140+ Homeland Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The winner of 6 Emmy Awards, including the espionage Drama Series, Homeland is an edge-of-your-seat sensation. The story of (Damian Lewis) Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who is a war hero and significant threat, together with CIA officer Carrie Mathison, is a delicate dance the two characters perform built on desire, lies, and suspicion.

Homeland Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

“Homeland,” is a psychological thriller movie, that tells the story of Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), a CIA officer battling her own demons. Later, the bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced that the intelligence that led to the rescue of Scott Brody (Damian Lewis), a U.S. soldier who had been missing and presumed dead for nine years, was a setup and may be connected to an Al Qaeda plot to be carried out on American soil.

While Brody is welcomed home as a war hero, Carrie goes to any possible lengths she can reach to catch him out. Test your knowledge of Homeland with the following Homeland trivia quiz.

1. Which actress plays the part of Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Agency officer?

Claire Danes


2. “Homeland” premiered in October of this year.

October 2, 2011


3. In which year did Clare win the ‘Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series’, for her part in the Homeland show?



4. “Homeland” is based on the Israeli series “Hatufim,” which means ______________.

Prisoner of war


5. What actor plays the part of Nicholas Brody, Congressman and Former Gunnery Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps?

Damian Lewis


6. Who is the former prisoner of war in the first 3 seasons?

Nicholas Brody


7. Who’s the bad guy in Seasons 1 and 2?

Abu Nazir


8. Who is Nicholas Brody’s wife in the show?



9. Who is Nicholas Brody’s daughter in the show?



10. Who is Nicholas Brody’s son in the show?



11. For how many years was Brody held captive by Abu Nasir?



12. Who plays the role of Jessica, Nick’s wife?

Morena Baccarin


13. With whom does Brody’s wife have an affair while Brody is gone?

His best friend Mike


14. Who plays the part of Nick’s daughter, Dana?

Morgan Saylor


15. While on a family vacation to this Civil War site, Brody picks up his suicide vest.



16. Who plays the part of Nick’s son, Chris?

Jackson Pace


17. Brody takes a solo trip to retrieve his suicide vest from who?

A local tailor


18. What is the name of the Al-Qaeda commander, who successfully turned Brody to his side?

Abu Nazir


19. Why doesn’t Brody detonate his suicide vest in the Season 1 finale?

He gets a call from his daughter.


20. Which actor plays the role of Abu Nasir?

Navid Negahban


21. Saul and Carrie’s first big mission of Season 2 takes place in this city.



22. After Brody was beaten and abused by his guards, Nazir approached him seemingly with compassion. Why does he do so?

So as to win Nicholas’ trust.


23. How does Abu Nazir die?

A SWAT team kills him.


24. Who teaches Nazir’s son English?



25. Who does Quinn work for?

CIA black ops


26. Who is Nasir’s son?



27. Do Director Estes call who to do surveillance on Brody?

Peter Quinn


28. Brody recorded himself, proclaiming he was a terrorist and was planning an attack by strapping a suicide vest to his body in order to kill Vice President Walden.



29. Where is Brody during the CIA bombing?

CIA headquarters


30. After the failed suicide-bombing mission, by what means did the Al-Qaeda commander expect Brody to prove his loyalty in season 1?

By killing his friend and fellow terrorist Tom Walker


31. What are Brody and Carrie doing when the bomb goes off?

CIA for Vice President Walden’s memorial service


32. Who while in captivity, Nazir and his men already made him think he beat Tom to death?



33. While Nazir is holding Carrie hostage, he forces Brody to kill which guy?

Vice President Walden


34. Does Brody get to his suicide mission?



35. Where is Brody being held captive in Season 3?



36. After Nasir starts doubting Brody’s loyalty, he asks him to kill who so as to prove his loyalty?



37. When Carrie pulls “The Yoga Play” in Season 3, who is she trying to get away from?



38. What disease does Carrie suffer from?

Bipolar Disorder


39. Who helps Carrie put the slip on CIA surveillance by getting a look-alike to take her place in yoga class?



40. When Carrie is unable to avoid stress and does not always take her medication, at the end of season 1 she appears to go crazy and then even decides to undergo what?



41. Why does Quinn shoot Carrie during an operation to catch the Langley bomber?

Because she’s about to ruin a mission


42. Did Carrie try to commit suicide, by slitting her wrists, after her big part in an Iraq mission, when the CIA still shut her out of a debriefing for the successful mission (season 2)?



