150+ Florida Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine State with an abundance of warm and sunny subtropical climates. Drawing its natural beauty from epic sceneries like the Florida Everglades, Florida is undoubtedly one of the breath-taking places across the globe.  

Florida, the East Coast home of Mickey Mouse and the Kidney Space Center is ranked as the 3rd most populous State in the United States. This Disney World destination draws millions of tourists every year, who are primarily attracted to the mild winter and Miami beach.

Florida Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

From curated musical escapades, and renowned celebrity culinary offerings to culture scenes spanning multiple mediums, travelers are assured of making their greatest of all trips. Indeed, this epicenter of travel-worthy affairs serves as the backdrop for Bucket List Travel Activities.

Here is a list of Florida trivia questions to make your game night unforgettable! Let’s test your all-time favorite pop culture and general trivia. 


1. What is the area coverage of Florida?

65,755 square meters or 170,300 square kilometer


2. What is the capital of Florida state?



3. When was Tallahassee established?



4. How is Florida connected to the Northwest?



5. What is the population of Florida?



6. Which one is the most populous municipality in the state?



7. Which state of the US is the 22nd most extensive?



8. How densely populated is Florida?

384.3/sq mi or 148.4/km2


9. What is the Miami metropolitan area?

It is the most populous urban area


10. Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the US. Is this is true?



11. What is Florida’s rock symbol?

Agatized coral


12. What is Florida’s state’s tree?

Sabal palm


13. What is the state’s bird?

Northern mockingbird


14. What is the longest river of Florida?

St. Johns River


15. What is Florida’s per capita personal income?



16. What is the official language of Florida?



17. What is Old Kings Road?

The first graded road built in Florida was Old Kings Road. It was named for King George of England


18. What is the state’s gemstone?



19. What is Florida’s motto?

In God We Trust


20. What is the oldest college in Florida?

Rollins College


21. What is Central Florida with respect to Florida?

It is one of Florida’s three directional regions, along with North Florida and South Florida


22. How many feet is Britton Hill?

345 feet above sea level


23. Which city installed the first bank automated teller machine?



24. What is the highest natural point of Florida?

Britton Hill


25. What is Florida state’s fruit?



26. Which is the first and only museum in the US dedicated to the preservation, diffusion and promotion of Hispanic and Latin American Art?

The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art in Coral Gables


27. Which is the only metropolitan area in the US whose Borders encompass two national parks?

Greater Miami


28. Florida is the flattest state in America. Is it true?



29. 2 rivers having the same name in Florida?



30. What is the busiest military port in the country?



31. What is the state’s soil?



32. What does Florida’s flag represent?

It has a red cross of St. Andrew on a white field. The center features the Florida state seal, which shows the sun, palm trees, a steamboat land water and a Native American woman scattering flowers


33. Which is the largest battle fought in Florida during the American Civil War?

The Olustee Battlefield State Historic Site


34. What are the major lakes of Central Florida?

Lake Apopka, Lake Tohopekaliga, Lake Louisa, Lake Monroe, Lake Jessup and the Butler Chain of Lakes


35. Which is the oldest European settlement in North America?

Saint Augustine


36. Which is the largest lake in Florida?



37. In which year, Florida’s official flag is adopted?



38. If it were a country, what would be the rank of Florida with respect to its economy?

It would be the 16th largest economy


39. Which animal fossil is not found in Florida?



40. Which amusement park destination attracts more visitors than any other in the US?



41. In which year, the Florida legislature designated alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)?

In 1987


42. Why do thousands of people move from Florida? Why?

Because Florida is widely known for its hot weather, sunny days and very mild winters


43. Which Countries include Central Florida?

Brevard, Citrus, Hardee, Hernando, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lake, Manatee, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Seminole, Sumter and Volusia


44. What is the state’s insect?

Zebra longwing (state butterfly)


45. What is Central Florida?

It is a region of the Southern US state of Florida


46. What is the largest city in Central Florida?



47.  How many golf courses in Florida?

More than 1,300 golf courses


48. What is Florida’s nickname?

Sunshine State


49. What are the major rivers of Central Florida?

St. Johns River, Ocklawaha River, the Halifax River and the Econlockhatchee River

