160+ The Godfather Trivia Questions and Answers

The Godfather is a classic movie set in the 70s. If you’ve enjoyed the adrenaline rush that comes with watching organized crime films, be it Money Heist or Breaking Bad, then this one, in particular, will blow your mind.

Would you believe that one of the most remarkable scenes was shot by mistake? Well, Lenny Montana, who played Luca Brasi, was so nervous to act alongside Marlon Brando that he stuttered and looked visibly nervous in his scene. This scene became iconic for its depiction of the humanization of a merciless killer.

The Godfather Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Marlon Brando went into history as the second person to decline the Academy Award for Best Actor. He explained that he couldn’t receive the award because of the unfair treatment of American Indians by the film industry.

Did you know that the most complicated scene for special effects was the death of Sonny Corleone? The suit James Caan had on was rigged with 127 pouches of fake blood that exploded during the shoot.

This trivia will test the knowledge of astute viewers while serving as the perfect spoilers for those who are yet to watch it.

1. Where was Sonny Corleone gunned down?

A causeway


2. In order of appearance, what are the professions of the first three men that Don Corleone meets with during his daughter’s wedding reception?

Undertaker, baker, hitman


3. In the first encounter between the young Peter Clemenza and the future Godfather Vito Corleone, Clemenza asked a favor of Vito. What was it?

Hide guns


4. What was Connie’s husband’s name?



5. “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Who’s words are these?

Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando)


6. What did Mo Greene say to Michael upon hearing that the Corleones wanted to buy his Vegas hotel and casino?

“I buy YOU out! You don’t buy ME out!”


7. When Paulie sees Connie collecting gifts for the bridal purse, he estimates aloud how much money is in it. Which of the following amounts would fall into the range of his estimate?



8. Who was with the Godfather in the garden when he collapsed and died?

His grandson Anthony


9. Vito Corleone’s natural children’s names are?

Sonny, Fredo, Michael and Connie


10. What was the name of Michael’s Sicilian wife, who was killed while he was in hiding?



11. What is the name of the protagonist crime family in the movie?



12. Which of Vito Corleone’s sons is ambushed and killed at a toll booth?



13. At Don Corleone’s daughter’s wedding, what did Luca Brasi tell Don Corleone that he hoped his daughter’s first child would be?

A masculine child


14. What was the name of the baker that made Connie and Carlo’s wedding cake?



15. Who reads his get-well card aloud to Vito when he returns from the hospital?



16. Who accompanied Michael and Sollozzo on their meeting to attempt to reconcile differences and negotiate a settlement?

Captain McCluskey


17. How many times was Vito shot by the Turk’s men?



18. In “Part I”, who whacks Paulie Gatto?

Rocco Lampone


19. Who was the older brother of Vito Andolini (later Vito Corleone), who was killed when Vito was a child?



20. What is the name of the baker that comes to the hospital to see Don Corleone?



21. What gift did Clemenza acquire for Vito, in return for a favor?



22. Where does the Corleone family live in Godfather II?


23. During Connie’s wedding, the feds show up to take down the license plates of the cars in the driveway. When Sonny objects, the agent shows him an ID. Sonny reacts how?

He spits


24. Which Corleone son witnesses the attempted murder of his father?



25. The young adult character of Vito Corleone was portrayed by Robert DeNiro. His good friend and partner-in-crime, Clemenza, was played by whom?

Bruno Kirby


26. What did young Clemenza encourage young Michael to help him steal?

a rug


27. Tom Hagen, Don Corleone’s lawyer and adopted son, tells him that Luca Brasi wants to see him. The Don asks if this is necessary. What is Tom’s explanation for Luca’s request to see him?

Luca did not expect to be invited, and is grateful.


28. Before Michael takes over as “Don” of the family, what is Don Corleone’s first name?



29. What character was also known as “The Black Hand” in the old neighborhood?



30. Vito meets with Virgil Sollozzo, who requests Vito’s help in getting his narcotics operation off the ground. He asks for a million dollars in cash, legal protection and political influence. What percentage of his revenue does he offer Vito in return?



31. Where did Fredo meet his untimely end?

A fishing boat


32. Who is the only non-Sicilian in the Corleone family?

Tom Hagen


33. During the scene where Carlo attacks Connie, where does he finally corner her?



34. When Vito Corleone arrived in America as a young boy, why was he quarantined?



35. When Michael and Kay were Christmas shopping, what did Kay answer when Michael asked her what she wanted for the holiday?

