120+ Mississippi Trivia Questions and Answers

Like the mighty river, Mississippi has a rich tapestry of historic antebellum architecture, culinary culture, great music, unmatched art, and warm hospitality. Mississippi is popular for being the birthplace of American blues music and home to iconic musicians.

The state also has fertile soil making it an agricultural powerhouse.

Mississippi is home to a wide variety of historical monuments and museums. Top landmarks not to miss in your 2022 bucket list include the Grammy Museum, Rowan Oak, Elvis Presley Birthplace, and Windsor Ruins.

Mississippi Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Remarkably, this southern charm state in the United States played a key role in the United States Civil war. Due to its strategic positioning, significant battles like the Siege of Vicksburg were fought in Mississippi.

By 1860, the second slave state to join the confederates was thousands of enslaved people in Mississippi. Do check out our black history trivia to understand the history of African Americans in the state and across the USA.

Below are trivia questions and answers to help you see why Mississippi is beguiling.


1. What city is the state capital of Mississippi?



2. In 1995, Mississippi symbolically ratified which constitutional amendment?

Thirteenth Amendment


3. Mississippi had the highest rate of “what” of any U.S. state from 20052008?



4. Mississippi’s catfish farms produce most of the farm-raised catfish consumed in the what?

United States


5. In 1987, Mississippi repealed its ban on what?


6. What was the name of the hurricane that hit Mississippi in 1969?



7. What is established date of Mississippi?

10th December, 1817


8. What is the Mississippi state symbol?

The Magnolia grandiflora tree.


9. What is the name of the largest city in Mississippi?



10. When was the first school for blacks created in Mississippi?

In 1862


11. In 1966, Mississippi was the last state to officially repeal statewide prohibition of what?



12. Mississippi borders four other states. With three of those four it shares actual land borders, but from which state is it entirely separated by the Mississippi River?



13. Where did  the state derive its name from?

The Mississippi River.


14. The name “Mississippi” is from an Indian word which means?

Great Water or Father of Waters


15. Mississippi was, on January 9, 1861, the second state to do what?

Declare its secession from the Union.


16. In Mississippi, slaves were used to build levees along the Mississippi River to control what?



17. What is Mississippi’s state flower?

The Magnolia


18. Edwards, Mississippi is home to the world’s largest plantation of ______________?



19. Which state is to the north of Mississippi?



20. Name the city that is located near the highest point in Mississippi.

Luka, Mississippi


21. This town has natural beauty, including the many evergreen trees blossoming with white flowers that are cup-shaped like a tulip. Which of these towns was named in honor of the tree that eventually became the official state tree and flower? Your options: [ Sunflower ] [ Magnolia ] [ Hickory ] [ Walnut ]



22. William Grant Still of Woodville, Mississippi composed ___________ symphony.



23. The Magnolia state has some interesting towns and places that have Native American names. Which of these towns was named after a Native American game played by the Choctaws? Your options: [ Indianola ] [ Chunky ] [ Biloxi ] [ Natchez ]



24. Which state is to the south of Mississippi?



25. Which state borders Mississippi on the north?



26. Can you name the largest Bible-binding plant in the nation that is located in Greenwood, Mississippi?

Norris Bookbinding


27. The last known bank robbery committed by Machine Gun Kelly took place in what city of Mississippi?



28. Name the oldest game in America that is played by the Choctaw Indians of Mississippi.

Stick ball or Kapucha Toli


29. The state took over levee building on the Mississippi from 1858 to 1861using contractors and hired labor because, planters considered their slaves too what?

Too valuable for such dangerous work.


30. Borden’s Condensed Milk was first canned in ________ Mississippi town.



31. The state of Mississippi was one of the founding members of what?

The Confederate States of America.


