120+ Indiana Trivia Questions and Answers

Indiana, officially nicknamed ‘The Hoosier State’ and famous as ‘The Mother of Vice Presidents’, is the 17th most populous state and the 38th largest by area cover.

Indiana is indeed one of the great crossroads of America. The motto originally applied to Indianapolis, where multiple major interstate roads passed through the city. Currently, Indiana has more miles of interstate road than all other states in the United States. Sure, the motto rings true!

Indiana Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Indiana is famous for aiding in smuggling and sheltering thousands of runaway slaves before making their final trip north. The Grand Central  Station (commuter rail terminal in New York) that took part was commonly referred to as ‘Underground Railroads.’ Specifically, Catherine and Levi Coffin’s home was sheltered and offered meals to more than 2000 runaways over 20 years.

Below are more intriguing Indiana questions and answers to top up your knowledge.

1. Which criminal is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana?

John Dillinger


2. What is the name given to the culture of mound-builder peoples that inhabited Indiana about 2,500 years ago?

The Adena


3. What is a person from Indiana called?



4. Hoosier Hill is the highest point of Indiana. What county of Indiana is it located in?

Wayne County


5. What is Indiana’s state bird?



6. Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. Which of these is a port city of Indiana located on it?



7. A beautiful box canyon that boasts waterfalls and rare conifer trees is located near Mifflin, Indiana. What is the name given to this box canyon and the Department of Natural Resources-owned area around it?

Hemlock Cliffs


8. Indiana’s highest point is in Wayne County?

True. Indiana’s highest point is in Wayne County and is 1,257 about sea level.


9. Known for its history as a safe house for slaves fleeing for freedom, where in Indiana is the Levi Coffin House located?

Fountain City


10. This Indiana city has been a prominent center of trade because of its geographical location. What city is located on the Ohio River, which was named “La Belle Riviere” by early French explorers?



11. In Fairmount, Indiana, you can see the world’s largest collection of memorabilia of this dead celebrity.

James Dean


12. Welcome to Indianapolis, the capital city of Hoosier state. It was not, however, the first capital city of this state. Which of these cities was replaced by Indianapolis as the capital in 1825?



13. What doll was created in Indiana?

Raggedy Ann


14. A famous forest covers the western half of Crawford County. Which one?

Hoosier National Forest


15. Known for its history as a safe house for slaves fleeing for freedom, where in Indiana is the Levi Coffin House located?

Fountain City


16. What is the average temperature of an Indian in January?

28 degrees F


17. This city has long been one of the largest in Indiana. Which of these towns gained its name from its location on the St. Joseph River?

South Bend


18. Start your engines! What town was named in honor of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which has attracted thousands of tourists to multiple car and motorcycle races?



19. What world-famous sporting event takes place annually in Indiana?

The Indy 500


20. Which venue in Indiana did Elvis Presley perform his last concert in, in 1977?

Market Square Arena


21. What was the small town of Milan, Indiana well known for in 1954.

Its high school basketball team won the state championship


22. What is the average temperature in July?

75 degrees F


23. What city of Indiana used to be called “Bethlehem” until 1874?



24. How many state parks are there in Indiana?



25. Indiana is home to many cultures, and this town is known for its Amish community. Which town is located on the north border of Indiana?



26. Which city is the county seat of Madison County and located just northeast of Indianapolis?



27. What is the county seat of Crawford County, Indiana?



28. Which of these countries is NOT a neighbor of Crawford County?

Jennings County, Indiana


29. The second largest city in Indiana is located in Allen County in the northeastern part of the state. Identify “The Summit City”.

Fort Wayne


30. Which town in Indiana was originally named “Santa Fe” but was renamed by the United States post office?


31. Which venue in Indiana did Elvis Presley perform his last concert in, in 1977?

Market Square Arena


32. Which Great Lake does Indiana border?



33. A body of water separates Crawford County from Kentucky. Which one?

Ohio River


34. The State Championship scenes in “Hoosiers” were filmed in which school’s fieldhouse?

Butler University


35. Who called Terre Haute, Indiana “the most nowhere place in America”?

Steve Martin


36. What product did the Ball company produce?

Canning Jars


37. In what year was the first Indianapolis 500 race held?



38. Which of these cities is located in the northwestern part of the Hoosier State and is known for the steel industry? It was also the birthplace of a music celebrity known as the “King of Pop”.