Just him


36. Mobsters are often given unflattering nicknames. By what name did Peter Clemenza come to be known?



37. Who did Michael address with the quote, “I know it was you…you broke my heart.”?

Fredo Corleone


38. What does Mike drop whilst running to the phone box after his dad has been shot?

His newspaper


39. Who is known as the Turk?



40. Where was Michael when assassins attempted to gun him down?

His bedroom


41. What room number was Vito Corleone in at the hospital?



42. Sonny orders the murder of his father’s chauffeur, who was sick the day of the assassination attempt. What’s the chauffeur’s name?

Paulie Gatto


43. Lee Strassberg, sometimes called the “father of method acting,” portrayed which character in The Godfather II?

Hyman Roth


44. Connie Corleone is played by Talia Shire. The Shire is the real-life sister of whom?

Francis Ford Coppola


45. “And a man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous.” Who said these words?

Jack Woltz (John Marley)


46. The Corleone family got its name from what?

The town of Corleone, Sicily


47. When Sollozzo kidnaps Tom outside the store where Tom has just bought some Christmas gifts, what Christmas song can be heard playing in the background?

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


48. In “Part I”, what is the name of the Sicilian who set up Michael with a car bomb in Italy?



49. At the beginning of the movie, which Corleone sibling is getting married?


50. The movie-going public first met Peter Clemenza in the wedding scene near the beginning of “The Godfather”. What was Clemenza doing at the time he was first seen on screen?



51. What food were Tom, Michael, Tessio, Clemenza, Rocco, and Sonny eating while awaiting word of which restaurant Michael had to meet Sollozzo and McCluskey?

Chinese food


52. What business is Don Corleone in?


53. Who is Paulie with when he dies?



54. After Connie is beaten up by her husband, Sonny returns the favor by giving Carlo a beating of his own. During this scene, Sonny does which of these things.

Sonny does all of these


55. What was in the package that said that Luca was dead?

Bulletproof vest and fish


56. How much money did the bandleader receive to release Johnny Fontaine from his contract?



57. Who did not expect to be invited to Connie’s wedding?

Luca Brasi


58. Before the famous restaurant scene, Michael is picked up in front of where?

Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant


59. One morning, Clemenza’s soldier, Paulie, picked him up at his suburban home. What did Mrs. Clemenza remind her husband to bring home?



60. The Don meets with Johnny Fontaine, a singer and actor, who wants a part in a war movie. The studio head, Woltz, won’t give him the part. While explaining his problems to Don Corleone, Johnnny starts getting upset. At some point the Don says, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” When does this occur?

When Johnny expresses doubt that the Don can change Woltz’s mind.


61. How is Tom Hagen related to the Family?

He was informally adopted


62. “The Godfather, Part 2” opens with which event?

Vito’s father’s funeral procession in Italy


63. “Never let anyone outside the family know what you’re thinking.”

Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando)


64. What color coat is Kay wearing when Michael shuts the door on her face?

Black and gray


65. In “Part II”, who in the Corleone Family gets hit by a car in the attempted hit on Frank Pentangeli?

Willie Cicci


66. As Kay and Michael exit the movies, she asks Michael if he would like her better is she was which movie star?

Ingrid Bergman


67. One of Paulie’s regular duties was as a driver and bodyguard for Don Vito Corleone. Paulie had called in sick the day the Don was shot and Sonny Corleone convinced that Paulie had sold out his father, ordered him killed. What was Clemenza doing when his soldier Paulie was executed?



68. What color in the movie almost always signifies death?



69. What is the specialty of the Corleone Family?



70. In the famous restaurant scene, Michael couldn’t speak a particular word in Italian (towards Sollozzo). What is that word in English?



71. To avenge the assassination attempt on Vito Corleone, Michael kills two men in a restaurant. One is Sollozzo, a would-be drug trafficker. What was unusual about the other man killed?

He was a police captain


72. In what borough of New York did Michael kill the Turk?



73. What is Kay eating at Connie’s wedding?



74. What is Tom Hagen’s heritage?

German and Irish


75. In “Part II”, which of these is true about both of the attempts on Hyman Roth’s life?

The would-be assassin was killed at the scene of his attempted murder.


76. What does McCluskey order for dinner before he is gunned down?



77. While a number of the Corleone family soldiers were holed up together in anticipation of a bloody mob war with the Tatagglias, Clemenza gave Michael Corleone a domestic lesson. What did he show Michael how to do?



