110+ New Hampshire Trivia Questions and Answers

New Hampshire is home to the 14th president of the United States, Franklin Pierce. Other well-known iconic figures hailing from New Hampshire include; George H. Whipple, a Nobel Prize Winner; Mandy Moore, a notable actress and the talented singer Ray La Montagne.

Robert Frost, a quintessential New England poet, draws most of his inspiration from New Hampshire in most of his famous poems. Frost’s images are rooted in geographic sceneries like mountains and land, but his poems speak to the universal audience. The poet’s two homes in New Hampshire give visitors insights into his beloved poet and the landscape that inspired his works.

New Hampshire Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Not only is New Hampshire an inspiration, but the State is also rich in granite minerals. New Hampshire granite has journeyed across vast places in the globe, becoming part of monumental buildings. For instance, tons of granite from the State were used to build the Library of Congress.

Boston’s Quincy Market was also made of New Hampshire state rock- granite.

Below are New Hampshire trivia questions to jog your mind.


1. What is the state abbreviation?



 2. Who named New Hampshire?

John Mason


3. What is the State Amphibian?

Red-spotted newt


4. New Hampshire was the _____ state to join the Union.



5. What is the State Animal

White tailed deer


6. Name one President born in New Hampshire.

Franklin Pierce


7. What is the state capital?



8. Where is ‘America’s Stonehenge’ located?



9. What is the approximate average temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) in Concord, New Hampshire during the month of January?



10. How many national parks does New Hampshire have?



11. What is the state tree?

White birch tree


12. What is the state of saltwater fish?

Striped Bass


13. Dublin’s Juvenile Library, established in 1822, was the first what?

Free public library


14. What is the State’s Bird?     

Purple finch


15. What is the population of New Hampshire according to the 1980 census?



16. What year was Dartmouth College founded?



17. How many private high schools are located in New Hampshire?

There are at least 30.


18. What color is the background of New Hampshire’s flag?



19. Which Indigenous people are connected to land in New Hampshire?



20. In what year was the New Hampshire lottery started?



21. How many public high schools does New Hampshire have?

More than 80.


22. What is the State Butterfly?

Karner blue


23. Where was the first potato in the U.S. planted?



24. The White Mountains cover how much of the state?

A half


25. What is the largest lake in New Hampshire?

Lake Winnipesaukee, which covers 71 square miles.


26. What state borders New Hampshire to the south?



27. What was the date of entry into the union?

June 21, 1788


28. What is the total number of counties in New Hampshire?



29. New Hampshire has the highest percentage of  “what” in the country?

Timberland area.


30. What did Levi Hutchins of Concord invent in 1787?

Alarm Clock


31. New Hampshire joined the US in 1788 but what position was it?



32. New Hampshire’s The highest recorded temperature ever in New Hampshire was what temperature?

106 °F in Nashua on July 4, 1911.


33. In order from largest to smallest (land area) what number did New Hampshire rank?



34. In 1828, The first women’s “what”  in the US took place at Dover’s Cocheco Mills?



35. What is the name of the popular highway drive in New Hampshire?



36. What is the State Flower?

Purple lilac


37. What is the lowest ever recorded temperature for New Hampshire?

−47 °F atop Mount Washington on January 29, 1934.


38. Where is the second most extreme tidal flow in the world located?



39. Where does New Hampshire rank with the rest of the states in size?

It’s the 5th smallest.


40. What is the State’s Freshwater Game Fish?

Brook trout


41. What do Bath, Cornish, and Waterloo have in common?

Covered bridges


42. Out of the 13 original colonies,(from first to last), when did NH declare its independence from Great Britain?



43. How many tornadoes does New Hampshire average each year?



44. Where was the movie “Live Free or Die” filmed?

In Claremont.


45. What city was the first capital city of New Hampshire?



46. The 1755 Cape Ann Earthquake, estimated magnitude 5.5-6.0, also What earthquake shook most or all of New Hampshire in 1755?

The Cape Ann Earthquake.


47. What record has New Hampshire’s largest mountain (Mt. Washington) set?

Highest wind speed ever recorded on earth


48. New Hampshire was the first of the British North American colonies to do what?

Break away from Great Britain in January 1776.


49. What is located on the top of Ossipee Mountain?

Castle in the Clouds

50. What states border New Hampshire?

Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont


51. How many state parks are in New Hampshire?



52. Hilton’s Point, what is now Dover, was the first in New Hampshire?

Permanent Settlement


53. What kind of bridge is the Honeymoon Bridge?



54. New Hampshire was one of the original 13 states that founded what?


55. What town is home to a ten-foot wooden Trojan horse?



56. Located near Portsmouth, the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant  provides New Hampshire with about what percentage of its electricity?

