100 Pennsylvania Trivia Questions and Answers

Pennsylvania is one of the oldest states in the U.S., it became the second state to join the union.

This fact will impress food lovers. Jim Delligatti who owned several McDonald’s restaurants near Pittsburgh also invented Big Mac here. Make sure you visit the Big Mac Museum during your stay.

Pennsylvania Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you love everything to do with the field of medicine, Philadelphia is where you belong. The  Philadelphia Hospital is the nation’s first hospital, the nation’s first medical amphitheater and the first medical library.

There is more to this place other than its pioneering heritage, and amazing sites. Take the following quiz to find out more!


1. Pennsylvania borders what state to the southeast?



2. What year was Allentown founded?



3. What is the Pennsylvania State Song?



4. What religion was William Penn?



5. What US state shares a boarder with Pennsylvania to the southwest?


6. Who is Pennsylvania named after?

Admiral Sir William Penn


7. What four cities have the highest populations in the state?

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Erie


8. Who is Vintondale named after?

Augustine Vinton Barker


9. What is the state capital of Pennsylvania?



10. How much coastline does Pennsylvania have along Lake Erie?

51 miles


11. What does Nanty Glo (Nant-y-Glo) mean?

Stream of coal


12. What is the State Insect?

Pennsylvania Firefly


13. What ice cream novelty treat was introduced in 1929 by Pittsburgh company Isaly’s?

Klondike Bars


14. Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original founding states of the what?


15. From north to south how long is the state of Pennsylvania?

170 miles


16. What state does Pennsylvania border to the south?



17. The official name of Pennsylvania is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Which state of the following is not called a “commonwealth”?

New York


18. How wide is Pennsylvania from east to west?

283 miles


19. The oldest operational theater in the English-speaking world is in Philadelphia. Do you know what it is called?

Walnut Street Theater


20. How big is Pennsylvania in square miles?



21. Who was the only Pennsylvanian to be elected President?

James Buchanan


22. Where does Pennsylvania rank as far as its size with the other states?

It’s the 33rd largest state


23. During the Revolutionary War the Liberty Bell was hidden in what church in Allentown?

Zion’s Reformed Church


24. How many other U.S. States does Pennsylvania border?

Six, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.


25. Where was William Penn born?

London, England


26. What is Philly also known as?

City of brotherly love


27. Pennsylvania is the only one of the original 13 colonies that does not what?

Border the Atlantic Ocean


28. How many recorded tornadoes were there in Pennsylvania in 2011?



29. What was the orginal name of Vintondale?



30. Between 1730 and 1764, the Pennsylvania Colony made its own paper money due to a shortage of actual gold and silver. What was the paper money called?

Colonial Scrip


31. This Pennsylvanian commanded the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Gettysburg. What was his name?

George Meade


32. What is the Pennsylvania State Beverage?



33. Which Pennsylvanian city was the host to the First and Second Continental Congresses?



34. The Masters-Penn mansion housed Pennsylvania’s governor in the early 1770s and later it was the presidential mansion for what two presidents?

George Washington and John Adams.


35. Where in Philly was the Declaration of Independence signed?

Independence Hall


36. On December 12, 1787, Pennsylvania became the second state to do what?

Ratify the U.S. Constitution


37. William Penn named his state ‘Sylvania’. Who put the ‘Penn’ on it?

King Charles II


38. What is the State Tree?

Eastern Hemlock


39. Jim Thorpe, voted the greatest athlete of the first half of the 20th century, attended what college?

Carlisle Indian School


40. What was the name of the first college to be established in the United States?

Dickinson College of Carlisle


41. In 1677 a group of important men all from Penn’s religion received a land area in the Colonies for them to settle. Penn himself remained in England but wrote a government for this new community. In what part of the US was this land area located?

