120+ Georgia Trivia Questions and Answers

Georgia is popular for its beautiful mountains, pristine forests, and countless water bodies. You can enjoy a hiking trail at the breathtaking Amicalola Falls standing at 728 feet tall.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and interested in caves, you’ll love the Veryovkina Cave, hidden amidst the Gagra Mountain range. Worried about your safety? Fret not for Georgia was rated as the 7th safest country to visit in the world in 2017.

Georgia Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Here is some black history fact you may not know: During the 1950s, Georgia served as a major hub for the Civil Rights movement. It is in Atlanta that Martin Luther King Jr. co-founded the SCLC.

How well do you know about the U.S Presidents? Did you know that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was the only president to hail from Georgia?

Take up this Georgia trivia to get more insights about the place!


1. What is the Georgia state Amphibian?

American Green Tree Frog


2. Which state is bordered to the north of Georgia?

Tennessee and North Carolina


3. Georgia was established in 1732 and was the last of the original what?

Thirteen Colonies.


4. What is the capital of Georgia?



5. What major golf tournament is held annually the second weekend of April at the Augusta National Golf Club?

The Masters


6. How many bird species are there in Georgia?



7. What is the Georgia state tree?

Live oak


8. How many species of reptiles live in Georgia?

About 79


9. When did Georgia join the Union?

In 1776


10. What is the Georgia state Fish?

Largemouth bass


11. At which number did the state join the Union?



12. Who or what was the US state of Georgia named after?

King George II of Great Britain


13. At which number did the state join the Confederacy?



14. What is the highest temperature ever recorded in the state of Georgia?

112 °F in Louisville on July 24, 1952.


15. When did the state join the Confederacy?

In 1861


16. What is the Georgia state, Shell?

Knobbed Whelk


17. Which city of Georgia is known as the Granite Capital of the World?

Elberton, Georgia


18. Among the largest performing arts venues in Georgia are the Fox Theatre, and the Alliance Theatre both located where?

Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta.


19. Which Super Bowl games did Atlanta’s Georgia Dome host?

Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994 and Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000


20. Georgia ratified the US Constitution, becoming the fourth state to do so on what date?

On January 2, 1788


21. Who explored Georgia?

Hernando de Soto


22. What is the Georgia state soil?



23. When does he explore Georgia?

In 1540


24. What is Georgia’s official state song?

Georgia on My Mind


25. What is the nickname of the state?

The Peach State


26. What are Georgia’s two major Interstate Highways?

I-75 and I-85


27. What is the Georgia state Rock?



28. What is Georgia’s state bird?

Brown Thrasher


29. What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Georgia?

−17 °F in northern Floyd County on January 27, 1940.


30. Which is the state flower?

Cherokee Rose


31. What is the Georgia state dance?

Square dance


32. Which state is in the south of Georgia?



33. On what date did Georgia declare its secession from the Union?

January 19, 1861


34. Which U.S. state grows the most peanuts in the country?



35. Georgia was one of the original seven, what?

Confederate states


36. What is the motto of the state?

Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation


37. What is the Georgia state Reptile?

Gopher tortoise


38. Which is the highest peak in the state?

Brass-town Bald


39. Where does Georgia rank in population compared to the other states?

It is 8th most populous.


40. How much is the height of the Brass-town Bald?

4,784 feet


41. What mountain range is located in the northern part of the state?

The Blue Ridge Mountains


42. What is the highest recorded temperature in the state?

112 degree Fahrenheit


43. Where is the highest point in Georgia?

Brasstown Bald at 4,784 feet


44. Where the highest temperature was recorded?

At Louisellie and at Greenville


45. What is the Georgia state Mineral?



46. Where was the lowest temperature recorded?

At CCC Camp F-16


47. What is the lowest point in Georgia?

The Atlantic Ocean.


48. Which is the state game bird?



49. Inland area, Georgia is the biggest state east of the Mississippi River, but fourth in what?

In total area

50. Which is the state vegetable?

Vidalia Onion


51. What is the Georgia state Mammal?

Right whale


52. Who adopted Georgia’s flag?

The 2003 General Assembly


53. The stadium built to host Olympic events is now called Turner Field, and is the what?

Home of the Atlanta Braves


54. Who created Lake Blackshear?

Crisp County Power Company


55. What is the Georgia state Butterfly?

Eastern Tiger Swallowtai


56. What was the purpose of the lake creation?

Power supply


57. In 1838, Martin Van Buren had the Cherokee deported west of the what?



58. When was West Point lake created?

In 1974


59. What is Georgia’s primary commercial airport?

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).


