110+ Oregon Trivia Questions and Answers

Oregon is the ninth largest state in the union covering up to 98,380 square miles. It shares borders with Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and the Pacific Ocean.

In 1987, Tabitha Moffatt Brown was honored by the legislature to become the mother of Oregon. She represents the pioneer heritage and charitable and compassionate nature of Oregonians.

Oregon Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

How good is your geography knowledge? Are you aware that Oregon’s Crater Lake is the deepest in the whole of the U.S.A? The lake was actually pooled in the remains of a volcano over 6,500 years ago and is well known worldwide.

Oregon is home to the Tillamook Cheese Factory which is the world’s largest cheese factory. A tour of this place will offer you a chance to see the cheese-making process.

Check out these spectacular facts to help you know Oregon a little better.


1. Portland has more what than any other city in the world?



2. Where are the oldest known human dwellings in the state of Oregon?

Fort Rock Cave and the Paisley Caves


3. What body of water borders Oregon on its west?


4. Located in the northwest corner of Oregon, this city was first founded by the Pacific Fur Company owned by John Jacob Astor. A deep water port on the south shore of the mighty Columbia River, this city thrived on furs, fish, and timber until late in the twentieth century. This is the county seat of Clatsop County; what is its name?



5. There is a fungus growing under the Malheur National Forest of eastern Oregon that is believed to be the biggest single organism on the planet. What type of fungus is it?

Armillaria solidipes


6. I’m starting my tour at the Burnside Bridge. One of Portland’s nicknames is ‘Bridgetown’, because there are fourteen bridges in the metro area that cross one or the other of the two rivers. What are the two rivers that flow through or next to Portland?

Willamette and Columbia


7. In 2005, Oregon ranked third where among U.S. states in wineries with how many?



8. The Rose Festival in Portland Oregon, is held every June and is the second largest all-floral parade in the United States. What was the first year it was held?



9. What state borders Oregon in the north?



10. What is the name of the river that forms the NE border of Oregon with the state of Idaho?

Snake River


11. How deep is Oregon’s  Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the U.S.?

1,943 feet


12. Which U.S. State shares Oregon’s southern border?



13. The city of Portland was officially incorporated on what date?

February 8, 1851


14. How many community colleges does Oregon have?



15. Along the highway from the Willamette Valley to the coast, you will pass a small town called Walton, which originally consisted of one store. What mountain range is between the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Coast?

Coast Range


16. On what date did Oregon become the 33rd state in the Union?

On February 14, 1859


17. What city was Oregon’s capital from 1848 until 1852, when the capital was moved to Salem?

Oregon City


18. In this town you will find a giant caveman statue?

Grants Pass


19. Where does Oregon rank in size compared to the rest of the states?

9th largest


20. Where does Oregon rank in population when comparing it to the other states?

It’s the 27th most populous state


21. What is the capital of Oregon?



22. What is the airport code for Portland?



23. How much of Oregon’s land is held by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management?

Almost half


24. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo discovered what part of Oregon in 1543?

Southern Oregon off the Pacific Coast


25. What is the largest city in Oregon?



26. The John Day River is the Longest River in Oregon. What is the distance, in miles, from its headwaters to where it empties into the Columbia River?

280 miles


27. What has the highest elevation in the state of Oregon?

Mount Hood At 11,249 feet


28. Occupying an entire city block and containing more than one million books, what Portland landmark is the world’s largest independent bookstore?

Powell’s City of Books


29. What is Oregon’s only National park named?

Crater Lake National Park.


30. Oregon Ducks quarterback Joey Harrington once distributed “ORYGUN” stickers to the media as a reminder of how to do what?

Pronounce the name of his home state. Oregon.


31. There is an actual organization with the moniker “Keep Portland Weird!” What does this group want us to do?

Support local businesses


32. For how many years have humans lived in the area that is now Oregon?

For at least 15,000 years


33. Along the Oregon Coast you will find some small shops overlooking a tiny bay. This is the world’s smallest navigable harbor. What is its name?

