140+ House Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

House, an American medical drama television series was aired on the Fox network for eight seasons from November 16, 2004, to May 21, 2012. The story revolves around a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey.

Doctor Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), the main character, is an unconventional, misanthropic medical genius – his knowledge of medicine is astounding. He is in charge of the diagnosticians despite his dependence on pain medication. Managing drug addiction and poor people skills, House is tasked with diagnosing the most bizarre and undiagnosable cases.

House Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The series unfolds Doctor House’s struggle with the chronic pain in his leg and his lonely love life. Doctor House is impatiently determined to solve every puzzle he encounters. Some witty comedy is also included as he interacts with arrogant patients and other people throughout his day.

The series also focuses on the correlation between his colleagues, Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), the goody-two-shoes and sincere oncologist, and House’s employer, the beautiful Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

Try to answer this chunk of questions to test how well you have mastered the House series. Also, check out Grey’s Anatomy trivia for more medical drama quizzes.

1. What grade did the young woman in the pilot teach?



2. D is for: The first name of the creator of “House”, _____ Shore.



3. In the episode “Kids,” what is wrong with the girl?



4. “Once in a while, though, try to ruin my day. Ask me something I can say “yes” to.”

Dr. Cuddy


5. What brand of sneakers did House mostly wear in the first season?

Nike Shox


6. “Damned If You Do” – “Candy canes? Are you _____?”

Mocking me


7. Who was House’s past love interest whom he blamed for his chronic leg pain?



8. “Spin” – “Green for food, orange for beverages, red for __________.”

Impure thoughts


9. Which instruments can House play?

Piano and guitar


10. House tells you that he’s pretty sure he knows what is wrong with his patient. However, the treatment he presents is unethical and there is a very large chance the patient will die. What do you say to House?

“No way Jose! Find another method!”


11. H is for: Actor Laurie’s first name.



12. By season 3, lupus had become an inside joke on the series. In the episode “Finding Judas”, House reveals that he secretly stores what in a lupus textbook?

His Vicodin stash


13. “If her DNA was off by one percentage point, she’d be a dolphin.”

Dr. House


14. What specialty does Dr. James Wilson, Dr. House’s best friend, have?



15. “Euphoria Part 2” – “Ooh, level three. You should call _______.”

Jack Bauer


16. What drug is it that House takes for his leg pain?



17. “Family” – “Oh no, I left my door open. My dog must have run out into the street. ___________________.”

I hope he didn’t get hit by a car or a bus or an anvil


18. Why did House hire Dr. Foreman?

he was a delinquent


19. Who were the final four people before the House had to get rid of one of them?

Taub, Kutner, Thirteen, Amber


20. Which drug, generally used to calm a person, does the team use a lot when a person has a seizure?



21. A pregnant mother is admitted to the hospital and her condition quickly deteriorates. It’s clear that the pregnancy is hurting the mother, but the baby’s chances are low if it is delivered early. House claims only the mother can be saved and that the pregnancy should be terminated. Your conscience says you can’t let the baby die. How do you handle this? Do you listen to House?

No. All resources should be exhausted to save BOTH lives.


22. House’s parents are whom?

John and Blythe


23. “The Right Stuff” features a female pilot with NASA who hallucinates in a flight simulator and experiences synesthesia (hearing colors or seeing sounds). House, who is trying to select his new team, asks for diagnoses, which include lupus. The patient has a psychotic attack, but she resists surgery because it will obstruct her future career. Finally, who makes which correct diagnosis in the nick of time?

Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome, made by Chase


24. In the episode “Role Model,” why did House fire Dr Cameron?

He never did


25. I Can See My Kutner From Here! In season 5, Kutner’s death in “Simple Explanation” was deemed which of these?



26. C is for: What made the patient in the episode “Insensitive” feel no pain.



27. What is wrong with the teenage competitive diver Dr. House treats in season 1?

Ectopic pregnancy


28. “You’ve got the Rubik’s complex; you need to solve the puzzle.”

Dr. Wilson


29. In “Mob Rules”, House treated a patient who was involved in the Mafia. What was his name?

Joey Arnello


30. “House vs. God” – “You talk to God, you’re religious. God talks to you, ________.”