43. Who is Fara Sherazi?

CIA analyst


44. Out of Brody’s family, who was the first person to learn that he has become a devoted Muslim?

His daughter


45. Who does Javadi murder when he fails to turn up at a meeting with Carrie?

His family


46. Dana was caught praying to Allah in his secret hide-out?



47. Where does Dana find Nick praying to Allah?

At the garage


48. Who rescues Brody from the Tower of David?



49. Who is Saul Berenson?

CIA’s Middle-East Division Chief

50. How does Brody die?

He’s hanged


51. Who plays the part of Saul, the CIA’s Middle-East Division Chief?

Mandy Patinkin


52. At the end of Season 3, Carrie accepts which post in Istanbul?

Station chief


53. Who is the former boss and mentor to Carrie?

Mandy Patankin


54. At the start of Season 4, Carrie is the station chief in Kabul. Why?

She wanted to leave her daughter in the U.S.


55. Who is David Estes?

Director of the CIA’s Counter-terrorism Center and Carrie’s boss


56. How does Carrie end up as the station chief in Islamabad?

She blackmails Lockhart.


57. While Saul and Carrie have a warm and friendly relationship, David Estes, the director of the CIA’s Counter-terrorism Center and Carrie’s boss, sarcastically calls Carrie Saul’s what as the two have a rather disturbed working relationship, due to her hot-tempered personality?

‘Little Prodigy’


58. Who’s the bad guy in Season 4?

Haissam Haqqani


59. Claire Danes portrayed a character named Angela Chase on “My So-Called Life”. Which character does she play in “Homeland”?

Carrie Mathison


60. In season 4 who does Carrie target?

Haissam Haqqani


61. Carrie is a CIA agent who believes that recent POW Nicholas Brody has been turned into a terrorist by who?



62. Who is Haissam Haqqani?

Taliban commander


63. How many years did Brody spend as a captive?



64. Where was Brody in captivity?

In Afghanistan


65. Why does Quinn stop Carrie from ordering a drone strike on Haqqani?

Because Saul is in the car with him


66. Who converted Brody into Al-Qaeda terrorist?

Abu Nasir


67. What is Haqqani looking for when he infiltrates the embassy?

List of CIA assets in Pakistan


68. Mandy Patinkin played a Spanish fencing expert named Inigo Montoya who was looking to avenge his father’s death in a movie called “The Princess Bride”. What character does he play in “Homeland”?

Saul Berenson


69. Who guards the list of assets until Haqqani has a knife to Fara’s throat?



70. How did Abu Nazir’s son die?

Was killed by U.S. drone strikes.


71. Where’s the action in Season 5?



72. Who did Brody and Abu Nazir hold responsible for Issa’s death?

Vice President Walden


73. Where is General Youssef headed when his plane explodes?



74. How many kids were killed by the drone ordered by Waldn, the former head of the CIA Walden and Estes?

82 Children


75. Who had offered General Youssef a regime-change plan when his plane crashed?



76. Brody’s daughter dated a boy named?



77. Which Berlin landmark do the terrorists choose for the sarin-gas attack?

Berlin Hauptbahnhof


78. What is Finn’s significance?

Finn is Vice President Walden’s Son


79. What’s the name of Allison’s Russian contact?

Ivan Krupin


80. Who do Finn and Dana kill accidentally while on a joyride sans bodyguards?

A woman


81. How does Quinn die?

He inhales sarin gas.


82. Who does Finn meet at his father’s memorial?

His Maker


83. When Paul Crown rescues Frau Flusser from being attacked outside a Berlin department store, she lets him choose anything he wants from the store as a reward. What item does he choose?

A globe


84. While Brody was being tortured in Afghanistan, his wife was involved in a serious romantic relationship with one of Brody’s best friends. What’s his name?

Mike Faber


85. “Homeland” is based on which TV series?



86. After Brody’s return, Mike reluctantly gives up his relationship with who?



87. What political position has Brody held?



88. “Homeland” is based on the TV series “Hatufim” from another country. Which one?



89. Waden wants who as his VP on the presidential ticket?



90. Where is Homeland filmed?

North Carolina and Tel- Aviv Israel


91. Why does Paul choose a globe?

Because he likes to look at different countries and imagine what they are like.


