140+ Texas Trivia Questions and Answers

Texas is the second-largest state in America in terms of area and population. It’s actually bigger than any European country.

Texas’ rich history makes San Antonio, a tourist destination for many. The place still holds a number of notable Spanish missions and forts that served as battlegrounds during Texas’ war for independence such as the Battle of Gonzales and the San Jacinto War among many others.

Texas Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

It is home to more native species of bats than any other place in the U.S. You can take different spots at sunset to watch swarms of bats fly in the skies.

A number of well-known celebrities were born and raised in Texas! From popular music icons like  Beyonce, Selena Gomez, and Kelly Clarkson, to actors like Michael Strahan, Jensen Akles, Morgan Fairchild e.t.c. Also, two former US Presidents were born in Texas; President Lyndon B. Johnson and President Dwight Eisenhower.

Curious to know more about Texas? Quiz yourself with the following set of Texas trivia questions and answers.


1. Where does Texas rank population-wise among the other states?

It is the second most populous.


2. Is Texas a state?



3. What is the Texas state plant?

Prickly pear cactus


4. How many tornadoes endure by Texas per year?

On average, Texas will have to endure 139 tornadoes every year.


5. Texas is the second-largest of the 50 U.S. states, with only what state being larger?



6. Name the most popular snacks in Texas?

Corn dogs, Frito pie, Beef jerky.


7. Texas shares an international border with which four Mexican states?

Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas.


8. What is the Texas state molecule?



9. How many colors are there in the flag of Texas?

3 colors


10. What US State borders Texas to the west?

New Mexico


11. Name the colors in the flag of Texas?

Red, White, Blue.


12. How many barrels of oil can the Texas refineries process per day?

4.6 million barrels


13. What red color represents?

It represents courage


14. What white color represents?

It represents liberty


15. Which state borders Texas to the north?



16. Who was the first president to be born in Texas?

Dwight D. Eisenhower


17. What is the Texas state insect?

Monarch butterfly


18. What is the oldest law enforcement agency in the US?

Texas Rangers


19. The state of Texas is known for its harsh criminal punishment and is one of 32 states that use what?

Capital punishment


20. How many highways exist in Texas?

More than 70,000 miles


21. What is the Texas state gem?

Texas blue topaz


22. Who died at the Alamo in Texas?

Davy Crockett


23. What state shares a border with Texas to the east?



24. Which state is home to the first female governor ever elected in any state. Name it?



25. What is the Texas state fruit?

Texas red grapefruit


26. In which month, does Texas host the largest and oldest rattlesnake roundup?

In March


27. How big is Texas in square miles?



28. In which state, the world’s largest parking lot is?

Dallas/Fort Worth airport


29. What size in barrels is the known oil deposits in Texas?

about 5 billion barrels.


30. What is the fourth-largest city in the United States?



31. What is the Texas state fish?

Guadalupe bass.


32. In which year Texas was admitted to the union?



33. What is the biggest city in the state of Texas?



34. How many miles does Texas extend from north to south?

800 miles


35. What city is the second-largest in the state?

San Antonio


36. The state of Texas is one of only seven US states that do not have a what?

State income tax


37. Which is the only natural lake found in Texas?

Caddo Lake


38. What city is the capital of Texas?



39. Which site is considered the Cradle of Texas liberty?



40. How many nations have ruled over Texas?



41.  Who invented the phrase “Don’t Mess with Texas”?

It is invented by an advertising agency in 1985 for the Texas Department of Transportation.


42. What is the nickname for the state of Texas?

The Lone Star State


43. When did Texas become the 28th State of the Union?

On February 19, 1846


44. How much of the Texas land area is desert?

Less than 10 percent


45. Which country is the only town on the planet to bear the name ‘Earth’?

Texas, in which there’s a town called Earth in the plains of Llano Estacado.


