100+ Switzerland Trivia Questions and Answers

Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world. With a fast-growing economy, it is among the most expensive places to live in. Despite that, you will still get value for your money.

The Swiss speak about four international languages; French, German, Italian, and Roman. So with any of these language skills, you’re good to go.

Switzerland Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

One great geographical fact is that Switzerland has got at least 208 mountains and the highest peaks in Europe. If you’re a hiker, exploring the Haute Route would make a beautiful experience.

Want to grab a cuppa of some of the most expensive coffees in the world? Swiss coffee is yours to go to.

Check out this list of Switzerland trivia questions and answers to find out more interesting things about the country.


1. This Swiss city is relatively small, but it is usually crowded because it is a popular hub for tourists hoping to visit and climb the nearby Matterhorn. Which city in Valais canton is this?



2. To which year did Switzerland date its independence?



3. Which lake in Switzerland, the fifth largest in the country, has its water level maintained by an unusual structure known as a needle dam?

Lake Lucerne


4. Which is the capital of Switzerland?



5. Around which mountain in Switzerland is it possible to ride the world’s first revolving cable car?



6. Who is known as Swiss Miss?

Martina Hingis


7. Our plane lands in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city. Language is no problem, since most Swiss are multilingual. English is widely spoken, but is not one of Switzerland’s official languages. How many official languages does Switzerland have?



8. A majority of the Swiss population speaks a variety of German as their first language. French and Italian are also official languages. What is the fourth official language of Switzerland?



9. How many cantons are in Switzerland?



10. What is the population of Switzerland?

Between 8 and 9 million


11. How many medals were won by Switzerland in Athens Olympics 2004?



12. Which cantonal capital lies exactly on the language frontier between German and French and is bilingual?



13. Which city is the seat of the International Labor Organization?



14. People of this Swiss city in Vaud canton overwhelmingly speak French, which makes sense since it practically borders France. It is home to many sports organizations’ headquarters, including the International Olympic Committee. Which city on the shores of Lake Geneva is this?



15. Where was Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli born?



16. Why is Pilatus also known as the Dragon Mountain?

Pilatus is rumoured to have been home to flying dragons


17. Who is protected by Swiss Guards?



18. It seems silly to ask for “Swiss” cheese in a Swiss restaurant. What would the natives call this cheese if they ordered it in Switzerland?



19. Which mountain range in Switzerland?



20. What percentage of Switzerland is covered by mountain ranges?

70 percent


21. Which reformer died in Geneva in 1564?

John Calvin


22. This city lies close to the northeastern border of Italy, which explains why it is the largest Italian-speaking city outside of Italy. Which city is this that sometimes goes by the nickname the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland”?



23. Which is the national flower of Switzerland?



24. Which is the national anthem of Switzerland?

Swiss Psalm


25. What is the most practiced religion in Switzerland?

Roman Catholic


26. Where does World Economic Forum hold its Annual Meetings?



27. We all know the Alps cover much of Switzerland, but what other mountain range runs through the country?

Jura Mountains


28. Where did fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty engage in a hand to hand fight?

Reichenbach Falls


29. Ticino is the only Italian-speaking canton. Which is the name of its capital?



30. Who along with Walter Haworth won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1937?

Paul Karrer


31. Like many other countries, Switzerland’s capital city and largest city are different. Its capital is Bern, but which city is the country’s biggest, in terms of area?



32. On which mountain in Switzerland can you visit the Ice Palace?

The Jungfraujoch Pass


33. Which are the two Houses of Swiss Parliament?

Council of States and National Council


34. Our travels take us to the mountainous areas of Switzerland, and we tour the glacier near the Eiger, and marvel at the valley of the cascading waterfalls near Lauterbrunnen. Our hotel is located in the nearby resort town whose name literally means “between the lakes”. Where are we staying?



35. On what body of water is Geneva situated?

Lake Geneva


36. What is the area of Switzerland?

41,285 sq. km.


37. Which is the name of the capital of the biggest canton?



38. Which name appears on Switzerland’s postal stamps?



39. The highest point in Switzerland, Dufour Peak, is a mere 40 miles/70 km from the lowest point in the country, Lake Maggiore, and the town of Ascona is located on the shores of the lake. Which feature, not usually associated with Switzerland, will you see in Ascona?

Palm trees


40. Which is the currency of Switzerland?

Swiss Franc


41. This ski town has hosted two winter Olympic games. What is the name of this town?

St. Moritz


42. Murten, with its well-preserved medieval walls, is a popular tourist destination near Bern. Murten is the German name for the city, but it also has many French-speaking residents. What is the French name for Murten?



43. Which city is known as Switzerland’s San Francisco?



44. What is the area of Switzerland?

41285 km2


45. Who founded Red Cross?

Henry Dunant


46. This next city’s name translates to New Castle in English from German, French and Italian. It is located in the Jura Mountains and is a center for Swiss watchmaking. Which French-speaking city is this?



47. Which four cantons begin with the letter S?

Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, St Gallen


48. Switzerland is often represented by the international code “CH”, which stands for Confoederatio Helvetica. From what does the name “Helvetica” derive?

