120+ The Walking Dead Trivia Questions and Answers

The Walking Dead series is about survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The show started off on the Halloween of 2010 and has since evolved to be a genuine phenomenon.

For all the movie fanatics out there, you may be aware of the Walking Dead theory that claims Rick Grimes dreamt of all the events in the show. If this is factual, then it is easy to shake it off. However, if the upcoming Walking Dead movie ends with Grimes waking up from a nightmare, that is bound to stir a riot.

The Walking Dead Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Did you know that the Zombie actors have to attend zombie school? The aspiring “walkers” have to attend training to learn tips on the specific style of the show’s undead, which is later followed by auditions where Greg Nicotero (executive producer/horror effects pundit) will decide on who to cast.

The show is also among the best movies on Netflix, of course depending on your preference. See if you can survive this trivia by correctly answering the questions below!

1. Eugene discovers the Commonwealth in his quest to meet what woman?



2. Why was Rick G in a coma at the beginning of the TV series?

He was a former sheriff’s deputy and was shot, which led him to a coma.


3. The Sanctuary, which was the headquarters of the Saviors, was located in what abandoned facility?

A factory


4. What is the iconic weapon of choice for Daryl Dixon?

Daryl Dixon is the most popular character in the show ‘The Walking Dead’‘. Dixon’s iconic weapon of choice is the crossbow.


5. Where was Terminus located?

At an old railroad yard


6. What is the name of Lori’s baby, born in the third season?

The name of Lori’s child was Judith.


7. What was Woodbury, originally?

A small Georgia town


8. King Ezekiel’s ferocious companion Shiva is what type of animal?

King Ezekiel walks around with Shiva, a vicious tiger, as a pet.


9. What does CDC stand for, and where was it located in “The Walking Dead”?

Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta


10. What led to Carl losing his eye?

Carl lost his eye because he was accidentally shot in the eye.


11. Where was the prison camp located?

West Georgia


12. What is the name of Negan’s trusty baseball bat?

Negan calls his trusty baseball bat Lucille.


13. For Rick’s group, the Greene Family Farm served as a base for which activity?

The search for Sophia


14. Name Hershel’s ranch hand who accidentally shot Carl?

Otis was the name of Hershel’s ranch hand who accidentally shot Carl.


15. Around what was the Kingdom built?

A school


16. Michonne had two Walkers chained behind her, who were they?

The two walkers that Michonne kept chained behind were her boyfriend and his best friend.


17. Alexandria was first built as a planned community in the suburbs of what major city?

Washington, D.C.


18. How did Rick kill Shane?

Rick stabbed Shane in the chest.


19. In which state was the Hilltop located?



20. After being handcuffed and left for dead on a roof in Atlanta, how did Merle escape?

Merle had to cut off his right hand to get loose from the handcuffs and escape.


21. While the group was searching for Sophia, he asked, “Am I the only one zen around here? Good Lord!”



22. Which two characters refer to themselves as husband and wife even without an official marriage?

Maggie and Glenn are the two characters who refer to themselves as husband and wife despite not having a formal marriage.


23. Michonne and Andrea are discovered by Merle at a helicopter crash site and taken to Woodbury for the first time. Andrea is given medical treatment. Michonne and Andrea meet the ‘Governor’, Milton and other residents of Woodbury. What is the name of this episode?

Walk With Me


24. What was the name of the fortified town of the Governor?

The Governor’s fortified town was called Woodbury.


25. Who discovers a sibling living in the Commonwealth?



26. Who is punished by Andrea for taking her own choice away from her when she wanted to die?

Andrea punishes Dale for taking her own choice away from her when she wanted to die. Andrea’s role was played by Laurie Holden and was first introduced in season one.


27. Who were the leaders of Terminus?

Gareth and his mother Mary


28. What were the occupants of Terminus later found to be?

The occupants of Terminus were later revealed to be cannibals.


29. How many people were living at the CDC when Rick’s group entered it?



30. Who shows up on a horse to bring Lori to the Greene Family Farm after Carl is shot?



31. What did Edwin Jenner, the CDC scientist, whisper in Rick’s ear at the end of season one?

At the end of season one, Edwin Jenner, a scientist at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), whispers, “We’re all infected” in Rick’s ear.


32. What made Dale disagree with Rick before his death?

Rick wanted to kill Randall, and Dale disagreed with him, so they put it to a group vote.