32. When was Elizabeth Female Academy founded?



33. The capital of Mississippi is Jackson, but for whom was it named?


34. There are nine Interstate highways that run across or within Mississippi. Which of these is NOT one of those nine? Your options: [ I-22 ] [ 1-55 ] [ I-45 ] [ I-10 ]



35. Until after the Civil War Mississippi had no educational institutions for what group?

African Americans.


36. What island off the coast of Mississippi is actually two separate islands–an East and a West–because of the sweeping erosion brought about by Hurricane Camille in 1969?

Ship Island


37. What is Mississippi’s state Marine mammal?


38. The Magnolia State has many attractions from Civil War history. Which of these towns was the home of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War? Your options: [ Booneville ] [ Biloxi ] [ Lexington ] [ Vicksburg ]



39. What is a Mississippi state song?

Go Mississippi


40. Who was Alcorn University’s first president?

Hiram Revels


41. In what year did the French establish Fort Rosalie, what is now Natchez ?



42. What is the Mississippi state fossil?

Basilosaurus and Zygorhiza whales


43. This city has a natural attraction that contains a unique preservation of the Magnolia State’s history. Which of these towns is located near the center of the state and contains a petrified forest? Your options: [ Ashland ] [ Flora ] [ Brooksville ] [ Burnsville ]



44. Name the Mississippi’s state Land mammal.

White tailed deer


45. What is Ole Miss?

University of Mississippi


46. What is Mississippi state fish?

Largemouth bass


47. The Mississippi state bird is what?



48. What is Mississippi state bee?



49. What is Mississippi state rock?

Petrified wood

50. Woodall Mountain is the highest point in Mississippi. What county of Mississippi is it in?

Tishomingo County


51. How many troops fought in the Civil War from the state of Mississippi?

More than 80,000


52. What is the area of Mississippi?

125,438 square kilometer


53. Who was admitted to the University of Mississippi in 1962 after an order of the Supreme Court of USA and under protection of federal marshals?

James Meredith


54. Where does Mississippi rank as far as state populations go?

It’s the 31st most populous State.


55. What is the Mississippi state motto?

Virtute et Armis


56. Which of these is NOT one of Mississippi’s other nicknames? Your options: [ Eagle State ] [ Bayou State ] [ Mud-cat State ] [ Great Water State ]

Great Water State


57. What is the latitude of Mississippi?

3.4552  North, 88.7944 west


58. Although close to three million people lived in the state, at the time of the 2010 census Mississippi had only one city (other than state capital Jackson) with a population exceeding 50,000. Which of these is Mississippi’s second city? Your options: [ Johnson City ] [ Kissimmee ] [ Gulfport ] [ Dothan ]



59. What state does Mississippi border to the east?



60. All of the following are cities found in the state of Mississippi EXCEPT: Your options: [ Meridian ] [ Lafayette ] [ Hattiesburg ] [ Greenville ]



61. Which hurricane damaged Biloxi in 2005?

Hurricane Katrina


62. How many people died as a result of Hurricane Camille?

248 people.


63. Of all the states, Mississippi  is the “what”?

Poorest state in the country.


64. What is now the state of Mississippi was previously the western half of the Mississippi Territory. (The eastern half became the state of Alabama). Mississippi was the 20th state admitted to the Union, but on what date did it achieve statehood?

December 10, 1817


65. On September 27, 1830, the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was signed between the U.S. Government and the Choctaw and article 14 in the treaty allowed those Choctaw who chose to remain in the state to do what?

Become U.S. citizens.


66. Which city is located in the northeastern corner of the Magnolia state and draws thousands of tourists each year to visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley? Your options: [ Rolling Fork ] [ Tupelo ] [ Louisville ] [ Ellisville ]



67. On what date was Mississippi restored to the Union?

On February 23, 1870.


68. This city was named after an Italian explorer and is the county seat of an area that has devoted 40,000 acres of land to raising catfish. Which of these cities is known as the “catfish capital” of Mississippi?  Your options: [ Mize ] [ Belzoni ] [ Rienzi ] [ Biloxi ]



69. Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi. What river is it situated on?



