110+ Tanzania Trivia Questions and Answers

Tanzania is one splendid country where nature is at its wildest. Neighboring countries like Uganda, Malawi, and Kenya. The vast swathes of Savanna grassland paint Tanzania’s hinterlands, leaving the country’s natural beauty shining through its extraordinary biodiversity and wildlife.

Tanzania is surrounded by the great lakes of Africa-Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Malawi. Far at the eastern shore lies the city of many adventures and cultures –the island city of Zanzibar.

Tanzania Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

This gateway to the African continent is undoubtedly the most explored place in Tanzania. Zanzibar, Africa’s tropical paradise, offers the world the most beautiful beach galore, rich, colorful culture, and diverse activities.

With at least 120 significant tribes, Swahili is the country’s official language. Tanzania is culturally distinguished by its unique masks, hand-woven baskets, batiks, poetry, and items carved out of ebony or rosewood.

Below are questions and answers to expand your intelligence about Tanzania.

1. When did Tanganyika become independent?

9 December 1961


2. Where is Tanzania’s Parliament Building?



3. When did Zanzibar become independent?

10th December 1963


4. Geographically speaking, the most significant feature of Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro, located in the northeastern part of the country. It’s the tallest mountain in Africa. Which of the following about Kilimanjaro is true?

It’s the highest free-standing mountain in the world.


5. Who conquered German East Africa during World War 1?



6. When was Tanzania founded with the merging of Tanganyika and Zanzibar?

26 April 1964


7. Which ocean is to the east of Tanzania?



8. Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania attracts tourists from around the world because it is home to one of the world’s most striking displays of animal behavior. Thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate from the Serengeti north to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park. What is the impetus for their migrations?

To search for rain-ripened grass


9. Which is the currency of Tanzania?



10. Louis and Mary Leakey made one of the most fantastic discoveries in archaeological history in Tanzania when they discovered stone tools, and, eventually, the skeleton of a Homo habilis, the early ancestor of humans. What canyon in Tanzania was the site of their find?

Olduvai Gorge


11. Which of the following volcanoes is in Tanzania?

Ol Donyo Lengai


12. Lake Natron is in northern Tanzania. Alkaline, salty, and incredibly hot, no one would expect it to be the breeding place for any organisms. What animals can stand the scalding water and make their nests around Lake Natron?



13. When was the multiparty system allowed in Tanzania?



14. Which is the national language of Tanzania?



15. What is the name of the semi-autonomous archipelago that merged with the mainland colony in 1964 to become the nation of Tanzania that we see today?



16. The city of Mwanza, Tanzania sits at the southern coast of which of the following lakes? The lake was named after a popular British monarch.

Lake Victoria


17. What is the name of a lake that forms a natural border between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)?

Lake Tanganyika


18. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of Tanzania’s most prominent geographical features. The mountain is actually composed of three dormant volcanoes. Which of these is the name of the tallest of the three?



19. Located in northeastern Tanzania, this conservation area contains the namesake crater, formed by a volcanic eruption 2-3 million years ago. Today, the herds of almost every large animal in east Africa live in the area because of the availability of water. What is the name of this crater and conservation area, which supports the highest density of mammalian predators in Africa?



20. What is the name of the largest city in Tanzania? This city served as the capital of Tanzania before it was changed to Dodoma in 1996.’

Dar es Salaam


21. The second-highest uninterrupted waterfall in Africa, this locale between Tanzania and Zambia is of supreme archaeological importance as well- tools from early man have been found in the area. What is the name of this waterfall in southern Tanzania?

Kalambo Falls


22. Which of these is the name of a city in Tanzania that serves as the headquarters of the East African Community?



23. Tanzania’s eastern coast consists of a climatic zone and biome more commonly thought of in the southern United States than in East Africa, but the flora and fauna of the region are quite unique. What kind of landscape would you find in eastern Tanzania?

Mangrove swamps


24. Which of the following is the name of a national park in Tanzania where people can view famous African animals such as lions, elephants, and hippopotami?

Serengeti National Park


25. Tanzania has one of the newer national capitals in the world because the capital was moved from Dar es Salaam in 1996. With a name meaning “it is sunk” in the native tongue, the city held just over 300,000 people in 2002. What is the name of the new capital, which is more centrally located?



26. Excavation teams led by British couple Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the fossilized remains of what type of creatures at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania?

Early humans


27. The largest unexploited animal reserve in the world is located in southern Tanzania. Inaccessibility by humans has allowed an enormous amount of biodiversity to thrive in the area, named after a famous British big-game hunter. What is it called?

Selous Game Reserve


28. Which of the following is a name of an island off of the coast of Tanzania that might lead you to believe that it is a safe haven for criminals?

Mafia Island


29. It’s not Lake Victoria, but this Tanzanian lake is one of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world and is the second-deepest. Divided between Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it’s the second largest lake in Africa. What is it?

Lake Tanganyika


30. If you answered the first questions correctly the first letters of the answers will spell the name of the pachyderms found in Tanzania.



31. Mount Kilimanjaro is?

The highest mountain in Africa


32. What internationally known wildlife area is found in Tanzania?



33. The country of Tanzania was created in 1964. The countries of Tanganyika and some offshore islands became the new nation. The largest of these islands is Zanzibar. What is the second largest?



34. Dar-es-Salaam is Tanzania’s largest port.



35. Many languages are spoken in Tanzania, but there are only two official languages. One is Swahili, what is the other?



36. Tanzania is known for its lakes. Which is the lake that forms the border between Tanzania and Malawi?



37. There is a range of mountains in southern Tanzania that is named after a 19th-century British explorer. What was his last name?