92. Who taught Paul the basic principles of photography?

His friend Wexford Rooney


93. Later, when Paul’s work takes him around the world, he paints __ color onto the globe to mark each city he has visited?

Red dots


94. Paul is offered a job at which company?

Colonel Sidney Shadow’s ‘living picture’ company, American National Luxograph


95. What is the name of the ship on which Paul travels to America?



96. What is the name of the soldier who saves Paul from being eaten by land crabs in Cuba?

Ott Person


97. Who is Paul’s aunt?



98. Ott (short for Othello) dies from _____ later in the story?


99. Paul leaves which country after his aunt Lotte tells him she is ailing?


100. Paul’s original name was?

Pauli Kroner


101. Aunt Lotte is suffering from which disease?



102. Paul Kroner changed his name to?

Paul Crown


103. Aunt Lotte sends Paul live with his uncle called?

Joe Crown


104. Why does Paul Kroner change his name to Paul Crown after arriving in Chicago?

He wanted to sound more American


105. What does Joe Crown own in Chicago?



106. What is the other nickname of Paul in the second half of the book?



107. Paul meets journalist _____ at various key moments throughout the book.

Michael Radcliffe


108. Paul is nicknamed Dutch by?

Wex Roodney


109. Name one place where Paul meets with journalist Michael Radcliffe?

In Tampa


110. During the Spanish –American War, Paul meets who?

Journalist Michael Radcliffe


111. What does Ott Person call Paul?



112. In which country does Paul meet Michael Radcliffe at the railyard?



113. In which state does Paul meet Michael Radcliffe at the Columbian Exposition?



114. At the end of the book Paul is reunited with an old friend named?

Harry Poland


115. Where does Paul first encounter the Russian freelance reporter Mikhail Rhukov?



116. Harry has written a song, which is becoming famous all over the country. What is the title of this song?

Ragtime Rose


117. Where next does Paul meet the Russian freelance reporter Mikhail Rhukov?

Columbian Exposition of 1893


118. Where does Paul first meet Harry Poland?

On the ship to America


119. Who is Wexford Rooney?

A photographer


120. Paul first meets Harry Poland on the ship to America, when he is known by his real name of?

Herschel Wolinksi


121. When Paul meets for the third time in Tampa during the Spanish-American war, ___ has changed his name to Michael and is posing as an Englishman?



122. The debut series climaxed with Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) almost detonating an explosive vest at a vice-presidential summit. Why didn’t he?

He got a phone call from his brother


123. Paul falls in love with?

Juliette Vanderhof


124. The Israeli series on which Homeland is based, Hatufim, was given an English title when imported here?

Prisoners of War


125. Julliet Vandehoff is later married to?

William Vann Elstree III


126. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis were both Emmy-nominated for the first series. Did either of them win the award?

Yes they both won


127. Elstree is later murdered by ____, leaving Juliette free to marry Paul?

Rose French


128. In series two, how did Brody kill vice-president Walden?

Sabotaged his pacemaker


129. Which character is killed in the explosion at Crown’s brewery?

Benno Strauss


130. Carrie Mathison’s mentor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) appeared on an official line of T-shirts with what slogan?

Fear the beard


131. Who is Benno Strauss?

The leader of a group of socialists who work at Joe Crown’s brewery.


132. In which country was Brody killed at the end of series three?



133. When Joe refuses to give in to their demands of better working conditions and a shorter working day, What does Benno do?

Benno plants a bomb in the brewery.


134. On which US network is Homeland shown?



135. Who is Joe Junior?

Paul’s cousin


136. Brody briefly reappeared in series four. How?

Carrie hallucinated him


137. Joe Junior runs away from and travels to which place?



138. Homeland’s opening credits include excerpts of five US presidents’ voices, along with which jazz musician?


139. Who does Joe Junior send who to let her mother know he is still alive?



140. Where does the Geode Joe send her mom from?



141. What does Joe Junior send to her mom?

Grains of wheat, geode, and a box of candy oranges


142. The box of candy oranges is from which country?



143. Which position is Paul in a picture company?

Chief Camera Operator


144. How many grains of wheat does Joe Junior send her mom?



145. The grains of wheat Joe sends her mom are from?



146. For which motion picture company does Paul work as Chief Camera Operator?

American National Luxograph of Chicago



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