60. How many forests are there in the state?



61. What is the most widely recognized orchestra and largest arts organization in the southeastern United States?

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


62. How many state parks are there?



63. What is the Georgia state Insect?

European honey bee


64. Who is the famous poet of the state?

Conrad Aiken


65. In 1877 white Democrats passed a poll tax, which disfranchised who?

Many poor blacks and whites


66. Who is the famous baseball player of the state?

Ty Cobb


67. In Georgia, where can one find white-tailed (Virginia) deer?

In nearly all counties


68. Where is the first American college to grant women college degrees located?

Macon, Georgia


69. What was the time period of the Gold Rush in Georgia?



70. What is the Georgia state Gem?



71. How much gold does it produce?

Approximately 870,000 ounces


72. How many bird species live in the state of Georgia?



73. Which famous drink was invented in Atlanta, Georgia?



74. On July 1, 2013, the population of Georgia was what?



75. What was the first capital of Georgia?



76. Georgia, as of the year 2010, has the sixth-highest number of what, in the country?

Illegal immigrants


77. How many counties are there in Georgia?



78. What is the Georgia state Fossil?

Shark tooth


79. Which is the only county in Georgia named after a woman?

Hart County


80. From 1990 to 2000, Georgia had the second-fastest growth rate in the population of which ethnic group?



81. As of 2008, Georgia has the third-lowest percentage of what type of people?

Seniors. (65 or older)


82. In 2011, what was Georgia’s Per Capita personal income?



83. Georgia is the world’s biggest supplier of what type of tree nuts?



84. Which U.S president was a peanut farmer in Georgia?

Jimmy Carter


85. What is the state theater of Georgia, that is located in Columbus?

The Springer Opera House


86. How many varieties of peaches are from Georgia?

About 4 dozen


87. What 1980s TV show was set in the fictional Hazzard County in Georgia?

The Dukes of Hazzard


88. What is the rank of the state by area?



89. What are the bordering states of Georgia?

Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


90. What two motion pictures set in Atlanta were awarded Oscars for Best Picture?

Gone with the Wind, and Driving Miss Daisy


91. Ty Cobb was the first baseball player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. What was his nickname?

The Georgia Peach


92. What are two major college football teams in the NCAA Division I FBS?

The Georgia Bulldogs and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


93. Where is the Dixie 500 NASCAR stock car race held each year?

Atlanta Motor Speedway


94. How many public colleges, universities, and technical colleges does Georgia have?

Almost 70


95. How many cities with populations above 50,000 does Georgia have?



96. The colony of Georgia, as originally established prior to statehood, was intended as a buffer zone to protect the English in the Carolinas from the Spanish, who held Florida. For the most part, what type of people were imported from England to settle in the coastal area between these two opposing factions?

Debtors and criminals


97. Which city was the capital of Georgia during the U.S. Civil War?



98. The east end of River Street is where you will find The Waving Girl statue. What was the real Waving Girl’s name?

Florence Martus


99. What was the first place outside of Asia to house whale sharks?

Georgia Aquarium

100. The Indians who first inhabited Jekyll Island were the__________?



101. What does the word “Okefenokee” mean in the language of the Seminoles?

Land of the Trembling Earth


102. What landmark restaurant sits at the corner of Highway 120 and U.S. 41 in Marietta?

The Big Chicken


103. Name one great invention that was developed in Georgia?

Cotton gin


104. In Georgia what animal may not be kept in a bathtub?



105. What is the county seat of Forsyth County?



106. Located on historic Auburn Avenue, this memorial to America’s principal spokesman for racial equality is only a block from the house he was born in. Who was he?


107. Who was elected mayor of Atlanta in 2001?

Shirley Franklin


108. Which “lost” historic square was refurbished, featuring a statue of Johnny Mercer, a play fountain, and an enormous underground parking garage?

Ellis Square


109. Where can you see giant pandas, as well as one of the largest gorilla populations in North America?

Zoo Atlanta


110. What is the county seat of Floyd County? Rome



111. In what Georgia city is it illegal to throw rocks at birds?



112. Which Georgia city is called the second-oldest city in the U.S.?

St. Marys


113. The Globe, located at DeRenne Avenue and White Bluff Road, was once a storage tank for what?



114. Where can guests see how a real news television station works?

Inside CNN Studio Tour


115. In Savannah, you can visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low. What organization did she found?

Girl Scouts of America


116. Where can visitors see dinosaur skeletons, an IMAX theater, and the fauna and flora of Georgia?

Fernbank Museum of Natural History


117. What is the county seat of Richmond County?



118. In Atlanta, it is illegal to tie a ________ to a telephone pole?

A Giraffe


119. What famous Atlanta journalist said of General Sherman that he was an able military man, but “a might careless about fire”?

Henry Grady


120. Which major interstate hiking trail begins in the north Georgia mountains?


121. Which Atlanta university is consistently ranked among the top ten in the nation for its College of Engineering?

Georgia Tech


122. In 1995, the Georgia Assembly designated Georgia as the _________ Capital of the World?



Henry Grady

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