100+ North Dakota Trivia Questions and Answers

North Dakota is a thrilling State bearing world record titles. North Dakota, a Guinness World records State for the most snow angels formed simultaneously in one place. Beating the previous record of 3,784, people built 8,962 snow angels at Bismarck, the State’s capital grounds, on 17th February 2007.

Did you know that the world’s giant hamburger was eaten in Rutland, North Dakota? The hamburger weighed 3,591 pounds, and more than 8,000 people participated in the feast. 

North Dakota’s farmland is vast enough to cover multiple city blocks. The farmers there produce enough wheat each year to make 12.6 million loaves of bread. Mind-blowing facts, huh!

North Dakota Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

For the foodies, how well do you know about pasta? Most pasta in North America is primarily made from North Dakota durum wheat. The Grand Folks hold a massive party each year to honor the crop.

There are many spaces to explore in North Dakota, like Fargo city showcasing Native American and modern art at the Plains Art Museum. The World Largest Buffalo monument stands on the hill in Jamestown. The 26-foot-tall, 60-ton concrete giant has been standing watch over Jamestown since 1959.

Read on for more North Dakota enticing facts that could best be incorporated into your Friday night game plan.


1. In what North Dakota city is the world’s largest statue of a Holstein cow located?

New Salem


2. North Dakota was the 39th state admitted to the Union on what date?

November 2, 1889.


3. In the United States, Lake Sakakawea is the third largest what?

Man-made lake.


4. Which two Canadian provinces border North Dakota on its northern border?

Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


5. What is the North Dakota State fish?

Northern pike.


6. What U.S. State borders North Dakota to the east?



7. What is the name of the largest natural lake in North Dakota?

Devils Lake.


8. What state borders North Dakota to the south?


9. President  Benjamin Harrison, signed proclamations admitting North and South Dakota to the United States on what date?

November 2, 1889.


10. What state shares North Dakota’s western border?



11. What city is North Dakota’s state capitol?



12. Which of the following is a Native American tribe located within North Dakota?



13. The word “Dakota” is a corruption of a Sioux Indian word that means what?

“allies” or “friends”.


14. What is the biggest city in North Dakota?



15. North Dakota and South Dakota were signed into the union by President Benjamin Harrison on November 2, 1889. Which state was signed in first?

No one knows for sure


16. What is the North Dakota State horse?

Nokota horse


17. North Dakota is the 3rd least “what” when compared to the other states?



18. What college is located in Grand Forks?

University of North Dakota


19. Native American social gatherings, called “powwows”, are an important aspect of Indian culture, and occur regularly where?

Throughout the State


20. Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota. What strange phenomenon occurred there in 1953?

UFO Sightings


21. What is North Dakota’s state grass?

Western wheatgrass


22. The primary public universities are located in what two cities?

Grand Forks and Fargo


23. Which of these is most important for North Dakota’s economy?



24. Powwows were held most commonly in the spring, to celebrate the beginning of new life and the end of the what?

Winter cold


25. How many states border North Dakota?



26. The largest lake within North Dakota is named after a person from the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. Which lake is it?

Lake Sakakawea


27. Geogr bases near what two cities?

Minot and Grand Forks.


28. It seems like there are only two things that gain North Dakota some notoriety on the national scale: agriculture and cold winters! What is the record for the lowest temperature in North Dakota?

-60 degrees Fahrenheit


29. What is the North Dakota State flower?

Wild Prairie Rose


30. Which branch of the military has an institution located near Grand Forks?

Air Force


31. Agriculture is North Dakota’s primary industry. What is its principal crop?



32. Lewis and Clark spent a great deal of time in North Dakota. What animal did they first encounter there?


33. In North Dakota, what is marked with a stone marker in Rugby, North Dakota?

The “Geographic Center of the North American Continent”.


34. What is North Dakota’s most precious resource?



35. One of the biggest powwows in the United States, the United Tribes International Powwow, is held each September in what city?



36. What albino animal is known for its spiritual significance to many Native American tribes, and is located in Jamestown, North Dakota?



37. In what month are Catfish Days traditionally held?



38. How big is North Dakota in square miles?



39. What is the official state language of North Dakota?



40. North Dakota became the 39th state on November 2, 1889. Another state became a state that day putting the United States “Over the Hill” with its 40th state. Which was it?

South Dakota


41. A powwow comes with parades and dancers and it is traditional for male dancers to wear regalia decorated with beads, quills, and what?

Eagle feathers


42. What is the name of the river which separates North Dakota and Minnesota?

Red River


43. What is North Dakota’s state bird?

Western meadowlark


44. What Canadian provinces are immediately north of the state?

Manitoba and Saskatchewan


45. This famous singer with hits such as “Big Spender” and “Fever” was born and had her first big break in North Dakota. Who was she?


46. What is the North Dakota State tree?

American Elm


47. What is the highest elevation in the state?

White Butte at 3,506 feet.