Western New Jersey


42. Pennsylvania accounts for  what percentage of all of the wooded area in the country?



43. Which state borders Pennsylvania to the west?



44. Which McDonald’s sandwiches was invented in Pittsburgh?

Big Mac


45. What is the Pennsylvania State Fish?

Brook Trout


46. What did Penn call the plan for Philadelphia?

The Holy-Experiment


47. About how many Pennsylvanians served in the Union Army?

An estimated 350,000


48. What was the occupation of William Penn’s father?

Naval officer


49. Pennsylvania was the location of the first commercially drilled oil well, drilled by who, in 1859, near Titusville?

Edwin Drake


50. Who was the artist who had a hit with the song “Allentown”?

Billy Joel


51. According to the  U S Census Bureau, the population of Pennsylvania was how many people on July 1, 2013?



52. What is the main color of the Pennsylvania flag?



53. What is the Pennsylvania State Fossil?

Phacops rana


54. In 2010 what percentage of Pennsylvania’s population was estimated to belong to an organized religion?



55. What is the only city with more bridges than Pittsburgh?



56. Where does Pennsylvania’s economy rank compared to the worlds countries?

It is the 18th largest in the world.


57. This president’s brother served as president of Pennsylvania State University during the 1950s. What was his last name?



58. The Whiskey Rebellion and the Fries Rebellion was opposition to federal taxation. These rebellions broke out in rural Pennsylvania. From which city did the anti-eastern sentiment force the state capital to be moved to in 1799?



59. What is the State Dog?

Great Dane


60. In the US the oil industry got its start in this western Pennsylvania community. Which?



61. What company is the largest private employer in Pennsylvania?



62. Tied with Wildwater Kingdom, what is the only location of a famous amusement park in Allentown?

Dorney Park


63. What is the State Game bird?

Ruffed Grouse


64. What two NFL teams are from Pennsylvania?

Steelers and Eagles


65. What is the State Flower?

Mountain Laurel


66. What happened in Pittsburgh in 1980?

First use of an internet emoticon


67. How many electoral votes does Pennsylvania hold?



68. Pennsylvania is divided into how many judicial districts?



69. The museum for this film legend is located in his home town of Indiana, Pennsylvania. Who was he?


70. Pennsylvania is the only state does not have a tax on what?

Gas drilling


71. What is the name of Philadelphia’s primary river?



72. In Pennsylvania, counties, municipalities, and school districts all levy taxes on what?

Real estate


73. In the Battle of Lake Erie, this ship served as Oliver Hazard Perry’s flagship by the close of the battle. Which one was it?

The Niagara


74. In 1988, Pennsylvania’s General Assembly passed Act 169, allowing parents or guardians to do what with their children?

Home school them.


75. What is the tallest building in Allentown?

The PP&L Building


76. The University of Pennsylvania was the first university in the United States and founded the America’s first what?

Medical school.


77. Penn guaranteed all people living in his colony religious freedom. What did this mean?

All people were free to choose their Faith as long as they believed in God.


78. What was the first pharmacy school in the United States ?

The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy


79. What year was the Eliza Furnace built?



80. A museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania is the only building in the world devoted to what magician?

Harry Houdini


81. The National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse was chaired by this former Pennsylvania governor?

Raymond Shafer


82. All the state’s 121 state parks feature free what?



83. Which famous type of hat was born in Philadelphia?



84. Where did the First Continential Congress meet?

Carpenter’s Hall


85. In Erie is the biggest indoor water park on the East Coast. What is it’s name?

Splash Lagoon


86. What had William Allen originally named Allentown before the name was changed?

Northampton Town


87. What is the State Animal?

White-tailed deer


88. What did Pennsylvania formerly produce in large quantities?



89. How many licensed hunters are there in Pennsylvania?

About one million


90. What game was first played in Pittsburgh?



91. Where does the port of Pittsburgh rank in size compared to other states?

It is the second largest inland port in the U. S.


92. What television drama filmed and set in Philadelphia and first aired in the Fall season of 2002 centers on an ex-cop turned taxicab driver?



93. Where was Little League Baseball was founded?

In Williamsport


94. What was the last of the thirteen colonies to be founded?



95. Where does Arnold Palmer hail from?

From Latrobe


96. A long standing urban legend states that Adolf Hitler modeled the German Autobahn after this highway. Which?

The Pennsylvania Turnpike


97. Pennsylvania manufactures more what than any other state?

Pretzels and potato chips.


98. What company introduced the pretzel?

The Sturgis Pretzel House


99. Which minor league baseball team plays their home games at Coca-Cola Park, which is located in Allentown?

Iron Pigs


100. D.G. Yuengling & Son, which is the country’s oldest brewery, has been brewing beer where since 1829?





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