78. Who is Johnny Fontaine’s character rumored to be based on?


79. What does Michael Corleone’s bodyguard use to kill Johnny Ola?

A coat hanger


80. When Sollozzo calls Sonny at his house to tell him that Tom would be coming with an offer, Sonny picks up a pencil and writes something on the kitchen cabinet. What does he write?

The time


81. When in Havana, Fredo wants to order a banana daiquiri. How does Michael tell him it’s pronounced in Spanish?

“banana daiquiri”


82. What does Vito have in his mouth just before he dies?

An orange slice


83. What is the name of the singer who sings “I Have but One Heart”?

Johnny Fontaine


84. What was Paulie’s, Clemenza’s chaffeur and bodyguard, last name?



85. Where did Santino find Tom Hagen when they were children?

The street


86. Who played Police Captain McClusky, the man that punches Mike in the film?

Sterling Hayden


87. In an attempt to save his father’s life, Michael Corleone said he would assassinate drug dealer Virgil Sollozzo and his bodyguard, police Captain McCluskey. Clemenza was assigned the task of getting a weapon to Michael. How did he accomplish this?

Hid a pistol in a bathroom


88. In what newspaper did Michael read the headline that his father was shot?

Daily Mirror


89. Michael gives Appolonia an engagement gift at her father’s house. What was it?

Gold necklace


90. What did Michael Corleone say to his brother Fredo at the New Year’s party?

I know it was you Fredo, you broke my heart.


91. Which of these is not a way someone dies in “Part III”?

Falling off the top of a staircase.


92. How much money does Sollozzo offer Luca Brasi to work for him?

$50,000 per year


93. In a climactic sequence, Michael Corleone had all of his enemies killed. Clemenza was assigned to execute one of the heads of the other New York families. Where did he do his dirty work?



94. Why won’t Woltz give Johnny the part in the war film?

Johnny stole one of Woltz’s most promising actresses away from him.


95. What did Vito’s mom tell Don Ciccio?

Vitone is only nine, the child cannot harm you


96. “Oh, Paulie? Won’t see him no more.”

Pete Clemenza (Richard Castellano)


97. Finish this quote from Michael: “Fredo, you’re my older brother and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the _______ again. Ever.”



98. When Clemenza is showing Michael how to make spaghetti sauce for a large group, which of these is not an ingredient he tells him to use?



99. Fredo tells his nephew a story about going fishing with his father and brothers. According to Fredo, only he caught a fish. What was his secret to catching fish?

He said a Hail Mary when he threw his line in

100. What game were the FBI agents preparing to play when Pentangali slit his wrists?



101. What is the name of Jack Woltz’s horse?



102. The loyal Clemenza’s last act of violence in “The Godfather” was the execution of Carlo, Michael Corleone’s brother-in-law and the father of Michael’s recently baptized godson. How did Carlo die?



103. What Don did Willi Cicci murder during the baptism scene?

Carmine Cuneo


104. How old is Vito when he emigrates to the U.S.?



105. In one of the most famous “Godfather” scenes, a movie producer wakes up to find something horrible in his bed. What does he find?

The severed head of his favorite horse


106. Connie and Carlo ask Michael to be the Godfather to their son. What name was the son christened?

Michael Francis Rizzi


107. Who wanted to branch off of the Corleone family and start their own family?

Tessio and Clemenza


108. What does Michael’s wife in Italy want him to teach her?

To drive a car


109. How long is Michael back in America from Corleone before he gets in contact with Kay?

Over a year


110. Sollozzo, “The Turk”, is supposed to be good with what weapon?

A knife


111. What does Hyman Roth want before anyone cuts into his birthday cake?

Everyone to see the cake


112. “How’s the Italian food in this restaurant?”

Police Capt. Mark McCluskey (Sterling Hayden)


113. Why does Connie come to see Michael at Anthony’s first communion reception?

She needs money


114. When Sollozzo and McClusky pick Michael up for their meeting, the car’s driver makes a daring U-Turn on the Bridge in order to throw off any tails. What was the driver’s name?



