150+ Zimbabwe Trivia Questions and Answers

Zimbabwe is well known as the home to Lake Kariba, the world’s largest artificial by volume. The reservoir built on the Zambezi River is over 223km long and covers 2,150 square miles.

Together with its neighboring country Zambia, Zimbabwe boasts of the world’s most giant sheet of falling water on river Zambezi. The Falls were named after the British Queen Victoria by the first Scottish explorer David Livingstone in 1855. Kalolo-Lozi  locals in Zimbabwe refer to the falls as Mosi-oa-Tunya, ‘the smoke that thunders.’

Zimbabwe Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If your geography knowledge is anything to go by, this information will ring a bell. Zimbabwe takes pride in its association with the greenstone belt, one of the richest in the world. Other significant gold deposits occur in the Limpopo Mobile Belt in the south of the country and the Proterozoic Piriwiri rocks in the northwestern part of Zimbabwe.

The following series of questions and answers will expand your knowledge of Zimbabwe.

1. Zimbabwe has how many national parks?



2. Which is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe?

Mount Nyangani


3. Among the animal species living in Zimbabwe is one that resembles a cat, although it is not a feline, with a tail almost as long as its body. Which is it?

African palm civet


4. Which is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe?

Mutarazi Falls


5. Which is the highest point of Zimbabwe?

Mount Nyangani


6. Which national park is located in a district of the same name within the province of Manicaland?

Nyanga National Park


7. Name the rivers that begin at Mount Nyangani?

Nyanga National Park


8. Nyanga National Park situated in the Eastern Highlands, a mountain range that forms the border between Zimbabwe and which neighboring country?



9. How many rivers begin at Mount Nyangani?



10. African palm civet found in Zimbabwe is also known as ?

two-spotted palm civet


11. What is the height of Mount Nyangani?

2592 m (8504 ft)


12. Which is the second largest falls in Africa?

Mutarazi Falls


13. Mutarazi Falls has a series of __ leaps?



14. What is the height of Mutarazi Falls?

948 m (3110 ft)


15. Where is Mutarazi Falls located?

Honde Valley in the Eastern Highlands.


16. Which year was Zimbabwe united with the land that now belongs to Zambia and Malawi to form a federation?



17. Which year did Zimbabwe gain independence?



18. Zimbabwe was colonized by?


19. Which year did the colony declare independence?



20. What was the name of the colony before 1953?

Southern Rhodesia


21. The land below the Zambezi River was termed Southern Rhodesia in 1901, until which year?



22. What is the staple food of Zimbabwe?



23. Southern Rhodesia united with Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland to form?

The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland


24. The name Rhodesia had been used for the region of Zambia and Zimbabwe since 1895, named after______, a British colonialist who established the British South Africa Company (BSAC)?

Cecil Rhodes


25. Sadza is made from?

White or yellow maize


26. Sadza resembles which food?



27. Sadza can be made from other grains like?



28. When was maize introduced in Zimbabwe?

20th Century


29. Who brought to the spotlight the art of the Shona people in Zimbabwe?

English artist Frank McEwen


30. Name the prominent artist who helped found the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (then called the National Gallery of Rhodesia) in 1957?

Frank McEwen


31. For which of these art forms is Zimbabwe particularly famous? Artists using this technique include cousins Dominic Benhura and Tapfuma Gutsa.

Stone sculpture


32. When was Tapfuma Gutsa born?



33. Who was the first Zimbabwean to receive a British Council award?

Tapfuma Gutsa


34. Later, Tapfuma Gutsa studied his diploma in sculpting in which country?



35. Who was the cousin to Tapfuma Gutsa?

Dominic Benhura


36. When was Dominic Benhura born?



37. Name the writer of children’s books who has written a blog telling of current events in Zimbabwe?

Catherine Buckle


38. When was Catherine Buckle born?



39. Catherine Buckle’s first fiction book was written which year?



40. What was the title of Catherine Buckle’s first fiction book?

‘African Tears’


41. ‘African Tears’ was about?

Land reform


42. Which year did Catherine Buckle and her husband purchase land in Zimbabwe?



43. The land bought by Catherine and her husband was situated at?



44. Catherine and the husband later lost their land after how many years?



45. Catherine lost their land during which time?

The second period of Robert Mugabe’s land reform


46. In 2003, Catherine Buckle published which book?

‘Beyond Tears’


47. What did the book ‘Beyond Tears ‘ talk about?

The continuing maltreatment of farm owners who had lost their land, and about how she returned to her old farm and found it had become a squatter camp.


