130+ Nebraska Trivia Questions and Answers

Nebraska is solely unique as the only triple land-locked state. One must travel through at least three states to reach a large water body such as the ocean, gulf, or bay. So if you intend to visit the beach during summer, prepare for a trip of its kind.

Nebraska boasts vibrant cities and impressive natural attractions hosting the world’s most extensive hand-planted forests. The Sandhills portion of the National Forest at Halsey is one of the largest contiguous and least disturbed prairies across the United States.

Nebraska Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Nebraska marked Arbor Day as a state holiday to encourage tree planting. The holiday is celebrated every last Friday of April when people gather to plant trees all over the country.

Did you know that Nebraska is the birthplace of Kool-Aid? In 1927, Edwin Perkins invented Kool-Aid, the tastiest juice drink we all love today. The soft drink was originally a drink syrup called Fruit Smack. It was later modified from a tasty liquid to powder for efficient shipping. In 1998, Kool-Aid actually became the official soft drink of Nebraska State. How cool, huh?

Read on to enrich your knowledge about this Cornhuskers State.


1. The name Nebraska is from an Indian word meaning?

“flat water”


2. Where is Nebraska’s highest point?

Panorama Point


3. Nebraska’s state motto is?

“Equality Before the Law”


4. In what year did French-Canadian explorers, the Mallett brothers, traverse the territory of Nebraska?

In 1739


5. Where is Nebraska’s geographic center?



6. What is the Nebraska state insect?

European honey bee


7. What is the state bird?

Western meadowlark


8. In 1819, what fort did the US establish as the first Army post west of the Missouri River?

Fort Atkinson


9. What is the average temperature in July?

76 degrees F


10. What are the largest grass-covered Sand Dunes in the Western Hemisphere?

The Sand Hills


11. How many time zones does the state have?



12. What is the name of the world’s largest train yard in North Platte, Nebraska?

Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard


13. Which year did Evelyn Sharp of Ord Earn Her Commercial Pilot’s License at the age of 18 making her the Youngest Person to Do So in the U.S.



14. During his rocky five years at Nebraska, what unusual formation was Pete Jennings best known for?

Tandem T–two quarterbacks under center


15. What state borders the state of Nebraska to the west?



16. What is the state tree?



17. How many National Championships did Nebraska win in the 20th century?



18. Nebraska set an NCAA record by scoring 624 points in a season in what year?



19. How many times was Nebraska bombed by friendly fire in WWII?



20. What is Nebraska state grass?

Little bluestem


21. What ABC college football announcing team covered the 1971 Nebraska/Oklahoma, “Game of the Century”?

Chris Schenkel and Bud Wilkinson


22. Which is the state with more miles of river in the United states?



23. Which is the largest pedestrian bridge in Omaha connecting two towns?

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge


24. Which of these players broke the then record for the longest punt return in Nebraska history when, in September 2000, he ran for a 94-yard TD? Your options: [ Corey Dixon ] [ Johnny Rodgers ] [ Bobby Newcombe ] [ DeJuan Groce ]

Bobby Newcombe


25. In 1991 a musical clip was played on TV before the Washington game that accompanied some accomplishments of Derek Brown and Calvin Jones, among other Huskers. What was the song?

Real, Real, Real


26. What is the average temperature in January?

23 degrees F


27. While Nebraska was being embarrassed in the ’55 Orange Bowl by Duke, what other Nebraska state college/university won that year’s Tangerine Bowl?

