120+ Sudan Trivia Questions and Answers

Sudan is Africa’s most prominent and the world’s 10th largest country. After the division of South Sudan, it ranks as Africa’s 3rd and the world’s 16st largest country. Sudan gained independence from the UK in 1956.

Sudan boasts of hosting River Nile, the longest river in Africa. The north-flowing river runs through Sudan’s entire country and drains into the Mediterranean sea. Egypt and Sudan are utterly dependent on the waters of the River Nile for irrigation purposes.

Sudan Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

By building several dams and reservoirs, the desert countries hope to limit the ravages of drought and floods that have defined the history of these regions.

Sudan is also renowned for its Nubian civilization, which left over 200 pyramids rising out of the desert across archaeological sites: El Kurru, Jebel Barkal, and Meroe. The forgotten tombs, temples, royal burial chambers, and pyramids risk being buried by shifting sand dunes.

Below are trivia questions and answers to help you discover more about the war-torn country.

1. What is the largest country in Africa?



2. Who imposed Sharia in 1983?

Gaafar Mohamed Nimeiri


3. Which region of Sudan is new for human rights?



4. What is the meaning of Bilad Al –Sudan?

Land of the blacks


5. Which River flows through Sudan?



6. As per the Ethnologue, what is the number of living languages in Sudan?



7. How was Sudan known between 1898 and 1955?

Anglo-Egyptian Sudan


8. Who was the British teacher jailed in Sudan?

Gillion Gibbons


9. Which country sent missiles in 1998 that destroyed a factory in Khartoum?



10. Which year was Gillion  Gibbons jailed?

November 2007


11. Why was Gillion Gibbons jailed?

His student named a teddy bear Mohammed


12. The geographical region known as Sudan stretches across Africa from Mali, in the west, to Ethiopia in the east.



13. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature considers Sudan to be two separate ecoregions divided by what?

The Cameron Highlands


14. Which country was once known as French Sudan?



15. During the nineteenth century Sudan came under the control of a European country. Which colonial power remained in control until the mid-20th century?



16. Which year was Sudan’s southern border recognized country of South Sudan?

July 2011


17. Sudan borders which country to the west?



18. Sudan borders which countries to the east?

Ethiopia and Eritrea


19. Sudan is located in?

North-East Africa


20. Sudan, the country, is bordered by seven other countries. Which of the following does not border Sudan?



21. When did Sudan become independent?



22. In February 2003, militants in a region of western Sudan began a revolt against the government. What is this region called?



23. During the Sudan war, the government side was the Sudanese military and a group called?



24. Sudan used which currency before the Sudanese Pound?

Egyptian currency


25. Janjaweed was mainly made up of?



26. Which movements were on the rebel side during the war in Sudan?

Sudan Liberation Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement.


27. The conflict began because the inhabitants of Darfur accused the central government of what?

Favoring Arabs over black Africans.


28. In 1992, the pound was replaced by the dinar at an exchange rate of what?

1 dinar to 10 pounds


29. Which year did Sudan and South Sudan sign a peace accord?



30. What was the main cause of the civil war that plagued Sudan for almost 50 years?

Religion split


31. Before Sudan was split into two separate nations in 2011, which part was predominantly Christian?



32. In 2007, according to the peace agreement between the two factions in the civil war, a new Sudanese Pound was introduced throughout the country. This was issued at what exchange rate?

1 pound to 10 dinar or 100 (old) pounds.


33. Which is the division of a pound?



34. Which are the two official languages of Sudan?

Arabic and English


35. How many local dialects are in South Sudan?

Over 250


36. Now that South Sudan is a separate entity, there is one recognized capital city for Sudan (there were previously two). Which city, associated with a famous Englishman, is it?



37. Sudan is mainly flat plains, but there are some mountains. What is the name of the highest peak in Sudan?

Deriba Caldera


38. Deriba Caldera is how many kilometers apart?

5km and 8km


39. Where is Deriba Caldera located?



40. The center of Deriba Caldera is filled with a?



41. How was Deriba Caldera formed?

By an explosive eruption of the Jebel Marra Volcano


42. When was the Deriba Caldera formed?

Almost 3500 years ago


43. Most people would not associate Sudan with the exportation of sportsmen. Several Sudanese, however, have made it big in a particular sport. Which ball game did players such as Manute Bol excel at?



44. Who was the tallest basketballer from Sudan to appear in the NBA?

Manute Bol


45. Which other Sudanese basketballers made brief appearances?

Deng Gai and Luol Deng


46. Deng Gai played for which team?


47. Which team did Luol Deng play for?


48. The oldest soccer league in Africa is from?



49. When was the Sudan soccer league founded?


50. What was the name of the Sudan soccer league?

Khartoum State League


51. Who was the American hurdler who switched nationalities to compete for Sudan?

Mathews Jouda


52. When did Mathews Jouda play for Sudan?


53. The Nile is usually considered the longest river in the world. Where do the Blue Nile and the White Nile converge to form the Nile proper?