Depoe Bay


34. What is the lowest ever recorded temperature in Oregon?

−54 °F at Seneca on February 10, 1933


35. In this town you can find a Shakespearian theatre?



36. Where does Oregon rank in craft breweries per capita?

2nd nationally


37. What bridge is located between Chinatown and the Rose Quarter in Portland?

Steel Bridge


38. The oldest evidence of habitation in Oregon has been found at Fort Rock Cave and the Paisley Caves what county in Oregon?

Lake County


39. Luther Cressman, an archaeologist, has found that the material from Fort Rock is from how many years ago?



40. What is the state nickname?

The Beaver State


41. Who were the first Europeans to visit Oregon?

Spanish explorers led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1543.


42. A little math will be required on this one. In the central Oregon Cascade mountains there is a group of three mountains called the Three Sisters. What is the total elevation, in feet, of the three peaks added together?



43. The Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled through Oregon looking for the what?

Northwest Passage


44. What is the name of the mountain which exploded approximately 7000 years ago creating Crater Lake?

Mt. Mazama


45. In 1811, Who was the first European to navigate the entire Columbia River?

David Thompson, of the North West Company


46. With over 7000 rose plants of 550 varieties, what rose garden is located in Portland’s Washington Park?

International Rose Test Garden


47. The state’s only land-grant university,  Oregon State University is located where?

In Corvallis


48. What is Oregon’s state flower?

Oregon grape


49. Also in 1811, John Jacob Astor financed the establishment of Fort Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River which was the first what in Oregon?

Permanent European settlement


50. Which of the following IS a city in Oregon?



51. Oregon’s industrial expansion began in earnest following the 1933–1937 construction of what?

The Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River.


52. You will find Harris Beach and Azalea Park in this coastal town?



53. Oregon became the first U.S. state to legalize what in 1994?

Physician-assisted suicide


54. How long is the state of Oregon?

295 miles north to south at longest distance.


55. What is Portland’s mass transit system called?



56. How many miles wide is Oregon?

395 miles east to west at its widest point.


57. What mountain range runs north-south through the center of Oregon?

The Cascades


58. How big is Oregon in square miles?



59. This desert is in the southeast of Steens Mountain and in Harney County, Oregon. What is its name?

Alvord Desert


60. Mill Ends Park in Portland is the smallest park in the world at how many square inches?

452 square inches


61. Many small creeks feed this Central Oregon lake, from which an early computer game got it’s name. What is this lake?

Odell Lake


62. At the end of the Oregon Trail lies Oregon City, which was the Oregon Territory’s first what?

Incorporated city


63. I hop on a bus and head up to Washington Park. Inside the park is the Oregon Zoo, and I pay my admission and enter. What is the Oregon Zoo best known for?

Its elephant breeding program


64. What is the highest temperature that Oregon has ever recorded?

119 °F at Pendleton on August 10, 1898


65. The State of Oregon, from east to west, is approximately what distance in mileage?

350 miles


66. What percentage of the state of Oregon is covered in a forest?



67. The Willamette Valley and Yamhill County are mostly known for the production of which red wine variety?

Pinot Noir


68. There are two packs of gray wolves living in what part of the state?



69. What is the state fish?

Chinook salmon


70. Oregon produces 95% of what kind of nuts is produced in the United State?



71. What is the light rail in Portland called, and what does it stand for?

MAX, Metropolitan Area Express


72. The Oregon University System supports how many public universities?

Seven and one affiliate


73. What is the name of the annual celebration held in Portland in the late spring?

Rose Festival


74. Timberline Lodge, near the 6000-foot level on Mt. Hood, on average, receives about how much annual snowfall in inches?

540 inches


75. The University of Oregon is the state’s most selective and highest nationally ranked university according to what publication?

U.S. News & World Report


76. What are the two professional sports teams that Oregon is home to?

Portland: Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA and the Portland Timbers of MLS.