Omaha University


28. In 1962 in the Gotham Bowl, what team did Nebraska beat 36-34?

Miami Fla


29. What is the Nebraska state dance?

Square dance


30. All of these nicknames have been associated with Nebraska football at one time or another, before they became the Cornhuskers, EXCEPT _______? Your options: [ Antelopes ] [ Rattlesnake Boys ] [ Threshers ] [ Bugeaters ]



31. In the 2002 Texas A&M game, who had the last interception for Nebraska to win the game 38-31?

Phillip Bland


32. What was the only team Nebraska beat on the road in 2002?

Texas A&M


33. Who led the Huskers in interceptions?

Courtney Grixby


34. The Town of Cozad Sits Exactly where?

At the 100th Meridian


35. Who was the first Husker to throw for over 2,000 yards in a single season?

Jerry Tagge


36. In the 2001 Nebraska vs Colorado game, Colorado won by the score of?



37. What is the state gem?

Blue agate


38. In a 2001 game against Baylor, the Huskers had four different players run for over 100 yards. Who were they?

Thunder Collins, Eric Crouch, Dahran Diedrick, Judd Davies


39. In 1999 Eric Crouch ran for a touchdown, caught a touchdown, and threw for a touchdown, against what team?



40. Which All-American Husker quarterback threw 20 touchdown passes in 1976? Your options: [ Vince Ferragamo ] [ Tom Sorley ] [ Dave Humm ] [ Jerry Tagge ]

Vince Ferragamo


41. Who was hired as head coach after Tom Osborne retired?

Frank Solich


42. How many counties does the State of Nebraska have?



43. When did the University of Nebraska play its very first game?

November 27, 1890


44. Where did Charles Lindbergh learn to fly at Nebraska Standard Aircraft Corp?

In Lincoln


45. Which school did Johnny Rodgers claim he WOULD have attended, had the coach offered him a scholarship? Your options: [ Minnesota ] [ Southern California ] [ Grambling State ] [ Notre Dame ]

Southern California


46. Due to the Homestead Act, settlers migrated into Nebraska by the thousands to claim their free land granted by who?

The federal government


47. Who was the first Cornhusker to run for over 200 yards in a single game?

Frank Solich


48. Which of these did Nebraska NOT achieve in the 2002 football season? Your options: [ Set a Memorial Stadium single-game attendance record ] [ Sell out the Nebraska-Kansas game ] [ Score 50+ points in a single game ] [ Play a road game in the states of Texas and Louisiana ]

Score 50+ points in a single game


49. How many points a game did the Cornhuskers give up in 2006?

18.3 points a game

50. Where is the largest Publicly Held Quilt Collection kept in the International Quilt Study Center & Museum?

In Lincoln


51. Who had led the Huskers in tackles per game in the season?

Cory McKeon


52. According to the 2010 census, Omaha had a population of what?



53. What is the exact midpoint between San Francisco and Boston?



54. Which Husker quarterback threw 43 touchdowns in his college career? Your options: [ Tommie Frazier ] [ Vince Ferragamo ] [ Dave Humm ] [ Turner Gill ]

Tommie Frazier


55. This first great Nebraska quarterback came to NU in 1961, from Robbinsdale High School in Minnesota. In his first 2 games, he led the Huskers to a 53-0 shutout at South Dakota, then went to Ann Arbor and whipped the Wolverines 25-13. Who was he?

Dennis Claridge


56. Which Husker quarterback was not a starter during his college career, yet went on to play for six years in the NFL? Your options: [ Bruce Mathison ] [ Dave Humm ] [ Jeff Quinn ] [ Steve Taylor ]

Bruce Mathison


57. Who was the only Husker I-back, besides Mike Rozier, to be named an All-American during the 1980s and 1990s?

Jarvis Redwine


58. Nebraska is split into two major land regions: the Dissected Till Plains and the what?

Great Plains


59. Over what 5-year stretch did Nebraska go 60-3?



60. Where was Nebraska’s state fair held in the 20th century?



61. What is Nebraska’s state fossil?



62. This QB came from Green Bay, WI in 1968. He played center on the freshman team in ’68. But went on to lead the Huskers to their first National Championship in 1970. Who was he?

Jerry Tagge


63. Which one of the following I-backs never rushed for over 1,000 yards in a single season? Your options: [ Dan Alexander ] [ Doug Dubose ] [ Roger Craig ] [ Jeff Smith ]

Jeff Smith


64. One of the World’s Largest Mammoth Fossils ever found was unearthed in Lincoln County and displayed where?

In the UNL’s Morrill Hall


65. What is the Nebraska state Flower?



66. In the 20th century, Johnny Rodgers was the leader in career receptions at Nebraska. Who was a bit of a surprise at #2?

