130 Arrow Trivia Questions and Answers

Arrow is a superhero TV show with eight thrilling and high-intensity seasons. Although the film concluded its eight-season run in 2020 it is still gaining new fans. To get better acquainted with the storyline, and the adorable cast keep reading through this trivia.

TV Arrow borrows heavily from the fantastic Green Arrow: Year One. The influential mini-series was written by Andy Diggle; a British comic book writer responsible for stories starring, Batman, Daredevil, and The Punisher among others.

Arrow Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

This TV show depicts actual geographical places. For instance, the Starling City skyline is made up of real-life cityscapes, such as Philadelphia, Boston, and Tokyo. The exterior shots of the police station are the main branches of the L.A. Public Library. Whereas the Queen Consolidated Towers are the Belgacom Towers in Brussels, Belgium.

Show your prowess by answering the Arrow trivia questions below!

1. What is the secret identity of the Arrow in the television series “Arrow?”

Oliver Queen


2. What is the name of the yacht that sinks and leaves Oliver Queen stranded in the premiere episode of “Arrow?”

The Queen’s Gambit


3. In the series “Arrow,” who is character Oliver Queen’s best friend?

Tommy Merlyn


4. What is the name of the island where Oliver Queen is marooned in the series “Arrow?”

Lian Yu


5. What is the hometown of “Arrow” character Oliver Queen?

Starling City


6. In the “Arrow” series, the character Robert Queen dies in a shipwreck.



7. Which “Arrow” character says, “You have failed this city?”

The Arrow


8. Who is Oliver Queen’s girlfriend before the shipwreck in the “Arrow” series?

Laurel Lance


9. What is “Arrow” character John Diggle’s profession?



10. Throughout the first season of the series “Arrow,” what nickname did police use for the vigilante?

The Hood


11.  In the series “Arrow,” who is revealed to be Thea Queen’s biological father?

Malcolm Merlyn


12. Name Oliver Queen’s love interest who dies in a shipwreck in season 1 of “Arrow?”

Sara Lance


13. How long is “Arrow” character Oliver Queen stranded on the island before being rescued by Chinese fisherman?

5 years


14. Who is responsible for Oliver Queen’s kidnapping in the pilot episode of “Arrow?”

His mother


15. What DC Comics character is the television show “Arrow” based on?

The Green Arrow


16. Which “Arrow” series character says, “I’m going to tear everything he cares about away from him…?”

Slade Wilson


17. “Arrow” series character Oliver Queen spent the entire five years on the island of Lian Yu.



18. Which television network airs the series “Arrow?”

The CW


19. What year was the “Arrow” character Oliver Queen born?



20. What body of water surrounds Lian Yu?

The North China Sea


21. Which “Arrow” character dies in the season 1 finale?

Tommy Merlyn


22. What was Oliver’s inmate number?



23. When did The CW Network debut the television series “Arrow?”



24. How did Thea meet Roy?

He stole her purse


25. In the series “Arrow” who is married to Oliver Queen’s mother when Oliver returns from Lian Yu?

Walter Steele


26. Who was the first person to know Green Arrow’s secret identity?

John Diggle


27. What is the name of Oliver Queen’s nightclub in the series “Arrow?”



28. Which “Arrow” character is Laurel’s father?

Quentin Lance


29. How was Emiko related to Oliver?

Half-sister from his father’s sidet


30. What is Felicity’s middle name?



31. To whom does Arrow reveal his true identity after being shot by his mother?

Felicity Smoak


32. How did Yao Fei greet Oliver the first time they met?

He shot an arrow into his chest


33. Who told Laurel Lance about Green Arrow’s secret identity?



34. In the “Arrow” series what is the name of the company that the Queen family owns?

Queen Consolidated


35. Moira Queen dies in the season 2 finale of the series “Arrow.”



36. What was Noah Kuttler’s alias?

The Calculator


37. How many arrows does the “Arrow” series title character carry in his quiver?



38. What town did Ragman call home?



39. Which Team Arrow member ended up betraying Oliver?

Evelyn Sharp


40. What street drug did John Diggle get addicted to?



41. Which Russian organization was Oliver a part of?



42. Who is the first person that the “Arrow” character Oliver Queen encounters on the island of Lian Yu?

Yao Fei


43. What was Dinah Drake’s undercover name?

Tina Boland


44. Which hero did Oliver switch places with during Elseworlds?

The Flash


45. Who killed Cayden James?

Ricardo Diaz


46. What health issue caused Curtis Holt to retire from his athletic career?

Achilles tendinitis


47. Who was in the cell adjacent to Oliver Queen?

Stanley Dover


48. What is the name of the city that Arrow takes place in?

Star City.


