160+ Breaking Bad Trivia Questions and Answers

Breaking bad is one of those movie series that only astute viewers know much about. Its work of art remains to be a momentous piece in the film industry. Surprisingly, it started off as an overlooked show but ended up being a Television obsession.

One of the most iconic moments was the infamous Pizza toss, which was actually shot in one take. Did you know that Walter’s signature Hat was for protecting his bald head? Incredible fun facts, right?

Breaking Bad Trivia Questions and Answers

The show proved to greatly evolve over time, with newer seasons managing to top the previous ones. Your favorite celebrity characters may have stunned you on end, but how much can you remember from their adventures and misadventures?

Here is a super fun list of breaking bad trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge. Make sure to check our Marvel trivia and Vampire Diaries trivia.


1. How many episodes of Breaking Bad were aired?



2. Which year was Breaking Bad first aired?



3. Which song best describes the style of Saul Goodman’s office?

It’s “America the Beautiful”.


4. Who created the TV show “Breaking Bad”?

Vince Gilligan


5. What is Gus Fring’s henchman Mike’s surname?



6. Walt’s pre-Heisenberg vehicle, the one he runs over the gangsters in, is a?

Pontiac Aztec


7. Gilligan wanted to create a TV series in which the protagonist became the what?



8. What does DEA stand for?

Drug Enforcement Agency


9. What distracts Walt from absorbing the news of his cancer diagnosis?

Walt can’t stop looking at the mustard on his doctor’s coat


10. How does Gilligan define the term “breaking bad”?

As “to raise hell”


11. Which area of science does Walt teach at school?



12. What primitive weapon do Tuco’s murderous cousins favor?



13. According to Lily Rothman, the term “breaking bad” is an old phrase which “connotes more “what” than ‘raising hell’ does?



14. The concept for the show emerged as Gilligan was talking with fellow writer Thomas Schnauz regarding their what?

Current unemployment


15. The highest-rated episode on IMDB – scoring a perfect 10/10 with over 110,000 votes – shares its name with the work of famous poet Percy Shelley. Name it?



16. What is Marie’s favorite color?



17. Why was it difficult to write for Walter White?

Because the character was so dark and morally questionable.


18. Name the plant Walt used to poison a child?

Lily of the valley


19. When Walt retired from the meth game, how much money did he walk away with?

$80 Million


20. Which food does Walt infamously throw onto the roof of his house?



21. Walt doesn’t call it the meth game, though. What does he call it?

The empire business


22. As the series progressed, Gilligan and the writing staff of Breaking Bad made Walter increasingly what?



23. Name the famous author of the book Hank reads to discover Walt’s true identity.

Walt Whitman


24. Where is Gus Fring from?



25. What is the name of Skinny Pete’s accomplice?



26. In the show’s final stretch, Jesse snorts meth off a CD to pump himself up before attempting to burn Walt’s house down. When else did he do this?

He also did it before trying to kill the gangbangers


27. Gus Fring’s meth Superlab is based underneath a warehouse. What does the above-ground business specialize in?



28. Gale Boetticher’s go-to karaoke song is?

Gale’s song of choice is “Major Tom”


29. Gilligan was initially discouraged when he learned of what already existing series?



30. Which Star Wars director directed arguably the most polarizing episode in the entire series ‘Fly’?

Rian Johnson


31. What nickname does Jesse give to the RV he uses with Walt to cook meth?

The Krystal Ship


32. Madrigal Electromotive’s fast-food division was working on a special condiment at the time of Gus Fring’s death. It was?

Madrigal is trying to make “Franch” dressing


33. How many episodes did the network order for the first season?

Nine episodes (including the pilot)


34. Name the actor who plays Walt Jr?

RJ Mitte


35. What stolen item first brings Marie’s kleptomania to a head?

It’s the tiara that Marie stole for Skyler’s baby shower


36. Due to the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike there were only how many episodes produced?



37. Two elements from the periodic table – Br and Ba – are used in the Breaking Bad title image. Name the elements?

Bromine, Barium


38. What drug do we NOT see Jesse use?



39. What location was the initial version of the script set in?

Riverside, California


40. Name the infant daughter of Walt and Skyler White?



41. In July 2011, Vince Gilligan indicated that he was going to conclude the show at the end of what season?

The fifth episode


42. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle was the Head of Logistics at which fictional global conglomerate with ties to Gus Fring and used to ship Walt’s product across the world?



43. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle helps Walt expand his empire overseas by shipping meth to?

