100+ Nevada Trivia Questions and Answers

Nevada, famous as the Silver State is famous for the Stratosphere Tower, the tallest, freestanding observation tower in the United States. The iconic tower has a distinct fixture in the Las Vegas skyline with a magnificent 360 degrees view of the shimmering Las Vegas Strip and valley.

History surrounds you upon visiting its capital. Virginia City is believed to be among the most haunted towns in the United States. From the wooden sidewalks to buildings dating back to the 1800s, no wonder there are tales of ghostly happenings at most of the town’s landmarks.

Nevada Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Nevada is also among the 8 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Mississippi, Utah, and Wyoming) in the United States without a lottery. It is crystal clear why most of these states continue to resist implementing a state lottery.

Despite the fact that lotteries pave the way for a significant source of government revenue for state programs, more so education, and a great amount of fun, these states still choose to refute. For instance, in Nevada, the casino industry opposes the lottery due to the competition that would arise.

Read on to discover more fascinating facts about Nevada in the endless trivia questions and answers.


1. Where did the name Nevada come from?

The Spanish explorers named it Nevada which means snowy.


2. Who is Nevada Governor?

Steve Sisolak


3. Before the Europeans showed up, what is now Nevada was inhabited by what three Native American tribes?

The Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe.


4. What is the Capital city of Nevada?

Carson City


5. Nevada has a domestic partnership registry that enables gay couples to enjoy the same rights as who?

Married couples


6. Which is the Largest city in Nevada?

Las Vegas


7. What kind of laws is Nevada known for?

Its libertarian laws.


8. What is Nevada’s State Song?

Home Means Nevada


9. In Nevada prostitution employs roughly how many women?

Approximately 300


10. What are the state Nicknames?

Silver State, Battle Born State and the Sagebrush State.


11. What turned Nevada into the popular tourist destination that it is today?

The establishment of legalized gambling and lenient marriage and divorce proceedings


12. What is Nevada’s State motto?

All for Our Country


13. What is Nevada’s State Crop?

Alfalfa seed


14. Which is the Nevada  State bird?

Mountain Bluebird


15. What is Nevada’s State Mineral?

Silver-neva Silver Nevada’s


16. Name the city that is home to the 4th largest pyramid in the world?

Las Vegas


17. What is Nevada’s State flower?



18. Which US state has the least rainfall?



19. An iconic road sign located just south of the Las Vegas Strip welcomes visitors to what?

Fabulous Las Vegas


20. Which Us state is named from the Spanish for ‘snow-clad?



21. What is Nevada’s State tree?

Bristlecone Pine


22. In Eureka Nevada it’s illegal for mustached men to do what?

Kiss Women


23. Who played the lead female in meet me in Las Vegas?

Cyd Charisse


24. What is Nevada’s State Fish?

Lahontan cutthroat trout


25. Dubious distinction first used in  1924 Carson City in Nevada?

Gas chamber


26. What is the established date of Nevada?

Oct 31, 1864


27. In the streets of Elko Nevada walkers are meant to wear what?



28. What is the area of Nevada?

286,380 km²


29. What Argentinian boxer was shot dead outside a Nevada brothel in May 1976?

Oscar Bonavena


30. What is Nevada’s state fossil?



31. What is never shown in Las Vegas Casino?

The Time –No clocks


32. What is Nevada’s state marine mammal?


33. Where does Nevada rank for population among the states?



34. What Las Vegas hotel burned in November 1980, with the loss of 84 lives?

MGM grand


35. What is the Nevada State fossil?



36. Where is Nevada’s highest point?

Boundary Peak


37. What does Nevada have by far the most per capita in the U.S.?

Hotel rooms


38. What Mojave Desert city has a name meaning ‘the meadows’ in Spanish?

Las Vegas


39. What city is the capital of Nevada?

Carson City


40. What is the Height of Boundary Peak?

4,097 m


41. Why is Nevada known as the “Battle Born State”?

It achieved statehood during the Civil War.


42. Nevada voters enacted a smoking ban that outlaws smoking where?

In most workplaces and public places.


43. What state has voted for the winning candidate in the last 25 presidential elections?



44. What nationality were the first Europeans to explore the region?

The Spaniards


45. Interestingly enough, since Nevada does not collect income data it can’t share the data with who?

The feds or the IRS.


46. Which US states include the telephone area code 702?



47. What are the Nevada State colors?

Silver and blue.


48. What is the Nevada State rock?



49. What is the coldest recorded temperature for Nevada?

−52 °F set in San Jacinto in 1972.

50. Nevada is the only state where prostitution is what?

Legal, though it is illegal in Clark County and Washoe County which contain Las Vegas and Reno, respectively.


51. Charles Fey invented the slot machine named Liberty Bell in which year?



52. What is the Nevada State grass?

Indian ricegrass.


