150+ The Big Bang Theory Trivia Questions and Answers

The Big Bang Theory is among the most popular comedy shows on Netflix. The series has been able to attract up to 20 million viewers. Similar to friends, both shows revolved around the lives of a group of friends but are differentiated in their approaches to humor.

This series is premised on the leading explanation for how the universe began. It explains how the universe started as an infinitely hot and dense single point that inflated and stretched to unimaginable speeds, and then develops at a more measurable rate.

The Big Bang Theory Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

David Saltzberg, a professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA, has been on retainer since the beginning of the series. He has attended the weekly screening of The Big Bang Theory where he offers corrections and ensures the whiteboards used in the scenes are accurate.

The adorable cast members make up some of the world’s highest-paid TV actors.  According to Variety (2017), some of the top paid actors in comedy are Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar— all earning an average of $900,000 per episode.

Gather your friends together for a trivia night. Use this list of The Big Bang Theory questions with answers to test how much you know about the series.

1. What is Leonard’s surname?



2. What does Sheldon’s mom call him?



3. In which US state is Big Bang Theory set?



4. Who plays Sheldon’s older brother, Georgie?

Jerry O’Connell


5. Who officiates Sheldon and Amy’s wedding?

Mark Hamill


6. Which actress portrays Penny?

Kaley Cuoco


7.  How many times does Sheldon have to knock on a door and say a person’s name before he’ll go in?



8. Sheldon hosts a YouTube show during the series. What is it called?

“Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun With Flags”


9. Who does Howard live with at the beginning of the show?

His mum


10. What does Sheldon rename his show after Amy joins in?

“Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler Present: Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun With Flags”


11. How many seasons of Big Bang Theory are there?



12. Who said ‘Our babies will be smart and beautiful’?



13. What state is Sheldon originally from?



14. What is Sheldon’s IQ?



15. What store was Sheldon born in?



16. Where does Sheldon’s twin sister work?



17. What apartment do Penny and Leonard live in?



18. Who does Penny marry?



19. What song does Penny sing to Sheldon when he’s sick?

“Soft Kitty”


20. What meaningful gift does Penny give to Sheldon for Christmas one year?

A napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy


21. What state is Penny from? Nebraska



22. Why did she move to Los Angeles?

To become an actress


23. In which US state is Big Bang Theory set?



24. What restaurant does Penny work at for a large part of the series?

The Cheesecake Factory


25. What academic theory does Sheldon specialize in?

String theory


26. Who is Sheldon’s nemesis?

Wil Wheaton

27. What is Sheldon’s favorite number?



28. What’s his name?



29. Where is Rajesh from?



30. What are Penny’s parents’ names?

Wyatt and Susan


31. Where do Sheldon, Amy, Raj, Howard, and Leonard work?



32. Which character goes to space?



33. What is Leonard’s middle name?



34. Who does Leonard marry on the show?



35. What astronaut nickname is Howard given by his space friends?


36. How long is Howard on the space station?

Five months


37. Which character’s surname is Farrah Fowler?



38. What is Howard’s middle name?



39. Where did Howard get his engineering degree?



40. Early in the series, what is Howard’s main mode of transportation?



41. What is Howard allergic to?



42. Where does Leonard get married?


43. Where did Leonard graduate from?



44. At the beginning of the show, who can’t Rajesh talk to?



45. What instrument does Leonard play?



46. What does Leonard’s mom do for work? She’s a psychiatrist and neuroscientist



47. What does Leonard’s dad do for work?

He’s an anthropologist


48. Where do Sheldon, Howard, Leonard, Raj and Amy work?

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


49. Which actor portrays Sheldon Cooper?

Jim Parsons

50. What does Penny name her gaming character in Age of Conan?

Queen Penelope, Guardian


51. What breed of dog does Raj have?


52. What is Raj’s dog’s name?



53. What does Raj call his apartment in the first several seasons of the show?

Raj Mahal


54. What is Raj’s sister’s name?



55. When Howard and Bernadette’s daughter, Halley, won’t stop crying, what does Bernadette do?

Crawls into the crib with her


56. What does Bernadette’s dad say to Howard when he gives her away at the wedding?

“Here ya go.”


