145+ Suits Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Suits, a sizzling legal drama movie series, debuted in the previous decade. Across its nine seasons, Suits is an epitome of a slick network drama that settles for being generically re-watchable. The impeccably-cast ensemble, altogether with the top-notch script, made the story unmatched.

The series is set at a fictional New York City law firm. On the run from a drug deal gone south, brilliant college dropout Mike Ross slips into a job interview with Harvey Specter, a remarkable lawyer from New York. Upon discovering his photographic memory and raw talent, Mike Ross lands a job with Harvey.

Suits Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

If you think you know everything there is to know about Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), and everyone in their sphere of influence, now’s the time to prove it for the ultimate bragging rights.

Below is a series of questions to test how well you have mastered 134 episodes of Suits -TV’s most nuanced legal drama.

1. Who is Harvey’s main rival in the series?



2. At the end of Suits Season 3, who does Mike leave Pearson Specter to work for instead?

Sidwell Investment Group


3. One of the countries where the series was filmed?



4. Harvey and Donna have a secret ritual involving a what?

Can Opener


5. What was the name of the shady billionaire investor in the series?

Charles Forsman


6. What is Harvey Specter’s middle name?



7. What kind of genre is Suits TV series?



8. At the beginning of the series, why does Mike agree to deliver the briefcase for Trevor?

He needs money to pay for his grandmother’s nursing home care.


9. Who is the college dropout in the series?

Mike Ross


10. Where did Rachel earn her law degree?



11. In 2017, what season of Suits came to an end?



12. In order to save the firm, Jessica once entered into a merger with _______________.

Edward Darby


13. Who was Harvey Adams’ personal associate?

Mike Ross


14. What clue finally makes Louis realize Mike didn’t go to Harvard?

The Order of the Coif


15. The series was filmed in how many countries?



16. What gift does Donna give Louis as an office-warming gift in Season 4?

A photo of her as Ophelia


17. Who was the unlicensed genius’s associate in the series?



18. When Mike pleads guilty to committing fraud, he is sentenced to ______________ in prison?

2 years


19. How many episodes does the second season have?



20. Who sends the tip to the U.S. Attorney’s office that Mike is a fraud?

Sheila Sazs


21. In which city is Suits set?

New York


22. Before he worked at Pearson Hardman, Harvey had a job where?

District Attorney’s office


23. Pearson Hardman only hires associates who graduated from…?



24. Why does Jessica fire Donna in Season 2?

Because Donna destroyed an important memo.


25. Which sporting legend is one of Harvey’s clients?


26. In which legal field does Harvey practice?



27. What network airs Suits?

USA Network


28. What is Mike’s big secret?

He doesn’t have a law degree


29. Who is the female shark in charge of the Suit law firm?

Jessica Pearson


30. What Is Rachel Zane’s Job At The Start Of The Series?



31. Who lands an interview with Harvey Specter after he runs from a drug deal gone bad?

Mike Ross


32. What Is Special About Louis’ Catchphrase “You Just Got Litt Up!”?

He had trademarked


33. _____ is the firm’s expert on all financial matters?

Louis Litt


34. How did both of Mike’s parents die?

Car Accident


35. Louis has a rivalry with?



36. Which brand of a suit does Harvey wear?

Tom Ford


37. Mike Ross is not an actual?



38. How much money does Trevor offer Mike to deliver the suitcase of marijuana?



39. Harvey Specter is a brilliant ____ lawyer?

Corporate litigation


40. Donna has “A body like Elizabeth Hurley and the sass of _____”

Maggie Thatcher


41. Suits was first aired in?

June 23, 2011


42. The firm hires law graduates?



43. Which movie inspired Louis to vacation in Bangladesh?

Slumdog Millionaire


44. Who is Harvey’s ‘in the know’ assistant?

Donna Paulsen


45. What is Harvey’s favorite drink?

Macallan 18


46. Who plays Mike Ross?

Patric J. Adams


47. Which instrument did Harvey’s late father play?



48. After working 12 years for Harvey, Donna briefly goes to work for?

Louis Litt


49. What is the name of Louis’ cat?


50. What is Louis’s catchphrase?

You just got Litt up


51. Which type of woman does Harvey refuse to sleep with?



52. Whose ashes does Louis have in his office?



53. When did Suits’ series finale first air?

June 8, 2019


54. Mike Ross is engaged to?

Rachel Zane


55. Rick Hoffman plays Louis Litt and Chase Chapman in?

‘Samantha Who?’


