130+ Slovenia Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Slovenia borders Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Italy. It is undoubtedly one of the epic places to visit. Millions of travelers have explored the cave train ride with 24 kilometers of the unleashed underground passage, galleries, and halls. Indeed, it is a must-see stop-by in Slovenia.

While exploring Slovenia, tons of incredible geographical sights unfold effortlessly as you make unforgettable campervan memories. The mystical underground world has been on the top bucket list of most tourists and Slovenia’s national pride.

Slovenia Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Postojnska cave, also referred to as Queen of the underground world, and the caves of Skocjan are the grandest and most magnificent. The timeless Postojnska is the hugest with a series of 12 distinct caves, forming one of Europe’s top most visited attractions.

Slovenia takes pride in patenting a brand of unmatched white snow breed of horses. To be more precise, the old Lipica Horse farm in Slovenia breeds its unique white horses found nowhere else. Not only is the land enticing, but the people here are also warm-hearted. Traditionally, one greets their family and friends with three kisses on the cheeks.

Below is a series of trivia questions to test how well you know Slovenia.

1. What is the official name of the country?

Republika Slovenija


2. Kranj is the capital of which region?



3. Which year was Novo Mesto founded?



4. In 2002, Kranj had a population of?



5. Novo Mesto was previously called_____ after the Habsburg Archduke Rudolf IV of Austria?

Rudolfswerth (or in slovene Rudolfovo)


6. Which is the fourth largest city in Slovenia?



7. Novo Mesto is called Neustadt in which language?



8. From 1981 to 1991, Velenje was called?

Titovo Velenje


9. How long was the independence war between Yugoslavia and Slovenia?

10 days


10. What is the capital of Slovenia?



11. Velenje was called Titovo after which former president?

Tito of Yugoslavia.


12. Republika Slovenija was declared independent in which year?



13. Where is the shoreline in the southwest of Slovenia?

On the Gulf of Venice


14. Republika Slovenija was declared independent in 1991 and was recognized in which year?



15. What do Germans call the capital city of Slovenia?



16. Slovenia does not have a coastline.



17. What does Novo Mesto mean?

New Town


18. What do Italians call the capital city of Slovenia?



19. How many people were killed in the war with Yugoslavia during independence?



20. How many Yugoslavian army were killed in the war with Yugoslavia during independence?



21. How many neighboring countries does Slovenia have?



22. What are the three main colors of the Slovenian flag?

White, blue and red


23. The two wavy lines on the flag represent what?

The rivers and sea


24. Name the four neighboring countries of Slovenia?

Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.


25. When was the Slovenian flag officially adopted?

On June 24, 1991


26. When did Slovakia adopt its new currency?



27. Which is the highest peak near the top left corner on the Slovenian flag?



28. Slovenia became a member of the EU in which year?



29. Prior to the Euro, Slovenia used which currency?



30. What is the currency of Slovenia?



31. Which river is in Dolenjska region?

Krka river


32. Zdravljica was adopted as the Slovenian anthem in which year?



33. The Slovenian coat of arms shows mountains, stars (representing the important medieval ruling family of Selje) and wavy lines to represent rivers and the sea. On which of these bodies of water is the European country of Slovenia situated?

Adriatic Sea


34. What was Slovenia’s previous national anthem used by former Yugoslavian republics after 1945?

Hej Slowianie, Hej Slovani and Hej Sloveni  (all the same song in different Slavic languages)


35. Which coast city is known for medieval architecture, and is a popular tourist resort?



36. Dolenjska is called Lower Carniola in?



37. Hej Slowianie, Hej Slovani and Hej Sloveni ( all the same song in different Slavic languages) mean?

‘Hey, Slavs’. ‘Hey, Slavs’


38. What is the name of Slovenia’s national anthem?



39. Dolenjska is called Unterkrain in?



40. What is Dolenjska?

A Slovenian region


41. The flute discovered in Divje Cave dates from the latest ice age, called?

Wurm glacial age in the Alpine region.


42. Where was the writer France Bevk (1890-1970) born?



43. The Divje Babe cave, near Cerkno, has had its praises sung as the site for the discovery of what is considered to be the world’s oldest example of which of these items?


44. The Slovenian city of Novo Mesto has been nicknamed _____because of the large number of sites that have been dug up in the area?

“City of Situlas”


45. Cerkno is a popular ski resort, as well as hosting a spring celebration called the ____which features carved wooden masks?

Laufarija Carnival


46. Which year did Slovenia become a member of the United Nations?

May 1992


47. What is Situla?

Bucket-shaped archeological artifact


48. Which is the birthplace of the Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770), and which includes several monuments to him?

City of Piran


49. Novo Mesto is an important site for the discovery of how many situlae dating from the early Iron Age Hallstatt culture (roughly between the 8th and 6th centuries BCE)?


50. Where is the WTA Slovenian Open tennis tournament and a Festival of Slovenian Film held?



51. The Alps landscape is in which part of Slovenia?



52. The Pannonian Basin landscape is in which part of Slovenia?



53. The Mediterranean climatic region is in which part of Slovenia?

Along the coast


54. The Dinarides landscape is in which part of Slovenia?



55. Name one of the largest caves in the world along the River canyon?

Martel’s Chamber


56. What region of Slovenia gave its name to a type of landscape formed when limestone bedrock is dissolved in running water to form underground caves and sinkholes?

Karst Plateau


57. The Slovenian coat of arms includes a stylized three-peaked mountain, representing the country’s highest point. Which mountain is this?



58. The Karst Plateau is found in the coastal part of Slovenia, although a portion extends north into which country?



59. ______ a UNESCO-listed site, has been a tourist attraction since at least 1819, when the first visitors’ book was established?

