100+ Netherlands Trivia Questions and Answers

80% of the world’s flower bulbs are produced in the Netherlands making up over 5% of the country’s GDP. Lucky are you to spend a couples’ vacation in the country during Valentine’s Day!

According to the World Happiness Report, the Netherlands ranks as the world’s fifth happiest country. It appears the Dutch have plenty to smile about, from scoring high levels of social and institutional trust, to building lasting social connections e.t.c.

Netherlands Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

The country ranks first for having the most accessible, affordable, and nutritious food. Despite the nation’s high consumption of licorice amongst other sweet treats, it seems they are pretty good in observing healthy diets.

Planning to stay in the Netherlands but can’t speak a word of Dutch? Worry not, because this nation is top of the class in speaking English than any other non-native country. Even countries like Sweden and Denmark are not close to beating this record.

For more interesting facts and everything to do with the Netherlands, take up this trivia quiz!


1. Which Dutch Queen had the longest reign?

Queen Wilhelmina


2. Rotterdam is situated at the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas, a distributary of which of the following major European rivers?



3. ‘Willem the Silent’ and ‘Willem, Prince of Orange’ were the same person. True or False?



4. Where in Europe is the Netherlands located?

It borders Germany, Belgium and the North Sea


5. Is Holland the same as the Netherlands?



6. In 1916 there was a great disaster in the Netherlands. What happened?

Major Flooding


7. How many provinces are there in the Netherlands?



8. When did the first settlers settle in Amsterdam?



9. How many times has the Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest?



10. Less than an hour after your plane landed at Schiphol Airport, you’re standing at Amsterdam Central Station, ready to explore the city. The airline breakfast was horrible, so your first stop is a restaurant on platform 2b called ‘1e Klas’ (1st class). What’s so special about this restaurant?

It’s located in the former first class waiting room.


11. In the past, the Netherlands was ruled by?

France, Germany and Spain


12. What do English speakers commonly call the Netherlands, but actually is the name of only part of the country?



13. The first location in the Netherlands granted city rights were?



14. Which Dutch city never had a defensive wall built around it?

The Hague


15. What is the capital of the province of North Holland?



16. What is the name of the range of islands north of the Dutch mainland?

Wadden Eilanden


17. The Netherlands’ oldest university is in?



18. Almost half of the Netherlands lies beneath sea level. In Nieuwerkerk aan den Yssel you will find the lowest point in the Netherlands. How low will you go there?

-6.76 metres


19. Amsterdam hosted the Summer Olympics in?



20. Which brand of beer is Dutch?



21. During which century were Amsterdam’s iconic canal rings built?



22. Why does the Dutch soccer team wear orange?

Because of the house of Orange


23. The first Prime Minister of the Netherlands was?

Hugo Grotius


24. In what year did Amsterdam obtain its status as a city (with city rights)?



25. In the 1600’s, the Dutch had established trading posts in?

India, Indonesia and Japan


26. The Royal Palace in the center of Amsterdam is located on what big square?



27. Which famous person lived for a time in The Hague?

John Adams, Wolfgang Mozart and Vincent van Gogh


28. The Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of?

Tulips, Eggs and Onions


29. The capital city of Friesland is what?



30. The Dutch used windmills to?

Cut wood, Drain water and Grind corn into flour


31. As a taxi takes Getha to her hotel in the city, she notices a large river in the city. Which river would this be?



32. The tallest church tower in the Netherlands is?

Domtoren (Utrecht)


33. The Dutch flag is formed from the colors red, white, and blue; so why is orange a national color?

Due to historical associations with the aristocratic House of Orange


34. The Netherlands has a larger population than?

Austria, Greece and Portugal


35. Which engineer made the plans for the Closure Dike (Afsluitdijk)?

Mr. Lely


36. How much of the Netherlands’ land sits below sea level?



37. How many bikes are estimated to be in the Netherlands?

21 million


38. In what year did the Miracle of Amsterdam happen?



39. How is the Netherlands governed?

Constitutional monarchy


40. Before leaving for the New World, which Dutch city did the Pilgrims never live in?



41. How many canals does the Utrechtsestraat cross?



42. The Netherlands has won the men’s football (soccer) World Cup?

0 times


43. Name a Dutch island that is permanently inhabited?



44. In which province will you find the highest point of the European mainland of the Netherlands?



45. Which Netherlands city does NOT have a commercial airport?



46. Which country withdrew from the Kingdom of the United Netherlands?



47. Which is the official language of the Netherlands?



48. At the end of the 20th century, who was voted the best European soccer player of the century?

Johan Cruijff


49. Who annexed Dutch East Indies during World War II?


50. In 1611, Amsterdam was the first city in the world to have a?

Stock exchange


51. Which was the currency of the Netherlands before Euro was adopted?



52. Who reigned as regent from 1890 to 1898?



53. What is the capital of Zuid Holland?

Den Haag


54. Which colony of the Netherlands became independent in 1975?



55. The capital city of Drente is what?



56. When did the Netherlands abandon neutrality?



57. Named for a Dutch philosopher and given the nickname “The Swan”, the Erasmusbrug is a symbol of Rotterdam. What is the Erasmusbrug?



