110 New Jersey Trivia Questions and Answers

New Jersey was originally named New Netherlands. The state got its current name from Jersey Island, located off the coast of the United Kingdom.

90% of the people who live in New Jersey have occupied the urban areas. Research shows that Ocean County is the only county in New Jersey that is actually experiencing a net gain from domestic migration.

New Jersey Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you enjoy playing board games, a try at the game of Monopoly will familiarize you with the names of real streets in Atlantic City.

New Jersey is definitely the state of many firsts. For instance, the first college football game was played in New Brunswick. Also, the first professional baseball game was played in Hoboken.

Read below to find out much more about New Jersey.


1. In which region of the U.S., the state of New Jersey, is located?

The Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern region


2. The legendary Stone Pony rock club can be found on Ocean Avenue in which New Jersey Shore town?

Asbury Park


3. What is the state capital of New Jersey?



4. Which county in New Jersey is the least populated?



5. Which is the most populous city in the state?



6. What is the nickname of the state?


7. Where would you find between Sea Isle City and Avalon?

Townsend’s Inlet


8. What is the motto of New Jersey?

Liberty and Prosperity


9. Where would you find North Bergen?

In Hudson County


10. What was the name of the state before statehood?

Province of New Jersey


11. Which NJ town has the largest population of Cubans in one square mile?

Union City


12. When did the state get admitted to the Union?

On December 18, 1787


13. Which city has the most car thefts?



14. What is the rank of the state to join the Union?



15. Where is Cold Spring Village located?

Cape May


16. How much is the total area of the state?

22,591.38 square kilometers


17. What is the highest point in New Jersey?

High Point


18. What percent of the total area is covered with water?

15.7 percent


19. The Steel Pier, which featured the world-famous Diving Horse, is located in which New Jersey Shore resort town?

Atlantic City


20. What is the rank of the state based on the area?



21. Which Ocean County community’s Naval Airfield was the site of the Hindenburg disaster back in 1937?



22. What is the official language of the state?



23. What is the county seat of Cumberland County?



24. Which language is mostly spoken in the state?

English (69.4 percent)


25. How many farms does New Jersey have left?

About 9,000


26. What are other languages used in the state?

Spanish, Indic, Chinese, Korean, and many others.


27. Which shore town is often called “Dry Town, USA” because no liquor is sold on its island?

Ocean City


28. What is the state animal of New Jersey?



29. Which NJ shore town has a two-mile boardwalk?



30. What is New Jersey’s state university?

Rutgers University


31. Which NJ town has the most shopping malls in the US?



32. What is the state song of New Jersey?

I’m From New Jersey


33. What percent of New Jersey’s population lives in an urban area?

90 percent


34. This military action of the U. S. Revolutionary War began in Bergen County?

Washington’s Retreat


35. How are the counties of New Jersey classified?

As metropolitan areas


36. Which state has the most diners in the world?

New Jersey


37. New Jersey is the third-highest harvester of what produce?



38. New Jersey is the largest producer of what among the U.S. states?



39. What is New Jersey’s state flower?

Purple Violet


40. Where is the largest seaport in the U.S.?

Elizabeth, New Jersey


41. The bridge that spans the Raritan River on the Garden State Parkway, which many consider being the beginning of the Jersey Shore, is named for which former governor?

Alfred Driscoll


42. Where is the world’s longest boardwalk?

Atlantic City, New Jersey


43. Which New Jersey resort community is the farthest point north on the very upscale Long Beach Island?

Barnegat Light


44. What is the only thing offered in New Jersey’s public schools among the U.S. states?

Child abuse prevention workshop


45. What are the two most populated cities in Middlesex County?

Edison & Woodbridge


46. Where was the first baseball game was played?

Hoboken, New Jersey


47. When the Cloisters museum was built in New York City, John D. Rockefeller Jr. also purchased land on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. Why?

To keep the wooded view from the medieval museum undisturbed.


48. Which is the second-largest industry in New Jersey?



49. The oldest seashore resort is?

Cape May


50. What is the state bug of New Jersey?



51. Who taught tourists how to tango on Garden Pier before becoming an international celebrity?

Rudolph Valentino


52. What is New Jersey’s state seashell?

Knobbed Whelk


53. Which famous horse racing track is located just off Route 36 in Oceanport, NJ?

Monmouth Park


54. In which state of the U.S most battles were fought during the Revolutionary War?

New Jersey


55. Which three counties are the most populated in the state?

Bergen, Essex, and Middlesex


56. Which inventor’s lab was in Menlo Park, New Jersey?

Thomas Edison


57. What is Brigantine Castle?

A haunted house tourist attraction


58. When did Cheerleading start?

In 1869


59. What is the state fish?

Brook Trout


60. Where does it start?

In Princeton


61. New Jersey is the world leader in the production of which berry?



62. What is the state dance of New Jersey?

Square Dance


63. Very early movies were made in New Jersey. The hugely popular serial, “Perils of Pauline,” was made along the sheer cliifs of the Palisades. Which Bergen County town was the first center of movie making.

