110 Spring Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you cherish new beginnings?

Spring is known to symbolize new beginnings, where flowers bloom, some animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. Studies have shown that during this season, people become open to new ideas and more creative for spending hours in the outdoors.


Spring Trivia Questions and Answers – Fun Facts Too

For vegetarians, this is the period to get your local greens and other fresh produce. Many veggies and mouthwatering fruits are harvested in spring thus you can freely stick to your health regimen.

Good news for people with claustrophobia, for the season, presents an open opportunity to throw open those windows and allow fresh air in. What a relief!

The perfect period to get your vitamin D naturally. As you bask in the morning sunlight, you could gauge your spring knowledge by engaging in fun trivia exercises with loved ones.

The following list of spring trivia questions and answers will expand your know-how and leave you more enlightened.

Here, take a look!

1. What is the first day of Spring called?

Vernal Equinox


2. What bird is often associated with Spring in North America?



3. Songkran is a spring festival celebrated in which country?



4. Around what day does Spring begin in the Northern Hemisphere?


5. What is the name of the condition that is marked by an excessive fondness for flowers?



6. According to research, infants born in the spring are more likely to be preterm- true or false?



7. Which holiday does not occur during Spring?

St. Patrick’s Day


8. The Japanese welcome spring by organizing significant viewings of what flower?

Cherry Blossoms


9. During the first day of Spring, where does the sunrise, and where does the sunset?

Due East and due West


10. In the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of fall is the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere — true or false?



11. What myth is associated with the first day of Spring?

Only on that day can you balance a raw egg on its end.


12. Spring allergies are intensified because of what?

Increase of pollen from flowers


13. Which natural phenomenon occurs more frequently in the spring and less frequently in the winter?



14. What does Spring symbolize?



15. In Roman mythology, she is known as the goddess of spring?



16. On the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, the sun rises directly over what part of the globe?



17. What is Hanami?

A Japanese tradition to welcome spring


18. On the first day of Spring, it is said that the day and night are exactly what length?

12 hours each


19. In the UK, what do you call the vegetable that is known as scallions in the USA?

Spring onions


20. May Day, commonly known as Labor Day, occurs in which season?



21. On the first day of Spring, it is said that the day and night are exactly what length?

12 hours each


22. Was Spring always referred to as spring?

No, until the 16th century, the first season of the month was Lent.


23. During which time, it is said that you can balance an egg on its sharp end?

Spring Equinox


24. Which season follows spring?



25. Why does the start date of the Spring Equinox varies?

Because the Earth does not circle around the sun in exactly 365 days.


26. Is Spring considered the first, second, third, or fourth season of the year?



27. Which ancient building was constructed facing the direction where the sun rises on the first day of spring?

Great Sphinx


28. Tulip Festival is a spring festival celebrated in which country?



29. For Australians, in what month does Spring begin?



30. The season of spring ends on what day?

21st of June


31. What does the word “equinox” mean?

Equal night


32. Spring tides occur twice a month throughout the year, regardless of the season — true or false?



33. What happens to the day and night during the vernal equinox?

Day and night are of equal duration


34. Why does daylight increase in Spring?

The axis increases its tilt towards the sun


35. During spring, why is the day longer than the night?

Because of the tilting of the Earth towards the sun


36. Only twice a year, on the ________, does the sunrise at the exact eastern point and set in the exact western position?

Spring and fall equinoxes


37. According to legend, if a groundhog does not see his shadow when he emerges from his hole on Groundhog Day, Spring will arrive (late or early)?



38. What health issues account for approximately 17 million outpatient office visits each year, with the majority occurring in the spring and fall?



39. Name a yellow spring flower?



40. Why do people gift daffodils during spring?

These happy flowers symbolize new beginnings


41. In China, the start of spring corresponds with what Chinese annual celebration?

Chinese New Year


42. What is a popular springtime adage that refers to the fact that April is typically wet and flowers blossom in May?

“April showers bring May flowers”


43.  Name a spring flower that grows in the woods?



44. Hurricane season begin in Spring. True or false?



45. Name a blue flower that is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act?



46. Relapses of multiple sclerosis are more prevalent in the spring and less common in the fall – true or false?



47. What is a tunic?

It is a brown papery fiber used to cover the bulb of a spring flower.


48. If you celebrate the Baba Marta Day spring festival, which country are you in?



49. During spring birds are more vocal as they sing to attract what?

Attract mates and warn rivals

50. True or false? Bulbs are planted before the ground freezes.



51. The quality of sperm varies seasonally, according to studies — true or false?

True, the concentration of sperm was highest in the spring and lowest in the fall


52. What is the largest part of a flower?



53. What is Holi?

It is the Indian festival of colors, marking the beginning of spring.