48. Oliver Mtukudzi is from which tribe?

Kore-Kore tribe


49. Name a famous musician from Zimbabwe?

Oliver Mtukudzi

50. What is the nickname of Oliver Mtukudzi?



51. Oliver has achieved international success, and also starred in and produced soundtracks for movies such as?

“Jit” (1990)


52. Name the prime minister of Zimbabwe in 2009?

Morgan Tsvangirai


53. His wife Susan was an important member of his political party before her death. Who is he?

Morgan Tsvangirai


54. Morgan Tsvangirai was arrested several times for which reason?

His opposition to President Robert Mugabe


55. Which movement did Morgan Tsvangirai form?

Democratic Change


56. Which year did Morgan Tsvangirai form Movement for Democratic Change?



57. Which years did Morgan Tsvangirai run against Mugabe in the presidential elections?

2002 and 2008


58. Why did Morgan Tsvangirai withdraw after the first round of the election where he received more in the presidential election of 2008?

Violence and threats


59. How did Susan, Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife, die?

In a car accident


60. During the first month of Morgan Tsvangirai as the prime minister, he was involved in a car accident together with his wife in which year?



61. Benjamin “Benjani” Mwaruwari played for which Zimbabwean national team?

“The Warriors”


62. Benjamin “Benjani” Mwaruwari was born in?



63. Benjamin “Benjani” Mwaruwari has been a prominent player in UK soccer teams, such as Portsmouth, Manchester City, and?



64. Benjamin “Benjani” Mwaruwari played for Switzerland’s Grasshoppers Zürich (on loan) before signing with English club Portsmouth in which year?



65. Benjamin “Benjani” Mwaruwari was the ____ Zimbabwean to play in the Premier League?



66. Which year did Benjamin “Benjani” Mwaruwari retire from international football?



67. Benjamin “Benjani” Mwaruwari played for which South African club?

Jomo Cosmos


68. Which are the popular languages in Zimbabwe?

Shona, English and Sindebele


69. It shares its name with the people who speak it, and is the Bantu language most widely spoken as a native tongue. Which language is it?



70. Shona is also known as?



71. Name the novelist and poet, who penned the first novel in Shona, “Feso” (1957), in the Zezuru dialect?

Solomon Mutsvairo


72. How many official languages are spoken in Zimbabwe?



73. What is the number of Olympic medals won by Zimbabwe by 2019?



74. For how long did the guerrilla war last?

15 years


75. What is the national bird of Zimbabwe?

Bateleur Eagle


76. In which year did Robert Muagabe become the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe?



77. In which part of the African continent is Zimbabwe located?

Southern Africa


78. When was Robert Mugabe placed under house arrest?



79. Zimbabwe is one of the _______ landlocked African nations?



80. Which country shares its border with Zimbabwe in the northwest?



81. Name the other 15 landlocked countries in Africa in their alphabetical order?

Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, South Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, and Zambia.


82. How was Lake Kariba formed?

Construction of a dam


83. The construction of the Kariba Dam began in which year?



84. David Livingstone named which fall after his Queen?

Victoria Falls


85. Victoria fall is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in which year?



86. Zimbabwe is divided into ___administrative divisions?



87. What are these administratives called?



88. Name the 10 provinces in Zimbabwe?

Bulawayo, Harare, Manicaland, Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, Masvingo, Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, and Midlands.


89. Which are the two cities in Zimbabwe?

Bulawayo and Harare


90. Robert Mugabe served as a prime minister from which year?

1980 to 1987


91. Which area was Robert Mugabe born in?

Kutama, South Rhodesia


92. Harare is named after?

A UK Prime Minister


93. What is the former name of Harare?



94. What was the name of the UK prime minister who served from 1895 to 1902?

Lord Salisbury


95. Harare was known as Salisbury prior to?



96. Which intriguing geomorphological features are featured on the obverse of the banknote?

Balancing rocks


97. Zimbabwe experienced a massive economic crisis in the late?



98. The hyperinflation had resulted in the issuance of banknotes with denominations up to?

100 trillion dollars


99. What are the other famous balancing rocks called?

Mother and Child inselberg

100. Where are the other famous balancing rocks located?

Matopos National Park


101. Which animals are mainly found above the falls?

Hippopotamus and crocodile, birds


102. Matabeleland North is the site of____, one of the world’s largest waterfalls, located on the Zambezi River?

Victoria Falls


103. Matabeleland district was a tribal land of the __ tribe?



104. Most Zimbabwean provinces are based on what?

The historical development of the country


105. The city-province of Bulawayo lies between?

Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South


106. When were the Matabeleland districts conquered by settlers?

During the First Matabele War (1893-1894)