46. What country was the first European country to claim the area that is now Texas?



47. Which country has an impact of their cultural values on Texas?



48. What is the Texas state dish?

chili con carne


49. Which language is still spoken today in Texas under the influence of culture of Germany?

Texas German


50. In which towns Texas German is spoken?

Particularly in the towns of Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, Boerne, Schulenburg and Weimar.


51. What is the largest metro of Texas?

Dallas-Forth worth metroplex


52. What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Texas?

120F (48.8 C) equivalent to Saharan desert


53. In 1836 when Texas won its independence from Mexico, it became a what?

Independent Republic


54. Which city has the most live music venues per capita in US?



55. Texas joined the Union as the 28th state on what date?

In 1845


56. What do you know about South by Southwest (SXSW)?

An annual film, music, interactive festival known as South by Southwest (SXSW).


57. Texas is 10% larger than what European country?



58. In which year and month this festival is held?

March 9, 2012


59. What three rivers are also borders of Texas?

The Rio Grande, the Red River, and the Sabine River.


60.  Austin is home for how many bands?

More than 1,900


61. What is the Texas state dog?

Blue Lacy


62. Where ACL is recorded?

It is recorded at ACL Live at the Moody Theater.


63. The state of Texas has 3,700 named streams and how many major rivers?



64. Texas has which pop-rock band from Glasgow?



65. Which refinery located in the Houston area is the biggest in the entire country?

The Baytown Refinery


66. In which year did Texas make its performing debut?

In March, 1988


67. Which river in Texas is the largest?

The Rio Grande


68. At which university did Texas make its debut?

University of Dundee


69. Name the famous musician of Texas?

Janis Joplin and Buddy Holly.


70. Texas does not have many natural lakes, but it has over 100 artificial?



71. Write down some names of musical innovations of Texas pioneers?

Tejano, Conjunto music, Rock n Roll, Western swing, Jazz, Punk rock, Hip hop, Electronic music, Religious music, Psychedelic rock, Zydeco and the Blues.


72. Which international musician has been successful in Texas?

Alberta, Canada Native, Corb Lund.


73. What type of liquor does Roger Creager sing about in his 1998 smash hit?

Everclear (An invisible intoxicator).


74. How old are the oldest rocks to be found in Texas?

About 1,600 million years old


75. Who sings ‘Dancehall Dreamer’?

Pat Green


76. Texas is home to how many species of mammals?



77. What is the official state song of Texas?

Texas, Our Texas.


78. Texas has the greatest diversity of what type of animal in the United States with 590 native species in all?



79. Who compose the official state song of Texas?

Composer William J. Marsh of Fort Worth along with Lyricist Gladys Yoakum Wright.


80. Lady Bird Johnson, worked to draw attention to Texas what?



81. Where Austin is located?

Located within Travis Country in Texas


82. In 2010, how many millionaires lived in Texas?



83. Why Austin is said to be the live music capital of the world?

Because many musician and live music concerts occur in the city of Austin.


84. In which year Silicon Hills considered as a nickname of Austin and why?

Because due to a rapid influx of technology and development companies, in 1990s it is considered as nick name.


85. Texas suffers from the most tornadoes in the United States, with an average of how many tornadoes per year?



86. What is the unofficial slogan of Austin?

Keep Austin Weird


87. What is the Texas state bird?

Northern Mockingbird


88. What does its slogan refer to?

It refers to the desire to protect small, unique, and local business from being overrun by large corporations.


89. In what three months are Tornadoes in Texas most likely to occur?

April, May, and June


90. The Galveston hurricane of 1900 was the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history and killed approximately how many people?



91. Since the 19th century what Austin is known as and why?

It has been known as the City of the Violet Crown because of the colorful glow of light across the hills just after sunset.


92. What is the Texas state tree?



93. Is Austin is the 11th most populous city in the US?



94. Texas emits the most of what type of gases in the U.S. into the earth’s atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases


95. In which number does Austin lie as the most populous city of Texas?

Fourth most populous city of Texas


96. What was the first historical document related to Texas that was created in 1519 by Spanish explorer Alonso Álvarez de Pineda?

