100+ South Africa Trivia Questions and Answers

South Africa is a place of rich natural resources and fascinating geographical discoveries. It is where the world’s largest known Diamond was discovered.

If you watched the world cup football of 2010, you must have known that South Africa hosted the tournament. Remember, Shakira’s song that became a hit during that season? We can’t wait to see what artists have for us each world cup season.

South Africa Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

For those who love everything to do with medicine, from medical drama to medical advancements. Did you know that the first heart transplant happened in South Africa? I bet you didn’t.

South Africa is indeed the place to get anything. Guess who is the world’s second-largest fruit producer? If you said South Africa, well, spot on!

Take up these South Africa trivia questions and answers to expand your knowledge horizons on everything about the country. Once you are done, head on to Kenyan trivia and Africa trivia to learn more about the continent.


1. South Africa is often referred to as ‘what sort of nation’ which describes the country’s multicultural diversity?

Rainbow Nation


2. Near which city in South Africa, which is also the largest in sub-Saharan Africa, is the Cradle of Humankind located?



3. The Palace of the Lost City is a luxurious hotel complex in which luxury resort?

Sun City


4. Who were the first people to inhabit the area that is now Johannesburg?



5. Five countries border South Africa, which four large countries make up these five?

Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and Mozambique


6. Almost nothing is known about Cape Town’s early people, who lived in the area before the arrival of which Portuguese explorer in 1488?

Bartolomeu Dias


7. Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain overlooking which city?

Cape Town


8. South Africa was effectively established in 1652 when a Dutch colonial commander landed at the Cape of Good Hope and created a refreshment station for ships on the India trading route. What is the name of this first settler in South Africa?

Jan van Riebeeck


9. President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on which island for 18 years?

Robben Island


10. What was the Rivonia Trial?

The Nelson Mandela Trial for treason


11. What alternative name was often given to the South African Republic from 1852 to 1902?

The Transvaal


12. Who led the first expedition to round the Cape of Good Hope?

Bartolomeu Dias


13. Which rocky headland in the Western Cape is the geographic southern tip of Africa?

Cape Agulhas


14. On January 8, 2006, President Thabo Mbeki announced the ANC’s candidates for the upcoming provincial elections. Why was this date significant?

It marked the 94th anniversary of the founding of the ANC.


15. The First Boer War was fought from 1880 to 1881 between Britain and the South African Republic; which country was victorious?

The South African Republic defeated the British


16. South Africa accounts for 80% of the world’s production of which precious metal?



17. From what prison was Nelson Mandela released in 1990?

Victor Verster


18. Who was the last South African president under the apartheid regime?

Frederik Willem de Klerk


19. Which country is completely surrounded by South Africa?



20. What geological feature in the Cradle of Humankind helped make it possible to find fossils in the area?

Limestone Caves


21. The Vredefort Dome was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005; what exactly is it?

The oldest and largest verified meteor crater in the world


22. Which township, in the city of Johannesburg, did both Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela once live on the same street?



23. Which man, who shares his name with one of the Beatles, discovered gold on a farm in Johannesburg in 1886?

George Harrison


24. Which writer was the first to be awarded the Booker Prize twice?

J. M. Coetzee


25. Durban, the busiest port in South Africa, is on which ocean?

Indian Ocean


26. The Zulu people formed a powerful state in 1818 under which monarch?



27. It wasn’t until 1652 that European powers started taking a colonial interest in Cape Town. Which Europeans were the first to establish a large presence in Cape Town in 1652?



28. Who captained South Africa during their 1999 World Cup cricket campaign?

Hansie Cronje


29. Who were the Presidents of the independent Boer Republics before and during the Second Anglo-Boer War?

Martinus Steyn & Paul Kruger


30. Following the abandonment of apartheid, in what year were South Africa re-admitted to the Commonwealth?



31. In which year did the Dutch first build a permanent settlement at the Cape of Good Hope?



32. Which South African company sells about 80% of the world’s rough gem diamonds through its London office?

De Beers


33. February 11th is another important day in South African history because it marks the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. In which year was he released?



34. Who is the only South African racing driver to be Formula 1 World Champion?

Jody Sheckter (1979)


35. The South African government funded two major civil wars in Southern Africa during the Cold War; where did those two conflicts take place?

Angola and Mozambique


36. In 1657, Europeans began to settle in the arable regions surrounding Cape Town. What were their major productions?

Wine and wheat


37. Gandhi spent many years in South Africa. What was his profession whilst there?



38. Which South African political party is led by Chief Buthelezi?

Inkatha Freedom Party


39. What famous discovery was made at the Sterkfontein Caves in the Cradle of Humankind?

Mrs. Ples


40. Which town, named after the wife of a colonial administrator, was besieged by the Boers during the South African war?



41. What is the name of Cape Town’s famous botanical garden?

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden


42. When was the Battle of Blood River fought?


43. The South African parliament is made up of 2 houses, the lower known as The National Assembly and which other?

The National Council of Provinces


44. Where would you find Cape Town’s naval harbor?



45. March 21 is celebrated as Human Rights Day in South Africa to commemorate the 1960 massacre of black South Africans and to prevent something like it from ever happening again. Where did this massacre take place?



