110+ New Zealand Trivia Questions and Answers

How much do you know about New Zealand? Did you know that the country is the main exporter of Food? With a temperate climate, fertile soil and pristine ocean, the country is a leading food producer. To learn more about the country, it’s fun to engage in awesome quizzes that will satisfy your hunger for knowledge.

New Zealand Trivia Questions and Answers – Interesting Fun Facts Too

If you’re a Rugby fanatic, you’ll be appalled by how much the game is huge in New Zealand. The country is a strong Rugby sports contender in both domestic and international arenas. Home to breathtaking landscapes, from lofty mountain peaks and glaciers to mesmerizing blue lakes. For wine lovers, this is definitely the place to experience wine tasting in the Marlborough region and many other fun activities in the larger South Island.

What is the bird found only in New Zealand that is famous for its cheekiness and intelligence, and can be found in the South Island? What is the nickname given to New Zealanders? To find out the answers and learn many more interesting fun facts, you ought to take up the challenge! This list of well-researched New Zealand trivia questions and answers will test your awareness and grasp of the subject.

1. What is the capital of New Zealand?



2. What is New Zealand’s official name in Maori?



3. How many main islands is New Zealand located on?



4. Who was the first to explore the land of New Zealand in 1642?

Abel Tasman


5. What currency is used in New Zealand?

New Zealand Dollar


6. What is the largest city in New Zealand?



7. What colors are on the flag of New Zealand?

Blue, red and white


8. How many rivers flow through the territory of the North and South islands together?

About 70


9. What are the two main political parties in New Zealand?

National and Labour


10. What is the longest river in New Zealand?

Waikato River


11. What is the nickname given to New Zealanders?



12. When did New Zealand gain independence from Great Britain?



13. Who is New Zealand’s monarch?

Queen Elizabeth II


14. Which of the following movie directors was born in New Zealand?

Taika Waititi


15. How many official languages are there in NZ?

Three. English, Māori and New Zealand Sign Language


16. Which New Zealand cricket legend passed away in March 2016 after a battle with cancer?

Martin Crowe


17. What was the famous error caused by English journalists that coined the name All Blacks (the intended words)?

All Backs


18. What are the two national anthems of New Zealand?

“God defend New Zealand” and “God Save the Queen”


19. The 1983 Melbourne Cup winner, Kiwi, was trained by which horse trainer?

‘Snow’ Lupton


20. Don Clarke first played for Waikato as a 17-year-old in 1951. How many games did he play for the province up to his retirement in 1964?



21. How tall is Aoraki Mount Cook?

3,754 metres


22. What sport was Yvette Williams competing in when she became New Zealand’s first female Olympic Medallist?

Athletics/Track & Field


23. When did Captain Cook come to the islands?



24. Mark Todd won 2 gold medals in the equestrian’s individual three day event. What was the name of the horse he rode?



25. Which team won the inaugural Ranfurly shield?



26. In 1893, New Zealand became the first country to do what?

Give women the right to vote


27. Who was the first New Zealander to win an Olympic medal?

Harry Kerr


28. What is a Tuatara?



29. When was NZ Rugby Football Union founded?



30. New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, were the first team to do what in the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

Win back-to-back tournaments

31. When was New Zealand first Poppy Day?



32. Ivan Mauger, Barry Briggs and Ronnie Moore were New Zealand and World Champions of which sport?

Motorcycle Speedway


33. What is the national emblem on the Welsh rugby shirts?

Three Ostrich feathers


34. What is the largest lake in New Zealand?

Lake Taupo


35. How many regions are there in New Zealand?



36. New Zealand won 8 gold medals in 1984 at the Los Angeles Olympics. Ian Ferguson was involved in winning 3 of them. What sport did he compete in?



37. Who was Auckland’s 50th shield defence against?



38. What is the largest glacier in New Zealand?

The Tasman Glacier


39. Which singer from New Zealand is known for the songs “Royals”, “Green Light” and “Perfect Places”?



40. Who was the first New Zealander to win a gold medal?

Malcolm Champion


41. Where was Anika Moa born?



42. Who sang “Something in the water” in 2010?

Brooke Fraser


43. Which Dunedin band is best known for the song “Down in Splendor”?

Straitjacket Fits


44. The New Zealand women’s rugby team is called?

Black Ferns


45. Which New Zealand musician has been playing with Fleetwood Mac since 2018?

Neil Finn


46. Which New Zealand author is known as one of the “Queens of Crime”?

Ngaio Marsh


47. Which event did a New Zealand team win for the first time in 1995?

America’s Cup


48. Which New Zealand children’s author wrote “The Haunting”?

Margaret Mahy


49. What was the first poetry collection published by a Maori author?

No Ordinary Sun by Hone Tuwhare in 1964

50. Which New Zealand poet used to live in Jerusalem?

James K Baxter


51. In 1996, Eden Park was set to host a game of American college football. What name, after the famous Maori dance in international rugby, was intended to be given to the game?

Haka Bowl


52. What notable achievement occurred during the Grand Slam tour of 2005?

New Zealand won the rights to host the 2011 World Cup


53. Which book by Albert Wendt won the 1980 New Zealand Wattie Book of the Year Award?

Leaves of the Banyan Tree


54. Sonny Bolstad was a World and New Zealand champion in which sport?



55. Which New Zealand cricketer set a record for most test career test wickets?

Richard Hadlee


56. Which book from Alan Duff was adapted in a movie in 1994?

Once were Warriors


57. Who wrote “An angel at my table”?

Janet Frame


58. New Zealand won gold in men’s hockey at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. Who did they beat in the final?



