110 Presidents’ Day Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you know which U.S. president was a famous movie star, or which one skinny-dipped in the Potomac River every morning?

February is the month to celebrate President’s Day. History lessons may have taught us plenty of important things about all the different presidents we’ve had, but there are actually a lot of interesting facts about our presidents that many might not know.

Presidents’ Day Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

This trivia will help you understand all the U.S. Presidents on a deeper level. For instance, the only President who studied to become a medical practitioner was William Henry Harrison. While the tallest President in history was Abraham Lincoln.

If you enjoy pranking your friends on different occasions such as April Fools Day, well, borrow some tricks from former President Calvin Coolidge who was a well-known practical joker.

Take up the following President’s day trivia questions and answers to learn more about the 46 U.S. Presidents.


1. Who was the fifth president of the United States?

James Monroe


2. Which of the first 12 presidents was the first to not own slaves?

John Adams


3. Which President was unanimously elected from 1732 to 1799?


4. What does the “S” in Harry S. Truman’s name stand for?



5. Which president was the last to own slaves?

Ulysses S. Grant


6. Did every president live in the White House?



7. Who was the first president to be born in the United States?

Martin Van Buren


8. Who is the oldest living president?

Jimmy Carter


9. Which President never represented a political party?

George Washington


10. How many presidents died in office?



11. Who was the first president to die in office?

William Henry Harrison


12. Who was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington, DC?


13. Which president served two non-consecutive terms?

President Grover Cleveland


14. Which president banned alcohol from the White House at the behest of his first lady?

Rutherford B. Hayes


15. Who was the only President to serve in both WWI and WWII?

Dwight David Eisenhower


16. Was every U.S. president associated with a political party?



17. Which president survived an assassination attempt 69 days into his term?


18. Who was the first-ever President to visit all 50 states?


19. Who were the four presidents that were assassinated?

Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy


20. Which president organized the Citizens Cornet Band to play at political rallies for both parties?

Warren G. Harding


21. Which president posed with a newspaper that declared his opponent the winner of their election?

Harry S. Truman


22. The capital of Liberia is named after which President?

James Monroe


23. What year did Alexander Hamilton become president?



24. Which president purchased the land that’s now southern Arizona and part of southern New Mexico?

Franklin Pierce


25. Who was the first Southerner elected to the Presidency?

President Jimmy Carter


26. Which president was described as “so honest that if you turned his soul inside out there would not be a spot on it?”

James Monroe


27. Who was the tallest President?

Abraham Lincoln


28. Which presidents were impeached?

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton


29. Which president served as vice president for his political nemesis?

Thomas Jefferson (for John Adams)


30. Who was the first President under the Articles of Confederation?

John Hanson


31. What state produced the most U.S. presidents?



32. Author Washington Irving described which president as “a withered little apple-john?”

James Madison


33. How was the Vice President chosen up until 1804?

The person who became Vice President was the person who received the second highest amount of votes in a Presidential election.


34. Which president used slave labor to build his Hermitage residence near Nashville?


35. Under whose Presidency did the US embrace a new series of harsh penalties and laws against violent crimes?

Bill Clinton


36. Author Patricia Reilly Giff’s series of children’s novels take place in an elementary school named after which president?

James K. Polk


37. Which President was a professor of law?

Bill Clinton


38. Which president also served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

William Howard Taft


39. Which President was present during the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement?

Bill Clinton


40. Which president signed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in the first known legislative effort to prevent monopolies?

Benjamin Harrison


41. Can you name the 32nd President of the United States?


42. Who is the only president to be born on July 4?

Calvin Coolidge


43. Which President opposed the annexation of Texas?

Van Buren


44. Which president succeeded the first president to ever resign from office?

Gerald R. Ford


45. Which US President holds the records for both the lowest and highest approval ratings in history?

George H. W. Bush.


46. Who was the first Roman Catholic president?

John F. Kennedy


47. Who was the first President born in Hawaii?


48. Which vice president challenged who would later be their running mate over his stance on school segregation?

Kamala Harris


49. Which President lived the shortest life?

John F Kennedy

50. Which president was known as a “little magician?”

Martin Van Buren


51. Who was the first president to appoint an African American to the Supreme Court?

Lyndon Johnson


52. Which president was elected to his second term after suffering a heart attack?

Dwight D. Eisenhower


53. Which President’s first job was a lifeguard at Lowell Park in Illinois?

Ronald Reagan


54. Which president was the fourth to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Barack Obama


55. Which US President was the only movie actor ever to become a President?

Ronald Reagan


56. Who was the smallest president?

James Madison


57. Which US President was famous for his cooking?

Dwight Eisenhower


58. Which president watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from his family farm as a child?

John Quincy Adams


59. What do all the assassinated presidents have in common?

They were all killed by gunfire


60. Who founded the University of Virginia?

Thomas Jefferson


61. Which president is the first to have a rescue dog while in office?

Joe Biden


62. Which president won re-election with the widest popular vote margin in history?

Lyndon B. Johnson


63. Who ran for President with the campaign slogan “Vote Yourself a Farm”?

Abraham Lincoln


64. Alexander Graham Bell tried desperately to help save the life of which president who’d been shot?

James Garfield


65. Which president made Christmas a national holiday?

Ulysses S. Grant


66. How many future U. S. Presidents signed the Declaration of Independence?



67. Who was the only U. S. President to also serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

William Howard Taft


68. Though his opponent won the popular vote, the Supreme Court eventually declared which president the victor of the Electoral College?

