160+ France Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, France is the place to be. Its massive forested land and the beautiful sceneries to catch make it the best place to live in.

You can’t fail to come across someone who wants to visit France. It is the world’s most popular tourist destination. So, this could be the best time to brush up on your French language skills.

France Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

It turns out we have the French people to thank for the many useful inventions in the world today.

France is home to the most Nobel Prize Winners in Literature. It’s only fair enough to say that the country has produced the best writers and thinkers.

These France trivia questions and answers are yours to crack. You’ll be impressed by the country’s achievements. Do check out our Sweden trivia and UK trivia too.


1. What is France’s motto?

Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity


2. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast takes place in what country?



3. What was France’s currency before the euro?

The Franc


4. French mailboxes are what color?



5. What is the name of the French national anthem?

La Marseillaise


6. Brassiere comes from an old French word meaning what?

Arm Protector


7. France is home to the world’s largest museum. Which one is it?

Le Louvre


8. In what country is July 14th a national day of celebration?

France, Bastille Day.


9. Who famously said “How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?

Charles de Gaulle


10. The word negligee is French and suggests that the wearer doesn’t do what?



11. What colors can you find on the French flag?

Blue, White and Red


12. What did the French once call Acadia?


13. Who was the president of France in 2020?

Emmanuel Macron


14. In France if you were served le miel what would you be served?



15. In which French race would you find someone referred to as the “Maillot Jaune”?

Tour de France


16. The word “caterpillar” comes from the old French term mean?

Hairy cat


17. Which city was the capital of France from 1417 to 1422?



18. What is the french name for Lake Geneva?

Lac Léman


19. What is both a musical instrument and the French word for paper clip?



20. What is the highest mountain in France?

Mont Blanc


21. What do the French call the movie High Noon?

La Train Sifflera Trois Fois


22. Which chain of mountains can you find between Spain and France?

The Pyrenees


23. Why it is illegal to sell an ET doll ET in France?

Dolls must have human faces only.


24. French Polish varnish is made by dissolving shellac in what?



25. What is the second-largest city in France?



26. The French call the Hitchcock movie North by Northwest what?

La Mort aux Trousses


27. On which French island can you find the volcano “Le Piton de la Fournaise”?

Reunion Island


28. What is the capital of New Caledonia?



29. Which French actors catch phrase was “Come with me to the Casbah”?

Charles Boyer in Algiers


30. Which river flows through Paris?

River Seine


31. In medieval France a person’s rank was shown by the length of what?

Shoe points bigger meant higher


32. In which sea can you find Corsica?

Mediterranean sea


33. Which country has the largest land border with France?

Brazil (French Guiana)


34. What common word comes from the French for purse or wallet?



35. Which sovereign city-state is located on the French Riviera?



36. What do the French call the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?

Daimants Sur Canape


37. Traditionally, children in France are given a snack at 4 pm. How is that meal called?

Le Goûter


38. In the USA it’s the Oscars, what is it in France?



39. In France, what is the name of the exam at the end of high school?

Le Baccalauréat


40. The metropolitan area of France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to where?

To the Atlantic Ocean


41. How do the French call the greetings that consist in kissing people on the cheek?

La Bise


42. It is bordered by what countries to the northeast?

Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany


43. In France, people don’t drink their coffee or tea from a mug at breakfast. What do they use?

A bowl


44. Which day is referred to as “Poisson d’avril”?


45. What countries border France to the east?

Switzerland and Italy


46. What is “La Chandeleur”?

Pancake day


47. What two countries border France to the south?

Andorra and Spain


48. What traditional cake is eaten on the 6th of January?

La Galette des Rois


49. During the Iron Age, what is now metropolitan France was inhabited by whom?

The Gauls, a Celtic people


50. Rome annexed the area in 51 BC, holding it until when?

Until the arrival of Germanic Franks in 476, who formed the Kingdom of Francia.


51. When would you drink an apéritif?

Before a meal


52. What type of food do the French eat before dessert?



53. The Treaty of Verdun of 843 partitioned Francia into what?

East Francia, Middle Francia and West Francia.


