130+ Norway Trivia Questions and Answers

Norway, an award-winning country in the Winter Olympics, takes pride in 368 medals since 1924 when the first Winter Olympics games were held. The top country has even set a new mark for most gold medals after Johannes Thingness Bo won his fourth Beijing 2022 in the men’s biathlon 15-kilometer mass start. Impressive sports fact, huh?

Many consider Fjords as the symbol of Norway, given that they are some of the world’s longest, deepest, and breath-taking fjords. As per the National Geographic Traveler Magazine, the famous fjords of Norway were ranked as the top unspoiled travel spot from a list of 115 destinations across the globe.

Norway Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Sognefjorden is Norway’s longest fjord and ranks the second-longest in the world. The fjord’s inner end is covered by Jostedalsbreen, continental Europe’s biggest glacier. It is the longest ice-free fjord globally and stretches 205 km inland from the ocean.

Below is a series of Norway trivia to test your knowledge.

1. Norway is one of the three Scandinavian countries to have a constitutional monarchy in the early part of the 21st century. Which of these, almost sharing his name with two English monarchs, became king of Norway in 1991? Your options: [ Oscar II ] [ Olav V ] [ Harald V ] [ Haakon VII ]

Harald V


2. What is the name of the oldest existing city in Norway?



3. In which of the 19 counties of Norway is Trondheim situated? Your options: [ Rogaland ] [ Møre and Romsdal ] [ Nordland ] [ Trøndelag ]



4. Which is the highest mountain in Norway? Your options: [ Snøhetta ] [ Galdhøpiggen ] [ Trondheim ] [ Rastegaisa ]



5. What are the names of the two landlocked counties in Norway?

Hedmark and Oppland


6. What color is the background of the Norwegian flag?



7. What is the approximate population of Svalbard?



8. In which city is Vigelandsparken located? This is the park with all the stone statues and monuments. Your options: [ Bergen ] [ Oslo ] [ Trondheim ] [ Tromsø ]



9. What is the name of the country Norway gained its final independence from in 1905?



10. Norway is bordered by three countries; from which country did it achieve independence in 1905? Your options: [ Finland ] [ Russia ] [ Denmark ] [ Sweden ]



11. What is the capital of Norway?



12. Which King of Norway ascended the throne in 1991?



13. To kick things off, what is the capital of Svalbard?



14. The four cities listed are among the northernmost in the world. Which of them could I visit while in Norway? Your options: [ Reykjavik ] [ Murmansk ] [ Trondheim ] [ Oulo ]



15. Who was the first ruler of Norway (about 872 AD)?

Harald the Fairheaded


16. Who was the first Prime Minister of Norway, elected in 1905?

Christian Michelsen


17. Which river runs through central Trondheim? Your options: [ Gaula ] [ Orkla ] [ Glomma ] [ Nidelva ]



18. Norway is well known for its explorers. Which of these men does *NOT* fit into that category? Your options: [ Thor Heyerdahl ] [ Roald Amundsen ] [ Morten Harket ] [ Fridtjof Nansen ]

Morten Harket


19. The inland region hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics. In which three cities were the games held?

Lillehammer, Hamar and Gjøvik


20. What is the main religion of the inhabitants of Svalbard?



21. Situated almost by the shore of the river, it is one of Norway’s main landmarks. This cathedral was built between 1070 and 1300 in a Romanesque and Gothic style of architecture. What is the name of this cathedral?

The Nidaros Cathedral


22. Saga Jewelry, a popular item in Norway, are replicas of:

Viking jewelry


23. The biggest lake in Norway is located between the two landlocked counties. What’s the name of the lake?



24. In the 1960s, oil was discovered under the inhospitable waters of the sea between Norway, the UK, and other countries in the region. Which sea was this? Your options: [ Coral Sea ] [ Sargasso Sea ] [ Irish Sea ] [ North Sea ]

North Sea


25. At the 1994 winter Olympics in Lillehammer, which city hosted the figure skating competition? Your options: [ Gjoevik ] [ Hamar ] [ Lillehammer ] [ Oslo ]



26. In what Norwegian city were the Winter Olympics held in 1952?



27. How many countries does Norway border?



28. Norway’s flag has a field (background) in red with a Scandinavian cross of which two colors are on it? Your options: [ Green and yellow ] [ Yellow and black ] [ Blue and white ] [ Black and white ]

Blue and white


29. Name the countries that Norway borders?

Russia, Finland, and Sweden.


30. The war in Svalbard in the 1600s was between which two countries? Your options: [ England and Norway ] [ Holland and England ] [ Norway and Holland ] [ Finland and England ]

Holland and England


31. What is the name of the university in Trondheim?

Norwegian University of Science and Technology


32. What is Norway’s Independence (National) Day?

May 17


33. Which other country does Hedmark border? Your options: [ Finland ] [ Sweden ] [ Denmark ] [ Russia ]



34. One of the most well-known features of Norway’s geography is its large number of fjords. What led to the formation of fjords?