33. What happened to the husbands, fathers, and elder sons of the women of Oceanside?

They were slaughtered by the Saviors


34. Where did Hershel Greene keep his family and friends who turned into Walkers?

Hershel Greene kept his family and friends who mutated into ‘The Walking Dead’, colloquially known as Walkers, in his barn.


35. What was the profession of Deanna Monroe before she became the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone?

Congresswoman from Ohio


36. Name the disturbed young girl that Carol was forced to kill?

Lizzie was the name of the disturbed young girl that Carol was forced to kill.


37. What was at the center of the Hilltop Colony?

A historic mansion


38. During the end of the sixth season and the start of the seventh season, which two group members did Negan brutally kill?

The two group members that Negan brutally killed at the end of the sixth season and the seventh season were Abraham and Glenn.


39. The hand holding her gun trembled while she said, “Just look at the flowers.”



40. Who is Deanna’s assistant in the Alexandria Safe Zone?

Maggie becomes Deanna’s assistant in the Alexandria Safe Zone in ‘The Walking Dead’ series.


41. Andrea asks the Governor what his real name is. He says he never tells. She responds “never say never”. Later in the episode when he is trying to get her to stay in Woodbury he tells her his given name. What is it?



42. What did Father Gabriel do during the outbreak that left him traumatized?

Father Gabriel left his congregation members to die outside his church during the outbreak.


43. Who is the Governor of the Commonwealth?

Pamela Milton


44. What was the name of the CDC’s main computer?



45. The Terminus members ate which part of Bob’s body?

Terminus members ate Bob’s left leg


46. How were Tyreese and Sasha related?

Tyreese and Sasha were brother and sister in ‘The Walking Dead’.


47. Not counting flashbacks, how many episodes of “The Walking Dead” take place at least partially on the Greene Family Farm?



48. Which member of Alexandria did Glenn try to summon the will to kill but ultimately spared?



49. Where did the women of Oceanside live before they moved to Oceanside?

Hallowbrant Outreach Recovery Facility

50. Carol’s husband Ed was beaten up by whom?



51. Who did Deanna put in charge of recruiting new members for the Alexandria Safe-Zone?

Aaron and Eric


52. When trapped in a tank surrounded by walkers in Atlanta, who saves Rick’s life?



53. Who was the original leader of the Hilltop Colony?



54. Who did Tara form a romantic relationship with in Alexandria?



55. After the fall of the farm, he declared, “This is not a democracy anymore.”

Rick Grimes


56. When was Beta first introduced to the audience on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Beta was first introduced to the audience when he grabs Henry, who has been tracking the Whisperers.


57. Prior to Andrea and Michonne’s arrival, how long had it been since the walls were breached?

“Over a month”


58. Siddiq makes his first appearance in which season of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Siddiq made his first appearance season eight of ‘The Walking Dead’. Avi Nash played the character of Siddiq.


59. How are people typically assigned jobs in the Commonwealth?

Based on their past employment before the apocalypse


60. Before the apocalypse, what was Tara’s profession?

Tara was a police academy cadet before the apocalypse.


61. Name Hershel’s first and second wives?

The name of Hershel’s first and second wives were Josephine and Annette.


62. What beverage did the group share at a dinner party at the CDC?



63. In which county was Rick the Sheriff’s Deputy?

In King County, Georgia, Rick used to be the Sheriff’s Deputy.


64. Which Savior was in charge of making collections from the Kingdom?



65. How did Glenn know the layout of Atlanta so well?

Glenn used to be a pizza delivery boy in Atlanta, and that’s why he knows the layout of Atlanta very well.


66. He felt Rick could not protect Lori and Carl and said, “The right choice is the one that keeps us alive.”

Shane Walsh


67. Judith is named after whom?

Judith is named after Carl’s third grade teacher.


68. In which episode is Daryl Dixon first mentioned?

Daryl Dixon is first mentioned at the end of the episode title ‘Guts’.


69. How many residents live in Woodbury on the day of Andrea and Michonne’s arrival?



70. What does Shane wear around his neck?

Shane (played by Jon Bernthal) wears a necklace with a ’22’ pendant.


