120 Kenyan Trivia Questions and Answers

Most people associate Kenya with its excellence in athletics sports. It is the home to record-breaking champions like Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei, who keep defending their marathon titles globally.

The world travel awards have three times in a row recognized Kenya as the world’s leading safari destination. Many tourists visit Kenya to see the Big Five animals and to tour around Maasai Mara game reserve; best known for the wildebeest migration.

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Kenyan Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

Black Panther fans are familiar with the celebrity actress Lupita Nyongo who hails from Kenya. If you’re a board games guru and especially a queen’s gambit, you must’ve heard of Kenya’s humorous chess champion Elsa Majimbo. Speaking of humor and talent; Kenyans are a hilarious and creative bunch, you’ll find them on social media platforms showcasing their prowess in almost anything.

Despite having all this greatness, there are a few challenges with traffic, especially in the capital and young people struggling to get formal employment. However, Kenyans are known to be very resilient, thus they make the best out of any situation.

To learn more about the country of “Hakuna Matata” we have come up with a list of well-researched Kenyan trivia questions and answers that’ll keep you more informed.

1. What are the two official languages of Kenya?

Swahili and English


2. Who is the first President of Kenya?

Jomo Kenyatta


3. What is a matatu?

A public vehicle


4. What is the name of the full-length white robe that some men still wear in Kenya?



5. Which country’s embassy in Nairobi was bombed on 7 August 1998?



6. What is the most popular religion practiced in Kenya?



7. Which Kenyan tribe is famous for dancing on stilts, performed by men wearing long black coats and white masks?



8. Which is the currency of Kenya?



9. The “Harambee Stars” is a sports team in Kenya. What is the sport?



10. Where in Africa would you find Kenya?

Eastern Africa


11. Whom did the Election Commission of Kenya declare the winner of Presidential election in December 2007?

Mwai Kibaki


12. In which year did Kenya win independence?



13. What is the capital of Kenya?



14. How many countries does Kenya border?



15. Which lake is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania?



16. Which people colonized Kenya from 1895?



17. When were the Portuguese expelled from Kenya?



18. Which ocean does Kenya border?

Indian Ocean


19. Mount Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain. Is it a dormant, extinct or active volcano?

Indian Ocean


20. How many Albums has Sauti Sol released so far since they started their Music Journey?



21. Most of Kenya’s people live in urban or rural areas?

Rural areas


22. Kenya is roughly the same size as which US state?

Rural areas


23. What are the colors of the flag of Kenya?

Black, Red, Green and White


24. What is the name of Kenya’s famous red-robed tribe?



25. What is the tallest Mountain in Kenya?

Mount Kenya


26. What is the largest ethnic group in Kenya?



27. Nairobi is Kenya’s largest city. What is the second- largest?



28. What does red in the Kenyan flag represent?

Blood shed in the struggle for freedom


29. What are the Masai people of Kenya skilled in?

The use of weapons


30. The name “Nairobi” means what in the Maasai language?

Place of cool waters

31. What does white symbolize in the flag?



32. What is the basic food of the Kenyan people?



33. Which famous Kenyan national park is the site of the Great Migration?

Maasai Mara Game Reserve


34. The Athi and Tana are Kenya’s chief what?



35. Which Danish-Kenyan woman’s life was dramatized in the film “Out of Africa”“?

Karen Blixen


36. What is the Swahili word for “pulling together”?



37. The term Big Five refers to?

Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros


38. The government of Kenya has banned hunting in national parks. True or False?



39. About when did various African people began settling in Kenya?

About 2000 B.C.


40. What was the name of the movie based on a true story of ‘the man eaters of Tsavo’ starring Michael Douglas?

The Ghost and the Darkness


41. What is Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park famous for?



42. Which country is in the same time zone as Kenya?

Saudi Arabia


43. How many petitions were filed at the Supreme Court to challenge President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 2017 re-election?



44. What was the name of President Jomo Kenyatta’s father?

Muigai Wa Kung’u


45. How many presidential elections has former Prime Minister Raila Odinga vied in?



46. What is the largest national park called?

Tsavo National Park


47. Which ethnic group is famous for making carvings?



48. How many presidents has Kenya had since independence (1963)?



49. What is the name of the ubiquitous multi-coloured women’s wrap-around cloths?


50. What are most Kenyans incapable of?



51. Which is the largest province?



52. Lake in the north?

Lake Turkana


53. When was the first coup attempt staged?



54. What is Mombasa’s former name?



55. What is the name of the fortress built by the Portuguese in Mombasa?

Fort Jesus


56. Which town is regarded as the “cradle” of Swahili?



57. What is Nairobi’s nickname?

The Green City In The Sun


58. What was the name of the independence struggle by the Kikuyu ethnic group?

Mau Mau


59. When did the first president die?



60. What was Nairobi’s nickname during the high crime rate in the 90’s?


61. When was the demise of the first East African Community?



62. What is Kibera?

The largest slum in Nairobi


63. What does Nairobi make reference to?

Nairobi River


64. What are Kenya’s main exports?

Tea and Coffee


65. When did Daniel Arap Moi become president?



66. When was Nairobi founded?



67. What is Nairobi’s elevation above sea level?

Around 5.000ft


68. Which Kenyan journalist, news anchor and talk show host is rated as one of Nairobi’s top five most influential celebrities?