56. Who plays Harvey Specter?

Gabriel Macht


57. Before playing Louis, Rick played Jerry Best in?

‘The Bernie Mac Show,’ 58.


58. Who is the senior SEC official that Harvey butts heads with on more than one occasion?

Sean Cahill


59. Harvey threatened to tell who about the affair?



60. Five years before the events in the series, who embezzled money from the firm?

Daniel Hardman


61. Who was named the successor when Daniel threatened to resign?



62. How did the firm get Daniel to resign?

A threat


63. Who is the father of Rachel Zane?

Robert Zane


64. Whose father is named partner in a competing firm?

Rachel Zane


65. When the series first starts, ______ is a marijuana dealer and a computer programmer of dubious skill?



66. Who plays Louis Litt?

Rick Hoffman


67. Rachel’s father, Robert Zane, is a name partner at?

Rand, Calder, and Zane.


68. What exam did Mike charge to take for others?



69. Where did Katrina Bennett work before joining Pearson Specter Litt?

Da’s office


70. Who was Mike’s best friend and the drug dealer that sent him on the deal that went bad?

Trevor Evans


71. What made Daniel a changed man?

Death of his wife


72. Who plays Donna Paulsen?

Sarah Rafferty


73. Gretchen is originally hired as Harvey’s executive assistant when ___ is working for Louis?



74. What does Louis do when he is stressed?

Goes mudding


75. Does Mike last 2 years in prison?



76. When Mike’s arrested for not being a lawyer, he is charged with?

Conspiracy to commit fraud


77. Who helps Mike to get out of prison earlier than his sentence?



78. Who plays Rachel Zane?


79. Why does Louis fire Donna?

So that she can go back to Harvey


80. Who is the inmate that gives Mike a rough time in prison?

Frank Gallo


81. Before playing Rachel Zane, Meghan Markle plays Jill in?

‘General Hospital’


82. After Donna goes back to Harvey, what quick-taking experienced assistant does Louis get?



83. Before playing Rachel Zane, Meghan Markle plays Junior FBI Agent Amy Jessup in?



84. Who plays Jessica Pearson?

Gina Torres


85. Harvey put away Frank for racketeering even though he should have been put away for?



86. How does Louis attain named partner status?



87. Long before ‘Suits,’ Jessica played Zoe Washburne in the cult classic?



88. __________ holds the fact that he knows Mike is a fraud over Jessica’s head? He exchanged his silence for his name-partner status.



89. Which celebrity is part of Harvey’s client roster?

Michael Jordan


90. Where did Michael and Rachel kiss for the first time?



91. Which company is part of Daniel Hardman’s intrigue against Harvey?

Coastal Motors


92. Where does Jessica want to follow Jeff Malone?



93. Who is the first person to tell Mike about his grandmother’s passing?



94. Which law firm does Allison Holt work for?

Bratton Gould


95. Who is Logan Sanders?

Harvey’s client


96. What car does Stephen Huntley drive?

Astron Martin


97. Who’s Louis’ second affair after Sheila?



98. Where’s Pearson Specter Litt located?

New York


99. Who was Harvey’s previous mentor at the DA’s office?

Cameron Dennis

100. What position does Nigel Nesbitt hold in Darby International?

Layer and Senior Partner


101. Louis took a vacation to ………….. in July 2009?



102. Which company does Tony Gianopolous want to take over?

Hessington Oil


103. What’s Monica Eton’s excuse for leaving the office every Tuesday to secretly meet with Daniel Hardman?



104. What profession is Harvey’s dad?



105. Who is asked to take the role of Travis Tanner in a mock trial in preparation for a lawsuit case against Pearson Specter Litt?