48. Which North Dakota city, the county seat of Cass County, became the name of a major motion picture?



49. What river creates the boundary between North Dakota and Minnesota, while also flowing north?

Red River

50. The word “Dakota” is derived from the Sioux language. What does “Dakota” mean in Sioux?



51. With the third largest in the nation, how many acres of cropland does North Dakota have?



52. _____ Grand Forks is located in Minnesota. What comes before Grand Forks?



53. Some of the Germans who had settled in Russia for generations were unhappy and in the nineteenth century how many immigrated to the U.S. by 1900?

About 100,000


54. How many wildlife refuges were there in North Dakota in 2006?



55. In western North Dakota, there is a huge concentration of coal. How much is estimated to be there?

400-600 billion tons


56. North Dakota has the greatest number of “what”, per capita, of any other state?



57. What is the state beverage?



58. A state park is only about 20-25 miles away from Grand Forks, what is the name of this park?

Turtle River State Park


59. North Dakota received national attention for what natural disasters in 1997 and 2009?



60. North Dakota is the largest producer in the country of what?

Many cereal grains


61. Ride ’em, Cowboy! What is North Dakota’s oldest PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) rodeo?

Killdeer Mountain Roundup


62. What is the largest industry in North Dakota?



63. What are the North Dakota State nicknames?

Roughrider State, Flickertail State, Peace Garden State, Sioux state.


64. What flower does North Dakota grow more of than any other state?



65. When was the first season the Ralph Engelstad Arena was used?



66. What is the North Dakota State fossil?

Teredo Petrified wood.


67. What motto is on the Coat of Arms of North Dakota?

Strength from the Soil


68. North Dakota is the leading producer of many oilseeds including what percentage  of the U.S. canola crop?



69. What river forms the eastern border of the state?



70. In 2011, what one natural commodity caused a boom within the state of North Dakota?



71. North Dakota is the fastest growing state in the U.S. by what measure?



72. Which US President is most associated with North Dakota, which is why North Dakota’s only National Park is named after him?

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt


73. In 2006 the U.S. Mint released the North Dakota State Quarter! What’s on the reverse of the ND quarter?

Two buffalo


74. The state is the second leading grower of sugar beets, which are grown in the what?

Red River Valley


75. What is the major highway which crosses the North Dakota and Minnesota border from Grand Forks into East Grand Forks?

Highway 2


76. Bank of North Dakota in Bismarck, is the only “what” in the country?

State owned bank


77. A US president moved from New York and settled in the Badlands of North Dakota (then the Dakota Territory) and ranched cattle. Who was he?

Theodore Roosevelt


78. North Dakota likes to be the center of attention literally. North Dakota happens to be the geographic center of North America. If we were to pinpoint exactly what county would we be in?



79. What is the North Dakota State slogan?



80. What is the name of the Grand Forks local newspaper?

Grand Forks Herald


81. What is the North Dakota State grass?

Western Wheatgrass


82. Where is the North Dakota state fair held?



83. North Dakota is the largest producer of natural and sweet products in the country?



84. What percentage of North Dakota’s land area is in farms?

About 90%


85. Which river drains about sixty percent of North Dakota?



86. When you go to a bar or restaurant in North Dakota you can have a beer, but what snack is against the law for you to have at the same time?



87. In North Dakota there is an Air Force Base, the Minot Air Force Base, which is located a few miles outside Minot’s city limits. What is the base’s motto?

“Only the Best Come North”


88. What is North Dakota’s highest point?

White Butte


89. In what year was oil discovered near Tioga, North Dakota?

In 1951


90. What is the state fish?

Northern pike


91. Where is North Dakota’s geographic center?



92. How many hospitals does North Dakota have?



93. In what year was Grand Forks big flood?



94. What is the average daily temperature in July?

80 degrees F


95. What scenic attraction symbolizes the enduring friendship between the people of the United States and Canada?

International Peace Garden


96. What is the average temperature in January?

7 degrees F


97. What is the North Dakota State song?

North Dakota Hymn


98. In North Dakota, which insurance company is the largest medical insurer in the state?

Blue Cross Blue Shield


99. By 1984, how many barrels of oil were being produced in North Dakota?

53 million barrels of oil a year.

100. The Cold War caused the military presence in North Dakota to be increased. The United States Air Force built two bases in the outskirts of two major cities in North Dakota. Of the cities listed, which one has an airbase? Your options: [ Minot ] [ Fargo ] [ Bismarck ] [ Dickinson ]



101. What is the North Dakota State fruit?



102. How much oil do the reserves of the Bakken Formation hold?

Up to 400 billion barrels


103. The North Dakota Interstate Highway system is paved in what material instead of blacktop, because of the extreme weather conditions it is exposed to?



104. What is the North Dakota State dance?

Square Dance


105. What is the North Dakota State beverage?



106. North Dakota is the second largest producer of oil in the country with an average of  how many barrels per day being produced?

575,490 barrels per day.


107. What city in North Dakota has the world’s largest statue of a bison?



108. How many  public colleges and universities does North Dakota have?

14 public institutions


109. As of July 1, 2013, what was the population of North Dakota?













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