57. What is Bernadette’s graduate degree?



58. What is the name of Bernadette’s son?

Neil Michael Wolowitz


59. What nickname did Howard give to Bernadette?



60. How does Bernadette meet Penny?

They work together at The Cheesecake Factory


61. Which character is from Texas?

Sheldon Cooper


62. Why is it hard for Raj to talk to women he’s not related to?

He has selective mutism


63. What’s Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment number?



64. Amy brings home one of her monkeys from the lab in season four, and he has a terrible habit. What is it? Smoking



65. Where is Leonard from?

New Jersey


66. Where did Amy get her undergraduate degree?



67. How do Sheldon and Amy meet?


68. What’s Rajesh’s job?



69. Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize for their work on what?

Super-asymmetry theory


70. The night Amy and Sheldon finally have sex for the first time, what event does Sheldon miss out on?

The premiere of a new Star Wars movie


71. Which one of these characters does not wear glasses?



72. What is the name of the science-show host played by Bob Newhart that Sheldon and Leonard love so much?

Professor Proton


73. Which color is Penny’s laptop?



74. Who performs the “Big Bang Theory” theme song?

Barenaked Ladies


75. Stuart runs a comic book store. What is the name of the store?

The Comic Center of Pasadena


76. How many episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” are there?



77. What year did the show premiere?



78. What’s the name of the “Big Bang Theory” spinoff?

“Young Sheldon”


79. How many Emmys did the show win?



80. How many times was it nominated?



81. Which couple gets married first?

Bernadette and Howard


82. Which characters don’t have PhDs?

Penny and Howard


83. When the men enter the Physics Bowl, they name their team PMS. What does PMS stand for?

Perpetual Motion Squad


84. How did the group try to teach Sheldon to drive?

With a driving-simulator computer game


85. What is Leonard’s primary health concern?

He is lactose intolerant


86. What does Sheldon always wear?

A short-sleeved T-shirt on top of a long-sleeved T-shirt


87. When does Penny kiss Leonard for the first time?

At Penny’s Halloween party, on Leonard and Sheldon’s couch


88. What’s on the shower curtain of Leonard and Sheldon?


89. Which US state is Penny from?



90. What does Penny always call Sheldon?



91. What is Leonard’s mum’s first name?



92. What is Sheldon’s favorite number?



93. For which discovery do Sheldon and Amy get a Nobel Prize?

Super asymmetry


94. Which character always says ‘Bazinga’?

Sheldon Cooper


95. When does Sheldon do his laundry?

8.15 pm on Saturdays


96. What is the name of Sheldon’s twin sister?



97. How is Sheldon’s Youtube channel/podcast called?

Fun with flags


98. What was the name of the song that Sheldon wanted Penny to sing to him when he was sick?

‘Soft Kitty’


99. Who is Debbie?

Howard’s mum

100. How old was Sheldon when he got his first P.h.d?



101. What is the name of Rajesh’s dog?



102. In the first episode, what does Penny ask Leonard to pick up from his ex-boyfriend’s house?

Her TV


103. What does Sheldon order by fiber content?

His cereals


104. How old is Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’?



105. What is the name of the pharmaceutical company where Bernadette works?

ZanGen Pharmaceuticals


106. Complete Sheldon’s sick day lullaby. “Soft kitty, warm kitty, Little ball of fur, Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, ______ _______ _____”.

