150 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Dirty truth or dare questions are great for playing with close people. For instance, it is a good game for couples who might have exhausted all the fun in the world.

Similar to “dirty this or that” questions, these too will help you find out the things you wouldn’t have learned in a normal conversation. Have a question you always wanted to ask but felt shy about it? Well, this is your chance!

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

You get to know and understand others in a more meaningful way. Resulting in a stronger bond.

If you are looking for questions to stimulate conversations in your upcoming party, a staycation with your partner, or even an outdoor fun activity with friends, this list of dirty truth or dare questions will do the magic.


1. Have you ever accidentally sent a sext to the wrong person?

2. Do your best fake “O” while looking the person to the left of you in the eye.

3. What’s the strangest adult film category you’ve ever searched for?

4. Have someone blindfold you, and then have everyone in the group kiss you on the cheek. You have to either say which one is your partner, and then kiss them on the lips, OR you have to choose one person that you want to kiss on the lips.

5. What’s the sexiest song you’ve ever heard? What about it turns you on?

6. You have to leave an R-rated voicemail for an ex.

7. Have you ever been in a threesome with a partner?

8. Someone has to lick peanut butter, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream off your finger, cheek, or somewhere of their choice.

9. Have you ever hooked up with a stranger or had a one-night stand?

10. Someone feeds you M&Ms or other small chocolate candy, and you have to say, “Thank you, Daddy,” after each one.

11. Have you ever used an embarrassing novelty condom (for example, that glows in the dark or has a picture of Darth Vader on it)?

12. Would you ever want to go to a sex club with me?

13. Someone goes onto your Amazon account and buys a special toy for you that’s $20 or less.

14. Have you ever been caught having sex?

15. Lay down on the ground and have someone pretend like they’re using chalk to draw an outline of your body.

16. What’s the kinkiest thought you’ve ever had about me?

17. Lightly trace your hands over someone else’s lips and whisper, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” five times.

18. Have you ever incorporated food in your lovemaking?

19. Someone gives you a back massage for one minutes while you’re blindfolded.

20. Have you ever accidentally injured yourself trying something new in bed?

21. You have to do whatever they tell you for one minute.

22. Do you own any toys? What’s your favorite?

23. How many partners have you had?

24. You have to do a one-person re-enactment of Romeo and Juliet using only animal sounds for the dialogue.

25. What’s something most people consider a turn-off, but that turns you on?

26. What’s a sex act most people like that you think is overrated?

27. Sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a British accent while hula hooping.

28. What’s the strangest sexy dream you’ve ever had?

29. You have to wear handcuffs for the rest of the game.

30. What was our best kiss like?

31. Let them do whatever they want for two minutes with your phone.

32. Which one of my friends would you like to have a fling with?

33. Have you ever fantasized about a teacher or authority figure? Who was it and why?

34. Give a cooking demonstration of “How to Make Cereal” completely in the buff.

35. Did you ever get any noise complaints while between the sheets?

36. Find an old photograph and recreate it as closely as possible.

37. Have you ever had a fling with a coworker? A boss?

38. Wearing just an apron, organize all of the Tupperware and lids.

39. Do you know the last name of everyone you’ve had sex with? What about first?

40. Tease them for a minute.

41. Who’s the most inappropriate person you’ve ever had a fantasy about?

42. Give them a back massage without using your hands.

43. Do you like being nibbled on or lightly bitten? Where?

44. Act out how you remember your first date together without speaking.

45. What’s the sexiest gift you’ve ever received? Given?

46. What’s the hottest sex dream you’ve ever had?

47. Put a sock in your pants and pretend it’s your junk for the rest of the night.

48. If you could only have one romantic night every year, what would you do?

49. Give a detailed presentation on your sexual moves in the style of a TED Talk.

50. Do you prefer being dominant or submissive?

51. If I gave you a free pass to hook up with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

52. Draw eyes above your belly button and give a presidential address as this character.

53. Have you ever forgotten the name of someone you had a fling with? Never known their name at all?

54. What’s something dirty you’ve always been too shy to say to me in bed?

55. Choreograph a new dance inspired by the act of doing and folding laundry. Make it

56. Do you believe in soulmates? Or do people have many potential partners?

57. Is there something you’ve seen in a steamy movie that you’d like to try?

58. Take a picture of a tampon and post it on Instagram.

59. Have you ever been to a strip or burlesque club?

60. What is your least favorite sex position and why?

61. Shave one of your arms.

62. Do you think most people are monogamous?

63. Do as many squats as you can. On the front lawn.

64. What was your first kiss like?

65. You have to entirely redress yourself with whatever you find in the kitchen.

66. You can’t say my name for the rest of the game, but instead, have to call me any nickname I choose. Every time you mess up, I get to spank you.