106. Who is Mike’s previous affair before Rachel?



107. What disease did Jessica’s ex-husband try to develop new medication for?



108. Who temporarily replaced Donna after she was fired?

Gretchen Bodinski


109. Where does Rachel apply to law school behind Mike’s back?



110. Who is the first person to tell Jessica Pearson the truth about Mike?

Trevor Evans


111. Louis Litt’s favorite mud bath is in…?

Baden Baden


112. What quality is most important to Harvey?



113. How much money is in Mike’s suitcase when he gets interviewed by Harvey?



114. What’s the reason behind Ava Hessington’s arrest?



115. Who is Jonathan Sidwell?

CEO of Sidwell investment group


116. Who’s the so-called ‘fixer’?

Stephen Huntley


117. Mike Ross was hired as an associate lawyer by Harvey Specter after he accidentally gate-crashed an interview whilst on the run with a briefcase full of drugs in season 1 of “Suits”. Harvey knew of Mike’s lack of legal qualification right from the start, but who else knew from the day he was hired?

Donna Paulsen


118. Where did Harvey Specter work before he became an associate at Pearson Hardman?

New York District Attorney’s office


119. Whose father is named partner at a rival law firm to that at which they work?

Rachel Zane


120. Which partner loves mudding and has a cat named Bruno?

Louis Litt


121. Jessica Pearson and Daniel Hardman ousted three named partners in order to create Pearson Hardman. What was the firm called before the ousting?

Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke


122. Which English lawyer described Donna Paulsen as having “a body like Elizabeth Hurley and the sass of a Maggie Thatcher” in season 3?

Stephen Huntley


123. How does Mike travel to work?



124. ‘Suits’ is set in a law office. Can you name it?



125. When Jessica agrees not to take back Harvey’s promotion to Senior Partner, what does he have to agree to do?

Take on a pro-bono case


126. When having dinner with Jessica, Harvey makes a pass at a waitress who tells him she’s not interested. What is her name?



127. What is the name of the person that Louis Litt fires when Mike is in his office?



128. For most of the episode, Mike Ross carries a briefcase around with him. What is inside the briefcase?



129. When Mike and Rachel spend the night researching, what food does Rachel want to order?



130. When Trevor meets with the drug suppliers, what game are they playing?



131. After deciding to stay with the firm, Mike returns the briefcase to Trevor. Before opening the case and showing Jenny that Trevor is dealing drugs, Mike takes something belonging to Trevor. What does he take?

Trevor’s suits


132. Who was Mike’s “friend”, who set him up by having him deliver a case of drugs?



133. What is the name of the witness who Mike persuades to testify?



134. Who is the third person to learn of Mike’s secret?



135. What exam did Mike charge a fee to take for other aspiring lawyers?



136. When Harvey hires Mike as his associate, what secret are they hiding from the rest of the law firm?

Mike is not a lawyer


137.  At the beginning of the first season Mike needs to make a lot of extra money, but why ?

To pay nursing home fees


138. Rachel Zane is the firm’s longest-serving what?



139. Which lawyer directly oversees all associates at the firm?



140. Who is the managing partner in the law firm Pearson Hardman?



141. What kind of cat Donna’s grandmother has?

Maine Coon


142. What was Rachel’s final LSAT score?



143. Both of Harvey’s parents died of a ……………?


144. What is the name of Nigel’s cat?



145. What kind of Memory Mike has?

Eidetic memory


146. Who hates Louis the most?

Harold Gunderson


147. Whose attorney is Harvey Specter?

Michael Jordan


148. What does Harvey whisper when Louis hugs him after recovering from a heart attack?

Help me


149. What is Mike’s grandmother called?




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