150+ Shrek Trivia Questions and Answers

If you enjoy watching Disney shows or any animated film, Shrek will capture your attention thanks to its beautiful script and well-built characters. This franchise is among the highest-grossing animated series today.

Shrek is based on a picture book written by an 85-year-old – William Steig. He was an American cartoonist for The New Yorker and a children’s writer.

The name Shrek originates from German and Yiddish roots meaning ‘fear’ or ‘terror’. Although Shrek was a frightening ogre at the beginning of the movie, he turned out to be a favorite ogre.

Shrek Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Thanks to the success of the film it was able for DreamWorks to continue making movies. Shrek made a whopping $484.4 million at the box office thus saving DreamWorks. This eventually led the studio to make other popular animation franchises such as MadagascarKung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon.

The internet has put Shrek at the forefront of pop culture, with the beloved character frequently used as a meme and a reminder of nostalgia.

Keep scrolling to learn impressive facts about Shrek! Take the quiz below!

1. The original movie ‘Shrek’ was based on a book. What is the name of the book?

‘Shrek!’ by William Steig


2. What are the names of Shrek and Fiona’s children?

Fergus, Farkle, Felicia


3. What were the names of the four ‘Shrek’ movies, and what years were they released in?

‘Shrek’ (2001); ‘Shrek 2’ (2004); ‘Shrek the Third’ (2007); ‘Shrek Forever After’ (2010)


4. The beginning of the movie is a flashback. The King and Queen are making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to have Fiona’s curse broken. What are they giving to Rumplestiltskin in exchange for this service?

The kingdom of Far Far Away


5. What do the Shrek fans call themselves?



6. Who is the one other heir to the throne, besides Shrek?



7. Which of the four movies won an academy award under the ‘Animated Feature category?



8. When they are imprisoned in the dungeon, Fiona finds out about Charming’s plans for Shrek. She realizes that it is essential for them to break out and tries to rally the other girls to her cause. Snow White takes charge and says “Ladies, assume the position!” What are they doing?

They are waiting to be rescued.


9. Who were the villainous characters in all the movies?

‘Shrek’ (Lord Farquaad); ‘Shrek 2’ (Prince Charming); ‘Shrek the Third’ (Fairy godmother); ‘Shrek Forever After’ (Rumpelstiltskin.)


10. Why are Shrek and Fiona back in the Kingdom of Far Far Away?

They have to assume the King and Queen’s duties, because the King is sick.


11. Which two production companies were involved in the production of the Shrek film franchise?

Dreamworks Pictures and Paramount Pictures


12. What happens to the mermaid who kisses Shrek?

She gets eaten by sharks.


13. Who wanted to make an adaptation film of the book ‘Shrek!’ in the first place?


14. What is the very first thing Shrek says in the movie?

“It’s good to be home”


15. The National Film Registry by the Library of Congress selected which movie of the ‘Shrek’ franchise for preservation and when.

‘Shrek’ in 2020


16. As the movie opens, we are treated to the story of Princess Fiona’s life, up until she is rescued from the tower. Who narrated this part of the story?

Prince Charming


17. What is the name of the spin-off movie, and when was it made?

‘Puss in Boots’ (2011)


18. Who did Prince Charming find sleeping in the bed where he expected to find Fiona?

The Big Bad Wolf


19. In the first movie, what does Shrek put in his drink?



20. When Shrek and Fiona get back from their honeymoon, who do they find in Shrek’s house?



21. When does “Shrek 2” take place in relation to “Shrek”?

Immediately after


22. Who gave their voices for Shrek, and whose made it to the screen?

Chris Farley and Mike Myers; Mike Myers


23. What is Princess Fiona being guarded by?

A fire-breathing dragon


24. Who turned down the role of Shrek?

Nicholas Cage


25. What does the Gingerbread Man say when Lord Farquaad asks him where the rest of the fairytale creatures are?

Eat me


26. Which character did Cameron Diaz voice in the Shrek franchise?

Princess Fiona


27. Here’s an easy one to start: where does Shrek live?

In a swamp


28. Who voiced Shrek’s best friend, Donkey?


29. During the opening credits, Shrek is seen in a mud bath… what does he use to wash his back?



30. Eddie Murphy was nominated for which award for his voice acting as Donkey?

BAFTA nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (2002)


31. When Shrek and Donkey get to Duloc, it’s set up like Disney World. There’s a sign that tells how long the wait is from a certain point. How long is the wait?