50. What is the time zone of Florida?



51. What are the old Florida-style citrus stands found on the back roads of Central Florida?

Ferris Groves Store in Floral City


52. Which state has the most golf courses?



53. Who is said to be ‘Thunderstorms capital of the USA’ or ‘Lightning Alley’?

Central Florida


54. What is Florida’s state’s reptile?

Eastern box turtle


55. What is the state’s flower?

Orange blossom


56. Why is Florida said to be a sunshine state?

On average, Florida has 300 days of sunshine per year


57. What are two theme Parks in Orlando featuring animals?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom and SeaWorld Orlando


58. What is Florida state’s fish?

Florida largemouth bass (fresh water)


59. What is Florida’s song?

Old Folks at Home


60. Which president was authorized to take possessions of East Florida and West Florida for the US?

James Monroe


61. What type of landform is Florida?



62. Who to defend Florida’s capital city from attacks?

Fort Matanzas in 1742


63. Which are the busiest ports in Florida?

Port Canaveral


64. In which year, Conquistador Hernando de Soto skirted the coast of Florida?

In May 1539


65. What are the three major zoos of Central Florida?

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Brevard Zoo, and the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


66. What is known as one of the most divided shipwrecks in the world?

The Benwood, on French Reef in the Florida Keys


67. Which was the first region of the continental United States to be visited and settled by Europeans?



68. What is Pascua Florida?

Festival of flowers


69. The British divided the Florida provinces (Las Floridas) into?

East Florida and West Florida


70. How many National Hockey League teams does Florida have?



71. What nation established Fort Caroline in 1564 in what is now Jacksonville?



72. What city is located at the southernmost tip of Florida and is only ninety miles from Cuba?

Key West


73. What is the name for the large area of swampland found in southern Florida?

The Everglades


74. Which famous person is the city of Jacksonville named after?


75. What county is Pensacola, Florida located in?

Escambia County


76. More people in this city are born outside the U.S. than any other city!



77. What is the rank of Florida with respect to population in the United States?



78. You undoubtedly have heard of the Space Coast. Where might you find Florida’s Space Coast?

Near Cape Canaveral


79. Orlando can trace its history back to what US Army installation built-in 1838?

Fort Gatlin


80. Key Largo is part of the island chain in the Florida Keys. What do the words key Largo mean?

Long Island


81. Daytona Beach is the most popular tourist destination in County.



82. What does Florida mean?



83. Where is the Busch Gardens, Florida theme park?



84. Another of Florida’s named coasts is the First Coast. Where will you find Florida First Coast?

Near Saint Augustine


85. Spanish traveler Ponce De Leon discovered Tampa in what year?



86. What is Florida’s state beverage?


87. Where is the seven-mile bridge?

The Florida Keys


88. The Florida Keys are known for what special citrus fruit?

Key Lime


89. Where is the University of Florida located?



90. Which of Florida’s coasts can be found between Miami and Palm Beach?

Gold Coast


91. How many miles is the southern tip of Florida from Cuba?

90 miles


92. What town is the northernmost terminus of the Florida Turnpike?



93. What is Florida’s state animal?

Florida Panther


94. What is Florida’s largest natural wonder?

The Everglades


95. Sharing its name with the sea turtle, which island of the Dry Tortuga is the largest at 260,000 square meters?

Loggerhead Key


96. Name the World Heritage Site around South Florida?



97. Built-in 1888, what luxury hotel in St. Augustine was restored and renovated in 1999?

Casa Monica Hotel


98. Which was the setting of the 1964 classic horror movie?

Silver Springs


99. Which was Orlando Florida 19th century leading growth industries?

Citrus and Cattle

100. Key West is the county seat of what Florida County?

Monroe County


101. World’s famous beach in Florida?

Daytona Beach


102. Hurricane Andrew devastated Homestead, Florida in which year?



103. In 1513, which explorer claimed the Florida region for Spain?

Juan Ponce de Leon


104.  Which of these is Florida’s oldest continually operating attraction?

St. Augustine Alligator Farm


105. Florida became the 27th State in which year?



106. What is the popular city that was known for the filming of the movie “Where the Boys Are” (1960)? This city is home to Port Everglades?

