100+ Winter Would You Rather Questions

Winter days can get quite overwhelming, so grab this fun Winter Would You Rather game. Get your loved one’s warm-up with laughter after playing this game.

You can really get to know someone with a game of Would You Rather! Whether you are looking for a pass-time activity, or just want to know people’s preferences, this is the right game for that.

Kids want to be asked questions beyond “what is your favorite sport?” or their preferred ice cream flavor, e.t.c. These questions get them thinking and sharing their ideas. For snowy days, it’s just fair to have a winter-themed game such as winter jokes, and now winter would you rather question game.

As you bond with family and friends during winter, throw in these winter would you rather questions, to keep the snowy days fun.

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Fun Winter Would You Rather Questions and Answers – 2022 and 2023

1. Build a snowman with your friends, or build an Igloo by yourself?

2. Stay at home from school on a snow day, or have an extra day of summer vacation?

3. Go snow tubing for the day or go snowboarding for the day?

4. Would you rather have a snowball fight or build a snow fort?

5. Wear 2 layers of mittens or wear 3 layers of gloves?

6. Wear a winter hat every day or wear snow boots every day?

7. Would you rather slide down a GIANT hill one time or sled down a small hill 20 times?

8. Make 50 snow angels or make 50 snowmen?

9. Drink hot cocoa with marshmallows or eat ice cream every night?

10. Would you rather wear a snowsuit that is 2 sizes too big or 2 sizes too small?

11. Drink hot chocolate or drink hot apple cider?

12. Have to wear wet mittens or have to wear wet socks for a day?

13. Would you rather spend the day sledding or spend the day skiing?

14. Stay inside in your PJs or go ice fishing?

15. Live in an igloo for a month or live in a gingerbread house for a month?

16. Build a snowman for 2 hours without wearing gloves, or get your tongue stuck on a metal pole for 2 hours?

17. See an ice sculpture or see an ice castle?

18. Build one giant snowman or make ten snow angels?

19. Would you rather have a snowball fight or build a snow fort?

20. Would you rather go ice skating on a frozen pond or ice skate in an arena?

21. Have a winter birthday party but no friends invited or have a summer birthday party with friends?

22. Wear a swimsuit all winter long or wear a snowsuit all summer long?

23. Would you rather have a carrot nose or two eyes made of coal?

24. Wear a bikini in the snow or wear a coat at the beach?

25. Be a polar bear for the whole day or be a penguin for 1 night?

26. Take a long ride in a dogsled or in a bobsled?

27. Would you rather play in the rain or play in the snow?

28. Go snowshoeing up a mountain or go snowmobiling down a mountain?

29. Would you rather spend a winter night sleeping in an igloo or spend the night sleeping in a tent?

30. Would you rather curl up by the fire on a snowy day or go out snowshoeing on a snowy day?

31. Wear a purple polka dot snowsuit or wear a yellow striped snowsuit?

32. Have a snowball fight with siblings or have a pillow fight with friends?

33. Shovel snow or rake leaves?

34. Soak in a natural hot spring or participate in a polar bear plunge?

35. Eat a bowl of spicy chili or a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup?

36. Would you rather live in a world where it is always winter or where it is always summer?

37. Have no winter break or no spring break?

38. Drink hot cocoa with mallows every morning, or eat ice cream every morning?

39. Travel to the North Pole or have an adventure in the desert?

40. Eat icicle popsicle or eat a ball of snow?

41. Go ice fishing on a lake or build a snow fort in your backyard?

42. Would you rather drink only hot chocolate for the entire winter, or only drink hot apple cider?

43. Have it snow every day or never snow at all?

44. Would you rather have to wear your snow boots all day or your snow pants all day?

45. Would you rather have gym class inside on a snowy day or outside on a snowy day?

46. Go sledding but no gloves and bonnet or go swim but no sunscreen and beach towels?

47. Wear mittens on your feet or snowshoes on your hands?

48. Have Elsa’s power to freeze things or have Olaf’s magic and never melt at all?

49. Build an awesome snow castle or build an amazing ice sculpture?

50. Would you rather be on the Olympic hockey team or the Olympic speed skating team?

51. Meet Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer or Frosty the Snowman?

52. Roast marshmallows on a campfire or in a fireplace?

53. Would you rather ski to school or snowmobile to school?

54. Get travel to a future winter holiday or relive a past winter holiday again?

55. Go look at holiday lights or watch the 4th of July fireworks?

56. Live inside a giant snow globe or live in an igloo?

57. Shovel the village driveway or mow your neighbor’s lawn?

58. Always wear gloves or always wear mittens?

59. Go snowmobile or go off-roading?

60. Drive a dog sled or drive a horse-drawn sleigh?

61. Play outside or stay inside

62. Shovel snow or clean the house?

63. Cough or sneeze?

64. Have a snow buddy with a polar bear or snow body with Olaf?

65. Have a pet or have no pet?

66. Have a pet penguin or reindeer?

67. Eat mint or sour jellos?

68. Be a line leader or be the door holder?

69. Decorate a winter-themed Christmas tree or decorate Christmas cookies?

70. Use a whiteboard or use a computer?

71. Watch Frozen for the whole week or watch The Grinch for the whole week?

72. Build a wall or shovel the snow?

73. Snuggle in a blanket inside, or wrap up and play outside?

74. Wear a snowsuit or wear a jacket?

75. Have 4 more weeks of winter or 4 more weeks of summer?

76. Have no snow or have 3 feet of snow?

77. Play in the snow for 3 hours, or stay in and watch a movie for 3 hours?

78. Wear a hat or wear earmuffs?

79. Listen to a piece of music on a snow day or read a book on a snow day?

80. Live in your own house or a treehouse during the Winter?

81. Be an arctic fox or be a snowy owl?

82. Sleep in an underground house or in a tent during the Winter?

83. Have penguin flippers or walrus tusks?

84. Always be cold or always be warm?

85. Hibernate all winter, or migrate to a warmer place?

86. Follow the footprints of a polar bear or follow the footprints of a penguin?

87. Walk barefoot in the snow or wear a snowman costume at school?

88. Drink more warm milk or drink more warm water?

89. Forget your coat or forget your mitten?

90. Leave out milk or hot choco for Santa?

91. Be in winter forever or summer forever?

92. Watch the winter Olympics or watch Superbowl?

93. Let it snow or melt it all?

94. Eat hot fudge or warm cookies?

95. Play in snow or stroll in the woods?

96. Take a shower of cold water or have a bath of warm water?

97. Make your own sweater or buy one from a store?

98. Go for a ride in Polar express or take a trip to the North Pole?

99. Have a complete family trip to the North Pole or on a beach with a few family members?

100. Perform in the Nutcracker or play in the Super Bowl?

101. Live at the South Pole or live at the North Pole?

102. Make a growling sound like a polar bear for 2  hours or walk like a penguin for 2 hours?

103. Live in Aurora Borealis where nobody knows you or one where everybody knows you?

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