107. Name the second largest city in Zimbabwe?



108. Bulawayo is next to which river?



109. Bulawayo is home to the Queens Sports Club and?

Bulawayo Athletic Club


110. What is the distance between Antelope park and Gweru?



111. Mashonaland West is primarily a?

Farming region


112. Matabeleland South is one of Zimbabwe’s driest provinces, situated as it is on the edge of a desert. What desert is located just to the southwest of Zimbabwe?


113. Where did Zimbabwe get its name from?

The ruins of an ancient city-the Great Zimbabwe National Monument


114. In which province is the Great Zimbabwe National Monument found?

Masvingo province


115. The kingdom of Zimbabwe controlled the ______ and ____ trade from the interior of Africa to the coast, and was also a center for imports from Arabia and Asia?

Ivory and gold


116. What does the name Zimbabwe mean in the Karanga dialect of the Shona language?

Large houses of stone


117. What is the capital of Midlands Province?



118. Where is the headquarter of The African Lion Environmental Research Trust (ALERT)?

Antelope park


119. What is the capital of Mashonaland West?



120. Which is the geological feature nearby Chinhoyi?

Limestone caves


121. The Chinhoyi caves were designated as a National Park in?



122. The Chinhoyi caves, about 8 km (5 mi) north of town, were first described by Frederick Courteney Selous in?



123. The main cave in Chinhoyi has a pool of cobalt blue water called?

The Sleeping Pool or Chirorodzira (Pool of the Fallen)


124. Which mineral was first to be mined in the Mashonaland Central?



125. In which town was gold first discovered?



126. The town of Kimberly is currently known as?



127. Which year was Shamva established when gold was discovered in the area?



128. Shamva was originally called?



129. Kimberly was later called Bindura in which year?



130. Which other minerals are present in Bindura?

Nickel, copper and cobalt mines


131. Which year did the district of Centenary attract many who wanted to see the total solar eclipse in Zimbabwe?

21 June, 2001


132. Which are the significant agricultural products from Bindura?

Cotton, maize, tobacco, soybeans and tropical fruits


133. What is the capital city of Mashonaland East?



134. Where is the center of Zimbabwe’s forestry and farming?



135. The Wedza district was originally inhabited by?

The Mbire people of the Soko clan


136. Which people mined iron in the hills of Wedza?

The Mbire people


137. What does Wedza mean?

‘place of wealth’


138. Which is a significant industry in Harare?



139. The ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe are found about 29km from what major Zimbabwean City?



140. Which is the largest national park in Zimbabwe?

Hwange National Park


141. What is the area of Hwange National Park?

14,600 square kilometers


142. Name some camps in Hwange National Park?

Main Camp, Robins Camp, Nantwich Camp, and Sinamatella Camp


143. What large man-made lake is also near the ruins of Great Zimbabwe?

Lake Kyle


144. This large national park in southeast Zimbabwe was named for the large number of elephants that can be found there.

Gonarezhou National Park


145. The _________ Highlands are lush, forested mountains where coffee, tea, and lumber are produced.



146. The word Gonarezhou actually means?

“place of elephants.”


147. This fish is a popular game fish in the Highlands, especially in the Nyanga area?



148. One of the luxury hotels in the Eastern Highlands is named?



149. What is the beautiful resort hotel, found east of Mutare, that resembles a Scottish moorland castle? It is also known for its golf course and its casino.

Leopard Rock


150. Which hotel was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, who stayed there in 1953?



151. Leopard Rock was extensively damaged by rocket fire during?

The Bush War


152. Leopard Rock was later restored by who?

Wealthy tobacco farmer


153. These red sandstone cliffs are found in southeastern Zimbabwe along the Runde River?

Chilojo Cliffs


154. The spectacular Chilojo Cliffs are found in?

Gonarezhou National Park


155. This bridge over the Save River was, at one time, the second largest suspension bridge in the world. It is very similar in appearance to Australia’s Sydney harbor bridge?

Birchenough Bridge


156. Which year was Birchenough Bridge built?



157. Who built Birchenough Bridge?

The British


158. Where can you find the picture of Birchenough Bridge?

On the Zimbabwe twenty cent coin.



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