77. What best describes the climate in western Oregon near Portland?

Warm dry summers, cool wet winters


78. Where do the Portland Timbers play?

Providence Park, just west of downtown Portland


79. Portland’s Mill Ends Park holds a record for parks. What record is it?

World’s Smallest Dedicated Park


80. On the road again, we pass Dune City. Can you believe all this sand? Past Tahkenitch Lake and over the hill, we head down to a city located at the confluence of three rivers, the Umpqua, Smith, and Scholfield Creek. Which city is located in the heart of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area?



81. What is the two-letter state code for Oregon?



82. The Oregon Zoo in Portland’s Washington Park has been the birthplace for 28 of these animals, the most of any city in North America.


83. What do you call people from Oregon?



84. If you are looking for some good clean fun in Portland, you might want to spend some time at this museum?

The Vacuum Cleaner Museum


85. In the little town of Newport, there’s a restaurant where you can eat “World Famous Clam Chowder”“. Starting out as a small restaurant, it now ships chowder all over the country. What is the name of this restaurant?



86. Which state is next to Oregon on the east?



87. Portland was originally almost named what?



88. What is the name of the deepest canyon in Oregon?

Hells Canyon


89. Continuing to the south end of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, where the Coos River enters Coos Bay, we find two cities that border each other and are often referred to as one. According to the 2010 census, this was the largest city on the Oregon Coast. Where are we now?

Coos Bay-North Bend


90. Why is Portland called Stumptown?

To meet demand, building happened quicker than clean up so tree stumps were left


91. What is the name of the waterfall that is the tallest in Oregon and the second tallest in the United States?

Multnomah Falls


92. What is the Pronto Pup?

A beach snack


93. Downtown Portland is famous for its beautiful fountains, especially the Ira Keller fountain with its multitude of levels and waterfalls. However, you can do something in the Portland fountains that is not usually allowed in fountains elsewhere. What is that?

Go swimming


94. “For standing up for me when I was alone, oh and I couldn’t think of a better way, to say the things that I wanted to say, than to take my old guitar, sit right down and write you a song” are lyrics from which song?

Eugene Oregon by Dolly Parton


95. Now that we’ve had our chowder, how about a little dessert? Euphoria Chocolate makes all sorts of delicious chocolates and truffles. In what college town can you find it?



96. Why is 38th Street, Astoria a popular landmark?

Filming location for The Goonies


97. The airport code for the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport is what?



98. If you visit this town take a tour of the creamery and sample some of Oregon’s best icecream and cheese?



99. What kind of bridge is St. Johns Bridge in Portland, OR?

Suspension Bridge


100. What is the State Tree?

Douglas Fir


101. From January 2, 2016, to February 11, 2016, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and a group of other people, occupied a Federal building on what Refuge in Oregon?

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge


102. What is the highest elevation in the state of Oregon?

11,235 feet


103. Portland was the childhood home to what author known for the characters Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, and Ralph S. Mouse?

Beverly Cleary


104. Crater Lake is in the crater of what was once a big volcano. It is now a big lake with a small island. What is the name of this island?

Wizard Island


105. Until 1974, the area where Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland is currently located, was what?

Harbor Drive


106. This historic town is home to the Britt Festival?



107. Most of the state of Oregon is in the Pacific Time Zone, with the exception of a portion of eastern Oregon which is in the Mountain Time Zone. How many hours earlier/later is Pacific Standard Time from Greenwich Mean Time?

8 hours earlier


108. Portland is home to the largest outdoor arts and crafts market in continuous operation in the United States. What is this market known as?

Portland Saturday Market


109. Ah, polite Portlanders. According to a 2007 survey, residents in the City of Roses were tops in which polite practice

Courteous driving


110. Crater Lake is in the crater of what was once a big volcano. Not far from Crater Lake, you come to town that is named for some falls that are no longer existent. Where are you?

Klamath Falls


111. Just who was this Tom McCall character, anyhow?

Former Governor of Oregon


112. Who is known as the Father of Oregon?

John McLoughlin


113. Who is known as the Mother of Oregon?

Tabitha Moffat Brown


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