110+ South Carolina Trivia Question and Answers

The state of South Carolina gained popularity for filming notable Hollywood movies. Some of South Carolina’s movie collections are: “The Notebook,” “Forrest Gump,” “The Patriot,” and “Sleeping with the Enemy,” among others.

 The state is also home to many famous celebrities, such as Bill Murray, who co-owns a local minor league baseball team, “The River Dogs,” “Darius Rucker, Stephen Colbert, and Reese Witherspoon.

South Carolina Facts Trivia Question and Answers

The Sabal Palmetto tree is the official state tree symbol of South Carolina. The cabbage palmetto is displayed proudly on the state flag. In the ancient Revolutionary War, Palmetto trees were used to manufacture hats, flooring, and hammocks.

Fort Moultrie was also built out of palmetto logs mounted on sand walls. The Palmetto’s spongy consistency hugely helped the fort repel cannon attacks. The cannonballs fired by the British bounced off the spongy palmetto walls.

Below are South Carolina’s trivia questions to jog your mind.


1. South Carolina is sometimes affected by tropical cyclones which is of concern during what season?



2. South Carolina is bordered to the north by what state?


3. How many days of thunderstorms does South Carolina usually average per annum?

Around 50 days.


4. What body of water forms the eastern border of South Carolina?

The Atlantic Ocean.


5. How many tornadoes does South Carolina experience per year on average?

About 14 tornadoes per year.


6. South Carolina was the first state to ratify what document?

The Articles of Confederation.


7. Slaves imported from rice-growing regions of Africa created the dams and canals used to irrigate South Carolina what?

Fields of rice.


8. What is the state fruit of South Carolina?



9. The cultivation and processing of a blue flowering plant, Indigo, became an important commodity crop for what?

The dyeing of textiles.


10. South Carolina later became the first state to vote to do what?

Secede from the Union.


11. What type of labor was necessary for the economic success of the rice and indigo crops in South Carolina?



12. On what date was South Carolina readmitted to the Union?

June 25, 1868


13. After 1708, what group of people made up the majority of the population of South Carolina?



14. How many counties does South Carolina have?



15. What city is the capital of South Carolina?



16. South Carolina was the 8th state to ratify what, on May 23, 1788?


17. What is South Carolina’s highest point?

Sassafras Mountain, at 3,560 feet.


18. The American Revolution disrupted slavery in the South, and thousands of slaves fled to British authorities to obtain what?



19. On the border between South Carolina and Georgia, lies the  Chattooga River which is a favorite destination for what activity?

Whitewater rafting.


20. Many of the slaves that escaped during the Revolutionary war left with who in the last days of the war?

The British.


21. Earthquakes do happen in South Carolina, which averages 10–15 earthquakes a year below what magnitude?



22. By 1800, South Carolina had the largest population of what type of people in the country?



23. What was the name of the largest earthquake to hit the Southeastern United States?

The Charleston Earthquake of 1886.


24. In 1856, what Democrat South Carolina congressman, in the United States Senate chamber beat Republican Senator Charles Sumner with his metal-tipped cane?

Preston Brooks.


25. The Charleston Earthquake of 1886 had a 7.2 magnitude and killed how many people?



26. What began on April 12, 1861, when the Confederate batteries began shelling Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor?


27. What is the highest ever recorded temperature in South Carolina?

113 °F in Johnston and Columbia on June 29, 2012.


28. The South Carolina troops suffered how many military deaths during the Civil War, almost one-third of the white male population of fighting age?

18 in 2011


29. The College of Charleston, founded in 1770 is the oldest institution of higher learning in South Carolina and the first in the country?

Municipal college.


30. Where did South Carolina rank in the rate of women who were killed by men?

Number 1


31. Furman University is a private, coeducational, nonsectarian, liberal arts university in Greenville and is the largest in South Carolina?

Private institution.


32. South Carolina became the last US state to remove its flag from its statehouse?

Confederate flag.


33. Where is South Carolina ranked for overall health care compared with the other US States?

South Carolina is ranked 33rd out of the 50 states.


34. In 2014, how was South Carolina rated in terms of public cleanliness?

America’s worst state.


35. South Carolina is the only state in the union that has mandatory videotaping by the arresting officer of any what?

DUI arrests and breath tests.