39. What is the nickname of the minor league hockey team based in Indianapolis?



40. What is Indiana’s state flower?



41. Purdue men’s basketball team won the National Championship in which year?



42. The Purdue women’s basketball team won the NCAA National Championship in which year? Your options: [ 2001 ] [ 1999 ] [ They have never won the championship ] [ 1992 ]



43. The State of Illinois disputes this, but what two-word phrase did Indiana coin describing its annual state basketball tournament?

March Madness


44. At which location in Indiana can you see the Walk of Legends?

State fairgrounds


45. Which of the following is not a county in Indiana?



46. What city of Indiana used to be called “Bethlehem” until 1874?



47. Where is Indiana’s geographic center?

Boone County


48. In New Harmony, Indiana, you can see footprints allegedly made by ________.

The angel Gabriel


49. Which was the first permanent European settlement in Indiana?  Your options: [ Fort Wayne ] [ Vincennes ] [ Fort Ouiatenon ] [ Evansville ]


50. What famous gold medal-winning Olympian attended Indiana University, setting most school records in the sport?


51. What nickname do jealous neighbors give the residents of Crawford County?



52. The Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association originally played home games in Indiana city before relocating to Motown in 1957?

Fort Wayne


53. What is the somewhat unusual nickname of sports teams from Purdue University, based in West Lafayette?



54. In 1992, who became the career scoring leader in Purdue women’s basketball?

Machelle Joseph


55. Purdue’s outdoor track and field venue was named after which former Purdue track coach?

Dave Rankin


56. What percent of Gene Keady’s men’s basketball players graduated during his tenure as head coach?



57. Name the fiery, famous head coach of Notre Dame university who has had many quotes, and had a few movies made for him.

Knute Rockne


58. Which city is the county seat of Vigo County and located along the Illinois border?

Terre Haute


59. Fuzzy Zoeller, from New Albany, was a leading competitor in which sport in the 1970s and ’80s?



60. Out of Indiana’s 24 state parks, which one is the largest?

Brown County


61. In 1998, the floor on which the Purdue Boilermakers played was named after which long time coach? Your options: [ Dick Vitale ] [ Bob Knight ] [ Gene Keady ] [ Rick Pitino ]

Gene Keadyy


62. How many Division I NCAA basketball teams were there in the State of Indiana in 2003?



63. The Indianapolis Colts won their first NFL Super Bowl since relocating from Baltimore when they defeated the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI in February 2007. Who was their head coach, who led them to victory in the big game?

Tony Dungy


64. The former Pacers coach turned telecaster is famous for his exclamation, “Boom Baby”.

Slick Leonard


65. What was Wabash, Indiana the first in the nation to have, in 1880?

Electric street lights


66. Which town is located in the center of Indiana?



67. A major body of water is shared by Crawford County, Dubois County, and Orange County in Indiana. What is it?

Patoka Lake


68. Known as the Circle City, what are Indiana’s capital and largest city?



69. There is a museum in the city of Kokomo, Indiana, dedicated to which inventor? Your options: [ Benjamin Dearborn ] [ Zachariah Allen ] [ John Carbutt ] [ Elwood Haynes ]

Elwood Haynes


70. Speaking of Terre Haute, what was created there?

The Coca Cola Bottle


71. General Anthony Wayne defeated the Native Americans at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, and then founded what is now the city of Fort Wayne. Which president served under him at the famous battle?

William Henry Harrison


72. There is a museum in the city of Kokomo, Indiana, dedicated to which inventor?

Elwood Haynes


73. Which town has the same name as a Portuguese-speaking country, and is located on the west side of Indiana?



74.  This Indiana-born composer has his own exhibit room at the Indiana Historical Society.

Cole Porter


75. What is the name of the auto race that takes place in Indianapolis every year around Memorial Day?

Indianapolis 500


76. What city of Indiana is located just five miles east of Indiana’s western border with Illinois?

Terre Haute


77.  The former home of the U.S President is located in the Old Northside Historic District of Indianapolis, Indiana?

Benjamin Harrison


78. The Scottish Rite Cathedral is one of the largest Masonic buildings in the world. What city of Indiana is it located in?