59. Which book by Llyod Jones is a fictional take on the 1925 New Zealand rugby tour of Britain?

The book of fame


60. Who was the first New Zealander to win a Formula 1 motor racing title?

Denny Hulme

61. When was the first movie shot in New Zealand?



62. Jean Batten became a celebrity and was inducted into the New Zealand Sporting Hall of Fame, for her achievements in which sport?



63. In which town can you find the Hobbiton?



64. Annelise Coberger became the first New Zealander AND first person from the Southern Hemisphere to win a medal at the winter Olympics at the 1992 Albertville Olympics. She won silver in which event?

Alpine Skiing


65. In which Netflix movie does Gabriela Diaz wins a “win an inn” in New Zealand contest?

Falling Inn Love


66. Which New Zealand horse, defeated the cream of Australia’s thoroughbreds, to win Australia’s most prestigious race, the Melbourne Cup in 1983?



67. Which New Zealand movie won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1993?

The Piano


68. Tom Heeney, David Tua, Bob Fitzsimmons, Shane Cameron and Ted Morgan are all New Zealand champions in which sport?



69. Who directed “Whale Rider”?

Niki Caro


70. Which New Zealand swimmer won two Gold Medals at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games?

Danyon Loader


71. What type of movie is “What we do in the shadows”?



72. Maurice Holmes is one of the greatest New Zealand drivers in which sport?

Harness racing


73. Who’s story does “About the World’s Fastest Indian” tell the story of?

Burt Munro


74. Anthony Wilding, Chris Lewis and Onny Parun were star New Zealand players in which sport?



75. Which New Zealand TV show was spurred into new versions in the UK (Honest) and the USA (Scoundrels)?

Outrageous Fortune


76. Lois Muir is one of New Zealand’s greatest coaches in which sport?



77. What is the name of the mysterious cult in “The cult”?

Two Gardens


78. Lance O’Sullivan was one of New Zealand’s best in which sport?



79. Which New Zealand TV series was created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang?

The Almighty Johnsons


80. What is the name of the traditional New Zealand Māori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried underground?



81. Who plays Dave Robinson in “Step Dave”?

Jono Kenyon


82. What is the name of the treaty that was signed in 1840 by the British Crown and Maori chiefs?

Treaty of Waitangi


83. What NZ sweet is red sugar-coated chocolate balls with orange inside?



84. Which mockumentary-style comedy tells the story of 2 cousins on their quest to find Maori brides?

Find me a Maori Bride


85. Who was appointed as the first Māori King in 1858?

Pōtatau Te Wherowhero


86. What kind of fish, only found in New Zealand, is a Paranephrops?

Freshwater crayfish


87. Where was “The Brokenwood Mysteries” filmed?

Greater Auckland Region


88. In which city did the Battle of Manners Street happen?

Wellington, 1943


89. What does “L&P” stand for?

Lemon & Paeroa


90. Who plays Cody in “Go Girls”?

Bronwyn Turei

91. When were the first Māori MPs elected to Parliament?



92. What is a Kina?

Sea urchin


93. Which adrenaline activity was invented in New Zealand?

Bungee Jumping


94. What event does Anzac Day, mark on the 25th of April?

Gallipoli landings


95. Which burger sold by McDonald’s in New Zealand has beetroot and griddle egg inside?



96. Who was the first person to climb Mount Everest?

Edmund Hillary


97. When did civil unions come into effect?



98. Which desert do Australians and New Zealanders both claim as their own?



99. How many times did New Zealand win the Rugby World Cup?

3 times

100. What traditional dish consists of fried small fish in an omelette?

Whitebait fritters


101. What sport does the New Zealand Breakers play?



102. How many years did “Six O’Clock Swill” last?

50 years


103. Which Prime Minister appointed someone the official “Wizard of New Zealand”?

Mike Moore (1990)


104. Which marathon did Dave McKenzie win in 1967?

Boston Marathon


105. When was the Hawke’s Bay Earthquake?

3rd of February 1931


106. Who was the first female Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Jenny Shipley


107. Which NZ airport has a functional railway line crossing the main runway?

Gisborne Airport


108. Who was New Zealand’s first Olympic medallist?

Arthur Porritt


109. For which island did the New Zealand mint produce Pokemon coins?

Island of Niue


110. Which New Zealand golfer won the US Open Golf Championship in 2005?

Michael Campbell


111. Where in New Zealand can you eat in a McDonalds located in a decommissioned DC3 plane?



112. During the 1983 Royal tour (with Prince Charles and Princess Diana), with which New Zealand iconic toy did Prince William play with?

Buzzy Bee


113. New Zealand is home to the town with the longest name in the world. How many characters is the name?

85. Taumata whakatangi hangakoauau o tamatea turi pukakapiki maunga horo nuku pokai whenua kitanatahu

114. In the 2001 census, over 53,000 people marked “something” as their religion. What was this something?



115. What is the bird found only in New Zealand that is famous for its cheekiness and intelligence, and can be found in the South Island?

Kea (An alpine parrot)



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