110+ Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers

What do you love to do for fun? Some people love to watch movies, some prefer to listen to their favorite music while others opt to play games. There are different games suitable for both kids and adults, from playing cards to board games among so many others.

Heard of the famous game Minecraft? We bet if you haven’t played it, at least you’ve seen your kids fight for the remote at home just to be able to play it. It is arguably on the top list of bestseller games of all time. The Minecraft game is known to be children’s first gaming experience online for being non-violent and easy to use. You can surprise your kids with the latest Minecraft edition that will help them learn the fundamentals of programming skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and expand their creative horizons.

Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers

The game’s goal is to survive and be creative where players are put in a new world, expected to use available resources to create the universe they want to live in. Isn’t that amazing? If you’re a Minecraft lover or even a guru, we have compiled the best trivia questions to test how much you know.

From the rules and regulations of the game to online protection gears used by players to the formulas and even the interesting fun facts about the game e.t.c. These Minecraft trivia questions and answers will leave fans awestruck at how fantastic the game is. It’s gonna be fun!

1. How many versions of ‘Minecraft’ are there?



2. What Is The Full Name Of Notch, Who Created The Minecraft Game?

Markus A. Persson


3. Which new food does sheep drops?

Raw mutton


4. Which equipment must you utilize to mine stone and ores in ‘Minecraft’?



5. What Game Inspired Markus “Notch” Person To Start Making Minecraft?



6. What are the two colors of clothes does Zombie wears?

Blue and green


7. What Is The Main Objective Of Minecraft?

Kill the Ender Dragon


8. Which was the first enemy introduced to ‘Minecraft’?

The Zombie


9. How do you enter Diversity Three ‘Minecraft’?

You have to complete the monument by collecting the colored wool.


10. Who Is The “Feared Player” In Minecraft?



11. What does the creeper mob drops after it is killed?



12. Name some main characters of ‘Minecraft’?

Steve, Alex, Herobrine, Enderman, Wither, Zombie Pigman, Ender Dragon and Skeleton


13. Which Is The Most Important Block Type In Minecraft And Is Used To Make Everything Else?



14. Which mobs scare the Creeper in “Minecraft”?



15. When was ‘Minecraft’ released?


16. What Is The Name Of An Alternate World To Which You Can Travel?

The Nether


17. When does the Zombie Pig-Men attacks you?

When you attack them


18. How many slabs of iron ore are used to make one iron ingot?



19. What Was The Founder’s First ‘Working Name’ For Minecraft?

Cave Gam


20. In the un-modded game, which mob spawns underwater?



21. What can you wear to avoid Enderman ambushing you?


22. How Far Away Can You Be From A Ghast For It To See You?

100 blocks away


23. In which Minecraft stage are the Ghasts?



24. How is a Charged Creeper built?

When lightning strikes within four blocks of a Creeper.


25. Which Tool Do Skeletons Use To Shoot When You Get Into Their Sight?



26. On which consoles can you play ‘Minecraft’?

Computer, Xbox and Wii.


27. What Is The Best Way To Kill A Spider In Minecraft?

With a Sword


28. During the Pretty Scary Update, which hostile mob was added?



29. What can you do when you get an Enchanted Music Disc from Cosmic Sky?

Insert it in the jukebox to change the game’s music.


30. Which Character In Minecraft Drops Bones And Arrows?


31. What do the Creepers drop when they are killed by the skeleton?

Music Discs


32. How tall is a Ghast (not including the tentacles)?

Four blocks


33. Which Item Is Dropped By Slimes?

Slime balls


34. How is enderman provoked in Minecraft?

By attacking it or looking in the eyes


35. What is the premise of ‘Minecraft’?

Destroy, collect build and interact in the world of blocks.


36. What Is The Smallest Animal In The Game?



37. How many people like to play ‘Minecraft’ every month?

55 Million


38. What ore can you construct complex machines with?



39. What Color Is The Default Skin’s Shirt?



40. What does the Endermen drop after being killed?

Ender Pearls


41. What do zombies drop, if pigs drop pork chops and skeletons drop bones?

Decaying flesh


42. The ‘Minecraft’ world is enormous and is made out of trillions of blocks. If ‘Minecraft’ was real, how big would it be?

