130+ Zambia Trivia Questions and Answers

Zambia is a landlocked, south-central African country surrounded by eight countries (Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, DRC, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola. Ironically, as a land-linked country, Zambia is the world’s eighth-largest copper producer after Russia.

The four significant mines that dominate the country’s production are Barrick Gold’s Lumwana, First Quantum Minerals, Kansanshi, Mopani Copper Mines (majority owned by Glencore), and Konkola Copper Mines, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources.

Other important exports from Zambia include flowers, tobacco, and electricity.

Zambia Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

With nature at its best, Zambia is home to the UNESCO- Listed Victoria Falls, the world’s giant water curtain. Sharing the epic nature with Zimbabwe, the magnificent fall is 1700m wide, drops approximately 108m, and spans the entire width of the Zambezi River.

Did you know Victoria Falls was named by David Livingstone, the first explorer to come across the fall? Livingstone named the fall after his wife, Queen Elizabeth. For more mind-blowing facts, keep scrolling to learn.

Read on to discover Zambia in-depth.

1. Which of these European countries is closest in physical size (area) to Zambia? Your options: [ Germany ] [ France ] [ Switzerland ] [ Italy ]

France, Zambia is 290,587 square miles (752,618 square kilometers), slightly larger than France’s 248,573 square miles (including overseas departments).


2. Where is the Mulungushi Rock of Authority found?

Central Province


3. Which is the isolated rock hill where people gather to hear speeches and hold rallies. What term is used to describe an “isolated rock hill”?



4. The ________has been called “the birthplace of Zambian independence”

Mulungushi Rock of Authority


5. _______ was first used as a gathering site in 1958 by the Zambian African National Congress (ZANC) ?

Mulungushi Rock of Authority


6. The Zambian African National Congress (ZANC), a group that sought to advance?

The right to vote for black people.


7. Some of the followers broke away from the ZANC and formed?

The United National Independence Party (UNIP)


8. The kopje, with its ready water supply and space for outdoor speeches, accommodated about _____ people in 1960 for the first UNIP party meeting.



9. Zambia has land borders with ____ other countries.



10. Zambia has land borders with eight other countries making it a?


11. Which country borders Zambia to the west?



12. Which country borders Zambia to the north?

The Congo Free State, The Belgian Congo, and Zaire, which is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


13. Which country borders Zambia to the south?

Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana


14. Which country borders Zambia to the northeast?



15. Which country borders Zambia to the east?



16. Victoria Falls is located on which river? Your options: [ Zambezi River ] [ Kafue River ] [ Luangwa River ] [ Luapula River ]

Zambezi River


17. Which river is a tributary to the river Congo?

The Luapula river


18. Next we visit the province in Zambia which is informally called the Kopala. What is the name of this province, which, during the 1950s, was the world’s largest producer of a certain natural resource? Your options: [ Goldbelt ] [ Iron Belt ] [ Copperbelt ] [ Diamond Belt ]



19. When did westerners discover copper?



20. When did Zambia become the official name for this country?



21. The Copperbelt was the largest copper-producing region in the world in the?

The 1950s


22. The Luapula River marks the border between Zambia and which country? Your options: [the Democratic Republic of the Congo. ] [ Namibia ] [ Angola ] [ Botswana ]

The Democratic Republic of the Congo.


23. As of 2015, copper and cobalt mining still continues to be an important source of Zambia’s revenue, comprising ______ of Zambia’s exports?



24. Which year did the copper market crash?



25. In 1935, Lusaka replaced which city was the capital of Northern Rhodesia? Your options: [ Livingstone ] [ Rhodes ] [ Stanley ] [ Salisbury ]



26. Livingstone is also known as?



27. Zambezi river is the __ river in Africa?

Zambezi river


28. Which is the largest river in Zambia?

Zambezi river


29. Zambia shares Victoria Falls with which other country?



30. Which is the most famous physical feature in Zambia.

Victoria Falls


31. Which of these countries did not take part in building the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority? Your options: [ India ] [ Tanzania ] [ Zambia ] [ China ]