49. When Oliver was rescued from the island and brought back to Starling City, why was Laurel Lance mad at him?

She blamed Oliver for her sister’s death

50. Who is Laurel’s sister?



51. What is Ra’s al Ghul the leader of?

The League of Assassins


52. What catastrophic event was the Undertaking, that destroyed a large part of The Glades?

Man made earthquake


53. Who was John Diggle’s daughter named after?



54. What did Oliver do to cope with not being able to stop the Undertaking?

Went back to the Island for a while


55. Who is Oliver’s sister?



56. Who turned out to be Thea’s biological father, who saved her from one of Slade’s superhuman soldiers?



57. What does the Mirakuru do?

Turns you into a super soldier.


58. When Starling City first encountered a Mirakuru enhanced superhuman, which forensic scientist from Central City decided to investigate the situation without the permission of his boss?

Barry Allen


59. What was Roy’s vigilante name?



60. What gives Damien Dahrk his power?

The idol


61. Oliver had previously met the main villain of season two, Slade Wilson, while on the island. What motivated Slade to seek revenge on Oliver and attempt to destroy his city?

Oliver was forced to choose between saving Sara or Shado and chose Sara


62. What happened to Felicity after she and Oliver were attacked by H.I.V.E.?

She was paralyzed


63. The island Oliver is stranded on is called Lian Yu. What does Lian Yu mean?



64. What was Quentin Lance’s occupation?

Police Captain


65. What is the name of the pit that can resurrect humans?

Lazarus Pit


66. During his “Welcome Home” dinner with his family, what language does Oliver speak when the maid trips and almost drops a bowl of fruit on him?



67. Oliver gives Thea an arrowhead-shaped gift that he calls a Hozen. What does he tell her that it represents?



68. Who was Sara’s ex-lover?



69. After buying Queen Consolidated, what did Ray Palmer rename the company?

Palmer Technologies


70. While driving Oliver around the Glades, Tommy asks Oliver what he missed the most while marooned on the island. What is Oliver’s answer?



71. What organization is Andy Diggle part of?



72. After Oliver tells Laurel to stay away from him or he’ll only end up hurting her again. How does Laurel say the island changed him?

It made him honest


73. Who is revealed to have been the person who arranged Oliver’s attempted kidnapping from the beginning of the episode?

Moira Queen


74. Who taught Thea how to defend herself?



75. What was Oliver’s new name after joining the League of Assassins?

Al Sah-Him


76. What is Oliver’s catchphrase as the Arrow?

“You have failed this city.”


77. Oliver confronts Moira about the notebook Walter found in her clock. Moira tells Oliver the book contains a list of all the people in the city who owed Robert a favour. What does Moira do with the book after Oliver hands it to her?

Throws it into the fireplace


78. What is Felicity’s father’s nickname?

The Calculator.


79. Where did Felicity attend college?



80. Who does Felicity’s mother start dating?



81. Diggle does not trust Moira, so he arranges to take over for the Queen family’s usual chauffeur in order to be the one to drive Moira to and from her destinations. Diggle drops Moira off in front of a building but she insists that he stay in the car as she walks in alone. A while later, Diggle enters the building to see what Moira is up to. What is Moira doing when Diggle finds her?

Celebrating a friend’s birthday


82. Who developed the microchip that helped Felicity walk again?



83. Cyrus Vanch, the antagonist in this episode, is watching a news report about the Arrow and says that the Arrow stole his move by using what TWO things to make a name for himself?

Deception and intimidation


84. Who left behind a list of names for Oliver?

His father


85. Tommy comes over to Oliver’s house to tell Oliver that Laurel has been working with the Arrow. Tommy also tells Oliver that Laurel has been lying to him and keeping secrets about who she is with. What does Tommy think is going on with Laurel?

She is infatuated with the Arrow


86. What is Thea’s code name?



87. When Cyrus Vanch’s thugs break into Laurel’s apartment, what item does she grab to use as a weapon before Vanch knocks her out?

An umbrella


88. When Laurel becomes the Black Canary, what does she do to help the team fight the villains?

She screeches


89. When Diggle drops Moira off at her destination the second time, Moira tells Diggle she is only meeting with her accountant and tells him not to worry because the only threat is what?


90. After Sara’s death, how does Nyssa find comfort?

By spending time with Laurel.


91. When Diggle is hiding in the maintenance closet as he is eavesdropping on Moira and Malcolm’s conversation, who walks into the closet and discovers him?

Malcolm’s security guard


92. What does Oliver refer to the 5 years stranded on an island as?



93. Who shows up at Laurel’s apartment and discovers that she has been kidnapped by Cyrus Vanch?



94. What fuels Damien Dahrk’s powers?

The souls of the deceased.


95. During his flashback to the island, Oliver wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair. Slade Wilson tells Oliver he is going to kill him. Oliver begs for his life, to no avail, but in the end, what is it that Oliver does that changes Slade’s mind?

