110 Fun Animal Riddles

Solving a riddle gives a feeling of triumph, whether it’s a curriculum-related riddle, a fun riddle, or any other riddles in general.

The surprising variety and unusual personalities of animals make them perfect subjects for riddles. That is why we have compiled a perfect collection of animal riddles to puzzle even the most proficient riddle solvers.

Fun Animal Riddles

Just like with kids’ riddles, these animal riddles will put the brain of a child into the task as they try to figure out the possible answers. Using rhyming riddles or fun “Who am I?” quizzes, will encourage a kids’ participatory nature.

Animal Riddles are the best form of entertainment. Everyone is bound to enjoy solving animal riddles as it gives a chance to use your imagination and critical thinking. You also get to understand animal behavior.

These riddles not only provide knowledge of various animals but are fun to solve too! Take up the challenge by diving into the following fun animal riddles!


1. I like to hop around. I’m a tadpole when I’m young. I am green and I croak. And catch flies with my long tongue. What am I?



2. The height of my legs—usually around 6 feet—is taller than most humans. What animal am I?

A giraffe


3. He’s small but he can climb a tower.

An ant.


4. I’m an animal you might love, but I’m too big to be your pet. I have an extremely long trunk, and it’s said I never forget. What am I?

An elephant.


5. What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?



6. You might be called this animal if someone thinks that you’re afraid. This is something that you might eat, as well as its eggs that it laid. What animal am I?

A chicken


7. I hide my treasure in the ground, my tail is big and fluffy. If you spot me in a tree, please don’t call me scruffy. What am I?

A squirrel


8. I am an animal named after the animal that I eat.



9. It takes me two weeks to digest food, but then again, I’m not noted for being fast. What am I?

A sloth


10. I like to use my long tongue to eat leaves from the tops of trees. I don’t have to climb up though. With my long neck, it’s a breeze.



11. I have two long ears, and I don’t walk, I hop. What am I?

A rabbit.


12. With four oars it swims, but it is always at home. Its back is like armor, tougher than chrome.
What is it?



13. I have wings but I am not a bird. I am small, colorful, and beautiful. I live in gardens and fields and forests. I used to be a caterpillar. What am I?

A butterfly


14. I sleep by day and fly at night, but I have no feathers to aid my flight. What am I?



15. My name sounds like something you might use on your hair or eat for dessert. What am I?

A moose


16. My wings are used as flippers, so in water, I can flow. Sometimes, when on land, I slide on my belly in the snow.



17. I’m spotty and speedy, but not at all greedy. I look like a leopard but don’t try to play me at cards. What am I?

A cheetah


18. A king without a crown.



19. The strangest creature you’ll ever find: two eyes in front and many more behind.



20. I’ve got lumps on my back and I live on the sand. I’m strong, and I carry you over the land. What am I?

A camel.


21. Some people are scared of this creature because it can have a big bite. So be careful out in the ocean.
One of its kind is a Great White.



22. Play me with a ball and bat or hear me chirp in a top hat. What am I?

A cricket.


23. I’m a pet that has four legs, and a tail at the end. You might hear me barking, and I’m known as man’s best friend.



24. I have a mane, but I’m not a lion and I wear my shoes to bed. What am I?

A horse.


25. They live in a field. Milk is what they make. They help give us leather and a juicy steak.



26. I live in the woods. I am very big and furry. I like to eat fish and berries. I love honey as much as you do. What am I?

A bear


27. I can honk without using a horn. What am I?



28. I am a strange creature, hovering in the air, moving from here to there, with a brilliant flare. Some say I sing, but others say I have no voice, so I just hum as a matter of choice. What am I?

A hummingbird.


29. I stink in living, but when dead smells good. What am I?



30. It’s grey, but it’s not a wolf, Long-eared, but not a rabbit, With hooves, but not a cow.
What is it?



31. I am yellow and have webbed feet. I can swim in the water.



32. I have horns but I can’t beep. I like to bleat but I’m not a sheep. What am I?

A goat


33. What kind of music do rabbits like?

Hip Hop


34. I’m born pink in color but then change to black and white. I’m easy to feed, as my favorite food is bamboo. What animal am I?

A panda bear


35. What did the leopard say after finishing his meal?

That really hit the spot!


36. I can fly, I can walk and I can swim but I don’t get wet. What am I?

A bird’s shadow.


37. I’m able to turn my head around 270 degrees and I’m noted for being quiet in flight. What bird am I?

An owl.


38. What kind of mouse do cats dislike eating?

A computer mouse.


39. I move without wings, between silken strings, I leave as you find, my substance behind. What am I?


40. What kind of can never needs a can-opener?



41. What peels like an onion but still remains whole?

A lizard


42. Why do cats make good soldiers?

Because they have 9 lives


43. I live in the ocean and move slowly. I eat clams and have five arms. What am I?

A starfish


44. I have the exact same size and shape as a hippo but I weigh nothing. What am I?

I am a hippo’s shadow.