53. As far as taxation goes, Nevada has no what?

Personal income tax or corporate income tax.


54. What is Nevada’s largest employer?

The tourism industry


55. Which year was the Dunes in Las Vegas demolished and was the first resort to feature topless showgirls in Minsky’s Follies show?



56. The southern third of the state, where the Las Vegas area is located in the southern third of Nevada and is in what desert?

The Mojave Desert.


57. Which place can a Kangaroo Rat live its entire life without drinking a drop of liquid?

In the Death Valley


58. What are the two major airports serving Nevada?

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, and Reno-Tahoe International Airport


59. Nevada is the world’s fourth largest producer of what type of metal?



60. What is illegal to drive on the highways in Nevada?



61. What is the average yearly rainfall for Nevada?

About 7 inches


62. What is considered illegal in Nevada?

Sex without protection


63. Nevada allows for use of “what” for medical reasons?



64. Which year did the construction worker Hard Hats invented specifically for the workers on the Hoover Dam?



65. Nevada is well known for having the harshest penalties for what type of offenders in the US?

Non-alcohol drugs


66. What is the highest recorded temperature for Nevada?

125 °F in Laughlin on June 29, 1994.


67. Nevada is divided into how many counties?



68. What county in Nevada has the most people?

Clark County


69. How big is the Nevada Test Site, 65 miles northwest of the city of Las Vegas in square miles?

Approximately 1,350 square miles.


70. What is the Nevada State march?

“Silver State Fanfare” by Gerald G. Willis.


71. When was the last atmospheric test conducted at the Nevada test site?

On July 17, 1962.


72. Las Vegas is Nevada’s most populous city, has been the “what” since the county was created?

The county seat.


73. What is the Nevada State precious gemstone?

Virgin Valley black fire opal.


74. Nevada became the 36th U.S. State in the Union on what date?

October 3, 1864.


75. As far as crime is concerned, in 2008, Nevada had the third highest in the country?

Murder rate


76. What is permitted in casinos, hotel rooms, tobacco shops, and brothels?



77. When was the underground testing of weapons discontinued?

September 23, 1992.


78. What is the Nevada State metal?



79. What is the Nevada State semi-precious gemstone?

Nevada turquoise.


80. In Nevada gambling was outlawed in 1909 as part of a nationwide anti-gambling crusade, but  Nevada again legalized gambling on what date?

March 19, 1931.


81. What percentage of Nevada’s land is owned by the federal government?

Over eighty percent.


82. What percentage of Nevada’s 484,000 acres of cropland is used to grow hay, for feeding livestock?

Over 90%.


83. According to the  Census Bureau the population of Nevada was what on July 1, 2013?



84. In Nevada, U.S. Route 50 is also known as what?

“The Loneliest Road in America”.


85. The California Gold Rush of the 1850s brought thousands of Chinese miners to what county?

Washoe county


86. Nevada does not have a continuous interstate highway linking its two major what?

Population centers.


87. In 2008, the state had the highest rate of what in the country?

Robbery and motor vehicle theft.


88. What is the Nevada State slogan?

“The Battle Born State”.


89. What is the Nevada State reptile?

Desert Tortoise


90. The 2000 Census revealed that 16.19% of the state’s residents over 5 years old speak what language at home?



91. Where does a  4-mile long monorail provide public transportation?

In the Las Vegas area


92. What is the Nevada State artifact?

Tule Duck Decoy


93. Nevada is one of only a few states in the country that allows Semi trucks with what?

Three trailers


94. In 2004, 6,800,000 ounces of gold were mined in the state, worth $2.84 billion, and it amounted to 8.7% of what?

The world gold production.


95. The state’s Highway 50, known as the Loneliest Highway in America, received its name from “Life” magazine in 1986. Where are few road stops?

In the 287 mile stretch between Ely and Fernley.


96. Smoking is permitted in bars if the bar does not do what?

Serve food


97. Which is the only Nevada lake with an outlet to the sea?

iman-made Lake Mead.


98. Which year did Wayne Newton celebrate his 25,000th performance while Siegfried and Roy celebrated their 15,000th performance.



99. Which is the largest single public works project in the history of the United States, containing 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete, which is enough to pave a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York?

Hoover Dam

100. Nevada is the second gold-producing state in the world. Which is the leading nation?


101. The longest-running show in Las Vegas is the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Did it open in?



102. While Samuel Clemens took the pen name “Mark Twain” as a reporter working for the “Territorial Enterprise,” he began his writing career as a reporter in the Midwest some years before moving to Virginia City in which year?



103. Bertha was a performing elephant that entertained for 37 years at John Ascuaga’s Nugget casino located in Sparks. She died at what age?

48 years old







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