Czech Republic


44. On what date did AMC renew the series for a fifth and final season?

August 14, 2011


45. Complete the iconic Walt phrase: “You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am ____?

The one who knocks


46. What kind of R.V. do Walt and Jesse cook meth in?

They cook meth in a Bounder.


47. Gilligan cast Bryan Cranston for the role of Walter White based on what?

He had worked with him in an episode of the science fiction television series The X-Files.


48. What’s Jesse’s old dream?

To be an artist


49. Cranston contributed significantly to the formation and development of the what?

Walter White persona

50. Saul’s goons are named?

Huell and Kuby


51. Cranston has said he was inspired partially by his elderly father for what?

How Walter carries himself physically


52. Why does Tuco freak out and beat one of his men to death in the junkyard at the end of season one?

The guy spoke for Tuco.


53. How has Aaron Paul described Cranston?

As “a kid trapped in a man’s body”.


54. A season two episode opens with a music video about Heisenberg. What’s the song — and episode — called?

Negro y Azul


55. Donna Nelson, a professor of organic chemistry at the University of Oklahoma did what for the show?

Checked scripts and provided dialogue


56. Donna also drew chemical structures and wrote chemical equations which were used as what?



57. What was Mike Ehrmantraut’s career before working with Gus?


58. Jason Wallach of Vice magazine commended the accuracy of what?

The cooking methods presented in the series


59. In season five’s “Hazard Pay,” Skyler walks in on Walt, Walter Jr., and Holly watching?



60. Who is Walter White?

A chemistry teacher diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer.


61. What does Walter do?

He turns to making meth to secure his family’s finances.


62. Who does Declan the drug dealer look like, according to one of Todd’s neo-Nazi uncles?

He says Declan looks like Wolverine


63. Walter gains a notorious reputation under what name?



64. Who was poisoned with ricin?

In the series finale, Walt poisons Lydia with ricin


65. Who is Skyler White?

Walter’s wife who was pregnant with their second child prior to his diagnosis.


66. Breaking Bad was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series four times at the Emmys. How many times did it win?

Breaking Bad only won one Emmy for Outstanding Drama.


67. Who is Jesse Pinkman?

Walter’s former student, Jesse, a drug dealer who partners up with Walt and makes high-level meth.


68. Frustrated after failing to get into his family’s house with a mealtime peace-offering, Walt throws this on the roof?

He throws a pizza on the roof


69. Who is Hank Schrader?

Marie’s husband, Walter and Skyler’s brother-in-law and a DEA agent


70. Who was originally supposed to die by the end of season one?



71. Who is Marie Schrader?

Skyler’s sister and Hank’s kleptomaniac wife.


72. What song does Skyler sing to Ted Beneke?

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”


73. Who is Walter White, Jr.?

Walter and Skyler’s son, who has cerebral palsy.


74. When Walter White is diagnosed with cancer and decides to make methamphetamine for money, he approaches former student Jesse Pinkman to help him distribute the product. What does he threaten to do if Jesse refuses to go into business?

Turn Jesse in to the police


75. What’s Walt’s middle name?



76. What street do Walt and Skyler live on?

The Whites live on Negra Arroyo Lane


77. Who is Saul Goodman?

A crooked strip mall lawyer who represents Walt and Jesse.


78. What color is the infamous box cutter that Gus uses to slash Victor’s throat?

Lime Green


79. Which artist do Jesse and Jane go see an exhibition of?

Georgia O’Keeffe


80. Who is Lydia Rodarte-Quayle?

A high-ranking employee of Madrigal Electromotive and a former associate of Gus Fring.


81. Walter White led a pretty normal life in the southwestern part of the United States. All this changed after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Which state does the show take place in?

New Mexico


82. Gale Boetticher turned his scientific talents toward many pursuits EXCEPT?

Gale doesn’t pogo.


83. Who is Todd Alquist?

An employee of Vamonos Pest Control who becomes an associate of Walt and Jesse.


84. What are the last words spoken in the series?

Gale doesn’t pogo.


85. Saul consistently invokes this phrase-as-location?

Saul loves to talk about “Shit Creek.”


86. What are the last words spoken in the series?

Well, goodbye Lydia


87. What word does Jesse say over and over in the metal song we hear him sing from his days in TwaüghtHammër?



88. Jesse Pinkman is a former student of Walter White’s that he recruits to help him with his drug empire because of his experience in the illegal drug scene. What nickname does Jesse go by before he joins up with Mr. White?

Cap’n Cook


89. Before Gray Matter Technologies became a multi-billion dollar company, how much did Walt sell his share for?



90. As drug dealers are wont to do, Walt and Jesse kill two rivals. Walt decides to dispose of one of the bodies in acid, but Jesse’s error causes it to go horribly wrong. What did Jesse do wrong (besides murder and drug dealing)?