You’re psychotic


31. House: “It keeps me warm and cool. How does it know?” What is “it?”

New jacket


32. “The Mistake” – “Chase loves me…__________.”

And isn’t Turkish


33. What did House have in his leg that causes chronic pain?



34. What is the last name of the doctor who House calls “Thirteen”?



35. What does House say that all patients do?



36. House comes running into your office yelling about how some guy’s pancreas is about to explode because his brain is on fire. House is sure he knows what he’s doing, and even though it sounds outrageous you don’t think you have another option. What is your best course of action?

Trust him, but proceed cautiously.


37. G is for: The first name of Dr. House.



38. In Season 2’s “Clueless”, a man who begins to choke is rushed to Princeton-Plainsboro and quickly recovers, but his condition deteriorates at the hospital. After the patient develops a terrible itch, the team diagnoses either lupus or a food allergy. House, on the other hand, suspects heavy metal poisoning. The patient develops pain in his feet and again suffers respiratory difficulty. House suspects that the patient’s wife is poisoning him, and he eventually proves his theory. With what metal did the wife nearly kill her husband?



39. “Ironically, the mind of a killer looks completely normal.”

Dr. Chase


40. I Can See My Wilson From Here! Where did House and Wilson first meet, as stated in the season 5 episode “Birthmarks”?

New Orleans


41. “Need to Know” – “Ultrasound her uterus this time. See if there’s something growing in there _____________.”

That doesn’t look adorable in a onesie


42. Which actor plays Dr. Greg House?

Hugh Laurie


43. “Son of a Coma Guy” – “House’s house of whining. ____________.”

State your complaint


44. “You can trust me.” Who said this to House?

Dr. Chase


45. When Dr. House was hiring new people to be on his team, were there originally any sets of twins or triplets trying for the job?

Yes, twins.


46. Who is the hospital administrator?

Dr. Lisa Cuddy


47. House ditched his clinic hours this week, and even though you know he hates the clinic the hours need to be made up. How do you get House to do his clinic hours?

Any of these


48. Season 4’s first episode, “Alone” occurs after House’s original team leaves him, and he takes the case of a woman who hallucinates and then collapses. Lupus is the first diagnosis for the case, made by whom?

A janitor


49. What department does House head?

Diagnostic Medicine

50. I Can See My Taub From Here! Before applying as an intern under Dr. House in season 4, what field of medicine did Dr. Taub work in?


51. How much money does Edward Vogler donate to Princeton Plainsboro Hospital in exchange for becoming Chairman of the Board?

$100 million


52. B is for: One of the production companies for the show.

Bad Hat Harry Productions


53. What is Dr. Foreman’s first name?



54. “If they don’t know what you look like, they can’t yell at you.”

Dr. House


55. What was the name of House’s ex-lover who was first introduced in “Three Stories”?

Stacy Warner


56. “Autopsy” – “Is it still illegal to perform ___________?”

An autopsy on a living person


57. “The Socratic Method” – “And if it wasn’t for that raving untreated schizophrenic Socrates, we wouldn’t have the Socratic Method, the best way of teaching everything – apart from ___________.”

Juggling chainsaws


58. In season two of “House”, a teenage heart transplant patient nearly dies from what affliction?

Allergic reaction


59. During the episode “Frozen”, what did the boyfriend of the severely injured girlfriend have to do last?

Snap her toe in place since it was broken


60. A patient from the clinic is upset because House has said something rude (for the millionth time). What do you do?

Make House apologize.


61. Chase specializes in what?

Intensive care medicine


62. The first diagnosis of lupus occurs in the Season 1 “Detox” episode. A teenage boy presents symptoms of uncontrollable coughing and coughing up blood. Weeks later, the boy continues the bleed uncontrollably. Cancer and lupus are suspected, but ultimately rejected. The patient gets a retina clot and loses his vision, and he begins to vomit despite treatment. After the patient hallucinates his dead cat, House comes to the correct diagnosis: naphthalene poisoning. What type of animal caused the poisoning?



63. House to Mark: “It’s not what you think. I know it looks like we’re ________ but actually, we’re just having sex.” They were doing what?