Oliver breaks his own thumb to free himself of the rope tying him down


96. What does Brie Larvan unleash on her enemies?

Robotic bees


97. What item of Oliver’s did Vibe use to find the kidnapped heroes?

Broken bow and arrow


98. When something goes wrong, who does Oliver always blame?



99. What is the name of the timeship used by the members of the Legends team?


100. Which villain didn’t appear in the shared hallucinations?

Reverse Flash


101. What is the name of the cyborg that Wild Dog, Ragman, The Flash and Supergirl fought?

Doctor Washington


102. What was the name of the building that Diggle and Oliver both realized was fake in the hallucination?

Smoak Industries


103. It is revealed during a flashback what Malcolm Merlyn’s idea for the undertaking meant for the Glades. Malcolm believed that the Glades could not be fixed. He felt that the criminal element and poverty that ran rampant in the Glades was like a cancer that would take over the whole city. When Robert Queen asks how he plans to get rid of 24 square blocks of businesses, homes, and citizens, what does Malcolm reveal as his plan to deal with the Glades?

He plans to create a natural disaster


104. What is the name of Malcolm Merlyn’s company, where Tommy now works?

Merlyn Global Group


105. Felicity is all dressed up and ready to infiltrate the casino. As she approaches the door, Oliver sits several yards away watching the entrance. He watches as a man gives a password to the bouncer before being allowed through. Oliver relays the password to Felicity so she can enter. What was the password that Felicity used to enter the casino?



106. During his flashback to the island, Oliver notices that Shado is oddly comfortable and familiar handling the skeletons of the dead WW2 Japanese soldiers. What does Shado tell Oliver she worked as, prior to arriving on the island, that would explain her familiarity with human skeletons?

A medical student


107. When the person who Oliver sent to find the blonde vigilante speaks to a man who might know where she is, the man reveals that the blonde vigilante hangs out with a younger street girl. What is the name of the girl who knows the blonde vigilante?



108. When the girl who knows the blonde vigilante is finally found, what does she do when she is confronted and asked about the whereabouts of the blonde vigilante?

She runs away


109. What do the masked bank robbers have painted on their masks?


110. Malcolm, dressed as the Dark Archer, breaks into the facility where the Markov device was designed and proceeds to murder all the scientists involved with the project. What is the name of the facility where the device was invented?

UNIDAC Industries


111. What identifying characteristic do Diggle and Oliver use to identify one of the bank robbers?

His class ring


112. It is finally revealed, during a flashback scene, what the ultimate mission is that Edward Fyers has been employed to complete on Lian Yu. What is Fyers’ goal, according to Slade?

To destabilize China’s economy


113. What excuse does Oliver give for being late to his mother’s brunch with the Bowens?

He was stuck in traffic


114. When Oliver asks Felicity for assistance in tracking someone down, what does Felicity say they need to add to her job title?

Personal Internet Researcher for Oliver Queen


115. During their heist-style break in at Merlyn Global Group to access Malcolm’s computer mainframe, what does Felicity dress up as in order to get past security without arising suspicion?

A fast food delivery person


116. What does Thea immediately do at the CNRI fundraiser after realizing that Tommy has romantic feelings for Laurel and not for her?

She starts drinking


117. When they are outside after the fundraiser, why does Laurel tell Tommy that she danced with Carter?

Carter wrote a cheque to CNRI


118. While they are eating burgers at the restaurant, what does Oliver tell Moira it’s okay to do?

It’s okay to get your hands dirty every once in a while


119. When Felicity is telling Oliver and Diggle that she hacked into 8 government websites to get info on how ARGUS is planning to take down Deadshot, where does she say she would never fit in?

Guantanamo Bay


120. According to Felicity, what is the name of the company that holds the patent on the arrow that Oliver asked her to look into?



121. When Oliver, as the Arrow, is confronted by the dark archer that has been murdering people throughout this episode, what does the dark archer say he wants when Oliver asks him?

To see who is better


122. When Felicity tells Oliver that he only has enough time to go after one of the two bad guys, Deadshot or Rasmus, who does Oliver choose to go after?



123. After his battle with the dark archer, Oliver wakes up in the hospital with three broken ribs, a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and a concussion. What reason does Diggle give the family for Oliver’s extensive injuries?

He was in a motorcycle accident


124. During their fight in the stairwell, Deadshot gets the upper hand on Diggle and pulls two guns on him. As Deadshot has his guns pointed at Diggle’s head, why does Deadshot tell Diggle he won’t shoot him?

Because nobody is paying him to


125. How many people does Detective Lance tell Roy and Thea that the Arrow has killed since appearing in Starling City?



126. How does Oliver kill the assassin that breaks into the Queen mansion to kill Taylor?

Oliver pierces him through the chest with a fireplace poker


127. Who was the CEO of Wayne Industries?

Kate Kane


128. What was the wifi password at Wayne Industries?



129. Who played the Barry Allen from Earth-90?

John Wesley Shipp


130. Who woke those who were exposed to the fear gas out of their drug-induced states?




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