Jeff Kinney[/bg_collapse]


67. How many points did Miami beat Nebraska by in the 1983 Orange Bowl?



68. What is the point with the highest elevation in Nebraska?

Panorama Point, at 5,424 feet[/bg_collapse]


69. How many field goals did Dale Klein kick vs. Missouri on October 19th, 1985 to set an NCAA record?



70. Name the first female governor of Nebraska?

Kay Orr[/bg_collapse]


71. Who led the Cornhuskers in tackles in 2006?

Stewart Bradley[/bg_collapse]


72. Who was the first Nebraska player to rush and pass for 1,000 yards in a season?

Scott Frost[/bg_collapse]


73. How many years was Tom Osborne the Head Coach at Nebraska?



74. Where was the lowest temperature ever recorded in Nebraska 47 Degrees Below Zero?

(1989 in Oshkosh)[/bg_collapse]


75. What is the Nebraska state beverage?



76. What school threatened to drop Nebraska from the ’61 schedule, due to a recruit transferring to NU after initially registering with the other school the year before?



77. Irving Fryar played for all of these teams except for the ________ ? Your options: [ Miami Dolphins ] [ Washington Redskins ] [ Buffalo Bills ] [ Philadelphia Eagles ]

Buffalo Bills[/bg_collapse]


78. Which of the following quarterbacks did not lead the Cornhuskers to a National Championship? Your options: [ Eric Crouch ] [ Tommie Frazier ] [ Jerry Tagge ] [ Scott Frost ]

Eric Crouch[/bg_collapse]


78. What is Nebraska’s state capital?



79. Who were the two Huskers players in the top 10 in the Big 12 in tackles for loss?

Adam Carriker &Jay Moore[/bg_collapse]


80. Who was the first female native doctor in Nebraska?

Susan La Flesche Picotte[/bg_collapse]


81. In 2002, what running back for Nebraska against Texas A&M, had 4 touchdowns?

David Horne[/bg_collapse]


82. Which of the following Husker quarterbacks was the first one to throw for at least 2000 yards in their career? Your options: [ Tom Sorley ] [ Mike Grant ] [ Keithen McCant ] [ Brook Berringer ]

Tom Sorley[/bg_collapse]


83. What is the Nebraska state slogan?

Nebraska, possibilities…endless[/bg_collapse]


84. Who was the first Cornhusker back to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season?

Bobby Reynolds[/bg_collapse]


85. Who was the first Husker I-back to rush for 100 yards in 11 consecutive games?

Mike Rozier[/bg_collapse]


86. How many points did Nebraska lose to Texas in 2002?



87. Which is the Largest Human-Planted Forest in the Country?

Nebraska National Forest[/bg_collapse]


88. What player caught a 63-yard touchdown pass to beat Oklahoma 20-10 in 2001?

Eric Crouch[/bg_collapse]


89. In the 2001 Nebraska vs Oklahoma game, what quarterback threw a touchdown pass to Eric Crouch to seal the win?

Mike Stuntz[/bg_collapse]


90. What year did Nebraska win their first National Championship?



91. This QB was a backup to Tommie Frazier and started 7 games in 1994 when Frazier was sidelined with a blood clot in his leg. He went 7-0 that year and everyone thought he would be drafted into the NFL as a quarterback, but 2 days before the draft he was killed in a plane crash where he was the pilot. Who was he?