36. According to the Census Bureau the population of South Carolina on July 1, 2012, was how many people?



37. South Carolina ranks where in fresh peach production in the US?



38. How many passenger routes in South Carolina does Amtrak operate?

Four.  The Crescent, the Palmetto, the Silver Meteor, and the Silver Star.


39. Since 1860’s South Carolina, how many varieties of peaches?

Over 30


40. By passenger volume, the busiest airport in South Carolina is what?

Charleston International Airport.,666.


41. What was born in South Carolina?



42. Name any invention coming from South Carolina?

Egg fertilization


43. What is South Carolina’s staple dish?

Shrimps and grits


44. What is the state flower of South Carolina?

Yellow Jessamine


45. What is the state animal?

White-tailed deer


46. What is the state amphibian?

Spotted Salamander


47. What is the state crop?



48. What is the state fish?

Striped Bass


49. What is the state tree?

Sabal Palm


50. What is the state mammal?


51. What is the state reptile?

Loggerhead Sea Turtle


52. What is the state vegetable?

Collard greens


53. What is the state insect?

Carolina Mantis


54. What is the state nickname?

The Palmetto State


55. What is the state bird?

Carolina Wren


56. What is the state motto?

Dum Spiro Spero


57. What is the Source of the Edisto River?

Edgefield County, South Carolina, Saluda County


58. What is the state fossil?

Columbian mammoth


59. Where is South Carolina’s highest point?

White Butte


60. What is the Longest River in South Carolina?

Edisto River


61. What is the state gemstone?



62. Which tree appears on South Carolina’s flag?

Sabal palmetto


63. Who led a slave revolt in Charleston in 1822?

Denmark Vesey


64. When was the Battle of Kings Mountain?

7th October 1780


65. Who was South Carolina’s governor in 1890-1894?

Benjamin Tillman


66. Where did Daniel Morgan defeat Banastre Tarleton on 17 January 1781?



67. Who issued the charter to establish the colony of Carolina?



68. Which year did North Carolina and South Carolina become separate royal colonies?



69. In what city would you find the landmark called The Giant Peach?



70. In what county would you find the truck-stop tourist attraction South of the Border?



71. Who was the long-seated US senator from South Carolina?

James  Strom Thurmond


72. Well-known and long-seated U.S Senator Strom Thurmond was from what South Carolina county?



73. What year did Hurricane Hugo hit the coast of South Carolina?



74. Which one of these swamps would I be able to visit while on vacation in South Carolina?

Congaree Swamp


75. One of the most popular beaches to visit in South Carolina is?

Myrtle Beach


76. Which ship, which sits in the harbor at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the state?

USS Yorktown


77. If NASCAR is your cup of tea, which race tracks can you visit while in South Carolina?

Darlington Raceway


78. The beautiful Lake Wylie is called a ‘reservoir’ which indicates what?

Water is collected and stored there.


79. One of the most popular tourist attractions in South Carolina is known as the Atalaya Castle, which was originally built as?

An artist’s private home


80. What is the South Carolina State Butterfly?

Tiger swallowtail


81. What breed has been named the South Carolina State Dog?

Boykin Spaniel


82. The Carolina wolf spider is the South Carolina State Spider. True or false?



83. To get from the port city of Charleston to the fun and sun of Myrtle Beach, what US highway would the weary traveler take?

US 17


84. The Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, which runs from Gaffney to Walhalla, bears what state highway (SC) number?

SC 11


85. Exit 116, where US 15 crosses I-20 south of Bishopville, is named for what famed athlete?

Felix “Doc” Blanchard


86. A portion of I-77 in Columbia is named for which space shuttle-era astronaut?

Charles Bolden


87. Conway Bypass, which carries traffic around the seat of Horry County to North Myrtle Beach, bears what state highway number?

SC 22


88. The southern terminus of SC 381 is in the community of Blenheim, at SC 38, in Marlboro County. What foodstuff is Blenheim famous for?

Ginger ale


89. Aviation Parkway, the road that connects Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport to I-85, bears what highway number?

The road is unnumbered


90. Although it is possible to get from Greenville to Clemson by interstate, what US highway provides a more direct route between the two cities?

US 123


91. The beltway that forms a half-circle around Charleston is named for which US Army general?

Mark Clark


92. In spite of earthquakes and fires, Charleston has a smorgasbord of fine antebellum architecture. Born in 1781, Robert Mills, a native son of Charleston, was the first professionally trained architect in the United States. One of his best-known works is this structure in Washington, D.C. Which is it?