45. I have a hole in my back and legs I lack. I live where I can’t breathe and I eat without teeth. What am I?

A whale.


46. What did the turkey say to the rooster when he challenged him to a fight?

Are you chicken?


47. Cupid without a bow, Donner with no kebab, one who dances, one who prances, all dragging present-giving dad. What am I?

A reindeer


48. The cow is my cousin. If you see my name you’ll know what I mean.



49. What goes in the water black and comes out red?


50. If a man would carry my burden he would break his back, I am not rich But leave silver in my track.



51. What king can you make if you take the head of a lamb, the middle of a pig, the hind of a buffalo, and the tail of a dragon?



52. John Lennon sang about being this toothy creature.



53. A boy stands on one side of a river, his cat on the other. The man calls his cat, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or a boat. How did the cat do it?

The river was frozen.


54. A horse walks a certain distance each day. Two of its legs go 30 miles each day and the other two legs go nearly 31 miles. The horse is normal, so how is this possible?

The horse operates a mill and travels in a circular clockwise direction.


55. What do you call a cat wearing shoes?

Puss in boots


56. I have no sword, I have no spear, yet rule a horde which many fear, my soldiers fight with a wicked sting, I rule with might, yet am no king. What am I?


57. What kind of jungle cat is no fun to play games with?

A cheetah


58. My start goes on toast, and my end’s how birds move. My baby eats leaves but I drink flowers. What am I?



59. Where do mice park their boats?

At the hickory dickory dock


60. I have wings and I have a tail, across the sky is where I sail. Yet I have no eyes, ears, or mouth, and I bob randomly from north to south. What am I?



61. Why can’t a leopard hide?

Because he is always spotted


62. I look like you except I have a tail, I am a good tree climber. I can mimic you very easily. I eat fruits, insects and flowers. My favorite food is bananas. What am I?



63. What steps do you take if you a tiger is running towards you?

Big ones


64. I grow down as I grow up. What am I?

Goose. Goose feathers are called down.


65. I have the bill of a duck, webbed feet, a tail like a beaver, and I lay eggs. What animal am I?

A platypus


66. I have whiskers and live as a pet at home. Who am I?



67. Where do hippopotamuses keep their money?

In the riverbank


68. I am a domestic animal living in the field. I like to eat grass and produce milk. Who am I?



69. What day do chickens fear the most?



70. I’m one of the most beautiful birds you’ll find with two eyes in front and hundreds behind. What am I?



71. What did the horse say when it fell?

I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!


72. What did the teacher say when the horse walked into the class?

Why the long face?


73. I stand on four legs and a wagging tail at the end, I bark when I see strangers or my friend. What am I?



74. What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef


75. What do you call a horse that lives next door?

A neigh-bor


76. What do you call a sleeping cow?

A bull-dozer


77. I carry my home with me, whether I’m in water or on land. What am I?



78. Why was the cow afraid?

He was a cow-herd


79. How do horses stay in such great shape?

They keep a stable diet.


80. Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?

Because they lactose


81. What has two heads, four eyes, six legs, and a tail?

A cowboy riding his horse


82. What always sleeps with its shoes on?

A horse


83. What do you call a cow in a tornado?

A milkshake


84. What do you call shaving a crazy sheep?

Shear madness


85. What animal is shy and always trying to hide from flying objects?

A duck


86. Where did the sheep go on vacation?

The baaaahamas


87. What does a cat have that no other animal has?



88. Why does a milking stool only have 3 legs?

Because the cow has the udder


89. What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?

Put it on my bill.


90. What do you call a chicken at the North Pole?



91. I am an animal that holds the distinction of being the first word in many English dictionaries. What am I?



92. I am the biggest reptile on earth. Humans sometimes want shoes named after me. What am I?

A crocodile (croc)


93. I am a fruit, a bird, and a person. What am I?

A kiwi


94. I hang upside-down on trees. I sleep and sleep, I’m very slow, and on each foot, I have three toes. It takes me two weeks to digest food, but then again, I’m not noted for being fast. What am I?

A sloth


95. I have no eyes, legs or ears, but I can move the earth if you give me time. What am I?



96. Why did the fish blush?

It saw the ocean’s bottom.


97. Why do dragons sleep all day?

They like to hunt knights.


98. What’s black and white and blue?

A depressed zebra.


99. Why do fish and reptiles always keep a trim physique?

Because they have scales


100. What animal always has a buck?

A deer


101. What animal has a cent?

A skunk definitely has a scent


102. I fly faster than any other bird. In fact, I’ve been clocked at 242 miles per hour.

The Peregrine falcon


103. Where did the cat go when it lost its tail?

To the retail store


104. Where do you find a dog with no legs?

Where you left it


105. How did the fight between two silk worms end?

In a tie.


106. A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel, or the bird?

None of them, because you cannot get a banana from a coconut tree!


107. What fur do we get from a Tiger?

As fur away as possible


108. Why do fish live in saltwater?

Because pepper makes them sneeze


109. Where do fish sleep?

On a water bed


110. What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?

The shadow of an elephant

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