70.What is the state waterfowl?

Wood Duck


71. Near what community in Mississippi’s Sharkey County did Theodore Roosevelt participate in a most famous bear hunt?



72. In 1822, it became illegal to inflict cruel and unusual punishment by owners on their own what?



73. Which Mississippi city listed among the four choices does NOT lie along the bank of the Mississippi River? Your options: [ Vicksburg ] [ Pascagoula ] [ Greenville ] [ Natchez ]



74. On August 17, 1969, what category 5 hurricane hit the Mississippi coast?

Hurricane Camille


75. Mississippi boasts the largest aquaculture industry in the United States because of its farming of which fish? Your options: [ crayfish/crawfish/crawdad ] [ catfish ] [ bass ] [ tilapia ]



76. What is the state butterfly?

Spicebush Swallowtail


77. What US state borders Mississippi on the east?



78. Mississippi is consistently ranked as the most “what” state in the county?



79. Jackson may be the capital city of Mississippi, but what is the county seat of Jackson County?



80. What city of Mississippi was Martin Luther King attacked in but not killed, in the 1960s?



81. Root beer was invented in Mississippi. What city of Mississippi was it invented in?



82. The largest city and state capital of Mississippi is Jackson, named after the War of 1812 hero and subsequent President of the United States. What, though, was President Jackson’s first name?



83. Where is the B. B. King Museum located?



84. In 1890, white legislators created a new constitution with electoral and voter registration provisions that disfranchised who?

Most blacks and many poor whites.


85. The National Military Park, commemorating the soldiers who fought and died during the Mississippi campaign in the American Civil War, can be found in which city? Your options: [ Corinth ] [ Vicksburg ] [ Raymond ] [ Port Gibson ]



86. There are numerous National Park Service sites in Mississippi. Which of these sites will tourists to the state NOT find here?Your options: [ Natchez National Historical Park ] [ Vicksburg National Military Park and Cemetery ] [ George Rogers Clark National Historical Park ] [ Gulf Islands National Seashore ]

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park


87. Coca Cola was first bottled at a plant in what city of Mississippi?



88. What is the coldest recorded temperature in Mississippi?

−19 °F, in 1966, at Corinth.


89. The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 broke through the system of levies and caused the flooding of how much area in square miles?

27,000 square miles.


90. Which city of Mississippi is situated approximately 80 miles south of Mississippi’s capital, Jackson? Your options: [ McComb ] [ Hernando ] [ Batesville ] [ Clarksdale ]



91. Composed almost entirely of lowlands, the mean elevation of Mississippi is only 300 feet. The highest point in the state is Woodall Mountain, just 807 feet above sea level, which lies in the foothills of which mountain group?

Cumberland Mountains


92. In what town is the oldest public university in Mississippi, The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), located?



93. The US state of Mississippi ranks first in the nation for what three health related issues?

High blood pressure, diabetes, and adult inactivity


94. Mississippi has the highest teenage “what” in the Country at over 60% higher than the US average?

Teen birth rate


95. Where in Mississippi did “Casey” Jones die during his famous but tragic train wreck?



96. The mountain is the Magnolia State’s highest land point and stands 802 ft above sea level. It is located in the northeastern part of Mississippi, just south of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains?

Woodall Mountain


97. The town of Tunica, Mississippi, was one of the poorest towns of the United States. This was until the introduction of what?