54. West Francia which became the Kingdom of France in 987 emerged as a major European power in the Late Middle Ages following its victory in what war?

The Hundred Years’ War (1337–1453)


55. Which type of meat is used in a “Blanquette de Veau”?



56. The 16th century was dominated by religious civil wars between whom?

The Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots).


57. How is the meat cooked in a Steak Tartare?

It’s raw


58. France became Europe’s dominant cultural, political, and military power in the 17th century under what king?

Louis XIV


59. What type of meat is used in a “Coq au Vin”?



60. Which pastry is used in a Croque en bouche?



61. Which themed amusement park in France is based on the stories by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny?

Parc Asterix


62. Which city was the birthplace of the “Bouillabaisse”?



63. Name the third-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast after Marseille and Nice?



64. Which French region do the Crepes come from?



65. What was the main airport of Paris prior to the construction of Charles de Gaulle Airport?



66. How is “French Toast” called in France?

Pain Perdu


67. What was written in 1792 by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in Strasbourg?

La Marseillaise


68. What is the traditional french cake for Christmas?

La Buche de Noël


69. Which French newspaper’s title translates to ‘The World’ in English?

Le Monde


70. What does “Mille-Feuille” mean in French?

A thousand leaves


71. Which French President formally opened the Channel Tunnel with Queen Elizabeth II?

President Mitterrand (in May 1994)


72. What do the French call The English Channel?

La Manche (which translates to ‘the sleeve’)


73. What is used to cook the beef in a Fondue Bourguignonne?



74. The Chablis region is the northernmost wine district of the which French region?



75. Which French singer was married to Johnny Depp?

Vanessa Paradis


76. What title was given to the heir apparent to the throne of France from 1350 to 1791?



77. Who sang “La Vie en Rose”?

Edith Piaf


78. Which city advertises itself as the ‘Capital of the Alps’, due to its size and its proximity to the mountain range?



79. Which French duo is known for the songs “Around the world” and “Get Lucky”?

Daft Punk


80. Which French DJ is known for the songs “Titanium”, “She wolf” and “Memories”?

David Guetta


81. On which annual date is the public holiday called Bastille Day?

14 July


82. Which famous French artist had a daughter with Jane Birkin?

Serge Gainsbourg


83. In which city on the River Seine in the north of France was Joan of Arc executed?



84. Which famous French fashion house sells the perfume “N°5″?



85. What word is French for snail?



86. Which famous French fashion house’s name is often referred to as “LV”?


87. Which language has declined from more than a million speakers in the 1950s, to about 200,000 in the first decade of the 21st century?



88. Can you name the flagship of the French Navy?

Charles de Gaulle


89. On which famous street in Paris will you find all the luxury fashion brands?

The Champs Elysées


90. What are the inhabitants of the city of Lyon called?



91. Who was Yves Saint Laurent’s partner?

Pierre Bergé


92. Why is Millau in southern France in the Guinness Book of Records?

The Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world


93. Which famous French designer is often referred to as an “enfant terrible”?

Jean-Paul Gauthier


94. Which artillery officer’s trial and conviction in 1894 on charges of treason became one of the most well-known political dramas in modern French history?

Alfred Dreyfus


95. What is the name of the Promenade in Nice?

Promenade des Anglais


96. In Paris, what is the Francilienne?

A motorway ringroad around Paris


97. What was named by Romans as Sinus Cantabrorum and also, Mare Gallaecum?

Bay of Biscay


98. What landmark was built for the 1889 Exposition in Paris?


99. In which ‘region’ of France would you find Napoleon Bonaparte Airport?



100. Which famous French landmark caught fire in 2019?

Notre Dame de Paris


101. Which high fashion luxury goods manufacturer has a logo consisting of a ‘Duc carriage with horse’?



102. What is the name of the Promenade in Cannes?

La Croisette


103. Brigitte Bardot became world-famous in 1957 after starring in which controversial film?

God Created Woman


104. Which Roman catholic church is located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, in Paris?



105. Who built the Garabit Viaduct?

Gustave Eiffel


106. Which is the most populous and most northern French department?



107. What was Louis XIV royal residence?

Versailles Palace


108. The University of Paris is better known by what name?

The Sorbonne


109. Which famous national park is located between Marseille and Cassis?

Massif des Calanques


110. Francois-Marie Arouet is better known by which nom de plume?



111. Located on the French Riviera, which city is famous for its annual film festival, and also hosted the G20 conference in 2011?