45 minutes


32. In Steven Spielberg’s take on ‘Shrek’, who would have been cast as the main characters of ‘Shrek’?

Bill Murray as Shrek and Steve Martin as Donkey


33. What was Chris Farley known for?

He was a member of the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.


34. What band sang both the first and last songs in the movie?


35. Which famous actor gave his voice for the English, Spanish and Italian versions of the ‘Shrek’ movies?

Antonio Banderas


36. Which actor made his debut in voicing for animated movies with ‘Shrek the Third’?


37. ‘I’m not the monster here — you are! You and the rest of that Fairy Tale trash poisoning my perfect world!’ Who says this?

Lord Farquaad


38. Who suggested that the character of ‘Shrek’ has a Scottish accent, and what was it inspired?

Mike Myers; the way his mother used to tell stories to him as a child.


39. What does one of Lord Farquaad’s guards call Pinnochio?

A possessed toy


40. Who voiced the character of Rumpelstiltskin in ‘Shrek Forever After’?

Walt Dohrn


41. According to Shrek, why are ogres like onions?

They have layers.


42. Where does Shrek live?

In a swamp in the middle of a forest


43. What was the name of the executioner?



44. Till when did Shrek stay with his parents?

Till his 7th birthday


45. What does Shrek push out of the log at the beginning of the movie?



46. What is Shrek’s most famous dialogue?

“What are you doing in my swamp?”


47. What kind of creature is Shrek?



48. When do Shrek and Donkey bond in the first ‘Shrek’ movie?

While they stop for a night and stargaze.


49. How tall was Lord Farquaad?

4 ft 6 inches

50. What was the green guy?

An ogre


51. Who does Fiona fight using martial arts?

The Merry Men


52. What is Shrek asked to do at his kids’ party, by a plump and annoying little boy?



53. Who does Donkey fall in love with?

The Dragon that was guarding the tower in which Princess Fiona was trapped.


54. What happy event are Shrek and Fiona preparing for?

The birthday of their children


55. What was Lord Farquaad, the ruler of?



56. What does Arthur do before he leaves his school?

Gives a speech that he’s a soon-to-be king


57. What was Shrek’s height?

7 to 8 feet.


58. Who is it who actually breaks the princesses out of the prison?

The Queen


59. Who are Princess Fiona’s parents?

King Harold and Queen Lillian


60. Who does the King name first as his heir?



61. Which movie does Puss in Boots make an entry?

The 2nd movie, ‘Shrek 2’.


62. How many babies do Dragon and Donkey have?



63. When did we see Shrek with hair?

In Shrek 2, after he drank the potion ‘Happily Ever After.’


64. Who comes knocking on the door when Shrek and Fiona are staying at the honeymoon cottage?

Little Red Riding Hood


65. Who rescues Puss in Boots, Shrek, and Donkey from the prison in ‘Shrek 2’?

The three blind mice, the Wolf, the Three Little Pigs, the Gingerbread Man (Gingy), and Pinnochio.


66. Who provided the voice for Fiona’s mother, the Queen?


67. What was Shrek’s accent?



68. What do the wanted posters say?

“Wanted – Fairytale Creatures – Reward”


69. Who was Prince Charming in Shrek 2?

Fairy godmother’s son.


70. During the introduction to the film, a man says to Shrek, “Back, beast, back!” and he waves a lighted torch at Shrek. What does Shrek do to that lighted torch?