67. Have you ever had an affair?

68. Act out your sexiest fantasy without using your words. Props, however, are highly encouraged.

69. What would you do if I had an affair with someone you were attracted to?

70. Fake it for 10 seconds.

71. Have you ever dated someone after a one night stand?

72. If you’re at your home, pretend you’re an auctioneer auctioning off your favorite grown-up toy, giving details about why you like it. If you’re at someone else’s home, use something that looks kind of like it.

73. Have you ever been handcuffed or tied up?

74. Do your best sexy crawl

75. Would you ever consider starring in an adult webcam show?

76. Go find your old Halloween costume and put it on for me. Then, let’s decide what to role-play.

77. Have you ever had a relationship you kept secret? Why?

78. Put my cell on vibrate, then place it somewhere on my body. Now, call me.

79. Have you ever accidentally sent sexy pictures to the wrong person?

80. Pour a trail of sugar from the small of my back to my neck. Now, lick it up.

81. Have you ever been attracted to the same sex?

82. Show me the last adult film you watched – no cheating!

83. What’s your self-love strategy?

84. Give me a scalp massage, or braid my long hair.

85. What is the most fun you’ve ever had in a romantic setting?

86. Call a phone sex line and let me listen in.

87. What’s something romantic you’ve done that you’re most proud of?

88. Let me play with an ice cube in your belly button.

89. What’s your favorite body part on a guy?

90. Feed me strawberries, a piece of cake, or another treat bite by bite.

91. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

92. Raid our closets and put together a sexy outfit for me to wear.

93. Who’s the most embarrassing crush you’ve ever had?

94. Write a dating profile for me and find me a potential match.

95. Have you ever faked it? When? Can you recreate it?

96. Find an adult film with some moves you’d like to try and show it to me.

97. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in a relationship?

98. Seductively whisper in my ear the cheesiest, most awful pick up line you can think of.

99. Have you ever gotten a bikini wax?

100. Impress me with your physical strength. Do as many sit-ups, push-ups, or pulls-ups as you can.

101. When did you go solo for the first time?

102. Prepare my favorite meal or snack, and be creative about serving it.

103. Have you ever dated someone who got the mistake of being underage more often?

104. Try to hit on someone in this group like you’re at a bar.

105. Have you ever heard or felt like you have heard your parents doing it?

106. Make as many different fart sounds as you can.

107. How long have you ever gone on a dry spell?

108. Cook two bags of popcorn. Eat all of it as fast as you can, but in the sexiest way possible.

109. Have you ever felt someone is not getting what they expected the first time you gave in?

110. Pick up a random book and read it in the most seductive voice you can manage.

111. What is the crazy sexiest thing someone has ever said to you?

112. Demonstrate to the room how to put a condom on using a banana.

113. What part of your body gets complimented the most?

114. Make out with your hand to “The Song That Never Ends”.

115. Have you ever gotten a negative compliment and advice on things you can do better after the action?

116. Put in your headphones and put on your favorite song and dance to it.

117. Do you have a good night that will be forever in your memories? Do you mind sharing what happened?

118. Someone gets to draw something on your face (with just a pen, not a permanent marker).

119. Have you ever cheated on your partner and got almost caught?

120. You have to hold a mouthful of water in your mouth until the round is over.

121. Have you ever faked love?

122. Send a video of you singing in the shower (without the water on!).

123. What is the dirtiest thing someone caught you doing while still young?

124. Change your Facebook status to “Feeling lonely . . .”.

125. Have you ever desired one of your parents’ friends? Tell us more about it.

126. Scream. (Record it and send the audio.)

127. Have you ever wished one of your closest cousins, sister or close relative wasn’t related to you at all? Tell us more about it.

128. Go hide in another room for the rest of the night.

129. Have you ever gotten a friend-zoned? Who friend-zoned you and did you try to tell them how you feel about them?

130. Send a dirty message in emojis that the other person has to decode.

131. Have you ever had to try out two people before making a decision to move on with one of them?

132. Send them pictures of you trying to imitate five emojis that you pick out.

133. Have you ever ghosted someone right after s#x and never gave a reason as to why you did it?

134. Dress up like your dad or mom and send a picture.

135. Have you ever made out with someone playing this game right now?

136. Write a haiku.

137. Have you ever had s#x just for revenge?

138. Send the most unflattering picture of you that you have in your phone.

139. Have you ever lured someone who dumped you back to your life so that you can dump them officially?

140. Send the picture in your phone that’s five pictures back.

141. What is the funniest thing your ex has ever said to you?

142. Send the most recent text that you sent your best friend.

143. Have you ever broken up with someone and they lured you back using texts that made you feel guilty about yourself?

144. Text your mom a picture of your partner and say, “Aren’t they great?”

145. Have you ever had a sleepover only to be flushed out very early in the morning?

146. Write a 100-word story and send it to them.

147. Have you ever woken up next to someone you don’t know and wondered how you got there in the first place?

148. Send a random gif to the first person in your contact list with no explanation.

149. Have you ever covered up for your best friend?

150. Go outside and do the moonwalk—send a video.



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