Purr, purr purr


107.  When was Sheldon Cooper born?

26 February 1980


108. Which one of Rajesh’s girlfriends was a dermatologist (1 point for the first name, 1 point for the surname)

Emily Sweeney


109. What is Bernadette’s middle name?



110. Which Star Trek language does Sheldon speak?



111. What is Sheldon’s IQ?



112. When Bernadette is being offered a job at a pharmaceutical company. How does she describe the salary?

“buttload of money”


113. What is Amy allergic to?



114. How many siblings have Bernadette?

5 sisters


115. Who played the role of Leonard Hofstadter?

Johnny Galecki


116. What is Amy’s favorite singer?


117. According to Sheldon, which pudding is the best?



118. How tall is Bernadette?

4′ 10″


119. In which TV show does Penny get a small role?



120. Who officiated Sheldon and Amy’s wedding?

Mark Hamill


121. In the second season, Penny’s Christmas gift to Sheldon is a napkin autographed by?

Leonard Nimoy


122. What is the picture on Sheldon’s refrigerator?

After the death of the actress Carol Ann Susi, who was the voice behind Howard’s mother, the producers added her photo to the side of the refrigerator as a tribute to her.


123. What is the ‘Penny Blossoms’?

Hair clips


124. Who was Elizabeth Plimpton?

She was a cosmological physicist from Princeton University.


125. Who were Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady?

Producers of the show.


126. What was Penny’s last name?

Her last name was not mentioned before her marriage.


127. What was unique about the show in terms of season and contract renewal?

‘The Big Bang Theory’ was the first scripted television series that received back-to-back three season renewals.


128. Why do we never see Raj’s apartment and Howard’s’ house in the same episode?

Because the sets are made in the same space by redecorating..


129. The theme song mentions, “autotrophs began to drool”. What does that mean?

It is a science joke because autotrophs are plants and algae that make their own food and do not need to eat.


130. What is special about Wheaton’s house number 1701?

It is also the number of U.S.S. Enterprise in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’.


131. In a second season episode, Sheldon performed his knocking on Penny’s door, but instead of calling out her name, he had voice-generating software on his laptop say her name. He believed he had an inflamed larynx and couldn’t speak. Why did he go to Penny’s at this moment?

To ask for tea.


132. When Professor Proton did a fun science show at Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment in season six, what part particularly amazed Penny?

Potato clock


133. What singer did Howard and Amy realize they both liked in “The Scavenger Vortex”?

Neil Diamond


134. The apartment of Sheldon and Leonard has a flag with a gold lion rampant. What colour is the flag’s background?



135. Early in the fourth season, Sheldon and Amy decided to part ways after disagreeing over whose work was more important. In his post-‘break up’ depression, Sheldon got a bunch of cats that he named after scientists. There was one exception; what was that cat’s name?



136. How does Sheldon choose his seat at the movie theatre?

He looks for the ‘acoustic sweet spot’.


137. During season three, in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, Penny dances to a song by whom?

Shania Twain


138. Where does Penny do her one performance of ‘Anne Frank’?

A room above a bowling alley


139. In the season three episode “The Cornhusker Vortex”, Sheldon gave Leonard lessons on what topic he was surprisingly an expert in.



140. Name one of Sheldon’s quirky traits?

Always needs to sit in the same spot


141. After Raj says “Excuse me! I don’t think Penny is out of line at all. You don’t own her,” who does he claim is his girl?



142. From where was the fifteen-year-old science prodigy that worked with Sheldon and Leonard in “The Jerusalem Duality”?



143. In the third season, Penny had a crisis when she dislocated her shoulder. Sheldon, unable to ignore a damsel in distress, took her to the hospital and stayed with her. When filling out her admission form, what did Sheldon put for cause of injury?

Lack of adhesive ducks


144. Fill in the blank of the following Sheldon quote: ‘I often forget other people have …..…… It’s so sad.’



145. Weigh tryst sting?



146. Which character said the following line: ‘I do wanna fling my poop at her’



147. From 1991 to 1995, which BBT actress played the title character of the NBC sitcom Blossom?

Mayim Bialik


148. In the first season’s Halloween episode, Penny invited the guys to her costume party. What did all four of them originally want to dress up as?

The Flash


149. What was the very final episode of the show called?

The Stockholm Syndrome

150. Unlike most TV shows, what is real on the set of the Big Bang Theory?

The food


151. What was Raj and Howard’s reaction when they saw Amy and Sheldon together?

“Good God, what have we done?”


152. How does Sheldon try to lengthen his life span in ‘The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification’?


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