The Skocjan Caves


60. What is triglav called in Italian?



61. The Skocjan Caves lie along which river?

Reka river


62. Triglav is referred to as Terglau in which language?



63. How long does river Reka run underground?



64. Triglav is part of which alps in the northwestern part of Slovenia?

Julian Alps


65. Across which villages does River Reka run underground?

Skocjan and Monfalcone


66. Which are the landscape types found in Slovenia?

Alps, Dinarides, Pannonian Basin, Mediterranean climate region


67. Triglav has three peaks that are generally considered to represent what?

They sky, the earth and the underworld.


68. Slovenia has how many major landscapes?



69. River Reka is known as ________ as it flows into Italy?

Timavo River


70. Slovenia is a country of geographic diversity. What geographic feature is to the east of Slovenia?



71. In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, there is a famous tea party scene in which one of the attendees keeps falling asleep in a teacup. Which of these characters, who might well find a visit to Slovenia a risky business, was it?



72. Which country is located to the west of Slovenia?



73. When did Slovenia join the OECD?



74. Which country borders Slovenia to the north?



75. Who published the first Slovene grammar?

Jernej Kopitar


76. Who is the current Prime Minister of Slovenia?

Marjan Šarec


77. Who was Slovenia’s prime minister in 2006?

Janez Jansa


78. Who was the first President of Slovenia after independence?

Milan Kučan


79. What animal is celebrated on the international day on 20th May thanks to Slovenia?

A bee


80. Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain, measures?

2864 meters


81. The beautiful white horses used by the Spanish Riding School of Vienna are all members of a breed that was developed in Slovenia. Near which Slovenian town, which gave its name to the breed, was the original stud farm established by the Hapsburgs in the 16th century?



82. Slovenia is one of the countries in Europe with the most forest area. What percentage of its surface area is covered by forests?



83. What famous architect marked the appearance of modern day Ljubljana?

Joze Plecnik


84. Which other languages are considered semi-official in Slovenia?

Hungarian and Italian


85. To which noble animals is Lipica, an idyllic estate in the Karst, the home?



86. Which is the official language of Slovenia?



87. Which “world’s oldest plant” grows in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city?

Grape vine


88. Slovenia has long been a cultural crossroads, with many languages being spoken at different times in its various regions. Which of the following is one of the predominant linguistic and cultural groups to be found there?



89. Name one Slovenian basketball athlete?

Luca Doncic


90. Mount Triglav stands at the center of Triglav National Park, which covers an area of _________and features a number of scenic lakes and waterfalls.

838 sq km


91. Name the 3 most important caves in Slovenia?

Postojna cave, Snezna cave, cave pekel


92. How big is Slovenia (km2)?

24.354 km2


93. Next to which sea does Koper lie?

Adriatic sea


94. Name the countries bordering Slovenia?

Italy, Croatia, Austria, Hungary


95. Name 3 traditional Slovenian dishes?

Kranjska klobasa, potica, prekmurska gibanica


96. How many inhabitants are there in Slovenia?

2.1 million(2020)


97. What is the name of our only island?

Bled Island


98. Which are the colors of the Slovenian flag?

White, blue, red


99. Which is the longest river in Slovenia?

River Sava

100. Which symbols can be found on the Slovenian flag?

The sea, three stars, the mountain


101. Name 3 famous Slovene personalities?

Grega Zemlija, Zelijko Raznatovic, Samir Handanovic


102. Postojna cave is commonly referred to as?

Queen of the underground world


103. Who is Peter Prevc?

Best Slovenian Ski-jumper at the moment


104. How long is the Slovenian coastline?



105. How old has Slovenia been an independent country?

23 years since 1991


106. What does the shape of Slovenia remind you of?

A chicken


107. What is the name of the Slovenian sports car company?

Tushek Supercars


108. Where is Slovenia located?

Southern east Europe of Austria


109. Which animal lives in Slovenia’s biggest cave- the Postojna cave?

Proteus( human fish)


110. What are these dumplings called “idrija zlikrofi”?

Spiced potatoes


111. What holiday is on June 25?

Slovenia day


112. What is a super important part of Slovenian culture?



113. What do you remove when you come into a house?

Your shoes


114. What is the largest religion in Slovenia?


115. Name one tasty Slovenian treat?

Prekmurska gibanica


116. How many kisses on the cheek do you give friends/family members?

Prekmurska gibanica


117. The Slovenia state holiday  celebrated on June 25 is known as?

Dan drzavnosti


118. What kind of music do Slavs listen to?

Traditional folk music


119. In which peninsula does Slovenia lie?

Balkan Peninsula


120. What word means “no” in Slav?



121. What are the current environmental issues in Slovenia?

Water and Air pollution


122. Hurricanes and tornadoes are natural hazards in Slovenia?



123. What are some of Slovenia’s natural resources?

Zinc, building stones, hydro power, and timber


124. What kind of climate does Slovenia have?

Ranges from Mediterranean to continental


125. What percentage of the population of Slovenia lives in towns or cities?



126. How big is Slovenia?

A little smaller than New Jersey


127. Where is Slovenia located?

South Central Europe


128. Which of the following is not a Slovenian city? Kranj, Nove Zzamky, Velenje, Novo Mesto

Nove Zamky


129. What is a significant victory for the Slovenian Territorial Defense?

Siege of Ljubljana


130. The Ten-Day War was fought between Yugoslavia and ?



131. What was the name of the ceasefire that ended the Ten-Day War?

Brioni Accords


132. On which island were the Brioni Accords signed?

Croatian Brijuni Islands


133. Karst landscape is called ______ in Slovenia?





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