Glacial activity


35. What is the name of the longest river in Norway?



36. Who was the first King to rule over a unified Norway?

Harald Fairhair


37. How long is the border between Norway and Russia?

196 km


38. Norway is particularly known for its fish dishes, with gravlaks (Norwegian spelling) being one of the most popular. Which fish is used for this? Your options: [ Herring ] [ Cod ] [ Salmon ] [ Trout ]



39. By what name do Norwegians know their country?



40. In what year was Svalbard first discovered?



41. The oldest daily newspaper of Norway has its seat in Trondheim. What is the name of this magazine?



42. What is Norway’s national (traditional) clothing called?

(Norsk) Bunad


43. How many of the other counties share a border with Norway’s inland region?



44. The Svalbard Archipelago (better known to English and German speakers as Spitsbergen) lies to the north of the Norwegian mainland, well inside the Arctic Circle. The islands contain a secure botanical storage system in case the world’s food supply is disrupted or destroyed. Which plant parts are kept at Svalbard? Your options: [ Leaves ] [ Roots ] [ Flowers ] [ Seeds ]



45. What is the name of the largest glacier in Norway?



46. Which of the following modern lands did Norse Vikings NOT settle? Your options: [ Ukraine ] [ Newfoundland ] [ Bulgaria ] [ Normandy ]



47. Which of these towns is closest to the Russian border? Your options: [ Tromso ] [ Kirkenes ] [ Hammerfest ] [ Vadso ]



48. Oslo, Norway’s capital, was known by which of these names between 1624 and 1924? Your options: [ Kristiansand ] [ Haraldstad ] [ Christiania ] [ Fredrikstad ]



49. Skagerrak lies between Norway and this country to the south.


50. Who was the first King of Norway when final independence was attained in 1905?

Hakon VII


51. What is the name of the biggest island located in the large lake that lies between the two counties?



52. In 2012 the United Nations produced its first report ranking countries in a specific area of performance. For the first nine years Norwegians smiled as their country was reported to be in the top five of all countries worldwide – what emotion was being measured?



53. What is the northernmost city of mainland Norway?



54. What is the name of the Norwegian parliament?



55. From which city in Norway did the Black Plague spread throughout the land? Your options: [ Kristiansand ] [ Bergen ] [ Oslo ] [ Tromso ]



56. Which currency would be needed for a visit to Norway in 2011? Your options: [ Rouble ] [ Euro ] [ Krone ] [ Zloty ]



57. What is the name of the king who came to the throne in 1991?

Harald V


58. What is the name of the fortress that is located on a hill near central Trondheim?

Kristiansten Fortress


59. What happened in 1920?

The Svalbard Treaty was written.


60. What is the name of the 124-meter-high radio and telecommunication tower in Trondheim?



61. What are the names of the two main valleys in the two inland counties?

Gudbrandsdal and Østerdal


62. Vidkun Quisling became President of Norway during the Second World War. His name has been adopted into English with which meaning? Your options: [ Saboteur ] [ Patriot ] [ Traitor ] [ Guerilla ]



63. After Svalbard, what is the largest island in Norway?



64. Where in Norway is Stavanger?



65. What is the name of the wife of King Harald V?



66. The Sami people live in the far north of several adjoining countries – Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. Although only 10% of the Sami follow this occupation, they are well-known to many European children for herding a particular animal all over the region. Which animal do the Sami herd? Your options: [ Pigs ] [ Cows ] [ Moose ] [ Reindeer ]



67. Norwegian painter Munch and Norwegian composer Grieg both had the same first name. What was it?



68. In what part of Norway is the inland region?



69. What is the name of Norway’s longest fjord?



70. Which Norwegian city was previously called Nidaros? Your options: [ Bergen ] [ Trondheim ] [ Oslo ] [ Drammen ]



71. The coast of northwest Norway is host to some of the fiercest tidal currents in the world, causing, in two cases, the world’s strongest whirlpools. What is an alternative name, based on a Dutch word, for whirlpools found in the sea?



72. What was the name of the infamous Norwegian traitor during World War II?

Vidkun Quisling


73. Norway enjoys playing Football (Assoc.). Their most successful team in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s was Rosenborg Ballklub, qualifying for the group stage in the champions league 10 out of 11 years between 1995 and 2005. What city hosts this team?



74. What Norwegian wrote the play “A Doll’s House”?



75. Norway became a fully independent country only in 1905 when the union with which neighboring country was dissolved? Your options: [ Russia ] [ Finland ] [ Sweden ] [ Denmark ]



76. Approximately how far is Svalbard from the North Pole?

1,000 km


77. What is the name of the small islet in the Trondheimsfjord just north of Trondheim, that has functioned as a monastery, among other things?