58. The Dutch have a proud maritime history, still evidenced by the fact that the Kingdom of the Netherlands includes the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Sint Maarten and Curaçao. Which other island nation, upon whose land the Dutch were the first permanent settlers, was named after Prince Maurice, Stadtholder of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, in 1598?



59. The Closure Dike connects two provinces in the Netherlands. Which provinces are they?

Noord-Holland and Friesland


60. Which canal is Anne Frank’s house on?



61. How many subway-stations does Rotterdam have?

Over 40


62. Which river runs parallel to the Utrechtsestraat?



63. What is the main village of the island of Texel?

Den Burg


64. When a Dutchman is talking about a ‘spreeuw’, which bird does he refer to?



65. What is the capital of Zeeland?



66. Who was the Mayor of Amsterdam in 2001?

Job Cohen


67. Rotterdam is just shy of twenty miles away from which body of water separates the Netherlands and the United Kingdom?

North Sea


68. One of the bridges near Arnhem is named after a Russian physicist and Nobel Prize winner. What is the name of the bridge?

Andrej Sacharov Bridge


69. What is the length of the Closure Dike between Noord-Holland and Friesland?



70. What are the three main canals in Amsterdam?

Herengracht, Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht


71. What country borders the Netherlands to the east?



72. One of the worst train disasters in Dutch history happened on January 8, 1962. Where did it take place?



73. What town in the province of Utrecht has given its name to the borough of New York?



74. Which daughter of Queen Juliana became queen of The Netherlands?

Queen Beatrix


75. The most famous sports club in Amsterdam, which is really known worldwide, is called?



76. As Geetha walks through the city she discovers a large park. What landmark did she happen to find?

Sonsbeek Park


77. What is the name of the main square in Amsterdam?

Dam Square


78. What is the official name of the only zoo in Rotterdam?

Diergaarde Blijdorp


79. On which day is the weekly flower market of the Amstelveld?



80. When the Noordoostpolder (North East Polder) was created in 1942 it “absorbed” two existing islands in the Ijsselmeer or former Zuyderzee. What are their names?

Urk and Schokland


81. ‘De Nachtwacht’, or translated ‘The Nightwatch’, is a famous painting in The Rijksmuseum. Who is the painter?

Rembrandt van Rijn


82. Which beautiful Dutch city, known for its impressive windmills, is just a few minutes from Rotterdam by train?



83. Near the park that Getha visited are two main tourist attractions in Arnhem. One of them is the local zoo, Burgers’ Zoo. What is the museum located nearby?

Open-Air museum


84. How many bikes are there in Amsterdam?



85. What currency has been used in the Netherlands since 2002?



86. On the Amstelveld is a statue of Kokadorus. What was his profession?

A famous street artist


87. What discovery in 1959 gave a huge boost to the Dutch economy?

Natural gas


88. What is the size of the population of the Netherlands compared to that of the United States?

Around 1/17


89. In July 2002 the dead Elvis Presley scored a number one chart-hit with his song ‘A little less conversation’. The song was used by Nike for a worldwide commercial for the 2002 World Cup Soccer in South-Korea and Japan. The song was remixed by a Dutch artist: JXL. What does JXL mean?

Junkie XL


90. Getha moves back towards the city centre a bit and notices a large structure, where several cultural events are held. It is also the home of football club Vitesse. What is this landmark called?



91. Which bridge is also known as the Skinny Bridge?

Magere Brug


92. The national team of the Netherlands won the European championship soccer in which year of the 20th century?



93. What’s the name of the biggest carnival in Rotterdam?

Solero Summer Carnival


94. Which saint is celebrated on November 11th?

Sint Maarten (Saint Martin)


95. The abbreviation of the Dutch guilder (now no more, as you will know), came from what Italian city?



96. How many citizens does Amsterdam approximately have (as of July 2001)?



97. Which museum in Amsterdam houses over 200 Vincent Van Gogh paintings?

Van Gogh Museum


98. What building was situated on the Frederiksplein from 1865 until 1929?

Paleis voor Volksvlijt (Palace of Peoples’ Industry)


99. Gazelle, Batavus, and Koga Miyata all make what kind of vehicles?



100. The doors used for closing the dikes are very large. They have the same length as a famous building is high. What is that building?


101. What is the alternative and original name of Amsterdam International Airport?



102. Who is the most popular saint in the Netherlands?

Saint Nicholas


103. Not something to be proud of, but it is likely to be the best known word originating from the Dutch language worldwide: apartheid. What country was known for using this horrible kind of political system?


104. The Leidseplein has one of the city’s most famous coffee shops. What is the name?

The Bulldog


105. Amsterdam hosted what big sports event in 1998?

The LGBTQ+ Games


106. The phrase “Let’s go Dutch” (or “Dutch treat”) did not originate in the Netherlands but from an external stereotype of the Dutch people. Which of the following best describes the perception behind that stereotype?



107. Approximately how many people lived in The Netherlands in mid-2002?

16 Million


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