110+ Malta Trivia Questions and Answers

The stunning streets of Valetta will impress you, but did you know that this is the only city in the world whose existence was planned? It all started in 1565 during the Great Siege of Malta.

Malta was one of the most bombed places on earth during the second world war. It is due to its strategic location that there were over 3,300 air raids in the country and more than 30,000 buildings destroyed. There was a period when Malta was bombed for 154 consecutive days and nights.

Malta Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Thanks to its warm climate, numerous adventure areas, architectural and historical monuments, and 7 megalithic temples, Malta has evolved into a hot spot for tourists.

The country serves as a popular filming location for big-budget productions such as Gladiator, World War Z, and the hit Tv series – Game Of Thrones among many others.

Discover more facts about the Islands of Malta with the trivia exercise below!

1. In which sea is Malta located?



2. According to tradition, who came to Malta on a ship and then rid the country of all its snakes?

Saint Paul


3. What are the colors of Malta’s national flag?

White and Red


4. Malta is a country in the Mediterranean Sea. Which country is north of the Maltese Archipelago?



5. What is the capital city of Malta?



6. Where would you find the Rotunda of St Marija Assunta?



7. Where is Malta’s airport situated?

Between Luqa, Gudja and Mqabba


8. How many inhabited islands make up the Republic of Malta?



9. What are the colours of Malta’s national flag?

White and Red


10. Which Saint, according to the Bible, was shipwrecked in Malta in 60AD?

St Paul


11. What is the city of Vittoriosa commonly known as by the Maltese?



12. What is Malta’s currency denomination called?



13. Which small island lies between the larger islands of Malta and Gozo?



14. On what date did the Maltese constitution come into effect?

21 September 1964


15. What is Malta’s national airline called?

Air Malta


16. What is/are the official language(s) of Malta?

English and Maltese


17. From whom did Malta gain its independence in the second half of the 20th Century?


18. What is the capital city of Malta?



19. Maltese is spoken in?



20. About how many people live in the Maltese Islands?



21. Who awarded the Maltese people with a cross, which is now a part of the Maltese flag?

His Majesty King George VI


22. Code for Valleta, Malta?



23. Which of these four buildings is the oldest in Malta? [ Hypogeum ] [ Roman Villa ] [ The Grand Master’s Palace ] [ Bettina Palace ]



24. What does MUMN stand for?

Malta Union Of Midwives And Nurses


25. Many great movies have been filmed in Malta. Which of the following was NOT filmed on the small island? [ Gladiator ] [ Troy ] [ Popeye ] [ 300 ]



26. In Malta, what is the ITS?

Institute Of Tourism Studies


27. On the third day of your vacation, the temperature rises to 39 degrees Celsius and you decide to go swimming on one of Malta’s finest beaches. Which of the following is not a beach?



28. What does “CMTU” stand for?

Confederation Of Malta Trade Unions


29. Which Saint, according to the Bible, was shipwrecked in Malta in 60AD? [ St Paul ] [ St Andrew ] [ St Peter ] [ St John ]

St Paul


30. What are Malta’s three cities?

Vittoriosa, Sengleas And Caspicua


31. Malta’s agricultural production is small but varied. What is the name of the flaky Maltese pastry that is often filled with home-grown cheese or vegetables?



32. What is Malta’s principle crop?



33. Malta is known for its local products. What is the name of the popular Maltese beverage that is made with tart oranges and a variety of savory native herbs?



34. English is also spoken in Malta. True or False?



35. Which of these methods of transportation, was NEVER used in Malta? [ Underground transit ] [ Train ] [ Tram ] [ Bus ]

Underground transit


36. What is the total area of Malta?

122 Sq Miles


37. How long is the island of Malta?

27 Km


38. Where in Malta will you find the famous Crafts Village?

Ta’ Qali


39. How wide is the Island of Malta?

14.5 Km


40. Who is the author of the National Anthem of Malta?

Dun Karm Psaila


41. Who won the 2001 Malta Marathon?

Abdelkebir Marchane


42. The Eurovision song contest is a major part of Maltese culture. In what year did Singer Chiara come second with her song “Angel”?