Put the body in a bathtub instead of a plastic bin


91. Danny Trejo appeared as a cartel mole with a nickname based on his particular style of moving messages across the border. What was that nickname?



92. While convalescing from the shootout with the Salamanca twins, what does Hank start collecting?



93. Bogdon sells Walt and Skyler the carwash “as-is,” but tries to leave with the first dollar his company ever earned. Walt takes the dollar and?

Walt uses Bogdan’s first dollar to buy a soda


94. In the opening scenes of the episode “Dead Freight” we see Drew Sharp collecting a spider in a glass jar. What happened to the spider?

Todd kept it


95. How many victims died in the Wayfarer 515 plane crash?

167 people


96. Jane is the next-door neighbor of Jesse who becomes his love interest in season 2 of “Breaking Bad.” What is the occupation of Jane’s father, who becomes the subject of a major plotline in the final episode of the season?

Air traffic controller


97. After being escaping Tuco’s desert hideout, Walt opts to walk into a grocery store naked. The doctors chalk it up as?

They think Walt fell into a fugue state


98. Jesse’s special brand of meth is called?

Chili P


99. After taking care of Emilio, Walter kills Krazy-8 after much hesitation. What finally made up Walter’s mind to kill Krazy-8?

Walter discovered Krazy-8 was plotting to kill him

100. Which of Jesse’s acquaintances can play the piano?

Skinny Pete knows how to tickle the ivories


101. Gus kills his junior henchman, Victor, and replaces him with?



102. Marie has regressed back into kleptomania, and now she attends open houses where she makes up stories about her home life and takes mementos. A realtor remembers her from a previous house and accuses her of stealing a commemorative state what?



103. Breaking Bad has referenced which famous poet numerous times?

Walt Whitman


104. Walt’s son, Walter Junior, has cerebral palsy. Walt’s wife, Skyler, is pregnant. After learning of his grim prognosis, Walt is concerned about his family’s financial future. What drug does he decide to manufacture and sell in hopes of providing for his family?

Crystal Meth


105. “They’re not rocks, Marie! They’re…”?



106. What was the name of the high school where Walter White taught chemistry?

JP Wynne High School


107. What was Gale Boetticher working on as a side project in the lab with Walt?

Making coffee


108. Walt makes his first big deal with Gus while Skyler is delivering their baby. Walt finally makes it to the hospital and asks the nurse where Skyler is. What room is she in?

Room 307


109. True or false – the actor who played Hector Salamanca was also in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?



110. At the beginning of the series, Walter must work a second job at a car wash to make ends meet. Later in the series, Walt and Skyler buy the car wash as a money laundering front for Walt’s criminal activities. What is the name of this car wash?

A1A Car Wash


111. Who was the original owner of the car wash?



112. Hank gets his first, unwitting, clue that Walter is the meth cooker when he discovers a piece of lab equipment in the desert and has it analyzed. What does Hank discover that leads back to Walter?

A ventilator from Walter’s chemistry classroom


113. Who attempted to shoot and kill Hank Schrader in the carpark?

The cousins


114. What kind of car does Gretchen drive?



115. What was the hidden lab made by Gustavo Fring built over?



116. After Walter Jr. is arrested for trying to buy beer underage, what does Hank tell him is “not cool”?

Calling him instead of his Dad, Walter


117. From what city did Mike Ehrmantraut hail?



118. While waiting in the refrigerated truck, Mike gets grazed by a bullet in what body part?



119. What was the name of the company that Walter White was first involved with in college which would later go on to be worth billions?

Gray Matter Technologies


120. In the episode “Full Measure”, Mike goes to Saul’s office to get an address for Jesse. After Saul goes to get a coffee, Mike finds “Buckingham Trailer Court” written on a scratch pad on Saul’s desk. Where is the trailer court?

Dillwyn, VA


121. What occupation did Marie, Skyler’s sister, have?

Radiology Technician


122. Walt’s former colleague, Elliot Schwartz, offers him a job. Why does Walter turn Elliot down?

Walter thinks it is a cover for charity he is too proud to accept


123. What did Jesse call the RV where their first cooks took place?

Crystal Ship


124. Skyler concocts a story to justify being able to buy the carwash. From what casino game has Walt supposedly made all of his money?

Black Jack


125. What was the chemical stolen by Walt, Jesse and Todd from a freight train?



126. As the cost of Walter’s cancer treatment mounts, Skyler is forced to go back to work and gets her old job back. Why does her sister think this is shocking?