Washing dishes


64. I Can See My Foreman From Here! In the episode “Euphoria Part 2” in season 2, Foreman becomes infected by a patient’s life-threatening disease. House later determines the true cause. Which of these explains the original patient’s Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis?

Contaminated water


65. How far, in years, was House behind on his “obligations on the clinic” according to Cuddy on the first episode?



66. Whose house did Greg House drive into at the end of season 7, which results in his going to jail?

Dr. Lisa Cuddy


67. Which one of these is true about Dr James Wilson?

He is House’s friend and is an oncologist


68. “I only have two things that work for me – this job and this stupid screwed up friendship.” Who said this?

Dr. Wilson


69. E is for: Dr. Lisa Cuddy’s specialty.



70. Who is the neurologist on Dr. House’s team?

Dr. Eric Foreman


71. “How would you feel if I interfered in your personal life?”

Dr. Chase


72. “Acceptance” – “You know how people say you can’t live without love? Well, _________.”

Oxygen’s even more important


73. In the pilot episode, who did Wilson say that the patient was to convince House to take the case of the patient?

Wilson’s cousin


74. “Airborne” – “Give her 20 milligrams of anti-histamine. It could save her life. _____________.”

Because if she doesn’t shut up, I’ll kill her


75. House has two specialties. One is an infectious disease and the other is being a what?



76. In the episode, “House’s Head”, House makes several attempts to figure out what happened in the bus. What DIDN”T he do?

Taste to jog the memory


77. You have been trying to get pregnant through a sperm donor for a very long time but have been unsuccessful. House finds out about it and, while detoxing, makes an unusually cruel comment. How upset do you get?

You cry when he’s not around. You don’t want him to know it hurts.


78. A is for: Dr. Cameron’s first name.



79. “Merry Little Christmas” occurs directly after “Finding Judas”, and centers around a young girl who has a collapsed lung. After liver and pancreas failure, the team suspects either lupus or cancer is responsible. House suspects Stihl’s disease, but eventually realizes that the patient has Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Why didn’t the team realize the diagnosis earlier?

The girl was extremely short, so they thought she was a dwarf.


80. “When you break into someone’s house, it’s always better to have a white chick with you.”

Dr. Foreman.


81. I Can See My Cameron From Here! In the season 3 finale (“Human Error”), House’s team quickly gets disbanded. What does Dr. Cameron end up doing?

Resign from her job


82. “Poison” – “You put the Queen on your money. _________.”

You’re British


83. Which patient has Dr. House arrested after House shoves a tube up their rectum?

Detective Tritter


84. “Fidelity” – “A patient comes to us because she’s sleeping sixteen hours a day and it takes ten doctors and a coma ____________.”

To diagnose sleeping sickness


85. What was the name of the Hartig baby in “Maternity?”



86. In the last episode of season four, “Wilson’s Heart”, who dies?



87. What were the conditions for Cameron to come back to work?

House had to go on a date with her


88. It’s Monday morning and House is late for work. Again. He walks into the door thirty minutes late. What is your response?

Roll your eyes and make a sarcastic comment.


89. What did House name the rat he caught in Stacy’s attic?

Steve McQueen


90. Which of House’s employees is notorious for making the incorrect lupus diagnosis? (Note: That employee resigns after Season 3, but returns to work at Princeton-Plainsboro in a different department.)



91. What kind of metaphors does House like to use?



92. I Can See My Cuddy From Here! In season 5, Lisa Cuddy adopts a baby girl. What is her name?



93. What crime did Dr Foreman commit when he was a teenager?

Car theft


94. The death of which character’s father caused the death of a patient?

Robert Chase


95. How did Dr. House finally recognize that Amber was the one dying in the bus crash?

A necklace.


96. Who said this quote? “You’re a coward, House. You find fault in everybody because you’re afraid to look at yourself.”



97. You have just faced a tragic situation and are devastated. House shows up and, thinking he’s there to laugh in your face, you get mad at him. Then, all of a sudden, he kisses you! You’ve got to make a split-second decision. Quick! How do you react?

Kiss him back of course!