71. Tomichi used to be a thoracic surgeon in the old world. What does he do now in the Commonwealth?

Works as a baker


72. What kind of book is the show based on?



73. The prison camp absorbs refugees from what fallen community?



74. What are the zombies commonly referred to as?



75. What color is the main house on the Greene Family Farm?



76. Apart from season 11, what month has every other season premiered?



77. What nationality is Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln?



78. What two members of Rick’s group were discovered by Kingdom guards and brought to the community?

Carol and Morgan


79. How many countries did the show premiere in during its first week?



80. How many award nominations has The Walking Dead received?



81. How many people are said to live in the Commonwealth?



82. In Season 11s Hunted episode, who delivers the following line: ‘Really, so we’re just gonna go toward the screaming? Cool.’?



83. Terminus built a shrine to the community members it lost when the bandits took over. What words were written on the wall of the shrine?

Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always.


84. What type of store is Rick trapped in during Season 1 Episode 2 that becomes surrounded by Walkers?

A department store


85. What member of the Kingdom wanted the Kingdom to go to war with the Saviors and kept trying to force it into doing so?



86. As well as a daughter, what else does the Governor lose in season 3s ‘Made to Suffer’ episode?

An eye


87. What is used for currency in the Commonwealth?

The U.S. dollar


88. What is terrifying about the group of people who have Rick, Glenn, Bob, and Daryl bound and gagged during the season 5s premiere?

They’re cannibals


89. What do the residents of the Sanctuary add to the chain link fences for a bit of extra security?

Impaled walkers


90. What is the continuity error regarding Judith Grimes?

She is played by 18 different actresses – who all look, well, different.


91. What did Oceanside have that Alexandria needed (and took) to fight against the Saviors?



92. What is missing from many scenes involving the death of zombies?

Brain trauma – which would be the only way to kill a zombie.


93. Dale noticed a clock counting down and learned the CDC was about to self-destruct. Why?

The building was set to self-destruct when the fuel for the generator ran out


94. In 2019, the character Norman Reedus suddenly sports what?

A hand tattoo


95. What member of the Alexandrian construction crew established a brief romantic relationship with Carol?



96. What martial arts expert was Hilltop’s primary recruiter and supply runner?



97. According to the website Movie Mistakes, how many mistakes are there in total throughout the seasons?



98. What do the people of Woodbury call the walking dead?



99. When the actors eat ‘human flesh,’ this is actually ham soaked in vinegar. What substance did vinegar replace due to it wiping the zombie makeup off?

Barbecue sauce

100. What word is surprisingly never used in any Walking Dead episode?



101. After the war with the Saviors, Oceanside went behind Rick’s back to execute which two Saviors?

Arat and Justin


102. What does the cast do when the main character dies?

Have a last supper together off-screen.


103. After Rick’s disappearance, Michonne selected a council to help her lead. Who served as the head of that Council?

Have a last supper together off-screen.


105. Who was offered their role without any audition process?

Father Gabriel


106. What do many extras wear in place of costume makeup?



107. Before Rick encountered the colony, how was the Hilltop disposing of its dead?



108. Before the zombie apocalypse, where did Rick Grimes serve as a sheriff’s deputy?

King County, Georgia


109. He asks Glenn, “When you were, uh, pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?”



110. There is a party in Woodbury, complete with cold drinks. Milton feels it is a waste of resources but the Governor feels it is necessary and deserved. The Governor gives a speech to the townspeople. He says the first time they gathered like this “there were 9 of us in an apartment” with nothing to eat but what?

Spam and saltines


111. How many people have portrayed the character Judith Grimes?



112. Why are Ezekiel, Eugene, and Princess arrested in the Commonwealth after being admitted as refugees?

They use the radio without authorization


113. When the walkers eat “human flesh” on the show, what are the actors actually eating?

Ham soaked in vinegar


114. Which member of Rick’s group didn’t make it out of the CDC alive?



115. Which actor has a titanium eye socket?

Norman Reedus


116. In Season 3, to whom does Andrea give the location of the farm?



117. What sidearm does Rick carry?

Colt Python .357 Magnum


118. She tells Daryl, “I’ve seen how you live. I’ve walked your streets. It’s a joke. Your communities are a shrine to a long dead world.”



119. Who does Carol tell to “look at the flowers”?



120. What does Alpha do to some of the Kingdom fair attendees?



121. Approximately how long did the Hilltop Colony exist before it was destroyed in season 10?

10 years


122. How does Carl lose his eye?

He is shot


123. Why does Sasha kill herself?

Negan will use her to hurt her friends



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