120+ Milwaukee Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The name Milwaukee traces its origin from the Potawatomi Tribe’s word for “gathering place by the water”: Mahn-ah-wauk. However, it was first recorded in 1761, when a British officer wrote the name of the city as Milwacky. Residents later on settled for Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

Did you know that for 11 days each summer, Milwaukee hosts the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest? The festival marks 1,000 performances with nearly one million attendees, making it the king of all music festivities.

There are way incredible things to find in Milwaukee; from the historic brewery to art museums and baseball e.t.c. The following trivia exercise will unleash impressive facts about Milwaukee sure to leave you wanting just a morsel more.


1. What was the worst winter in the 20th century?



2. How many socialist mayors does Milwaukee have between 1910 and 1960?



3. What mass transportation idea was begun in Milwaukee to make traveling safer?

Bus system


4. How many Indian tribes lived in the area of Milwaukee before its settlement?



5. Besides having the largest brewery production in the country, what else was Milwaukee noted for?

Fine dining


6. In 1889 the state of Wisconsin passed a bill requiring children over the age of five to attend school 60 days a year. Residents of Milwaukee fought against it, why?

It required all classes be taught in English


7. Milwaukee has long been noted for its Brats and Beer(YEAH) but in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, and sometimes today, it was called Cream City, why?

Cream colored bricks used in buildings


8. In 1898 Milwaukee turned itself around establishing sporting parlors in the riverside area which attracted tourists from Europe. What is a sporting parlor?

A gambling house


9. Shortly before Wisconsin became a state in 1848, two towns merged to become Milwaukee, what were they called before?

Juneau and Kilbourntown


10. At one time Milwaukee had the claim of a bar on every corner, while not true, at one time it was close to true. How did this happen?

Beer wars of the 1890’s


11. Which beer-savvy Milwaukee tavern serves Scotland’s Skull Splitter Ale?

Palm Tavern


12. What is a “beermergency?”

$1 Old Style happy hour at Comet Cafe


13. Why does George Webb have two clocks?

So it can stay open 24 hours a day


14. What is Springfield named in “The Simpsons,” prompting Homer to shout: “In your face, Milwaukee!”?

America’s fattest city


15. From whom did Frederick Miller buy a small brewery in 1855?

Charles Best


16. What city does the band What Made Milwaukee Famous live in?



17. What actually made Milwaukee famous?



18. Commerce Street used to be which of the following:

A. Route of proposed subway system
B. Major Milwaukee thoroughfare
C. Canal
D. Farmland



19. What high school and restaurant were inspiration for “Happy Days?”

Shorewood & Pig ‘n’ Whistle


20. How many words appear on the steps near Beerline and Commerce Street?



21. How many rivers meet near Downtown Milwaukee?



22. John Norquist, after his mayoral terms in Milwaukee, bought a whose home in Chicago?

Ted Allen


23. True or false: Foie gras will be banned in Milwaukee restaurants starting in January 2008?



25. Which was an early name for Wisconsin Avenue?

Grand Avenue


26. In 1983, a cup of house blend (Copenhagen) coffee at The Coffee Trader, 2625 N. Downer Ave., set you back how much?

50 cents


27. Whose number does not hang from the Bradley Center rafters?

Marques Johnson


28. Name the bar at the corner of 37th and Burnham.

Art’s Concertina Bar


29. Who was Eero Saarinen?

Architect of the War Memorial


30. Who was Milwaukee’s youngest elected mayor?

Carl Zeidler


31. True or false: You are legally allowed to carry open beers anywhere in the city during Summerfest?



32. Who lives in the house with the car on Humboldt?

Tony Balistrieri


33. Former Milwaukee “shock jock” Bubba the Love Sponge was on which Milwaukee radio station?

WLUM 102.1 FM


34. Which two Milwaukeeans appeared on Def Poetry Jam in 2007?

Dasha Kelly and Dan Vaughn


35. Which Milwaukee restaurant owner named his restaurant after his mother?

Johnny Vassallo


36. Where does Milwaukee Admirals’ owner Harris Turer get his hair cut?



37. How many stories is the U.S. Bank building?



38. Daniel Hoan became mayor in 1916. What was his margin of victory?



39. Gertie the Duck is perched where?

Wisconsin Avenue bridge


40. Match the popular dessert to its restaurant.

1. Roots
2. Bacchus
3. Cafe Lulu
4. Savoy

3, A; 4, D; 2, C; 1, B


41. Which item can you buy at A Woman’s Touch?



42. Former Summerfest director Bo Black is married to which Major League Baseball coach?

Rod Carew


43. Which venue has the highest beer prices?

Miller Park


44. In which movie did John McGivern have a small role?

“The Princess Diaries”


45. What is the first name of the Cowboy Kettle Korn guy?



46. True or false: The BoDeans once opened for U2?



47. George, Frank and Rich Keppler own what Milwaukee company?

Brew City Promotions


48. What animal is rumored to be buried under the Summerfest grounds?



49. Who owned Nacho Mamma’s?

Johnny Vassallo


50. How many MCTS bus routes are there?



51. Which Milwaukee DJ climbed out on a 21st-floor ledge outside his studio in an effort to entice The Who to play in Milwaukee during its farewell tour?