32. TAZARA Railway was built from?



33. Which mammal is found in the Zambezi River as it flows into the Indian Ocean?

Shark species


34. The River Zambezi marks the southern border of Zambia. Into which ocean does it flow? Your options: [ Indian Ocean ] [ North Atlantic ] [ Pacific ] [ South Atlantic ]

Indian Ocean


35. What is the name of the river in the western part of Zambia?



36. Which of the following groups of Bantu people comprised almost 40% of the province’s population in 2010? Your options: [ San ] [ Bedouin ] [ Chewa ] [ Masai ]



37. Chewa divided into which two groups?

Banda and Phiri


38. Which of these European countries is the only one to border MORE countries than Zambia does? Your options: [ France ] [ Germany ] [ Austria ] [ Turkey ]



39. When was the first Chewa kingdom established?


40. Today the Chewa are a matrimonial society, but each village is ruled by a headman called?

A “mfumu”


41. Chewa people are known for making what?

Elaborate masks, their agricultural techniques, and their secret society


42. Lusaka became the capital of the newly-independent state of Zambia in?



43. What is the name of the Chewa secret society?



44. Nyau consists of which members?

Who has been initiated.


45. Which are the colors of Zambia’s flag?

Red, Black, and orange


46. Which animal appears on the Zambian flag?

An eagle


47. Which of these countries does NOT border Zambia? Your options: [ Kenya ] [ Zimbabwe ] [ Tanzania ] [ Namibia ]



48. Which is the second longest river in Africa?



49. In 1928, The Benguela Railway connected Zambia to?


50. Which rail allowed a link to Malawi?



51. Which year was a new railway opened to connect Zambia with the ocean?



52. Where is the harbor that connects Zambia to the ocean?

Dar es Salaam – Tanzania


53. Beira was the original harbor that allowed rail access to?



54. River Luapula connects Lake Bangweulu to which river?



55. What is the currency of Zambia?

The kwacha


56. Which river forms a border between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo?

Luapula River


57. The Kwacha is subdivided into__ngwee?



58. Kwacha word is derived from which word?

Bemba word for “dawn.”


59. Which year was the first Kwacha issued?



60. Which is the longest and largest river that lies wholly within Zambia?



61. Which is the tributary of the Zambezi, rising to the east of the Zambezi’s source in North-Western Province and passing through the town for which it was named before joining the Zambezi north of the town of Lukulu?



62. Which river rises in Angola before flowing across Zambia to become the Upper Zambezi’s largest tributary?

The Lungwebungu River


63. What is the biggest national park in Zambia?

Kafue National Park


64. Which year was Kafue National Park established?



65. Which year was Lake Kariba created as a HydroElectric Lake, with power going to both Zambia & Zimbabwe?



66. How many people were displaced when Lake Kariba was formed?

30, 000


67. Which of these is a man-made lake? Your options: [ Kariba ] [ Bangwelu ] [ Tanganyika ] [ Mweru ]



68. What is the border length of Zambia and Zimbabwe?

797 km


69. How long is the Zambian coastline?

There is no coastline


70. What is the border length of Zambia and Tanzania?

338 km


71. Which of these nations shares the shortest border with Zambia, at less than 0.62 miles (1 kilometer)? Your options: [ Zimbabwe ] [ Botswana ] [ Tanzania ] [ Namibia ]



72. What is the border length of Zambia and Namibia?

233 km


73. What is the official language of Zambia?



74. Zambia has over___ indigenous languages and dialects that are members of the Bantu family?



75. Although Lusaka was not the original capital, the governmental center was moved there in which year?



76. The government center was moved from Lusaka to which city?



77. Who was the headman of the Soli people?



78. Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, is also the name of one of Zambia’s ten provinces. According to historians, how did Lusaka get its name?

After a village headman named Lusaka


79. Which is the smallest park in Zambia?

Mosi Oa Tunya


80. Which ecosystem best describes most of Zambia?

Grasslands, savannas and shrublands


81. What is the area coverage of Mosi Oa Tunya?



82. Which of these is the most common natural hazard in Zambia? Your options: [ Tropical storms ] [ Periodic floods ] [ Earthquakes ] [ Periodic droughts ]

Tropical storms


83. Mafinga Central is located in the Mafinga Hills ridge on the?

Zambia/Malawi border.


84. Kafue is the largest national park with an area of?

22,000 sqm.