The owner of the company once made a pass at her


127. What does Los Pollos Hermanos mean in English?

The Chicken Brothers


128. What ’80s one-hit-wonder did Gale karaoke on the tape Hank shows to Walt?

Major Tom


129. What is the name of the son that Jesse’s girlfriend Andrea had?



130. What’s Hank’s hobby (long before he discovers his passion for minerals)?

Home Brewing Beer


131. After an unfortunate experience with their original distributors, who do Walt and his partner start doing business with next?



132. Breaking Bad takes place in which Mexico city?



133. What is Jesse’s blood type?



134. In the episode “The End Times”, what did Walt use to poison Brock?

Lily of Valley


135. Who hooks Jesse up with Tuco Salamanca?

Skinny Pete


136. Saul Goodman is a criminal defense lawyer with his face all over town and uses the catchphrase “Better Call Saul!” Later, he becomes Walter’s personal lawyer and suggests that Walter may want to use a “guy” he has that can make Walter disappear. What is the type of business that serves as a front for this disappearance service?

Vacuum shop


137. Walt turns 50 in the very first episode. How old is he in the very last episode?



138. What is Hector Salamanca’a relationship to the cousins (Marco and Leonel)?

Their Uncle


139. When Jesse goes home, his parents are doubtful he is clean and is very suspicious of his influence on his younger brother. Why do they wind up kicking him out of the house?

They find hidden marijuana


140. In Season 3, Skyler does a bit of light research by visiting which Wikipedia page?

Money Laundering


141. In the episode “Buyout”, Jesse enjoys dinner at Walt’s house with Walt and Skyler. He especially likes the green beans with slivered almonds. Where did they come from?



142. In the series finale, what personal possession does Walt leave on top of a payphone on his way from New Hampshire to Albuquerque?

His Watch


143. Lydia is a character introduced later in the series that serves as a corporate connection for Walter to obtain materials needed for drug manufacturing. What substance is Lydia always asking for, for her tea, that eventually ends up being linked to her likely death in the final episode of the series?



144. Walter and Jesse start out cooking methamphetamine using pseudoephedrine, a cold medicine, as their main precursor chemical. However, it gets increasingly difficult to obtain “pseudo” in sufficient quantity. What do Walter and Jesse do?

Steal a barrel of an alternate precursor chemical


145. What subgenre of drama is the show considered to be?

crime drama


146. Who was Gus’ partner in Los Pollos Hermanos and was killed by Hector “Tio” Salamanca?



147. What is the name of the show’s spinoff film?

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


148. After another unfortunate incident with their second distributor, Walt’s partner puts together a small crew to sell the drugs. Who is NOT a member of the crew?



149. The show’s title comes from?

Southern colloquialism, which means to turn to a life of crime.

150. In what year was Walt awarded an award for his contributing research that led to a Nobel Prize?



151. Skyler’s brother, Hank, is a?

DEA agent


152. Having killed their first distributors, Walt and Jesse have to partner with a new dealer, Tuco. Unfortunately, Tuco is a vicious sociopath who beats and robs Jesse of the sample meth he brought. What does Walt do in response?

Detonates a homeade bomb in Tuco’s hideout


153. What color of meth do Walter and Jesse make?



154. What does Walt NOT do with Walt Jr’s Dodge Challenger?

Run over mailboxes


155. How was the show first conceived?

It started off as a joke between producers Vince Gilligan and Thomas Schnauz


156. While eating at Los Pollos Hermanos with Walter Jr., how does Hank get Gus’ fingerprints?



157. What happens at the end of season 2?

Two airplanes crash into each other mid-air and explode above Walt’s home in Albuquerque.


158. What does Mike remove from Don Eladio’s body to prove that he is dead?



159. What lands into Walt’s pool at the end of season 2?

A pink teddy bear


160. Why did Skyler decide to leave Walt at the end of season 2?

He has lied to her many times


161. Early on in the series, why did Jesse’s parents kick him out of their house?

Because of his drug-related activities


162. What did Mike Ehrmantraut say were his intentions of joining the drug industry?

He wants to provide for his granddaughter’s future


163. What was the name of Jesse’s first girlfriend shown in the series?

Jane Margolis


164. What was the final airing date for Breaking Bad?


165. How many more viewers did the fifth season premiere have than the fourth season premiere?

Over double the viewers of the fourth season premiere.


166. Which quality of actor Bryan Cranston did the show’s producers say was the reason that he was chosen to play Walter White?

His ability to be both loathsome and sympathetic


167. How does Walter die?

Walter is shot by a machine gun and subsequently dies.



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