Pinch it out with his fingers


71. Which Smash mouth song was featured in the movie?

‘I’m a Believer.’


72. Which is the bar in Far Far Away that the villains of all fairy tales meet called?

Poison Apple


73. What did it say that Cinderella liked?

Sushi and hot tubbing


74. What are the names of the Donkeys?

Debbie, Coco, Bananas, Peanut, Parfait, and Eclairs.


75. How many wooden singers are there on the main stage in the ‘Welcome to Duloc’ show?



76. How does Donkey show the Exit clause in Rumpelstiltskin’s contract to Shrek?

By folding the contract into an origami heart shape.


77. What does Donkey say that the guards and the crowd have never seen?

A Donkey Fly


78. Who wrote ‘Shrek The Musical’ and composed the music for it?

David Lindsay-Abaire; Music by Jeanine Tesori.


79. After completing Shrek’s dialogue, Mike Myers decided to give Shrek a Scottish accent. The studio agreed, and spent {$_____} to re-animate Shrek with the new dialogue.



80. Where was the first trial run for this musical?

Seattle in 2008


81. Which OTT platform has this musical?



82. What is the name of Lord Farquaad’s city?



83. Which countries did ‘Shrek The Musical’ show their productions?

Seattle, Broadway, US, and then the UK.


84. What is the name of the only parking lot seen in the movie?



85. The franchise of ‘Shrek’ contains its own hilarious twists on the many famous fairy tales and Disney movies. What similarity did the Broadway incarnation have to the ideology of the film franchise?

he Musical had its own twists on some of the popular broadway musicals like ‘Wicked’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘RENT’, etc.


86. Where does Shrek find Rumpel?

Under his carriage


87. What awards did the musical win?

The Musical won 4 awards – 1 Tony Award for Best Costume Design and 3 Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Actor in a Musical, Outstanding Set Design, and Outstanding Costume Design.


88. Once out of the dungeon, the princesses become mean fighting machines. Which princess sings a pretty song to call the birds and animals to her aid?

Snow White


89. “No! Not the buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons!” Who says this?

Gingerbread man to Lord Farquaad.


90. When Shrek is leaving on the ship, Fiona is trying to tell him something but can’t find the right words. She finally hollers her news as the ship is pulling away, having to repeat it a couple of times because the captain keeps blowing his horn. What is her news?

She is pregnant.


91. “Yeah, right, brimstone. Don’t be talking about no brimstone. I know what I smelled, it was no brimstone, and it didn’t come off no stone either.” Who cracks this joke?



92. What does Shrek use for lights at the mud hole?



93. “But remember, dear. If you should ever need me… happiness… is just a teardrop away.” Who says this to whom?

Fairy godmother to Princess Fiona.


94. Who provides the vocal talents for Fiona’s father (King Harold)?

John Cleese


95. “Fire up the ovens, Muffin Man! We’ve got a big order to fill!” Who said this?

The Gingerbread Man (Gingy)


96. At the beginning of the movie, Shrek smiles in a mirror, which then cracks. To what other Mike Myers’ movie character does this happen?

Austin Powers


97. What does Shrek use to make his candle for dinner?



98. What was the type of flower that Shrek was going to give Princess Fiona?

A sunflower


99. What is the first thing that the King says in the movie?

“This is it”

100. When Shrek is in bed with Fiona (who is asleep), he rolls around and notices a poster directly above him. Who was on the poster?