Tim “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal” Smith


52. Which song did The Who open with on Dec. 7, 1982, at the Milwaukee Arena?

“My Generation”


53. Where did Milwaukee Bucks coach Larry Krystkowiak’s wife, Jan, play college basketball?



54. Which Milwaukee group was named “Best New American band” by Rolling Stone readers in 1987?

Violent Femmes


55. Which Indian tribe called Milwaukee home?

Fox, Mascouten and Winnebago


56. Which former Milwaukee mayor was not a socialist?

Henry Maier


57. Which Milwaukee DJ introduced The Beatles before their 1964 show at the Arena?

Bob Barry


58. Who was the first band to play at the Marcus Amphitheater?

The Washington Squares


59. Which athletic jacket did Chris Farley wear in the opening scene of “Tommy Boy?”

Marquette rugby


60. Who designed the distinctive basketball floor at MECCA?

Robert Indiana


61. When the Brewers went to the World Series in 1982, what was their flagship radio station?

WISN (1130 AM)


62. Which hotel is considered by some guests to be haunted?

The Pfister


63. Which notable figure did not attend Shorewood High School?

Actress Heather Graham


64. What was Harry Houdini’s childhood job in Milwaukee?



65. Which musician promoted his performance at the Riverside Theater from the back of a truck on Wisconsin Avenue?


66. What made the Allen-Bradley clock famous?

It’s the largest four-faced clock in the world


67. What is the name of the giant pig inside Major Goolsby’s?



68. A feud between which two businessmen resulted in Milwaukee’s bridges being built on an angle?

Solomon Juneau & Byron Kilbourn


69. In what year did the Boston Braves become the Milwaukee Braves?



70. What does the name “Milwaukee” mean?

No one really knows for sure


71. What is the affectionate nickname of the Usingers Famous Sausage company?

The Tiffany of Sausagemakers


72. Which of these Milwaukee natives has a school named for her?

A. Oprah Winfrey
B. Jane Kaczmarek
C. Golda Meir
D. Kristen Johnston

Golda Meir


73. Which of the following structures was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?

A. Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
B. War Memorial Center
C. The Domes
D. None of the above

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church


74. Which local university was named after the first European to arrive in Milwaukee?

Marquette University


75. Which member of The GoGo’s attended UW-Milwaukee?

Jane Wiedlin


76. Which of the following was not an original Milwaukee beer baron?

A. Frederick Pabst
B. Frederick Miller
C. Joseph Schlitz
D. Valentine Blatz
E. None of the above

None of the above


77. Milwaukee is the official national headquarters for which sport?



78. What did Christopher Latham Sholes invent in Milwaukee in 1867?



79. In which city was the Wisconsin State Fair originally held?



80. Which music venue shares a building with a swimming pool?

The Rave


81. Which president was nearly assassinated near the present-day Hyatt Regency in the early 1900s?

Theodore Roosevelt


82. What is not represented by a color in the Wisconsin State Fair logo?

A. Sports
B. Entertainment
C. Brewing
D. Industry



83. Who did the Milwaukee Brewers play in their first-ever game in 1970?

California Angels


84. Which Milwaukee ethnic festival is the oldest?

Festa Italiana


85. Where is the copper dome?

Shorewood High School


86. Which of the following Milwaukee landmarks was not featured in “Major League”?

Miller Brewing Co.


87. Milwaukee restaurant that President Bill Clinton dined at in 1996?

Miss Katie’s Diner


88. Who is the “girl on the moon” on Miller Beer’s label?

Frederick Miller’s daughter


89. Where is Bronzeville located?

Near West Side


90. What year did the current Shops of Grand Avenue open?



91. Which Milwaukee musician did Halle Berry marry in 2001?

Eric Benét


92. Who was Bud Selig’s college roommate?

Herb Kohl


93. Which state also has a Milwaukee?


94. Which band was playing at the Modjeska Theatre when the stage collapsed?

They Might Be Giants


95. Which magazine’s Web site recently named Milwaukee the drunkest city in the U.S.?



96. What was painted on the side of the old water intake off the shore of Bradford Beach?



97. What was formerly located on the Summerfest grounds?

An airfield


98. What is the “Pepperoni Cannoli” guy’s real name?

Frank Pecoraro


99. On what holiday did The Nomad open?


100. Where is the snake button?

Milwaukee Public Museum


101. Which building was home to the first Milwaukee Public Museum?

Milwaukee Exposition Building


102. Which of the following is not a designated “sister city” of Milwaukee?

A. Galway, Ireland
B. Morogoro, Tanzania
C. Florence, Italy
D. Schwerin, Germany

Florence, Italy


103. Who is Garrik Patten?

A busker at Miller Park


104. The Milwaukee County Zoo named a bush baby after a judge on what popular TV show?


105. Who was the first player in NBA history to finish a regular season in the top 20 in all five major statistical categories: total points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks?

Giannis Antetokounmpo


106. Which Buck was famous for his “skyhook” shot?


107. What is the name of the Bucks’ official mascot?



108. Who holds the franchise record for most steals in a single game?

Alvin Robertson


109. What is the Milwaukee Bucks longest winning streak?

20 consecutive wins


110. Which Buck scored the most points in a single game?

Michael Redd


111. Who was the first player in franchise history to win Sixth Man of the Year?

Ricky Pierce


112. Who holds the franchise record for most blocked shots in a season?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


113. Which Buck was nicknamed “the Squid”?

Sidney Moncrief


114. How many first-round draft picks did Milwaukee have in 1977?

Three first round picks


115. What is the franchise record for the most points scored in a game?



116. Which Milwaukee draft pick refused to play for the Bucks?


117. Who was the Bucks’ very first draft pick?

Charlie Paulk


118. Which Bucks rookie did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar punch during a game in 1977?

Kent Benson


119. Who holds the franchise record for three-point accuracy?

Dell Curry


120. Which Milwaukee Buck won the NBA’s first Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1983?

Sidney Moncrief


121. Which player filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA?

Oscar Robertson


122. Which player did Milwaukee receive from the Detroit Pistons in exchange for guard Brandon Jennings?

Khris Middleton, Viacheslav Kravtsov, Brandon Knight


123. Which player holds the single-season franchise record for offensive rebounds?

Moses Malone


124. Who holds the franchise single-season record for assists?

Sam Cassell



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