120+ Modern Family Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Modern Family is an American sitcom that has been on air for over a decade since 2009. With a total of 11 seasons and 250 episodes, the show follows three individual families all linked to Jay Pritchett. The families are a representation of modern-day blended families.

According to a report by Forbes, it was found that Modern Family became the tenth highest revenue-generating show in 2012 with earnings worth US$2.13 Million per episode.

Modern Family Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Stella the French Bulldog (French dog breed) that won the Golden Collar Awards for Best Dog in a Television Series, passed away shortly after the filming of Season 10 due to complications in surgery.

The most popular season of Modern Family was the third season, it averaged 12.93 million viewers. Whereas the least watched season was the first season which averaged 9.39 million viewers. The show is still one of the 20 most popular television shows on air with an average of 12 million viewers.

Take up the trivia quiz below to see how well you know the series!

1. Where is Modern Family set?


2. How many seasons did “Modern Family” air?



3. Jay owns a business, but what does he sell?



4. In the pilot episode, Phil describes himself as ‘the cool dad’. Which of the following is not one the things he lists as a reason for this title?

He can skate


5. What is Gloria’s native country?



6. What is the name of Cam’s alter-ego clown?



7. What is Mitch’s profession?



8. What does Dylan give Haley for Valentine’s Day that Phil feels trumps his Valentine’s Day gift to Claire?

A large portrait made from a photograph of the two of them


9. Mitch and Cameron have a daughter, but what’s her name?



10. In “Strangers on a Treadmill,” Claire needed a way to tell Phil that he wasn’t funny, so she asked Mitchell to do it for her, and in exchange she agreed to help Mitchell break some sensitive news to Cameron. What did Claire have to tell Cameron?

That he should stop wearing bicycle shorts


11. What type of animal has Luke kissed on the mouth, according to Phil?



12. Phil Dunphy is a real estate agent, but also owns what kind of shop?

Magic Shop


13. Who acts as Manny’s father, Javier Delgado?

Benjamin Bratt


14. What was the name of the friend Cam and Mitchell called for a night out?



15. Eldest Dunphy sibling, Alex, studied what in community college?



16. What is the name of Jay’s first wife, who is also Claire and Mitchell’s mom?



17. Manny has an irrational fear of what?



18. What is the name of the woman Claire introduces her husband to?



19. Cameron excelled in which sport when he was in college?


20. What continent did Cam and Mitchell adopt their daughter from?



21. What is the name of Gloria’s ex-husband?



22. What are the names of the two main families?

Pritchett and Dunphy


23. What forces Mitchell and Cam from the wedding venue they chose?



24. Why does Mitchell say that yellow is not Cameron’s color?

It makes him look like the sun


25. What is Claire’s favorite time of the year?



26. Why does Gloria feel jealous of Maxine, a waitress in a local diner?

Because she has known Jay very well for years


27. Which flamboyant friend of Mitch and Cam helped them plan their wedding?

Pepper Saltzman


28. What comedian does Jay get Gloria tickets to see on Valentine’s night?

David Brenner


29. Gloria and Jay had a baby called Fulgencio, but what nickname was he usually called by?



30. What is the license plate number of the car Claire puts on her sign in order to get the driver to slow down?



31. Who was on-off boyfriend of Hayley in earlier seasons of the show?



32. What talent does Phil think his son Luke has in the episode “En Garde”?

Selling houses


33. What gift did Phil give Claire for their anniversary?

Phil gave Claire a bracelet.


34. Which celebrity cooking star made an appearance on the show?

Nigella Lawson


35. Jay and Gloria have a French Bulldog, but what’s her name?



36. Jay had shirts printed that read “Haley’s Comets”. In what event was Haley participating?



37. Phil Dunphy uses a parenting method he calls what in the show ‘Modern Family’?



38. Where is Jay taking Gloria for a few days?

Napa Valley


39. Modern Family is set in which US state?



40. What’s the name of Jay’s trusty dog butler?



41. In Season 2 of the show ‘Modern Family’, Claire gets stuck in the bathroom with the plumber when what happens?



42. What is the name of Gloria’s ventriloquist’s dummy?

Uncle Grumpy


43. In “Halloween”, Mitchell came to work in full costume because he thought it was something that everyone at his office did each year. When he arrived he realized he had made a terrible mistake and knew he wouldn’t have time to go home and change his clothes. What was Mitchell’s costume?