Fort Lee


64. Which city in the U.S is home to a volcano?



65. Which two months are shark fishing months in New Jersey?

June and July


66. Where did the first Drive-In movie theater open?

In Candem


67. Name the rejuvenated river runs through the Meadowlands, a famous wetland area that is the site of Giants Stadium?

Hackensack River


68. How many companies related to software are there in New Jersey?

Nealy 2,700


69. “I was taken by your smile, as we drifted by Sea Isle.” One of the main roads into Sea Isle City was formerly named 41st Avenue. After which popular US president was it renamed?

John F. Kennedy


70. What part of the Statue of Liberty situated in New York belongs to New Jersey?

The water surrounding the statue


71. What is the most populated town in Monmouth County?



72.  In which city of New Jersey did the famous duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton take place?



73. As you enter Sea Isle City, you see warning signs. What do they say?

Turtle Crossing


74. How many of the eight cast members of Jersey Shore’s belonged to New Jersey?

Only two


75. What is the state dinosaur?



76. New Jersey owes much of its cuisine to whom?

To the Jewish and Italian immigrants.


77. In which NJ town was the first solid body, electric guitar invented?



78. What is the Jersey Devil?



79. Palisades Amusement Park, which drew young and old alike, was known as the favorite spot for fun in Bergen County. Which of the following was not among its attractions?

Winchester Mystery House


80. Which NJ river was the site of the first submarine ride?



81. What is the New Jersey State memorial tree?



82. Staying on the topic of rivers, what is the longest river completely in New Jersey?

Raritan River


83. Of all the states, New Jersey is the most what?


84. How many toxic waste dumps are in NJ?



85. How many hours of sunshine does New Jersey get on a yearly basis?

Between 2,400 and 2,800


86. “On the way to Cape May, Stone Harbor’s skies were blue.” Which nature education and research facility is located in Stone Harbor, NJ?

The Wetlands Institute


87. Which New Jersey Shore community takes its name from the Roman god of the sea?



88. During the Jurassic Period about 180 million years ago what land mass did New Jersey border?

North Africa


89. Which former New Jersey Governor has a state forest named for him/her in the Pine Barrens right off of Route 70?

Brendan Byrne


90. What mountain range resulted from the pressure of the collision between North America and Africa?

The Appalachian Mountains


91. What county has a farm and horse show every year in August?



92. Which Europeans were the first to claim lands in what is now New Jersey?

The Dutch


93. What town is generally considered the North-South divide, separating the North Jersey beaches from the South Jersey beaches?

Tom’s River


94. New Jersey was one of the Thirteen Colonies that did what in the American Revolution?

Revolted against British rule


95. Richard Stockton, John Witherspoon, Francis Hopkinson, John Hart, and Abraham Clark were all representatives of New Jersey who did what?


96. Where is the state fair held?



97. After crossing the Delaware, Washington and his men defeated the Hessian troops in what battle?

The Battle of Trenton


98. On September 8 1934, what liner caught fire off the New Jersey coast on its return leg of a New York to Havana cruise?

Morro Castle


99. Rowan University, which was renamed in 1992 after Henry Rowan donated 100 million dollars to the school, is located in which South Jersey community?



100. During the Civil War how many men from New Jersey enlisted in the Northern army?

Over 80,000


101. NJ ranks fifth in the production of what?



102. During World War II, what percentage of the US Military armaments did New Jersey manufacture?

6.8 percent


103. Where is the geographic center of New Jersey?



104. What is the New Jersey State bird?

Eastern Goldfinch


105. What is the New Jersey State slogan?

Come See For Yourself


106. The very southern tip of New Jersey, located in Cape May, is located almost exactly at what line of latitude?

39 Degrees North


107. Where in the state of New Jersey would you find the only legal “clothing optional” beach?

Sandy Hook


108. New Jersey has how many state parks?



109. If you’re in Sea Isle and I say “Angelo’s!” What am I talking about?



110. How will the name Charles Darrow always be linked with Atlantic City?

Invented the Monopoly board game


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