115. The Godfather movies are based on a novel by what author?

Mario Puzo


116. What is the name of Michael’s American girlfriend?

Kay Adams


117. What actor won an Academy Award for his performance in The Godfather?

Marlon Brando


118. Who played Kay, Michael’s girlfriend, in the film?

Diane Keaton


119. In The Godfather, Part II, what country is Michael Corleone considering expanding his gambling operations into?



120. Right before Michael shoots McCluskey and Solazzo, a very distinct sound is heard. What was it?

Train screeching to a halt


121. When Sonny comes to see Connie and finds that Carlo has beaten her, he goes looking for him to exact revenge. Carlo, who operates a bookie operation, is sitting on a porch stoop and discussing his clientele with one of his men. One of their clients has been winning too much money by betting on baseball, as we hear in their discussion, and Carlo tells his men to stop taking his action. What team did this client bet heavily?



122. Why does Michael go to Italy?

On the run from the law


123. How does Apollonia show Michael she knows how to speak English?

Stating the days of the week


124. Who plays Hyman Roth in “The Godfather: Part II”?

Lee Strasberg


125. Where was Vito Corleone when he died?

In his tomato field


126. In “The Godfather”, what favor did Vito grant Nazorine the Baker during the wedding?

Allowed Enzo To Avoid Deportation


127. How much money does the Turk need to get started with Don Corleone in the narcotics business?

One million dollars


128. What is the name of the actor who portrays Vincent in “The Godfather: Part III”?

Andy Garcia


129. What does Don Corleone have on his lap in the opening scene of the film?



130. In “The Godfather”, how did Don Tommasino become wheelchair-bound?

Shot Helping Vito Kill Don Ciccio


131. ‘Can you get me off the hook, Tom, for old time’s sake.’ Who said this?

Sal Tessio


132. When Michael goes to see his father in the hospital, what is lying on the desk at the nurses’ station?

Cheese Sandwich


133. Who directed “The Godfather” movies?

Francis Ford Coppola


134. The last scene of the film shows Michael accepting kisses on his hand, obviously accepting his position as the new Don. Of the people in the room with him, which one calls him “Don Corleone”, for the last line of the movie?

Peter Clemenza


135. After the meeting of the five families, Vito Corleone calls Phillip Tattaglia a ____________ ?



136. Who betrays Sonny to Barzini?



137. Who kills Barzini?



138. What is the second line of the movie?

“America has made my fortune.”


139. Tessio describes the old-fashion toilet at the restaurant as “you know the box and” what?

“The chain-thing”


140. How many shots does Michael fire in the restaurant?



141. What color is Apollonia’s dress when Michael first lays eyes on her?



142. According to Tom, what did Police Captain Mark McCluskey agree to do for Sollozzo?

“McClusky has agreed to be the Turk’s bodyguard.”


143. After dancing, what does Clemenza have Paulie get him?



144. How many shots hit Vito in his assassination attempt?



145. The Godfather is considered to be a series in this genre of films:



146. The Godfather is about this Italian-American family’s saga:



147. What is the specific type of crime narrated throughout The Godfather film and novel series?

Organized crime


148. The first Godfather film introduces Vito’s son, who has just returned from serving in the Marine Corps. What is this son’s name?



149. What is the name of the only daughter of Don Vito Corleone?


150. Michael fell in love with a native Sicilian while in hiding. What happened to this girl?

She was killed by a car bomb.


151. Sonny Corleone beat up his brother-in-law Carlo for doing this to his sister Connie:

Beating her up


152. Which Corleone son was ambushed while passing through a highway toll booth?



153. Which son eventually took over as the head of the Corleone crime family?



154. The Godfather Part II had a flashback containing the history of which member of the Corleone family?



155. What is the original surname of Vito Corleone prior to being shipped to America?



156. Why did Vito leave Sicily at such a young age?

His father was killed by a local mafia boss.


157. Who portrayed Vito Corleone as a young man making his early rounds of crime in New York City?

Robert De Niro


158. The young Vito ends up killing this local gangster/extortionist boss in their New York neighborhood when he was still honing his crime-committing skills.

Don Fanucci


159. The young Vito returned to Sicily, using his olive oil business as a front to do this deed:

Exact revenge on Don Ciccio


160. In his dealings as the new don, Michael first gets ambushed in this state.



161. In the second Godfather film, this kind of government hearing was publicly held to investigate organized crime.

Senate hearing


162. Kay confessed to Michael that she didn’t originally lose a child from miscarriage, but from?



163. In The Godfather, Part III, Michael’s son Anthony wanted to pursue which career?


164. Who played Mary Corleone, earning the film director some early criticism for the casting?

Sofia Coppola


165. The famous musical score for The Godfather films was created by this great cinematic composer:

Nino Rota



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