George W. Bush


69. Who was the first U.S. President to be married in the White House?

Grover Cleveland


70. “Old Whitey” was the beloved horse of which president?

Zachary Taylor


71. Which president began his second inaugural address with the words, “With malice toward none; with charity for all?”

Abraham Lincoln


72. What U.S. President had a pet mockingbird named “Dick”?

Thomas Jefferson


73. Which president was a classically trained pianist and played 4 other instruments?

Richard Nixon


74. Which president introduced the Social Security program?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


75. What U.S. President had a nervous breakdown at the age of 24 and spent time in a sanitarium?

Warren G. Harding


76. Which president’s appeal was attributed to both his military record and his ownership of 100 slaves?

Zachary Taylor


77. Walt Whitman’s poem “Oh Captain, My Captain” was written about which President?

Abraham Lincoln


78. Which president and his wife attended Napoleon’s coronation at Notre Dame Cathedral?

James Monroe


79. Which president was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action in World War II?

George H. W. Bush


80. How many Presidents have died on the Fourth of July?



81. Who was the first president to have written a biography of another president?

Herbert Hoover


82. Which president got stuck in a bathtub?

William Howard Taft


83. Who was the first President to have a state car custom built to Secret Service standards?

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s


84. Which president had turned down offers to play professional football?

Gerald Ford


85. Which U. S. President purchased Alaska from Russia?

Andrew Johnson’s


86. Which president and his wife received a Siamese cat as a gift from the American consul of Bangkok?

Rutherford B. Hayes


87. Germany declared war on France just one week before which president planned to celebrate his 40th birthday in London?

Herbert Hoover


88. Who was the first President to appear on TV?

Franklin D. Roosevelt


89. Which president was often mocked in the press for his unkempt appearance?

Abraham Lincoln


90. Which president ended the draft?

Richard Nixon


91. Who was the first president to use the telegraph?

Abraham Lincoln


92. What U.S. President won a Pulitzer Prize for his book Profiles in Courage?

John F. Kennedy


93. Which president hired Louis C. Tiffany—first design director of Tiffany and Co.—for a massive renovation of the White House and its private chambers?

Chester A. Arthur


94. Who was the first vice president to succeed the presidency upon death of their predecessor?

John Tyler


95. What presidential candidate played a saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show during his campaign?

Bill Clinton


96. Which president and his wife met in the fifth grade, were high school sweethearts, but did not marry until their mid-thirties?

Harry S. Truman


97. Who was the first president to campaign by telephone?

William McKinley


98. Who ran for President with the campaign slogan “In your heart you know he’s right”?

Barry Goldwater


99. Which president hated his painted portrait so much that he eventually burned it?

Theodore Roosevelt

100. Which president worked as a model for Cosmopolitan magazine in the 1940s?

Gerald R. Ford


101. What U.S. President won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002?

Jimmy Carter


102. His fancy attire and rich lifestyle led to this nickname: The Dude President. Who is he?

Chester Arthur. He reportedly owned 80 pairs of pants.


103. Who is the only president to have been a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England?

Bill Clinton. He left the two-year program early and didn’t receive a degree.


104. Which president in 1862, politely turned down the offer of a gift of elephants from the King of Siam (now called Thailand)?

Abraham Lincoln. Among his reasons, he noted that Washington’s climate wasn’t the best for elephants.


105. When the king and queen of Great Britain visited, who served them hot dogs?

Franklin Roosevelt


106. Who is the only man to have been a U.S. president and a chief justice of the United States? (He also was depicted as one of the “Racing Presidents” at Nationals’ baseball games in the 21st century.)

William H. Taft


107. Which president liked to skinny-dip in the Potomac River early in the morning?

John Quincy Adams. If it was too cold outside, he’d skip the swim and go for a two-mile hike instead.


108. Which president was a practical joker, who liked to ring the White House doorbell and then hide?

Calvin Coolidge.


109. Abraham Lincoln was born in a humble log cabin. Who was the first president born in a hospital?

Jimmy Carter. His mother was a nurse there.


110. Which President banned broccoli from his dinner plate?

George H.W. Bush


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