The city of Khartoum


54. The Nile river drains at?

Mediterranean sea


55. Which are the major sources of Nile proper?

The Blue Nile and White Nile


56. The White Nile enters Sudan from Uganda via?

South Sudan in the south


57. Khartoum was founded in 1821 as a commercial outpost and grew to become?

The capital of Sudan


58. The Blue Nile enters from _______ in the east?



59. Nile River exits Sudan and enters which country?



60. Sudan is nearly, but not quite, landlocked. What body of water borders the northeast section of the country?


61. Between which two countries does Sudan border the Red Sea?

Egypt and Eritrea


62. What is the name of the coastal lagoons in Sudan?



63. Which is the principal port city in Sudan and a major transportation hub for the country?

Port Sudan


64. Which is the largest natural resource in Sudan?

Crude oil/Petroleum


65. The northern portion of Sudan, other than the Nile valley, consists largely of desert. Which major desert(s) is (are) represented?

Nubian and the Libyan Deserts


66. The Nubian desert is to the river Nile?



67. Which desert is to the west of the river Nile?



68. When did Sudan start exporting oil products?



69. Sudan is a large country. It is nearly one-fifth the area of which of?



70. Which are the other natural resources of Sudan?

natural gas reserves, uranium, chromium, gold, silver, manganese, lead, zinc, and copper


71. Why did Sudan’s economy after separating with South Sudan?

80% the oil reserves are located in South Sudan


72. What is the border distance between Sudan and Libya?

238 miles


73. What is the border distance between Sudan and Ethiopia?

376 miles


74. What is the border distance between Sudan and Egypt?

792 miles


75. Sudan borders seven countries with border lengths ranging from 109 miles (175km) to 1,357 miles (2184 km). Which country does Sudan share its shortest border?

Central African Republic


76. What is the shortest border of Sudan with the Central African Republic?

109 miles


77. What is the border distance between Sudan and Chad?

845 miles


78. What is the border distance between Sudan and South Sudan?

1357 miles


79. About 97 percent of Sudan’s population follows this dominant religion. What is this religion?



80. The Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt, under Kush control, lasted for how long?

About 75 years


81. Sudan has a series of ancient?

Pyramids and stelae.


82. Nubian pyramids are generally smaller and steeper than?


83. Which kingdom, in what is modern Sudan, controlled Egypt during the 25th Dynasty?



84. Which city houses the famous tomb of the Mahdi?



85. Khartoum is of course the capital of Sudan. But what is the populous city?



86. During the Mahdist uprising and war in the late 1800s, Omdurman served as?

Military headquarters and then (temporarily) capital.


87. Omdurman is on which side of the Nile?



88. Is Omdurman famous?

Souqs (markets).


89. Khartoum is the ______largest in Africa?



90. Khartoum is the ____ largest in North Africa?



91. ________is the 4th largest city in the Arab World.



92. Sudanese Pound is equivalent to how many dollars?

$ 0.021


93. The value of the Sudanese pound is linked to the?



94. Sudanese Pound consists of how many piasters?



95. Where does the Blue Nile begin?

Lake Tana in Ethiopia


96. Which Nile tributary is longer?

The White Nile


97. Sudan is the world’s largest producer of which natural gum?

Gum Arabic


98. Gum Arabic consists of two hardened sap of which tree species?



99. Gum arabic is used in?

Food like sweets and fizzy drinks

100. What % of gum Arabia is harvested in Sudan for commercial use?



101. Sudan’s coastline is located to the?



102. Anglo-Egyptian was a condominium of the UK and Egypt in the eastern Sudan region from which year?

1899 to 1956


103. What is the name given to the pyramids in Sudan?

Nubian pyramids


104. The most extensive Nubian pyramid is?



105. Who was buried in the Meroe pyramids?

Over 40 queens and kings


106. As of 2020, South Sudan life expectancy ranks at ____In the world?

57.6 YEARS


107. The name ____derives from Djouba, another name for the Bari people of South Sudan?



108. ___in South Sudan is Africa’s largest wetland and one of the largest tropical wetlands in the world?



109.________suffers from some of the world’s worst air pollution?

South Sudan


110. Which two political parties merged in Sudan in 1945?

National Unionist Party and the Umma Party


111. Which is the national day in Sudan?

1 January


112. Which is the lowest point in Sudan?

The Red Sea


113. Majority of children die before reaching what age?

5 years


114. Sudan has a total border length of?

6,751 kilometers


115. As per nationmaster.com, the employment rate for adults in Sudan is?



116. As per the 2008 World Refugee Survey, ___ refugees and asylum seekers lived in Sudan in 2007?



117. What is irrigated in Sudan?



118. Name some of the pandemics Sudan suffers from?

Droughts, desertification, soil erosion


119. When did the first civil war happen in Sudan?



120. When did the second civil war happen in Sudan?



121. What marked the end of the first war?

the signing of the Addis Ababa Agreement


122. What marked the end of the second civil war?

The signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005


123. How many people died in the second civil war?

Two and a half million people


124. The first civil war lasted for how many years?



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