43. When did Air Malta begin flying?

April 1974


44. Which Maltese town is the most populated? Your options [ Birkirkara ] [ Sliema ] [ Valletta ] [ Qormi ]



45. In Malta, what does MSE stand for?

Malta Stock Exchange


46. From whom did Malta gain its independence in the second half of the 20th Century?

The United Kingdom


47. To which year does Malta’s history date back?

3800 BC


48. What was the old Capital of Malta?



49. What is the highest point on Malta?


50. What is Malta’s phone country code?



51. What is the official name for Malta?

Republic Of Malta


52. How many miles of road are on Malta?



53. How is Malta’s land mass shaped like?



54. How long was St. Pauls stay in Malta?

3 Months


55. Who was expelled from Malta in 1768?

The Jesuits


56. Who was Malta’s National Poet in 1912?

Dun Karm


57. In Malta, the rose is a symbol of what?



58. In 2002 who was the President of Malta?

Guido De Marco


59. What is the Pastizz from Malta made of?

Dough, Ricotta, Peas


60. How many square miles is Gozo in Malta?



61. When did Pope John Paul II visit Malta?



62. In what city is Air Malta’s head office?



63. In Malta, it is said that “Life is a..”?



64. On what date does Lady Day fall in Malta?

March 25th


65. In Malta, who assists the Prime Minister?

His Cabinet


66. How many days does Carnival last in Malta?



67. The Malta city of Valletta is named after?

A Knight Who Led Stand Against The Turkish Siege Of 1565


68. How many state-run hospitals are in Malta?



69. How old do you have to be to vote in Malta?



70. What year was Cable TV introduced to Malta?



71. What is the name of Malta’s phone provider?



72. Malta’s War Museum is in what Maltese Fort?

Fort St. Elmo


73. The Siege of Malta occurred during _______?



74. What is the approximate population of Malta?



75. What is Malta’s President said to represent?

The Unity Of The Nation


76. How many people per square mile are on Malta?



77. What is the legal age of retirement in Malta?



78. How many daily newspapers are there in Malta?



79. On Malta, how long is the “Cave of Darkness”?

144 Metres


80. In what year was Malta Television inaugurated?



81. How many national radio stations are on Malta?



82. Who was Malta Football National coach in 1977?

John Calleja


83. In what year did Malta join the United Nations?



84. What is the warmest month of the year in Malta?



85. What fruit is stuffed inside a Mqaret in Malta?



86. Which Robin Williams movie was filmed in Malta?



87. How many kilometers of coastline does Malta have?



88. How many members sit on Malta’s Executive Council?



89. What is the average sea temperature around Malta?

23 Degrees C


90. How many square miles are there in Malta’s Comino?



91. In what city can you find the University of Malta?



92. Who was the Malta Football National Coach in 2001?

Siegefred Held


93. In what year was the first Malta Parliament opened?



94. How many representatives make up Malta’s Parliament?



95. In what year was Carnival first celebrated in Malta?



96. What year was the Malta Football Association founded?



97. Where is the Victor Tedesco Stadium located in Malta?



98. When were all foreign military bases closed on Malta?



99. In November of each year, what event happens on Malta?

Malta/Goza Four-Wheel Drive Rally

100. In Malta they say that “Asking is the sister of” what?



101. What is the duty-free allowance for visitors to Malta?

200 Cigarettes, One Bottle Spirits


102. How high above sea level is the highest point on Malta?

784 Ft


103. In 2006, what was the second largest industry in Malta?



104. What was Malta’s first Internet Service Provider (ISP)?



105. The late Agatha Barbara holds what distinction in Malta?

First Female President


106. Why was Malta’s original application to the EU suspended?

A Change In Government


107. What treaty gave the British full sovereignty over Malta?

Treaty Of Paris


108. What year was Guido de Marco appointed President of Malta?



109. How long is the average helicopter ride from Malta to Gozo?

5 Minutes


110. Traditionally in Malta, plants rich in seeds represent what?



111. Malta’s Maritime Museum is in a building that used to be what?

A Naval Bakery


112. In 1970, Malta joined what organization as an associate member?

European Economic Community


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