About 30 percent.


57. What is the State Fruit?



58. How many state forests are there?



59. In 1908, who was it that organized the country’s first credit union in Manchester?

Monsignor Pierre Hevey.


60. New Hampshire’s residential electricity use is low compared with the national average, because demand for air conditioning is low few households use electricity as their primary energy source for what?

Home heating.


61. What was the state population as of 2020?



62. Of the many county fairs New Hampshire is home to, which is the largest?

The Hopkinton State Fair, in Contoocook.


63. How many of New Hampshire’s households use fuel oil for heating?

Over half.


64. In what town would you find the Indian Mortar Stone?



65. Which New Hampshire institution of higher learning is said to be the inspiration for the film Animal House?

Dartmouth College


66. What year did the Old Man of the Mountain collapse?



67. What town was an author and journalist Sarah Josepha Hale from?



68. What is the State Gem? 

Smokey quartz


69. Where was the film Jumanji with Robin Williams filmed?

In Keene


70. What is the average temperature in July?

68 degrees F


71. What is the area of New Hampshire?

24,214 km²


72. What is the area code for New Hampshire?



73. What town in New Hampshire is the first to vote in every New Hampshire election?

Dixville Notch


74. In the TV series “Breaking Bad”, the character Walter White escapes to a what in New Hampshire?

A cabin in a fictional county.


75. New Hampshire was the first state of the Union to have it’s own what?

State constitution


76. What is the average temperature in January?

19 degrees F


77. What is New Hampshire’s state gemstone?

Precious Gemstone: Black fire


78. On TV’s West Wing, Josiah Bartlet, President of the U. S. was depicted as a two-term what?

New Hampshire governor.


79. What was the name of the New Hampshire school teacher who died in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger?

Christa McAuliffe


80. What was legalized in 2007 in New Hampshire?

No smoking in public places


81. In what town is the Belknap Mill located?



82. What is the State Insect? 



83. In what year did the state’s legislature approve the nation’s first modern state lottery?



84. What town is the ‘Oldest Summer Resort’ in America?



85. The only Revolutionary war battle fought in New Hampshire was the what?

Raid on Fort William and Mary, December 14, 1774, in Portsmouth Harbor.


86. Where can you find the original x-ray of Muhammad Ali’s broken jaw from his 1973 fight against Ken Norton?



87. What do you call people from New Hampshire?

New Hampshirites


88. Where can you see a four-legged chicken?



89. What is the State Mineral?     



90. Who has not been Governor of New Hampshire?

Michael Sununu


91. In the center of what town can you find a ‘Redstone Intermediate-Range Ballistic’ missile?



92. The New Hampshire primary is the first primary in the what?

U.S. presidential election cycle.


93. Which destination is next to New Hampshire on its east?



94. What is the geographic center of New Hampshire?



95. What is the State Motto?

Live Free or Die


96. What town was Luther C. Ladd born in?



97. The Peterborough Town Library was the first public library in the world to be supported with what?

Public funds.


98. What town, settled in 1623 is the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire?



99. What is the most populated city in New Hampshire?


100. What state borders New Hampshire to the west?



101. What is New Hampshire’s state song?

Old New Hampshire


102. New Hampshire was named after what?

The southern English county of Hampshire.


103. New Hampshire, of all the coastal states, has the shortest what?

Ocean coastline, with a length of 18 miles.


104. Where was an American singer and actress Mandy Moore born in New Hampshire?



105. What is the State Nickname?

Granite State


106. Where is New Hampshire’s highest point?

Mount Washington


107. Mount Washington in New Hampshire is the site of the second-highest ever recorded?

Wind speed


108. Which location is closest to the Canadian border?



109. The New Hampshire boys, Steve and Joe, They’re gonna lead on’ are lyrics from which song?

New Hampshire by Sonic Youth


110. What river forms New Hampshire’s only significant ocean port where it enters the Atlantic ocean?

The Piscataqua river.


111. Which mountain is not located in New Hampshire? Your options-Washington (6,288.3 ft), Monadnock (3170 ft), Lafayette (5,249 ft) Mansfield (4,395 ft)

Mansfield (4,395 ft)


112. In The Sopranos episode, “Live Free or Die”, who hides out for a while in New Hampshire?

Vito Spatafore.


113. New Hampshire’s Alan Shepard was the first American to travel into space in what year?



114. What is the Height of Mount Washington?

1,917 m


115. Where is the annual UFO festival held?



116. The Piscataqua and what other rivers form the southern border with Maine?

The Salmon Falls River.


117.  What is Hampshire’s state Gemstone?

Smoky quartz



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