44. In the pilot episode of Modern Family who is adopted by Mitchell and Cameron?



45. Claire was determined to get a stop sign in their neighborhood and since Councilman Duane Bailey refused to do so, she decided to run for town council herself. On top of being a councilman, Duane Bailey also spoke extensively about his side business as what kind of a dog breeder?



46. Each of the first six series of Modern Family had how many episodes?



47. Where does it turn out Barry (played by James Marsden) is living?

Lily’s princess castle


48. In which year did Ty Burrell receive a Television Critics Association Award for Comedy for the show ‘Modern Family’?



49. What movie did Jay watch with his grandchildren?

The Gunfighter

50. Modern Family traditionally has which timeslot?

Wednesday 9 pm (ET)


51. What name does Jay call Luke when he sees him on his sister’s old bike?



52. In Season 2 of the show ‘Modern Family’, what is the theme for Lily’s birthday?



53. Julie Bowen plays which character in Modern Family

Claire Dunphy


54. Bringing Up Baby was the first episode of which Season of Modern Family?



55. What is the name of Mitch and Cam’s new baby?



56. Haley Dunphy works in which field in the show ‘Modern Family’?



57. Who was scared of clowns at Luke’s birthday party?



58. Which of the following personas does Phil NOT come up with when Claire suggests meeting at the hotel bar to see if he can pick her up?

Lionel Barfield, a Secret Service Agent doing fieldwork prior to the President’s arrival


59. Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays which character in Modern Family?

Lionel Barfield, a Secret Service Agent doing fieldwork prior to the President’s arrival


60. In the episode “The Old Wagon”, what piece of furniture does Jay say he once built with Mitchell?

A bookshelf


61. In Season 1 of the show ‘Modern Family’, Gloria surprises Jay with a birthday trip to where?



62. What musical instrument does Cam play?



63. What is the name of the singing ensemble that Cam once ran?

The Greensleevers


64. What was the name of the bike shop that Phil gets Luke’s bike from?

Palms Cycle


65. What is the name of the store Brenda works at?

Foto Fun


66. Sarah Hyland plays which character in Modern Family?

Haley Dunphy


67. Alex’s job is taking her to which country?



68. Dude Ranch was the first episode of which Season of Modern Family?



69. What is Lily Tucker-Pritchett’s original nationality in the show ‘Modern Family’?



70. Who is Phil’s sexy alter ego for roleplay with Claire?

Clive Bixby


71. Poor Gloria doesn’t have much luck at her weddings. What happened to disturb her wedding to her first husband?

Colombian drug dealers broke in and assassinated the judge


72. How is Claire Dunphy related to Mitchell Pritchett in the show ‘Modern Family’?



73. Manny writes a poem to Fiona to meet him at his favorite restaurant that he rhymes with a geographic feature in North America. What is this restaurant?

Great Shakes


74. In Modern Family Cam and Mitch get married in which season?



75. According to Mitchell and Cameron, what does a PB & J stand for in their house?

Pear, brie and jambon


76. Phil Dunphy sees himself as what in the show ‘Modern Family’?

A cool dad


77. When Cam becomes the working parent and Mitchell stays at home to look after Lily, what job does Cam take up?

Greeting card salesperson


78. In Season 1 of the show ‘Modern Family’, Manny takes up which sport?



79. What kind of animal does Gloria relate Jay and Manny to?



80. Season 9 of Modern Family included an episode called what?

Spanks for the Memories


81. What is the name of the guy that hit on Gloria?



82. In which state will Luke be going to college?



83. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara was born in which decade?



84. How is Manny Delgado related to Claire Dunphy in the show ‘Modern Family’?



85. What is Claire’s original anniversary gift for Phil in the episode ‘Great Expectations’?

Coupons for free hugs


86. In Season 8 of ‘Modern Family’, who guest-starred as Merv Schechter?

Martin Short


87. In “Slow Down Your Neighbors”, Jay (and eventually Luke) taught Gloria how to ride a bike, despite the fact that Gloria had many fears associated with bicycling. Beyond the obvious fears of falling down and looking foolish, what was Gloria’s main reason for fearing riding her bike?