The Washington Monument


93. Another “first” for Charleston was the first shot fired of “The War Between the States”. During the War, the Confederacy managed to hold onto the fort until 1865, but it was reduced to rubble by the end of the war.



94. Since 1977, the Spoleto festival has been an integral part of the cultural life of Charleston. This arts festival is the companion to the Festival dei Due Mondi, in the town of Spoleto. In which European country would you find Spoleto?



95. Speaking of great forts, Ft. Moultrie served the defense of the U.S. coast for 171 years. The fort has been rebuilt three times, the last time in 1809. It was here that the first decisive victory of the American Revolution was won. It was also from here that shots were fired upon Ft. Sumter in 1861. When it was built in 1776 to fight the British, what were the primary construction materials used?

Palmetto logs and sandbags


96. One of the many “firsts” that can be found in Charleston is the Dock Street Theater, which was the first building in the United States built specifically for theatrical performances. Opening night was February 12, 1736, with the play “The Recruiting Officer”. Other notable productions have taken place there, one of which was the play “Porgy and Bess”, written by the noted Charlestonian, Dubose Heyward. Who wrote the musical version of “Porgy and Bess”?

George and Ira Gershwin


97. The gardens in Charleston are amongst the finest to be found anywhere. Which of these is NOT a noted Charleston Garden?

Madison Square Garden


98. Naturally, Charleston has a fine airport to welcome her guests. Charleston is not a stranger to fine transportation, having offered the first scheduled passenger train service in the U.S. The “Best Friend of Charleston”, debuted in 1830, on Christmas Day. Sadly, it was destroyed by the carelessness of the fireman on board a few months later. Most of the “Best Friend” was salvaged and made into the aptly named “Phoenix”, another train. What do you suppose happened to the leftover scrap?

It was melted down and cast into a cannon.


99. Spanish moss hanging from live oaks is a familiar sight in coastal South Carolina. It isn’t moss and isn’t from Spain. Oddly, it is closely related to what plant?



100. Another great “first” was the first planting of which crop in America? Uncle Ben would be so proud!



101. St. Philip’s Episcopal church, established in 1680, continues to be a house of worship to many Charlestonians, even though its first location was where St. Michael’s is today. St. Michael’s was built to handle the overflow from St. Philip’s. Of course a church operating that long has had quite an opportunity to intern famous people both inside the church as well as in the adjacent cemeteries. Which of these famous South Carolinians is NOT buried on the St. Philip’s grounds?

Button Gwinnett, signer of the Declaration of Independence


102. Early Charlestonians were all about creating clubs. In fact, the South Carolina Jockey Club was the first of its kind in the United States. Other interesting early clubs of Charleston included the Ugly Club, the Sons of Erin, the Golf Club, the Hibernian Society, and the KolfBaan club. Of note was the “Three Paces Club”. What do you suppose it was about?

A dueling club


103. At the Battle of Sullivan’s Island in June 1776, SC patriots fought from Ft. Moultrie rebuffed the British in their attempt to take Charleston. Palmetto trees, used to build the fort, gave what unique additional protection?

The spongy logs absorbed the impact of cannonballs


104. Many of SC’s geographical features have unique names, frequently mispronounced by folks from “away”. Winyah Bay, the Pee Dee, Santee, Ashepoo, Waccamaw Rivers and Edisto and Kiawah Islands are just a few examples. What is the commonality?


105. What is the climate of South Carolina?

Humid Subtropical


106. Which governor of South Carolina was elected twice?

Mark Sanford


107. What is on the state flag of South Carolina?

A tree and a crescent moon


108. Which African-American leader was from South Carolina?

Jesse Jackson


109. What is the name of the Performing Arts Center in downtown Greenville?

The Peace Center


110. Where is Greenville, SC located?

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


111. Spartanburg, South Carolina, is home to what major automobile plant?



112. If you wanted to do some heavy shopping in Greenville, SC what mall would probably be recommended to you?

Haywood Mall


113. What is the name of the river that flows through the heart of downtown Greenville?

Reedy River


114. What are the two main community theaters in Greenville?

South Carolina Children’s Theater and The Greenville Little Theater


115. Which is one of the main hospitals in Greenville?

St. Francis Hospital


116. What is the state stone?

Blue Granite


117. What is the state game bird?

Wild Turkey


118. What is the state soil?



119. Which is the largest city in South Carolina?




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