Was a map of the Gulf Coast


97. In which year was Austin incorporated?

December 27, 1837


98. On January 10, 1901, What was the name of the first major oil well in Texas?



99. Who is the mayor of Austin?

Steve Adler


100. How many areas of the state capital city are there?

305.1 sq mi (790.1 km2)


101. At the peak of the Texas oil boom, how many barrels of oil per day was Texas producing?

Three million


102. How many companies have headquarters or regional offices in Austin?



103. In 1901, when the state legislature passed a bill requiring a poll tax for voting, which groups of people were disfranchised?

Most blacks, many poor whites and Latinos.


104. Name some worldwide headquarters located in the regions of Austin?

3M, Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Texas instrument, Whole Foods Market.


105. How many populations were estimated in the year 2018?



106. On November 22, 1963, what U.S. President was shot and killed in Dallas in his motorcade by an assassin?

John F. Kennedy


107. What is the time zone followed in Austin?



108. What are the area codes?

512 and 737


109. What is the Texas state motto?



110. In which year the first American school mass shooting incident took place in Austin?

August 1, 1966


111. Which city is the main core of the largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States?



112. What is the location of Dallas?

It is located in the Southern United states, in North Texas.


113. Lyndon B. Johnson was a Texan and he was the 36th what?

President of the United States


114. Write down the nicknames of Dallas?

Big D, D-Town, Triple D.


115. How many people are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the fourth largest metropolitan area?



116. How many counties does the state of Texas have, the most in the country?



117. Name the primary airport of Dallas?

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


118. According to the Energy Information Administration, the citizens of Texans consume more “what”  per capita and more energy in total than any other state in the Union?



119. What is the commuter rail of Dallas?

Trinity Railway Express


120. What kind of power is Texas the biggest producer of?

Wind power


121. How many countries does Dallas-Fort Worth Arlington consist of?

12 countries


122. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is located in what Texas city?

Southeast Houston


123. Who invented the frozen margarita machine?



124. In which year the integrated circuit computer chip was invented in Dallas?

In 1958


125. What Texas church located in the city of Houston is the largest church in the United States?

The Lakewood Church


126. Dallas is home to how many professional sports teams?

Five professional sports teams


127. Where are more hearts transplanted than anywhere else in the world?

Texas Medical Center


128. Who got approximately 66% votes in the 2016, US presidential election?

Hillary Clinton


129. What was the name of the first Texas freeway which was opened in 1948 in Houston?

The Gulf Freeway


130. What is the meaning of the word “Texas”?

It means Friends.


131. What is the motto of this state?



132. In  Texas, on a section of the State Highway 130 toll road, the speed limit is the highest in the country. What is the speed limit?

85 miles per hour


133. Name the state’s flying mammal?

Mexican Free-tailed Bat


134. Who is the father of Texas?

Steven Fuller Austin


135. What are the two Major League Baseball teams in Texas?

The Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros.


136. Name the state’s flower?



137. What rodeo, held in Texas, is the largest rodeo in the world?

The annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo


138. What is the official insect of Texas?

Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)


139.  It is difficult to take a decision for dinner. Why?

Because the food is too big and delicious. If you hate making choices, then you’ll hate living in Texas.


140. Why is there too much traffic?

Because of the influx of people moving here, we get to sit in traffic for hours on end while we try to get to work on time.


141. What do you know about the summer season in Texas?

People enjoy this season for the first few weeks, but then they start praying for winter because of too much temperature.


142. What about Hurricanes, and flooding in Texas?

Once you move to Texas, hurricanes will be something that could dramatically affect your life, for about 6 months every year.


143. What is the well-being of residents in Texas defined as?

According to the Gallup-Share care wellbeing index, the residents of Texas have lower wellbeing rate.

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