky. What is it called?

Maker’s Mark


69. Kentucky has been part of a successful wildlife reintroduction project after restoring what population, that had been extinct from the area for over 150 years?



70. The state of Kentucky stocked what type of birds in the 1950s had long been extinct there?

Wild turkeys


71. What are the food venues called?

Chow wagon


72.  Where is the only place in the Western Hemisphere that a “moon-bow” can be regularly seen?

Cumberland Falls, Kentucky.


73. Who was the first elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky?

Isaac Shelby


74. A little spookier: Graves County?



75. Kentucky was officially a “neutral” state during the Civil War due to what?

Union sympathies of some of the Commonwealth’s citizens.


76. Kentucky is one of five U.S. states that elects its state officials in what?

Odd-numbered years.


77. In the nineteenth century Louisville was a major port for what?



78. What automaker has plants in Louisville?



79. What is the largest county in Kentucky?

Pike County


80. Bowling Green is the home of one of America’s most popular muscle cars. Can you name the car?



81. Bowling Green is Kentucky’s third-largest city and the location of the only plant in the world that assembles the what?

Chevrolet Corvette


82. What is the name of the Army installation in Kentucky that is home to the Army Armor Center and the only United States Bullion Depository?


83. What is the official Kentucky state fish?

Kentucky Spotted Bass.


84. Bedlam in the streets! What are they racing?



85. Let’s get small: Robertson County?

Mount Olivet


86. What is the major fireworks show in mid-April called?



87. Who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Colonel Harland Sanders


88. Who is the state capital of Kentucky named after?

Stephen Frank


89. Which famous frontiersman is buried in Kentucky?

Daniel Boone


90. Which Kentucky town was built inside a meteor crater?

Town of Middlesboro


91. What percent of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky?

95 percent of the world’s supply.


92. How many states border Kentucky?

Shares borders with seven states


93. What does “Kentucky” mean?

On the prairie


94. What percent of American troops killed in the War of 1812 were from Kentucky?

64 percent of those killed in action.


95. What is the oldest city in Kentucky?



96. What Kentucky county hosts an annual ham festival?

Trigg County


97. Every Kentucky citizen is required by law to take a shower at least how often?

Once a year


98. In Kentucky, it is illegal to remarry the same person more than how many times?



99. True or false: Dwarf, Monkey’s Eyebrow, Rabbit Hash, and Mousie are all real place names in Kentucky.



100. The first cheeseburger was served in what Kentucky city?


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