Ft Lauderdale


107. What body of water is Pensacola, Florida located on?

Pensacola Bay


108. Describe the summer weather in Florida?

Hot, humid with frequent rains


109. Ponce de Leon believed that his quest for which legendary place ended in St. Augustine?

Fountain of Youth


110. How many electoral votes did Florida have in the 2004 elections?



111. Name one founder of NASCAR founded in Daytona Beach in Florida?

Bill France


112. What is the original name for the Florida Suncoast?

Pirate Coast


113. Where is Naples located within the state of Florida?



114. What is Florida’s ranking (among American states) in regards to the production of greenhouse and nursery products?



115. On the subject of newspapers, the University of Florida’s major student newspaper is the?

Independent Florida Alligator


116. What is one of Tampa’s famous universities?

University of South Florida


117. Florida has North America’s oldest European settlement. What is its name?

St. Augustine


118. The first patent issued by the U.S. patent office (in 1790) was for a new process for purifying this compound, of which Florida has the most of any U.S. state. Which is it?



119. What did Henry Flagler build in 1912 to revitalize the Florida Keys, especially Key West?

The Overseas Railroad


120. What Florida city did President John Kennedy and his wife Jackie have their winter getaway home?

Palm Beach


121. Which unusual animal is found in Florida?

Key deer


122. The tribal people in Florida became known as the Seminoles. A name meaning…

Wild people or runaway


123. This coast is named for the large number of Spanish galleons that have sunk in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean just offshore.

Florida Treasure Coast


124. Which region of Florida is Jacksonville a part of?

First Coast


125. Which natural phenomenon is least likely to occur in Florida?



126. What Florida island is the only territory in the United States to have served under eight flags?

Amelia Island


127. Florida has many universities and colleges. In what city would you find the University of Florida?



128. What movie is based on the Officer Training Camp on the Pensacola Naval Air Base?

An Officer and a Gentleman


129. What is the name of the university that is located in Florida’s capital of Tallahassee?

Florida State


130. In 1935, what natural disaster destroyed Key West’s railroad system and killed over 500 residents of the island?

The Labor Day Hurricane


131. If you look on a map of Florida, the U.S. or even the world you’ll see a large lake in the middle of the state. What is the name of this lake?

Lake Okeechobee


132. What is the county seat of Wakulla County?



133. The St. Johns River flows in which direction?



134. Which city in Central Florida boasts the longest-running mayor in the United States?



135. If you are driving from Miami to the Florida Keys, which of the following will you hit first?

Key Largo


136. Which baseball franchise has its spring training in Tampa?

The Yankees


137. What is the famous “city” in Tampa known for cigars and its nightlife?



138. When did Florida become a U.S. territory?



139. Farmland covers what fraction of Florida’s land area?



140. Who owns Mar-A-Lago, the Italianate mansion in Palm Beach?

Donald Trump


141. Much of the freshwater available in Florida is due to its geology, which is what?

Porous limestone


142. Which U.S. golf championship is held in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida?

The Players Championship (TPC)


143. Pensacola is home to the Westernmost Florida Key…what is the name of that key?

Perdido Key


144. The last but not the least of Florida’s named coasts can be found from Cape San Blas east to Dog Island and Carabelle. What would be the name of this, the last of Florida’s named coasts?

Forgotten Coast


145. What two bodies of water surround the Florida Keys?

The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean


146. What river is the chief source of Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s largest lake?



147. What is Florida’s state shell?

Horse Conch


148. Name a threatened species in Florida?

Sea Cow/ Manatee


149.  At what Florida attraction was the 1954 Esther Williams movie ‘Easy to Love’ filmed?

Cypress Gardens


150. This Florida city hosts a major NASCAR event each February?

Daytona Beach


151. Where is Florida’s geographic center?



152. Sugar production is a major industry in which of Florida’s towns?

Belle Glade




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