She was afraid someone was going to grab her


88. Season 9 of Modern Family included an episode called what?

Wine Weekend


89. Who does the man Phil sprayed with cologne turn out to be?



90. Lake Life is the first episode of which Season of Modern Family?



91. Manny lost his valentine because his poem was stolen by another kid. What was the name of this kid?

Ted Durkas


92. Modern Family star Nolan Gould was born in which year?



93. What movie made Cam upset in this episode?

“Sophie’s Choice”


94. Phil Dunphy has a fear of what in the show ‘Modern Family’?



95. On “Leap Day”, we found out that Cameron was a leap day baby and was officially turning 10 (or 40, if you asked Mitchell). In honor of his birthday, Mitchell had organized a fantastic theme party focused around Cameron’s favorite film. While he ended up having to cancel and rework everything on short notice, what movie provided the original party theme?

Wizard of Oz


96. What is the name of the film Claire and Phil want to see in the episode “Our Children Ourselves”?

Croctopus in 3D


97. Modern Family won a Golden Globe Award in which year?



98. What job will Cam be taking?

Football coach


99. In Season 8 of ‘Modern Family’, who guest-starred as Barb Tucker?

Celia Weston

100. In Season 1 of ‘Modern Family’, Jay want to do what on his birthday?

Go fishing


101. In Season 6 of ‘Modern Family’, who guest-starred as Mrs Plank?

Tyne Daly


102. What sport did Mitchell and Claire perform together as kids?


103. In “Good Cop Bad Dog”, Cameron was extremely sick and needed Mitchell to take care of him, even though it was on the same day they were supposed to see what famous singer?


104. In the episode ‘A Tale of Three Cities’ the Dunphy family are on vacation in which city in the show ‘Modern Family’?

New York


105. Season 1 of Modern Family included an episode called what?


106. What is the name of the gay couple Cam and Mitchell meet at the day care center?

Anton and Scott


107. Alex Dunphy was accepted into which University in the show ‘Modern Family’?



108. When Luke’s friend, Walt, passed away, it became Claire and Phil’s responsibility to tell him and help him cope with the loss. While Claire was profoundly upset by Luke’s lack of response to Walt’s death, Phil was completely freaked out by Claire’s “bad news” defense mechanism. What does Claire do when she gives people very bad news?

She smiles


109. Season 1 of Modern Family included an episode called what?

Fifteen Percent


110. What is the name of the restaurant Mitchell and Cameron go to in “Caught in the Act”?

Shawarma City


111. Emmy Awards: Steve Levitan & Christopher Lloyd first won for Outstanding Writing for Comedy Series for ‘Modern Family’ in which year?



112. What was Jay doing when he caught Haley trying to sneak out?

Jay was changing a light bulb.


113. Season 1 of Modern Family included an episode called what?

The Bicycle Thief


114. Who paints the mural of Cameron and Mitchell in Lily’s room?



115. How is Luke Dunphy related to Jay Prichett in the show ‘Modern Family’?



116. In the end, who saves the day for Claire and her dilemma with the escalator?



117. Luke Dunphy’s birthday often coincides with what in the show ‘Modern Family’?



118. The only thing that Jay wanted to do when the family visited Disneyland was see the robotic U.S. President presentation. What was the name of the robotic president they saw at the end of their trip to the park?


119. The Long Honeymoon was the first episode of which Season of Modern Family?



120. Star of ‘Modern Family’, Ariel Winter was born in which year?



121. What was the name of the record the singer mentioned to Phil?

Millennium Sunrise


122. What super hero does Cam think Meryl Streep could play?



123. At his own birthday party, which injury did Luke Dunphy suffer?

Broken arm


124. What do Claire and Phil bring to Mitchell and Cameron’s dinner party?

Cake and a bottle of wine


125. Who created the TV show Modern Family?

Christopher Lloyd

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