Sir Justin


101. What color were the Gingerbread Man’s eyebrows?



102. What is Shrek’s waistcoat made of?

Made of alligator skin


103. What rhyme do the Gingerbread Man and King Farquaad say?

The Muffin Man


104. What color are Shrek’s teeth?



105. Who is the dead broad on the table?

Snow White


106. What does Shrek use his ear wax for?

Making Candles


107. Who fell in love with the donkey?

The dragon


108. What is Shrek’s shack built into?

An old Tree Stump


109. Who does Donkey say he doesn’t want to work for?

Old MacDonald


110. Where is Shrek’s home?

In the Middle of a Swamp


111. What does Shrek shower with?

Showers with mud


112. What does Rumpelstiltskin keep changing, depending on his mood and what he has to do?

His wig


113. What happens to birds when Princess Fiona sings?

They explode


114. Shrek, Donkey and Puss In Boots set out on a journey to find Arthur. Where do they find him?

At high school


115. What does the Magic Mirror tell Lord Farquaad that he must do to become king?

He must marry a princess to become King


116. Once Shrek, Fiona and Donkey get to Far Far Away, what two Princess’ gates do they pass on their way to the castle?

Rapunzel and Cinderella


117. How do you get into Duloc?

Walk through turnstiles


118. When Fiona, Shrek and Donkey arrive in Far far Away, and Shrek says “we’re definitely not in the swamp anymore”, what movie is this line a parody of?

The Wizard of Oz


119. During dinner with the King and Queen, Shrek chokes on a spoon, which he thankfully manages to cough back up. What event caused him to choke on his spoon in the first place?

There was talk about Shrek and Fiona having children


120. What happens to Princess Fiona when Shrek kisses her and breaks the spell?

She turns into an Orgess


121. At night, the King goes to an inn to find somebody who could take care of an ogre. When he is waiting at the bar, what kind of talking animal seems to recognize the King?

A frog


122.  Why does the donkey say that a relationship between him and the dragon wouldn’t work out?

Because he is asthmatic


123. When Shrek was talking about onions having layers, what other food did Donkey say also had layers?



124. Why does Princess Fiona stop the Merry Men and Monsieur Hood from singing?

They were annoying


125. Besides the Magic Mirror, what other fairy tale character is seen in Lord Farquaad’s bedchamber?

Mama Bear


126. Who was in Shrek’s bed?

The wolf


127. What is Donkey afraid of?



128. At what time does the princess turn into an ogre?

At sunset


129. When the king goes to The Poison Apple to find someone who can help him get rid of Shrek, who does he ask to speak to?

The Ugly Stepsister


130. How does one summon the Fairy Godmother?

With a tear


131. When the Fairy Godmother’s carriage arrives at the fast food restaurant, what does Charming order (it is the equivalent of a McDonald’s Happy Meal)?

Medieval Meal


132. When Donkey runs away from the soldiers, what does he run into?

Shrek’s bottom


133. Which line follows this, ‘I can’t feel my toes! I have no toes!’?

I Think I Need A Hug


134. In Far Far Away, the other princesses are giving Fiona a baby shower. What gift does Snow White give her?

a dwarf


135. Where does Princess Fiona spend her first night after being rescued?



136. Captain of the Guard:

That’s 20 pieces of silver for the witch.


137. What does the Gingerbread Man curse at Lord Farquaad in the torture chamber?

Eat Me!


138. What animal does Shrek cook for Fiona and how does he cook it?

A weed rat, rotisserie style


139. What does the blind mouse think Shrek’s ear is?

A piece of cheese


140. After the movie, there is a surprise ending where Dragon comes in with babies. Complete Donkey’s quote. “Look at my little ______ babies!”



141. What was wrong with Donkey’s girlfriend, the dragon, from the first movie?

She was off having babies


142. What does the dragon reek of?

Feminine beauty


143. What was the response of the fairytale creatures to Shrek telling them they were not welcome in his swamp and that he was off to tell Lord Farquaad that he wanted them evicted?

Cheers and flower garlands


144. When Shrek tells Donkey he can stay with him for one night, what does Donkey want to cook for breakfast?



145. ‘Do you think he’s ____________ for something?’



146. How did Shrek know where in the castle Princess Fiona was being held?

He read it in a book


147. What does donkey say Shrek needs?

A Tic-Tac


148. ‘I’m on my way, from misery to ___________ today’: What is the missing word?



149. What does Shrek brush his teeth with?

A bone


150. How long was the wait at the turnstile to get into Duloc?

45 minutes




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