46. What is the highest stretch of The Great Escarpment known as?



47. How many lighthouses are there at Cape Point, South Africa?



48. What was the name of the spear that Shaka Zulu designed to better the performance of his troops?



49. Who was Buthelezi?

The leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party

50. What is the name of the world’s smallest floral kingdom

Cape Floral Kingdom


51. Which group brought Islam to South Africa in the 1700s?

Asian slaves


52. In what year did the country become a republic?



53. What was the name of South Africa’s infamous social engineering system?



54. At the present time, “Australopithecus africanus” is considered to be one of our oldest human ancestors. What feature of the hominin most closely links it to humans?

Upright walking


55. Which ground-dwelling bird is the national bird?

The Blue Crane


56. Which two oceans meet at South Africa’s southern tip?

The Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean


57. The term “uitlander” refers to which kind of people?

British workers in the Transvaal Republic


58. What species of penguin has a breeding colony in Cape Town?


59. Which is the largest province in terms of population?



60. Where was the famous Cullinan diamond found?

Kimberley, South Africa


61. Which 1795 battle saw Cape Town and all of Cape Colony fall into the hands of the British for the first time?

Battle of Muizenberg


62. Which tourist destination in Kimberley, chronicles the mining industry?

The Big Hole


63. Which is the largest species of shark found in the oceans off the Cape Town coast?


64. What inspired the shape of the 94,000-seat Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg?

The shape of a traditional African port


65. What is the name of the cold ocean current that races up the west coast of South Africa?

The Benguela Current


66. April 27 marks the anniversary of the election of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa and is celebrated as a national holiday. What is the name of this holiday?

Freedom Day


67. Johannesburg sprang up in the late 19th century after what was discovered there?



68. The White South African population uses a more direct communication style while the Black South African population tends to be more indirect. True or False?



69. What was the name of the 13-year-old boy who was killed during the Soweto uprising in 1976?\

Hector Peterson


70. The value of Ubuntu is best reflected in?

The high value placed on relationship building and loyalty in the Black, Coloured, and Indian South African communities.


71. Which famous world icon, who is best known for his work outside of South Africa, came to Johannesburg in 1902 and led a nonviolent movement in 1913?

Mohandas Gandhi


72. In addition to seeing the British regain control of Cape Town, 1806 was also the first occurrence of what now daily event?

Firing of the Noon Gun


73. After years of skirmishing and open rebellion in the young South African republic, Boer president Paul Kruger declared war on the British in 1899. The British responded to the Boer guerrilla attacks by employing which method, which would be today be considered a very serious war crime?

Concentration camps


74. Who was the Khoisan leader who led a short war against the Dutch settlers seven years after their arrival?



75. What guerrilla group opposed the South African occupation of Namibia for years?



76. The Rand Rebellion began on December 27, 1921, and lasted until March of the following year. Who revolted during the Rand Rebellion?

White gold miners


77. What was unique about Cape Colony’s first elected Parliament in 1854?

There were no race restrictions on voters


78. What Mozambican president was killed when the South African government supposedly shot his plane down on the Swaziland/Mozambique border?

Samora Machel


79. During World War II, what role did Johannesburg play in the war effort?

Provided hospitals and medical centers for British troops


80. Which diamond mogul became Prime Minister of Cape Colony in 1890 and fervently pushed pro-British policies often at the stake of native Africans?

Cecil Rhodes


81. Upon independence in 1910, Cape Town became the capital of the Union of South Africa. In what famous building did the prime ministers and, later, presidents live until 1984?

Groote Schuur


82. What was the main cause of the Soweto Uprising that occurred on June 16, 1976?

Afrikaans being the main language in schools


83. September 24th is celebrated as a day when all South Africans celebrate their diverse roots and show that diversity is the key to unity. What is the name of this holiday?

Heritage Day


84. What was the main reason for the influx of immigrants from India?

To work in the canefields of Natal


85. The so-called #FeesMustFall Protest began in October 2015 to protest an increase in the price of what?

College tuition


86. What makes 27th April 1994 such an important date in the history of South Africa?

First fully democratic election


87. One of the better-known governors of the Cape was Simon van der Stel. What was the name of his wine estate?



88. December 16th was celebrated for over 150 years as the Day of the Vow, a day to celebrate the Afrikaner victory over the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River. What is this holiday now known as?

Day of Reconciliation


89. What petroleum company used coal to create petrol, during the boycott of trade to South Africa?


90. Garry player is famous for which sport?



91. ‘Beervlei Dam’ is located at where in South Africa?

Groot River, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


92. Where is Royal Bafokeng Stadium in South Africa?

Phokeng town


93. What is the currency of South Africa?

South African rand


94. Who was the first and second Prime Minister of South Africa?

Louis Botha


95. What is the height of Devil’s Peak in South Africa?

1,000 m


96. Which is the longest river in South Africa?

Orange River (2,200 km long)


97. South African National Space Agency was formed on?


98. According to 2019 the population of Johannesburg city was?



99. When was the National anthem of South Africa adopted?



100. ‘Mapungubwe National Park’ is located in which Province of South Africa?

Limpopo Province


101. Who is the president of South Africa?

Cyril Ramaphosa


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