38. What does Tanzania’s economy largely depend on?



39. In which area of Africa do you find Tanzania?

East coast


40. In 1960 Jane Goodall arrived at Gombe Stream to study what kind of primate?



41. How many countries share a land border with Tanzania?



42. What is the difference in meters between the highest and lowest points in Tanzania? The lowest point is underwater.



43. What is the economic center and largest city of the country?

Dar es Salaam


44. What colors are on the Tanzanian flag?

Green, Yellow, Black and Blue


45. Tanzania lies on the Equator.



46. You’re visiting Tanzania, and you’re hungry. Somehow you’ve managed to pluck up the courage to eat uji. What is it?

A thin porridge-like substance


47. In a mini-busat was the country’s name before the 1964 union with Zanzibar?



48. The Zanzibar Archipelago lies just off the coast of Tanzania, in the Indian Ocean. What is the Swahili name for the island of Zanzibar?



49. Which European country was the original colonial power in mainland Tanzania?


50. Julius Nyerere, considered by many to be the ‘Father of Tanzania’, was the first President and wrote a number of books about his theories of African socialism. He also translated two of Shakespeare’s plays into Swahili – but which ones?

A.’The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘Julius Caesar’


51. Which lake does partly lie within Tanzania?

Lake Victoria


52. Which country was Tanzania aligned with to build the TAZARA railway?



53. What is the capital of Tanzania?



54. Which percentage of Tanzanians speak Swahili as a first language?



55. When was the United Republic of Tanzania formed?



56. What is the national language of Tanzania?



57. When did European Colonialism begin?


58. How many languages are spoken in Tanzania?

Over 100


59. How many years ago did Eastern Cushitic people move to Tanzania?

2000-4000 years ago


60. In Tanzania which animal are you likely to see?



61. Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania. Which ocean is it in?

Indian Ocean


62. What percentage of the population is under 14?



63. Jambo is the Swahili word for?



64. What feature does Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, have on its summit?



65. What is the approximate legal minimum monthly wage in Tanzania?



66. What percentage of the land is suitable for growing crops?



67. What percentage of the population lives on less than $1 US a day?



68. Most people in Tanzania work in?



69. What is the famous tribe of Tanzania?



70. Tanzania is a country in East Africa slightly below the?

The Equator.


71. The population of Tanzania is?

40 million


72. What is the area of Tanzania?

947,303 square kilometer


73. Manyara, Serengeti, and Selous are the names of?

Game Parks


74. Freddie Mercury was born in Tanzania. Where was he born?



75. Tanzania used to be a colony of which country?



76. According to the International Monetary Fund, how many times more wealthy is the UK than Tanzania?



77. What is the life expectancy in Tanzania?



78. The biggest reason stopping Tanzania from becoming a wealthy country is?

Huge debt


79. What percentage of the population who are of secondary school age enroll for secondary schooling?



80. Tanzania is ranked where in the world?

31st largest country by size


81. In Zanzibar which language is also official aside from Swahili?



82. Name three large ethnic groups in Tanzania.

Haya, Chagga, and Sukuma


83. Name one of the world’s most important paleoanthropological sites in Tanzania.

Olduvai Gorge


84. There are about _________different ethnic groups located in Tanzania?



85. Which early human species occupied Tanzania?

Homo Sapiens and Homo Habilis


86. Where were the oldest remains of the genus Homo Sapiens found?

Near Lake Olduvai Gorge


87. Dar es Salaam means what in Arabic?

A home of peace


88. Dar es Salaam is the seventh largest city in?

All of Africa


89. Tanzania is the __ most populous country.



90. Lake Nyasa is __ of Tanzania?



91. Lake Nyasa has ____ than any other lake in the world?


92. Tanzania shares Lake Victoria with which neighboring countries?

Kenya, Uganda


93. Lake Tanganyika borders Tanzania and?

Democratic Republic of Congo


94. Name the world’s longest freshwater lake in Tanzania?

Lake Tanganyika


95. Which park is located on Mt Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro national park


96. What is the height of Mt Kilimanjaro?

19,341 ft (5,895 m) above sea level


97. What percentage practice Christianity?



98. The two dominant religions in Tanzania are?

Christianity and Islam


99. Swahili is the national language while __ is one of the most used languages.


100. Which island is uninhabited in Zanzibar?

Latham Island


101. What sporting activity is popular on Zanzibar island?

Scuba diving


102. Which is the largest Island in Zanzibar island?

Unguja island


103. Name the common islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago.

Unguja Island, Pemba Island, Latham Island, Mafia Island,


104. Zanzibar is commonly referred to as __ in Tanzania?

“Spice Islands,”


105. Zanzibar is largely off the coast of Tanzania?



106. Serengeti region is located in the ___ of Tanzania?



107. Aside from Serengeti, which other parks are common in Tanzania?

Mahale Mountains National Park, Mikumi National Park, and Ruaha National Park


108. What percentage of Tanzania is protected by the government?



109. More than one-third of Tanzania’s land is set aside for?



110. Name the cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tanzania?

Kondoa Rock-Art Sites, Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Ruins of Songo Mnara, Stone Town of Zanzibar


111. Name the natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tanzania?

Kilimanjaro National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Serengeti National Park


112. Name the mixed UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tanzania?

Ngorongoro Conservation Area


113. How Many Natural UNESCO World Heritage are in Tanzania?

3 are natural, and 1 is both cultural and natural (mixed)


114. How Many cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites are found in  Tanzania?



115. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are found in Tanzania?




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