Larger than the planet Neptune


43. What vegetable can you wield to make a night vision mixture?

A golden carrot


44. How Many Dyes Can Be Crafted?



45. Which real-life animal was recorded to produce the sound effects of the Ghasts?



46. Which Monsters Are Slow-Moving And Die In Sunlight?



47. What quantity of paper is required to craft a book?



48. In which country is playing ‘Minecraft’ in school allowed?



49. What Is The Maximum Amount Of Beacons In The World?

No limit

50. How many days did it take to create the first version of ‘Minecraft’?

Six days


51. How many night creatures can you find in ‘Minecraft’?



52. In A Full Set, How Many Pieces Of Armor Are There?



53. What Three Items Are Required To Get An Active Conduit?

Heart of the Sea, Nautilus Shell, any type of Prismarine


54. Which studio has developed Minecraft?

‘Mojang Studios’


55. How Can You Make A Creeper Explode Without It Noticing You?

Light it with a flint and steel


56. Among zombie pigman, blaze, and wither skeleton which mob is neutral?

Zombie Pigman


57.  In which year, Mojang was rebranded as Mojang Studios?

In May 2020


58. Which Version Added The Dark Dimension Known As The End?

Java Edition 1.0.0


59. For how much cost, Mojang and Minecraft intellectual property was purchased by Microsoft In 2014?

For US$2.5 billion


60. How Do You Earn The Achievement Titled “The End”?

Enter the Exit Portal in The End

61. Which weapon is wielded by Skeleton?



62. Around how many zombie spawns will be born as miniaturized “baby” zombies, who can ride chickens?



63. How much wool is required to build a bed?



64. As Of The Aquatic Update, How Many Bad Mobs Are In The Game?



65. What type of sound does a Spider mob produce?

Hissing Sounds


66. To collect water and lava what a player must use?



67. What Update Was The Phantom Released?



68. In which “Minecraft” version Skeletons were first added?

In Classic version


69. What Food Is Found At The End?

Chorus Fruit


70. Where are Dungons found in “Minecraft”?

Deep Down


71. Can You Revive The Ender Dragon?



72. Name the most precious thing found in “Minecraft”?



73. A Player Can Have Multiple Dragon Eggs, True Or False?



74. What type of game is “Minecraft”?

Sandbox game


75. The two blocks of Sand and Gravel are affected by which force?



76. Among Pumpkins and diamonds which is the rarest to find?



77. Which version of Minecraft is an augmented reality game?

Minecraft Earth


78.  How many aggressive mobs are there in 1.6 versions?



79. What currency does Minecraft Earth use?



80. What protects you from 12% of the damage?

A Helmet


81. In November 2019, how many copies of Minecraft had been sold?

180 million


82. How many seconds does it takes for coal or charcoal to fuel a furnace?

Eighty Seconds


83. In which year Minecraft had a beta release and was rolled out fully in late 2019?

In July 2019


84. For which purpose bone meal is used?

To grow things faster


85. What number of hearts does an average Steve have?



86. In September 2019, which British daily newspaper classified Minecraft as the best video game of the 21st century?

The Guardian


87. What grows on a sand block next to water?

Sugar Cane


88. Which American magazine gave Minecraft a special mention in a list of the best video games of the 2010s, in December 2019?



89.  How is a large chest made?

By Placing two chests next to each other


90. Which Social media sites played a significant role in popularizing Minecraft?

YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit

91. Among roses and dandelions which is the rarest to find in “Minecraft”?



92. Diamonds are more found In Which layer?

Twelfth layer


93. What was the name of the educational organization which was formed with the goal of introducing Minecraft into schools?

Minecraft Edu


94. A baby villager takes how many minutes to grow up?

Twenty Minutes


95. In September 2012, Mojang began which project in cooperation with UN-Habitat to create real-world environments in Minecraft?

The Block-by-Block project


96. What do Zombies attack without being provoked?



97. What is the function of slime block?

To bounce you


98. Which Australian gaming program selected Minecraft as their choice for Best Downloadable Game of 2010?

Good Game


99. Name the material that you couldn’t collect without using tools?


100. New players have a randomly selected default character skin of either Steve or Alex, in which year is the option to create custom skins?

It was made available in 2010


101. From how many slime balls slime block is made?



102. In which mode is Minecraft, players have access to nearly all resources and items in the game through the inventory menu, and can place or remove them instantly?

In Creative Mode


103. Name the Rarest item in a typical survival world?

A Dragon Egg


104. Who has produced Minecraft’s music and sound effects?

German musician Daniel Rosenfeld(C418)


105. Diamonds can be discovered in which level range?

The bottom 16 levels


106. What is the background music in Minecraft?

The bottom 16 levels


107. Which version of the game, developed by 4J Studios, was released on 9 May 2012?

An Xbox 360


108. Where can Redstone dust only be placed?

Glow stone


109. To collect wool from sheep which tool is used?



110. To completely fill a cauldron how many water bottles are needed?



111. In how much duration does Chickens lay eggs in “Mine craft”?

Every 5 to 10 minutes


112. Which ingredients are required to make arrows?

1 piece of flint, 1 stick and 1 feather


113. What are the two things that you cannot see through the glass that is being broken?

Rain and snow

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