98. I is for: Dr. Cameron’s specialty.



99. “You Don’t Want to Know” features a magician who starts bleeding during a magic show attended by some of House’s fellows. He then begins to have a serious nosebleed, and eventually has a seizure. House suspects amyloidosis, but a discussion with Wilson leads him to the correct diagnosis. What did the magician suffer from?


100. “I teach you to lie and cheat and steal…and as soon as my back is turned, you wait in line?”

Dr. House


101. I Can See My House From Here! Over the course of the series, Dr. House deals with an addiction to which of these pain medications?



102. “Act Your Age” – “Bees or monkeys, yes. ___________.”

Sociopaths, no


103. Which character leaves the hospital at the beginning of season 5 after his serious girlfriend was killed helping Dr. House?

Dr. James Wilson


104. “Finding Judas” – “This baby won me second place in ______________.”

The clinic’s weekly ‘weirdest thing pulled out of an orifice’ competition


105. Who said that House must fire one of his team members?



106. Who plays Dr. Kutner?

Kal Penn


107. What is the name of the hospital House works at?

Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital


108. You are in the middle of a date when House shows up at your home to interrupt (on purpose of course). He has no intention of leaving, but you have to get rid of him. How do you get House to leave?

Accuse him of liking you.


109. While House was giving a lecture to medical students, it was finally revealed about what happened to his leg. Which episode was this?

Three Stories


110. A champion drag racer collapses after a successful race in “Whatever it Takes”. After a visitor from the CIA takes House to another patient, his fellows have to diagnose and treat the racer on their own. After the patient gets a fever and has a seizure, Taub suspects lupus and Foreman diagnoses multiple sclerosis. When a polio test comes back positive, the team believes they have found the answer; however, they realize that it’s not correct. What eventually is the diagnosis?

Heat stroke


111. Who hates sports metaphors?



112. I Can See My Amber From Here! Dr. Volakis passed away in the season 4 finale, “Wilson’s Heart”. Which of these compromised organs was integral in sealing her fate?



113. What game does House like to play on his GameBoy?



114. Does Dr. Cameron attempt to avoid getting a final test for what disease she might have contracted from a patient?



115. For how many years did Stacy and House live together?



116. N is for: Dr. Eric Foreman’s specialty.



117. In season two’s “The Mistake,” what symptom did Chase not examine for that lead to “the mistake?”

Stomach pain


118. M is for: House’s favorite video game.



119. Which actor portrays House?

Hugh Laurie


120. In “Occam’s Razor”, House treated a college student who has prescribed the wrong medications after being treated by another doctor. What was that medication supposed to be for?



121. In the episode “All In,” what was the diagnosis for the boy?

Erdheim Chester Disease


122. L is for: The name of the episode where Cameron and House go on a date.

Love Hurts


123. J is for: The first name of Dr. Wilson.



124. K is for: The episode title where an outbreak of meningitis happens at a swim meet.



125. “How long can you go without annoying people?”

Dr. Wilson


126. Cuddy said House was not worth $100_________.



127. “Half Wit” – “Did you come for my feelings? Because ________.”

I left them in my other pants


128. One of House’s patients was a nun. What was the diagnosis?

Allergic to copper


129. “Failure to Communicate” – “You know, Stacy in the original Greek means ‘____________’.

Relationship killer


130. P is for: The hospital at which the show takes place.

Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital


131. S is for: The first name of House’s ex-girlfriend.



132. Where is Chase from?



133. R is for: The first name of Dr. Chase.



134. O is for: Dr. James Wilson’s specialty.



135. T is for: The final diagnosis in the episode “Kids”“.

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura


136. In the beginning of “Poison”, an exam was being given when a student passed out. What was this exam?



137. U is for: In the episode “The Mistake”, Dr. Chase misses a bleeding _____ which causes the patient to go septic.



138. W is for: The type of clinic that House hates to treat patients at.



139. Y is for: The fifth episode of the first season, “Damned If ___ Do”.



140. X is for: The type of medical machine that is used to look at bones.



141. Z is for: A blood infection causing the embolization and necrosis of surrounding tissue. Also the final diagnosis in the episode “Who’s Your Daddy?”.






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