Brook Berringer


92. What is the state rock?

Prairie agate


93. Who led the Cornhuskers in tackles for loss in the season?

Jay Moore


94. What is the area of Nebraska?

200,356 km²


95. Which Husker quarterback threw for 2,074 yards in his sophomore season in 1972? Your options: [ Dave Humm ] [ Jerry Tagge ] [ Vince Ferragamo ] [ Tom Sorley ]

Dave Humm


96. Who did 2003 coach Frank Solich play college football for?



97. Nebraska is located in what “Alley”?

Tornado Alley


98. Who was the first Cornhusker I-back to run for 1,000 yards in a single season as a true freshman?

Ahman Green


99. How many steps Lead up to the Capitol Building, representing the number of US States when the Capitol was built?


100. Nebraska is well known for its use of the ‘redshirt’ rule, which allows a player to sit out a year, though he can practice with the team. Which All-American lineman is credited with being the first Cornhusker redshirt? Your options: [ Wayne Meylan ] [ Warren Alfson ] [ Bob Brown ] [ Ed Weir ]

Warren Alfson


101. How many games did Tom Osborne win in his career as Nebraska’s head coach?



102. What is the highest temperature that the state of Nebraska has ever recorded?

118 °F at Minden on July 24, 1936


103. Omaha has a long history of civil rights activism and in 1912 African Americans founded the what?

Omaha chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


104. What Nebraska game was deemed, a “Game of the Century?”

1971 Nebraska vs. Oklahoma


105. What is the Nebraska state mammal?

White-tailed deer


106. Because hardly any trees grew on the prairies, many of the first settlers built their homes out of what?



107. Why were the Cornhuskers invited to the 1955 Orange Bowl, despite a 6-4 season record?

Oklahoma could not go, do to a “no repeat” bowl clause


108. When did Nebraska first play a nationally televised game?



109. In the 1994 Orange bowl with Nebraska vs Miami Florida, who scored the last 2 touchdowns for Nebraska?

Cory Schleshinger


110. What is the Nebraska state fish?

Channel catfish


111. In the 1998 Orange Bowl, Nebraska beat Tennessee to win the National Championship. What was the score of the game?



112. Who scored the first points in Nebraska’s first game vs Arizona State?

Kris Brown


113. In Nebraska, 89% percent of the cities have fewer than how many people?



114. In 2002, how many punt returns for touchdowns did Dejuan Groce have?



115. On what day did Nebraska become the 37th state to join the Union?

On March 1, 1867


116. What is Nebraska’s largest city?



117. In 2002, Nebraska had set a school record for most Pancake Blocks against what team?

Texas A&M


118. As of 2010, how many cities and villages were there in Nebraska?



119. In the 1995 Fiesta Bowl, Nebraska’s Tommie Frazier had how many rushing yards?



120. Who was the Cornhusker’s defensive coordinator?

Kevin Cosgrove


121. Does Nebraska have both a state poet and a state poet laureate?



122. Who led the Cornhuskers in sacks in 2006?

Adam Carriker


123. What was the name of the last major battle between the Pawnee and the Sioux, on August 5, 1873?

The battle of Massacre Canyon


124. Which Husker quarterback threw 5 touchdown passes in a 1987 game against UCLA? Your options: [ Steve Taylor ] [ Gerry Gdowski ] [ Keithen McCant ] [ Tommie Frazier ]

Steve Taylor


125. Who was the first Husker quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards and pass for over 1,000 yards in a season?

Scott Frost


126. Vise-Grips were invented by who in 1924, and were manufactured in De Witt until 2008?

William Petersen


127. Who was the first Cornhusker running back to run for over 2,000 yards in a single season?

Mike Rozier


128. Which Husker I-back ran for 294 yards and 6 touchdowns in a game against Kansas in 1991? Your options: [ Keith Jones ] [ Derek Brown ] [ Leodis Flowers ] [ Calvin Jones ]

Calvin Jones


129. Nebraska is bordered to the north by what State?

South Dakota


130. In what year did Nebraska become a U.S. State?



131. Who was Nebraska’s first Heisman trophy winner?

Johnny Rodgers


132. In 2004, where did Nebraska rank as far as per capita personal income with the other states?



133. What is Nebraska’s state song?

Beautiful Nebraska


134. Who in Nebraska football history was known as “The Jet”?

Johnny Rodgers


135. What state borders Nebraska to the east?



136.  What was Tom Osborne’s jersey number when he played for the Washington Redskins?



137.  During the 1870s to the 1880s, Nebraska experienced a large growth in population and by the 1880s, Nebraska’s population had soared to more than how many people?

450,000 people







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