85. What mountain in Zambia is 2,339 meters (7,674 feet) tall and best accessed from Chisenga, Malawi?

Mafinga Central.


86. What is the capital city of Zambia?



87. What is the area of Zambia?

290,000 square miles


88. Zambia has how many ports?



89. Zambia ranks as the_____ world’s largest country in the world?



90. On which lake is Zambia’s only harbor port?

Lake Tanganyika


91. What is the name of Zambia’s port?



92. Muchinga Province in northeast Zambia is named after a range of mountains that “separate areas of land at different heights”. What is this type of feature called?



93. Name one ore of copper exported by Zambia?



94. Color green on the Zambia flag?



95. Color red on Zambia’s flag represents what?

Struggle for freedom


96. Copper is one of Zambia’s exports. One of copper’s ores is malachite. What color is malachite?



97. Orange hue on Zambia’s flag represents?

Mineral wealth


98. Malachite is green and often used in making?



99. Which is the height spot in Zambia?

Mafinga Hills

100. What is the name of the big lake in the northern part of Zambia?

Lake Bangweulu


101. Mafinga Hills is how many feet above sea level?



102. The Zambezi Sawmills Railway helped link to which of the Zambian Rail Network?



103. The Zambezi Sawmills Railway helped exploit the forests of the?

Mulobezi area


104. Lake Tanganyika is the second largest lake in Africa after?

Lake Baikal


105. Which of these four men is a former president of Zambia? Your options: [ Kenneth Kaunda ] [ Laurent Kabila ] [ Robert Mugabe ] [ Nelson Mandela ]

Kenneth Kaunda


106. What is the height of the lowest point in Zambia?

1,079 feet (329 meters) above sea level.


107. Victoria Falls or Mosi oa Tunya, was created by the Zambesi eroding back through a basalt outcrop. How many previous “Victoria Falls” have there been?



108. What river is the lowest point in Zambia?



109. How many su-groups of the Lozi have lived in western Zambia since the early 1800s?



110. Lozi people make their living in a way that is traditional to many groups in Africa, such as the Masai in Kenya. What is this occupation?

Cattle raising


111. Bemba people make up what % of the Zambia population?



112. Western Province in Zambia is home to the?



113. Which is significantly the largest ethnic group in the Zambian population today, with almost twice as many members as any single group? Your options: [ Bemba ] [ Tonga ] [ White ] [ Lozi ]



114. Bemba people are mainly found in which provinces?

Northern, Luapula and Copperbelt


115. What is the origin of the Bemba people?

Luba and Lunda states of the upper Congo basin


116. Which is also the biggest mine in Zambia?

Konkola Copper Mine


117. Where was David Livingstone buried?

Westminster Abbey, London UK.


118. What is the wettest mine in Zambia?

Konkola Copper Mine


119. Where was the heart of David Livingstone buried?



120. Which year did Davis Livingstone die?

30th April, 1873


121. Which of these cities is NOT located in Zambia? Your options: [ Lusaka ] [ Dodoma ] [ Kitwe ] [ Ndola ]



122. Which is the most populous city in Zambia?



123. Which is the second most populous city in Zambia?



124. Our last stop in Zambia is located in South Province and is a site called Mosi-oa-Tunya that is shared with neighboring Zimbabwe. What did Scottish missionary David Livingstone name this site?

Victoria Falls


125. Which is the third most populous city in Zambia?



126. Victoria Falls, Tongan name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, means?

“The Smoke that Thunders”


127. Due to its width and height _______is said to be the largest waterfall in the world, although it is not the highest?

Victoria Falls


128. The Zambian national soccer team is nicknamed?



129. What is the other nickname of Zambia’s national soccer team?

The Copper Bullets


130. Which of these languages are indigenous to Zambia? Your options: [ Bemba & Tonga ] [ Xhosa and Zulu ] [ Swahili and Arabic ] [ German and French ]

Bemba & Tonga


131. Bemba is spoken around which lake?

Lake Mweru


132. What is the main color in the flag of Zambia?



133. Tonga is spoken in which part?

South of Zambia


134. Zambia was part of which federation?

Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland


135. Who was Zambia’s president in 1992?

Frederick Chiluba




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