79. What is the average temperature in July?

75 degrees F


80. Located around ten miles southeast of the city of Bloomington, what is the largest lake that sits entirely within the state of Indiana?

Lake Monroe


81. How many counties are in Indiana?



82. What is the average temperature in January?

28 degrees F


83. Due to its location on the Blue River, what town is situated in both Crawford County and Harrison County?



84. What Interstate Highway runs through Crawford County?



85. Which is the only incorporated city in Brown County, Indiana?



86. What are the colors of the Indiana state flag?

Blue & Gold


87. Located along the St. Joseph River, which city is the county seat of St. Joseph County?

South Bend


88. The amusement park “Holiday World” is located near what Indiana town?

Santa Claus


89. Which city is the county seat of Monroe County and home to the main campus of Indiana University?



90. I’ve got to have an Indy 500 question in my Indiana tidbits! The first race was held on May 30. What year was it held?



91. What two well-known caves are in Crawford County?

Marengo Caves & Wyandotte Caves


92. Which former UCLA guard drained ‘threes’ for the Pacers for over a decade?

Reggie Miller


93. This player is one of the best known Purdue alums to play Major League Baseball.

Archi Cianfrocco


94. What well-known TV mom is actually from Dale?

Florence Henderson


95. Located in Terre Haute, which college did Larry Bird play for?

Indiana State University


96. How many NCAA basketball tournament championships have the Indiana Hoosiers won?



97. In what year did the Hoosiers win their fifth basketball championship?



98. Which items were manufactured in Batesville, Indiana in 2006?



99. Who is the Purdue University career leader in football passing yards and attempts?


100. From 1981 until 2008 an average of 75,000 folks gathered in Chesterton, Indiana, to celebrate this movie.

“The Wizard of Oz”


101. The Indianapolis Racers were a short-lived ice hockey team who were members of the World Hockey Association. They are best remembered as the first professional team of which NHL legend?


102. What is Indiana’s official state river?



103. This city is located in Lake County and is part of the Chicagoland area. What city am I referring to?



104. Indiana’s third largest city is located on the Ohio River. Which city is the county seat of Vanderburgh County?



105. This city is the fifth largest in the state and known for its steel mills. Can you name the largest city in Indiana that isn’t a county seat?



106. In the eastern part of the state there is a city that is home to Ball State University and the home of cartoonist Jim Davis and the setting for ‘Garfield’. Name this college town.



107.  What does the word Indiana mean?

Land of the Indians


108. Bob Knight was the head coach of the University of Indiana basketball team between 1971 and 2000, winning the NCAA title three times. Which one of these colleges is *not* one of the teams that they defeated in the championship game?



109. This question is brought to you by – The greatest Late Night talk show host ever, the former grocery bagger at a supermarket, and former local TV weatherman – David Letterman! “I really don’t want to be a part of this.” One of America’s greatest Presidents spent most of his childhood in Indiana before moving to Illinois. Who was this great man?


110. This player set a Purdue record for points scored in a men’s basketball game with 61.

Rick Mount


111. What is Indiana’s nickname?

Hoosier State


112. What is the state tree?

Tulip Tree


113. Which city listed was a capital before Indianapolis?



114. These are all Indiana inventions, except?

John Colgan’s ‘sweetened chewing gum’


115. What is Indiana’s state bird?



116. What singer appeared at the Lyric Theater in Indianapolis on February 2, 1940, with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra?


117. Indiana leads the US in the production of?


118. What river is the city of South Bend, Indiana located on?

St. Joseph River


119. The name Indiana was first used in the 1760’s and applied to a private tract of land in another state. Which state was it?



120. The Scottish Rite Cathedral is one of the largest Masonic buildings in the world. What city of Indiana is it located in?



121.  What is the state rock?



122. Known as “The General”, which IU basketball coach led the Hoosiers to several National Titles?

Bob Knight



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