78. Norway’s coastline, INCLUDING off-shore islands, inlets and fjords, is approximately how long?

63,200 miles


79. In which city in the inland region do we find the Olympic arena “Vikingskipet” (“the Viking Ship”)?  Your options: [ Lillehammer ] [ Hamar ] [ Gjøvik ] [ Elverum ]



80. Which country shares the largest border with Norway?



81. From which Norwegian city did the world-famous composer Edward Grieg come? Your options: [ Oslo ] [ Bergen ] [ Trondheim ] [ Skien ]



82. Which Norwegian composer wrote the incidental music to accompany Ibsen’s play ‘Peer Gynt’? Your options: [ Gustav Mahler ] [ Jean Sibelius ] [ Edvard Grieg ] [ Arnold Schönberg ]

Edvard Grieg


83. Which is the only Norwegian film to have won an Academy award? Your options: [ Insomnia ] [ Kon-Tiki ] [ Buddy ] [ Elling ]



84. Trondheim is known as a city that is strong when it comes to sports. What are the names of the men’s elite team in football and the women’s elite team in handball?

Rosenborg Ballklub and Byåsen Håndball Elite


85. What is the name of the treacherous current that flows between two of the Lofoten Islands?



86. Which of these inland cities is located farthest to the south? Your options: [ Hamar ] [ Kongsvinger ] [ Elverum ] [ Gjøvik ]



87. Norway’s first modern King (in 1905) was formerly Prince of what country?



88. What is the name of the deepest lake in Norway?



89. Approximately one-third of Norway lies in the Arctic Circle. For several months a year this part of Norway will be lit up by a phenomenon known as what?


90. The first letters of the answers spell the name of a port on Norway’s west coast.



91. What is aquavit? Your options: [ Wine ] [ Beer ] [ Liquor ] [ Water ]



92. What is the distance between the southernmost point of Norway, Lindesnes, and the northernmost point, Nordkinn? (This question refers to mainland Norway.)

1752 km


93. The Vikings were composed largely of people from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden who sent longships to raid many other areas. Some raids led to long-term settlements while others were more ‘hit and run’. The Viking conquest that was furthest from Scandinavia was Vinland – in what modern country would you find Vinland, eh?



94. What is the average January temperature in Svalbard?

-15 c


95. What is Norway’s official name?

Kingdom of Norway


96. What is Norway’s currency?

Norwegian Krone


97. What is a form of government in Norway?

Constitutional Monarchy


98. Norway is part of ______



99. What is the official language in Norway?


100. What is Norway most known for?



101. Norway is one of the ______

Wealthiest countries in the world


102. Name a city in Norway.



103. What is Norway bordered to the east by?



104. What is the name of the first Viking who became the King of England?

Sweyn Forkbeard


105. What is the name of the Norwegian Antarctic Station?



106. Which country celebrates its National Day on 17th May?



107. ____ is the form of downhill skiing using bindings where the boot is attached only at the toe that came to the Norwegian public in 1868?



108. A person flying due east from Iceland would pass over the following countries in what order?

Norway, Sweden, Finland


109. Which is the northernmost point in Europe, Finnmark country?



110. Which country has the longest coastline in Europe?



111. Which country are the ships Sun Vikings & Nordic Prince registered in?



112. Which nation won the most medals in the 1994 Winter Olympics?



113. London’s Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is traditionally given by which country?



114. Which country borders Norway, Sweden, and Russia?



115. In which country is the highest European waterfall?

Ormeli, Norway


116. Who was the head of the National Unity party in Norway in 1942?



117. In what country was the paperclip invented?



118. Zoisite is a semi-precious stone- A national stone in which country?



119. In Norway what is brisling?

A Sprat


120. Fornebu international airport is in which European Country?



121. Which is Norway’s main river?



122. Norway is not a member of?


123. Who are the leaders of Norway?

King Harald V and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg


124. How large is Norway in terms of geographic area?

125,182 square miles slightly larger than New Mexico


125. Norwegian mathematician Marius Sophus Lie discovered which mathematical concept?

Theory of continuous symmetry


126. What is the population of Norway?

4,66O,539 almost that of Alabama


127. What does Norway boast as the northernmost?

Coral reef, active volcano, university and brewery


128. Which Norwegian playwright created the character Hedda Gabler, considered by many critics to be the “female Hamlet”?

Henrik Ibsen


129. Of the six Nobel Prizes awarded each year, most are awarded in Sweden except this one, which is awarded in Norway:



130. How many Nobel Prize winners have been from Norway?



131. Which side did Norway officially support during WWII?

It was neutral


132. The indigenous people of Norway are known as?



133. On June 7, 1905, Norway became officially independent from which country?



134. What is the unofficial national dish of Norway?

Grandiosa frozen pizza


135. Norway is the world’s third largest exporter of…?



136. Every year since 1947, Norway has presented England with…?

A Chrismass tree for Trafalgar Square


137. Norway is rated 5th and the United States is rated 61st in which 2010 international index?

Environmental Performance Index


138. Which is Norway’s highest peak?



139. Which is the national exotic animal symbol of Norway?





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