54. Who was regarded as the goddess of spring by the Romans?



55. Name the second festival celebrated throughout India to mark the onset of spring?



56. As a gesture of welcoming spring, several Baltic and Slavic countries burn what?

An effigy of winter


57. What is Semana Santa?

It is the Easter week celebrated in Guatemala every spring.


58. In which Pole, whereas spring arrives, so does six months of darkness with no visible light?

The South Pole


59. How do people celebrate spring in Bosnia?

With a festival called Cimburijada, known as “the festival of scrambled eggs”.


60. The spring season in the United States is traditionally defined as beginning the day after what day?

Presidents Day


61. What is Imbolc?

Gaelic traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring


62. Fallas is a spring festival celebrated in which country?



63. Name a Jewish spring festival?



64. Mars, the Roman god of ______, is commemorated in the month of March?



65. Name an animal that hibernates, then wakes in spring?



66. To commemorate Easter, what items are painted and given as gifts?

Easter Eggs


67. Which spring animal can see the earth’s magnetic field?

Baby Fox


68. The first day of spring in which culture is known as Nowruz, which means “New Day”?



69. Which animal is the mascot of spring?



70. Cimburijada is a spring festival celebrated in which country?



71. Which spring mammal has the thickest fur?



72. A feeder might be a good source of food for which created during the spring migration?

Migrating birds


73. What is spring fever associated with?



74. Spring infants are more susceptible to a variety of illnesses — true or false?

True. Spring-born newborns are more prone to develop schizophrenia, bipolar illness, severe depression, and anorexia.


75. What is the most common spring outdoor activity for kids?

Flying a kite


76. Marzanna is a spring festival celebrated in which country?



77. In which century did the word ‘spring’ originate?



78. Which civilization celebrated the first day of spring with “The Return of the Sun Serpent” in Chichen Itza, Mexico?

The Mayans


79. What is spring cleaning?

Cleaning your house and getting rid of any waste at the start of spring.


80. What does the term ‘spring chicken’ mean?



81. Which Disney movie featured the spring season beautifully?



82. At the start of spring, women in Sicily flock to which garden for a pilgrimage. They sow seeds and use ribbons to adorn the garden?

The Garden of Adonis


83. True or false? 36% of Americans list spring as their favorite season.



84. Spring is when Jews celebrate Passover, which they refer to as what?

“The Spring Holiday”


85. What are the spring zodiac signs?

Aries, Taurus and Gemini


86. What are among the first spring flowers to bloom?

Daffodils, dandelions, lilies, tulips, iris, and lilacs


87. Why do honeybees are more prone to swarm during the spring?

They swarm as a means of establishing new colonies from existing ones


88. What are English spring buns traditionally called?

Hot cross buns


89. If Pope _________ had not created the Gregorian calendar in 1582, the spring equinox would have occurred a full calendar day earlier every 128 years, eventually putting Easter in the middle of winter?

Gregory XIII


90. On what day is it a tradition to eat hot cross buns?

Good Friday


91. What are spring superfoods?

Foods that are specifically high in nutritional value during the spring season.


92. Sechseläuten is a spring festival celebrated in which country?



93. What are the only two states that do not observe daylight savings time?

Arizona and Hawaii


94. Spring has arrived three weeks earlier in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains than it did in which year?



95. Which spring superfood has over 500 varieties?



96. Persephone’s return is said to coincide with the arrival of spring in which mythology?

Greek mythology


97. Name two different types of fabrics traditionally used for spring dresses?

Cotton and linen


98. There would be no change in day lengths or seasons if Earth revolved on what angle to the plane of its orbit around the sun rather than on a 23.4o tilt?

An axis perpendicular


99. What is ‘summer solstice’?

Describes the longest day

100. While the term “spring” is used to represent one of the four traditional temperate seasons, in subtropical and tropical regions, what alternative names are used to express distinct seasonal variations?

Dry or wet, monsoonal or cyclonic


101. Why is it good to plant seeds in spring?

The once frozen ground becomes softer and absorbs more water to yield plants.


102. Which day is said to have started in France in the 16th century when New Year’s Day was moved from April to January?

April Fools’ Day, Anyone who continued to celebrate it on April 1 was referred to as an April Fool


103. In which month does Greenland experience spring?



104. According to studies, suicide rates peak in which season, not over the holidays, as is widely assumed?

Late Spring


105. Who is the composer of ‘The Four Seasons’?



106. In 1784, who was the first to suggest the use of daylight savings time. It didn’t become completely operational till the end of WWII?

Benjamin Franklin


107. Which country is Easter Island part of?



108. What climate is the Southern Hemisphere when the Northern Hemisphere is in spring?



109. What becomes faster in spring?

Plant Growth


110. In spring, days are _______ from the summer days?



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