Julie Gichuru


69. In what tumultuous year did the Mau Mau Uprising begin that ultimately led to the decolonization of Kenya and then to independence?



70. Why does Nairobi experience minimal differences in the seasons?

Close to the Equator


71. In 1969, the Minister of Justice Tom Mboya, a political opponent of Jomo Kenyatta was assassinated in Nairobi by Nahashon Njoroge, who was convicted. At Njoroge’s trial, which relative of U.S. President Barack Obama gave testimony against Njoroge?

His father, Barack


72. Which Kenyan president won reelection in the controversial and disputed election of 2007?

Mwai Kibaki


73. What kind of establishment is the Westgate that was attacked by Al-Shabaab on September 21, 2013 and left 68 people dead?

A Shopping Mall


74. Which building standing at 140 metres is the tallest in Nairobi?

Times Tower


75. In which County will you find the Chalbi Desert?

Marsabit County


76. What % of the rural population of Kenya has access to safe water?



77. Where is West Pokot county located?

Along Kenya’s western boundary with Uganda


78. Kenya has what connection with the world scout movement?

The movement’s founder, Lord Baden-Powell, is buried in Kenya


79. Who was the first governor of Wajir county?

Ahmed Abdullahi


80. What % of rural Kenyans have access to electricity?



81. What is the capital/headquarters of Nyeri county?

Nyeri Town


82. How many national parks and wildlife reserves are in Kenya?



83. Which UN agency has its headquarters in Nairobi county?



84. Which one is a key economic activity in Kisumu county?



85. What is the capital of Vihiga county?

Mbale town


86. Kenya’s first viral meme was from which music video?

Makmende-  Just a band


87. Who is the political leader of the Jubilee Party (Tuko Pamoja)?

Uhuru Kenyatta


88. First Kenyan song to reach one million views on YouTube?

Spin the globe by Rabbit


89. Who is the leader of ODM Party (Forward Together)?

Raila Odinga


90. First Kenyan act to be nominated for a BET Award?

Camp Mulla


91. Who is the leader of UDA Party (Kazi ni Kazi)?

Johnstone Muthama


92. Which iconic song is used as the soundtrack in the final credits of Constant Gardener?

Koth Biro- Ayub Ogada


93. Who is the party leader of Wiper Party (Kazi bila Wizi)

Kalonzo Musyoka


94. The line, ‘Ukifreak bila soks, no digidi umetrip’ , the first time a sheng phrase was in a mainstream advert was from which hip-hop artist(s)?



95. Who is the party leader of the ANC party (Uchumi Bora)?

Musalia Mudavadi


96. Kenya’s first commercially successful hip-hop song?

Uhiki- Hardstone


97. Who is the party leader of Ford-Kenya (A New Dawn)?

Moses Wetangula


98. Who is the party leader for Narc-Kenya Party (One Kenya. One Nation. One People)?

Martha Karua


99. First Kenyan artist to perform at Carnivore Restaurant?

Joseph Kamaru

100. What continent is Kenya in?



101. What is musician Akothee’s official name?

Esther Akoth


102. What is Embakasi East MP Babu Owino’s last name?



103. What is hip hop artiste Khaligraph Jones’ real name?

Brian Ouko Robert


104. What is Huddah Monroe’s real name?

Alhuda Njoroge


105.  What is comedian Churchill’s birth name?

Daniel Ndambuki


106. Who is Warsan Shire?

Kenyan-born Somali poet based in London


107. What is Kenya’s official name in Swahili?

Jamhuri Ya Kenya


108. British professional road racing cyclist Chris Froome was born in Kenya. True or false?



109. When was the Central Bank of Kenya established?



110. Who is Imran Yusuf?

Kenyan-born British stand-up comedian


111. When was the first case of the Covid-19 pandemic announced in Kenya?


112. Who is Kiran Shah?

Kenyan-Indian actor


113. Peres Jepchirchir set a world record in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Who is she?

Female long-distance runner


114. Who announced in October 2020, the release of a children’s book in Kiswahili and Luo?

Lupita Nyongo


115. When did Chief Justice David Maraga ask President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve parliament because it does not have enough female MPs?

Septemeber, 2020


116. Which Kenyan was running to become the next leader of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)?

Amina Mohammed


117. What did the government order to be shut down in September 2020 in the Masai Mara?

A tourist camp that blocked wildebeests from their annual migration to the Serengeti


118. Which comedian gained global fame for her monologues on Twitter and Instagram?

Elsa Majimbo


119. Who won this year’s BBC World News Komla Dumor award?

Victoria Rubadiri


120. Where was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake felt in August?

Mombasa and Nairobi

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