An ancient Celtic tribe


49. The highest train station in Europe is 100 years old this year. What is it called?


50. The Matterhorn was the last major mountain of the Swiss Alps to be climbed. Who was the first woman to successfully climb the Matterhorn in 1871?

Lucy Walker


51. What do the letters CH stand for?

Confederatio Helvetica


52. The Swiss national hero, William Tell, shot an arrow from his crossbow at 50 paces to hit an apple placed on his son’s head. Why was he forced to do this?

For failing to bow to the Austrian colors


53. Which is the furthest north: Bern, Lucerne, or Chur?



54. The Centovalli train passes through a series of picturesque villages. One end of this line terminates in Domodossola, Italy. Which Swiss city lies at the other end of the line?



55. Which canton has the most cows?



56. What is Switzerland’s largest glacier?



57. Who is the current President of Switzerland?

Eveline Widmer Schlumpf


58. Which Swiss town is famous for its annual jazz festival?



59. Which is the oldest brand: Nestlé, Omega or Victorinox?



60. The Rhine Falls is a popular tourist destination in the northern part of Switzerland. Which Swiss city is home to the Rhine Falls?



61. Five cantons have never had a Federal Councillor. Name two?

Schwyz, Uri, Nidwalden, Schaffhausen, Jura.


62. Herisau is the capital of the Canton of?

Appenzell Ausserrhoden


63. Which war was finally ended by the Treaty of Lausanne?

World War One


64. The name of Theodor Tobler is associated with the creation of which of these Swiss favorites?

A bar of chocolate


65. In which year did Swiss women get the vote at the federal level?



66. The last three questions are about my favourite mountain in Switzerland. Name the actor who starred in the 1975 film called “The Eiger Sanction”?

Clint Eastwood


67. Roger Federer won his 7th Wimbledon singles’ title this year; when did he win his first?



68. What is the most commonly spoken language in Switzerland?



69. Which country won its first football World Cup in 1954 final, known as The Miracle of Bern?


70. What is the French name for Lake Geneva?

Lac Leman


71. How many medals did Switzerland win at the 2012 Olympic Games?



72. If you were to visit the city of Geneva you’d no doubt see the Jet d’Eau from anywhere around the world-famous lakeshore. What is the Jet d’Eau, exactly?

A water fountain


73. Which team are the current Swiss Football Champions?

FC Basel


74. As we drive along the border of Switzerland, we come to the independent principality of Liechtenstein, and drive through its capital, Vaduz. Before we know it, we are out of this country again, but we are not in Switzerland, either. Which country are we in?



75. Which Swiss ski resort has twice hosted the Winter Olympics?

St Moritz


76. What is the total literacy rate in Switzerland?



77. Which British author wrote Treasure Island while recuperating in Davos?

Robert Louis Stevenson


78. Switzerland’s capital, Bern, was the site of a heated conflict in 1954. Who were the opposing forces in the Battle of Bern?

Hungarian and Brazilian soccer players


79. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born 300 years ago this year but in which Swiss city?



80. A direct alpine-related question. At 15,203 feet, what is the tallest mountain in Switzerland?

Monte Rosa


81. What was the first name of William Tell’s son, the one who stood under the apple?



82. From its name, it is clear that Interlaken lies between two lakes. One of them is Lake Brienz. What is the name of the other lake?

Lake Thun


83. For which sci-fi film did Swiss artist H R Giger win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 1980?



84. What is the name given to the warm, dry wind that occasionally blows in the Alps in winter?



85. She was born in Strasbourg, lived in Bern, and died in London in 1850, but by what married name is Marie Grosholtz better known?

Madame Tussaud


86. There are many capitals that have the same name as the Cantons. There are three below, which one is the odd one?



87. How many stars are round the edge of the current 1- and 2-franc coins?



88. What is the name of the river that passes through the Swiss capital, Bern?

Aare River


89. Which capital has been named after an Irish Saint who founded a monastery there?

St. Gallen


90. Only two countries have a square national flag: Switzerland and?


91. The castle of Chillon inspired Lord Byron’s poem, “The Prisoner of Chillon.” If you’d like to visit Chillon, to what city would you travel?



92. In which Swiss city is Europe’s largest clock face?



93. Some visitors may travel to this region of Switzerland to ascend the Santis, one of the tallest peaks in northeastern Switzerland. But in the region they can also find many small villages that preserve traditions in arts and crafts, music, costuming, and politics. What is the name of this region that is made up of two half-cantons?



94. Which car maker emigrated from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Detroit?

Louis Chevrolet


95. Which cantonal capital is the host of the United Nations Organization?



96. How do you say Switzerland in Roman?



97. Although the principality of Liechtenstein is not a part of Switzerland, it does use the Swiss currency. What is the capital of this principality?



98. Which cantonal capital is also the seat of the IOC?



99. The most spoken language in Ticino is Italian. True or false?



100. In which Swiss city was Roger Federer born?



101. What is “Rösti”?

Swiss Food





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