112. Which French theme park features awesome historical reconstitutions?

Put du Fou


113. Which French author lived in exile in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, from 1855 until 1870?

Victor Hugo


114. Which famous museum in Paris is located in a former train station?

Musée d’Orsay


115. What name was given to the period of violence that occurred after the onset of the French Revolution?

The Reign of Terror


116. Who wrote “Les Misérables”?

Victor Hugo


117. Why did Hamida Djandoubi unfortunately become famous on 10 September 1977?

Last person to be executed in France by guillotine


118. In which French novella would you follow a young prince who visits various planets in space?

The Little Prince


119. Who wrote “J’Accuse…!”?

Emile Zola


120. Which French Enlightenment writer’s real name was François-Marie Arouet?



121. Who wrote “Madame Bovary”?

Gustave Flaubert


122. Which book by Choderos de Laclos was adapted as a movie in 1998 starring John Malcovich Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer?

Dangerous Liaisons


123. Who wrote “The Stranger”?

Albert Camus


124. Was George Sand a man or a woman?

A woman


125. Which famous French poet wrote Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil)?

Charles Baudelaire


126. Which novel by Stendhal has a name including 2 colours?

The Red and the Black


127. In the famous Disney movie, where can you find the Hunchback?

Notre Dame de Paris


128. What is the name of Emily’s French neighbor in Emily in Paris?



129. What is the french name of the Netflix show “Call my Agent”?

Dix pour Cent


130. Who are the two main actors in “Intouchables”?

Omar Sy and François Cluzet


131. Who played Amélie Poulain in Amélie?

Audrey Tautou


132. Who was Louis XVI’s wife?

Marie Antoinette


133. Who was the last King of France?

Louis XVI


134. Who made French school mandatory and free of charge?

Jules Ferry


135. Which document was drafted during the French Revolution, alongside the constitution?

Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen


136. Where did the boats land in France for D-Day?



137. When was the Armistice signed at the end of WWI (exact day)?


138. Which type of wine is used in a Boeuf Bourguignon?



139. In which French region can you find a Fronton?

South West France, Occitanie.


140. What is the most widely planted red grape variety in France?



141. What type of wine is a “Veuve Cliquot”?



142. What is the formal version of “you” in french?



143. What is a “Baguette magique”?

A magic wand


144. How do you say “Good night” in French?

Bonne nuit


145. What does “Un café s’il vous plait” mean?

A coffee please


146. What time is it if it is “Quinze heures”?

3 PM


147. What body part are “les pieds”?



148. What is a “chapeau”?

A hat


149. What is the french word for “fork’?



150. What does “Salut! Ça va?” mean?

Hi! How are you?


151. What is the population of France?

67 million


152. How many time zones are there in France?

12; the most in any country


153. What percentage of French people state their religious status as ‘none’?

Over 30%


154. France was home to the oldest human to ever live. Jeanne Louise Calment was born there on 21 February 1875; in what year did she die?

1997 (4 August), making her 122 years and 164 days old.


155. What is the most common surname in France?



156. How old do you have to be to drink beer in France?

16, hard liquor is 18.


157. Americans and Italians call them Zucchini, but what do the British and the French call them?



158. How many tons of snails are eaten per year in France?

30,000 tons


159. If we were to ask you for télécommande, what would we want?

The remote control.


160. If someone is feeling ‘faim,’ what do they need?



161. Which shoe-loving S.A.T.C writer moved to Paris, leaving NYC behind?

Carrie Bradshaw.


162. Eric Cantona is an iconic sportsman of the 1990s, but what was his sport?



163. How long did it take to build the Eiffel Tower?

A record-breaking 2 years (plus 2 months and 5 days).



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