98. How many F5 tornadoes have occurred in Mississippi?

About seven


99. On what date did Mississippi become the 20th state admitted to the Union?

On December 10, 1817

100. According to the Commonwealth Fund, how  is the state of Mississippi ranked among the US states for health care?

50th or last place


101. What county in the state of Mississippi was named for a famous explorer of pre-colonial America?



102. Which interesting place is close to the Gulf of Mexico and has many streets and buildings that have Hawaiian names and was named after a dormant volcano in Hawaii? Your options: [ Escatawpa ] [ Diamondhead ] [ Conehatta ] [ Saucier ]



103. After the Civil War, religion was gaining influence and the South became known as what?

The Bible Belt


104. What is the largest lake in the state of Mississippi?

Sardis Lake


105. What is Mississippi’s highest point?

Woodall Mountain


106. What was the name of the first elected governor of Mississippi?

David Holmes


107. In the early 20th century, jobs were pretty much restricted only to whites, including what?

Child workers


108. Which of these communities is NOT found in the state of Mississippi? Your options: [ Possumneck ] [ Mercury Rising ] [ Busy Corner ] [ Alligator ]

Mercury Rising


109. During the Civil Rights Movement students and community organizers from across the country came to Mississippi  to do what?

To help register black voters and establish Freedom Schools.


110. Lee County features a lake named after what musician?

Elvis Presley


111. Over the course of the Civil War, 30,000 mostly white  men from Mississippi men died, and many more were left  what?



112. What city in Mississippi is one of only two cities in the United States to be named after a famous Revolutionary War hero who would also become an important military hero to Poland?



113. When cotton was the dominant crop in the 1850s, Mississippi plantation owners became wealthy due in large part to the cheap labor supplied by their what?



114. Located on the Little Tallahatchie River in north-central Mississippi, the state’s largest lake is a reservoir with an area of 155 square miles, or almost the size of Barbados. Created by a 15,300-foot long dam that is 115 feet in some places, which lake is this?Your options: [ Watts Bar Lake ] [ Guntersville Reservoir ] [ Sardis Lake ] [ Lake Marion ]

Sardis Lake


115. What is Mississippi’s state shell?



116.  What is the hottest recorded temperature for Mississippi?

115 °F, in 1930, at Holly Springs.


 117. The entire state of Mississippi is made up of what?



118. There is an extinct volcano beneath Mississippi’s capital city, Jackson. Which sports stadium of Mississippi does it lie directly under?Your options: [ Mississippi Coliseum ] [ M.M. Roberts Stadium ] [ Vaught Hemingway Stadium ] [ Joe Barlow Stadium ]

Mississippi Coliseum


119. The Magnolia state is famous for the Mississippi River, but also has eight other notable rivers that flow to the Gulf of Mexico. Which of these rivers starts in Winston County, flows through the capital city, and ends in Louisiana?Your options: [ Yazoo River ] [ Pearl River ] [ Tombigbee River ] [ Pascagoula River ]

Pearl River


120. By 1860, how many slaves were there in the state of Mississippi?

436,631 which was 55% of the state’s population.


121. Which of these cities of Mississippi lies on the state’s border with Tennessee? Your options: [ Corinth ] [ Starkville ] [ Tupelo ] [ Hattiesburg ]



122. What kind of weather events are common in Mississippi?



123. The point with the highest elevation in Mississippi is what?

Woodall Mountain  at 806 feet  above sea level.


124. What is the average number of tornadoes that Mississippi experiences each year?



125. A 444-mile long national park extends from Mississippi’s southwest corner to its northeast corner. Can you name it?

The Natchez Trace Parkway


126. Mississippi’s official nickname is both “the Magnolia State” and the…?

Hospitality State


127. Mississippi produced its fair share of mega-stars in the 20th century. Of the four listed, a true great from the footballing world, an entertainment icon, one of America’s greatest playwrights and a legendary athlete, which is NOT a native Mississippian? Your options: [ Tennessee Williams ] [ Elvis Presley ] [ Jesse Owens ] [ Jerry Rice ]

Jesse Owens


128. How many states border Mississippi?



129. With an area of 48,430 square miles, Mississippi is the 32nd-largest U.S. state by area. Which of these European countries is about the same size as Mississippi? Your options: [ Portugal ] [ Romania ] [ England ] [ Iceland ]






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