160+ Hockey Trivia Questions and Answers

Hockey is one of the most famous sports in the world. Its championship trophy has a legacy that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Diehard fans would pay any price just to watch the game from the glass seats for an up-close view.

A sporting event is about having a great time. Watching the NHL, wearing your fashionable Hockey jersey, and painting your face would draw some attention but still count as fun.

Hockey Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 and 2023

We all know nothing beats the passion of Canadian Hockey fans. If visiting the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame is on your bucket list, you’ll get to learn the game’s rich history and see the Stanley Cup as well as historic trophies. Just before you take that trip, how about engaging in a trivia exercise to learn lots of Hockey facts?

If you are a Hockey fanatic, playing this trivia game will be a piece of cake. Take up the following Hockey trivia questions and answers to see how much you know. Also, check out our Golf trivia and World Cup Football trivia.


1. How many people are a part of one NHL team?

20 NHL players


2. Phil Kessel led which NHL team in scoring during the 2011-12 season?

Toronto Maple Leafs


3. What are the 3 main types of Hockey?

Bandy, Field hockey, and ice hockey


4. How many teams are in the NHL?

31 teams


5. Which player had the best time at the 2012 NHL Faster Skater Competition?

Colin Greening


6. The word Hockey was first-time used in which year?

In 1773


7. When was NHL founded?


8. What team drafted Andrei Svechnikov in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft?

Carolina Hurricanes


9. Alex Auld, who was drafted into the NHL in 1999 is from which country?



10. What is the name of the federation which governs international ice hockey?

International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)


11. Who is awarded the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup is awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoff winner


12. Canucks winger Chris Higgins attended what Ivy League school before joining the NHL?



13. Ice hockey included for the first time in Olympics in which year?


14. Which Pittsburgh Penguins coach took home the NHL’s Jack Adams award for the 2010-11 season?

Dan Bylsma


15. Who won the Stanley Cup in 2020?

The Tampa Bay Lightning
16. What team acquired Scott Wedgewood in July 2018?
Buffalo Sabres
17. Who won their third career Hart Memorial Trophy for the 2012-13 season?
Alexander Ovechkin
18.  Which teams are included in the Big Six hockey teams?
Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Sweden, and the United States
19. How many teams have never won the Stanley Cup?
11 teams
20. Which New York Ranger drew a 10-game suspension from the NHL for attacking an official in 2014?
Daniel Carcillo
21. Singer Taylor Swift appeared in a commercial proclaiming her fandom for which team?
Nashville Predators
22. The International Ice Hockey was created in which year?
In 1908
23. What scheduling system is used in hockey?
Round robin scheduling
24. What is the first name of hockey’s Potvin?
25. In which year Soviet Union first time participated in Hockey Tournament?
In 1954
26. Which NHL player is called the ‘Goat’ in hockey?
Wayne Gretzky
27. Which player did the New York Islanders trade for Thomas Vanek in 2013?
Matt Moulson
28. In the 1920 Summer Olympics Ice hockey world cup quarter-final match between Sweden and Belgium which player makes the first goal for Sweden?
29. Which NHL player is known to goal 50 goals in 50 games?
Mario Lemieux
30. Who wears #19 for the 2018-19 Chicago Blackhawks?
Jonathan Toews
31. What were the scores of the quarter-final match between Sweden and Belgium in Ice World Cup 1920?
Sweden 8 goals and Belgium 0
32. Who is the highest-paid NHL player?
Sidney Crosby
33. Which ice hockey term is defined as “the area contained between the blue lines”?
Neutral Zone
34. What is the highest-scoring hockey game in NHL history?
16-3, Montreal Canadiens Over Quebec Bulldogs
35. Who took over for Glen Gulutzan as coach of the 2018-19 Calgary Flames?
Bill Peters
36. How many seasons did Wayne Gretzky play?
37. How many games did the Stanley Cup Finals played in 2018 last?
5 Games
38. The first indoor hockey rink was made in which city of which country?
Montreal, Canada
39. Which NHL player played guitar in a Swedish rock band called Box Play?
Henrik Lundqvist
40. Did Wayne Gretzky win the Stanley cup?
He has won four cups
41. Who is the captain of the Florida Panthers in 2018-19?
Aleksander Barkov
42.  In ice hockey, one period consists of how many minutes?
20 minutes
43. What team does Wayne Gretzky own?
Phoenix Coyotes
44. What team drafted Brady Tkachuk in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft?
Ottawa Senators
45. What is the duration of overtime in ice hockey?
5 minutes
46. How much is Bobby Orr net worth?
$35 million
47. In what country was NHL player Adam Hall born?
48. Which player holds the record for the most goals scored in one NHL game?
Joe Malone
49. Who owns the hardest shot record in NHL history?
Zdeno Chara
50. Who won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the 2011-12 NHL Playoff MVP?
Jonathon Quick
51. In which year was a woman first-time play in the NHL?
52. How much is Wayne Gretzky’s net worth?
$200 million
53. The St. Louis Blues’ home arena was renamed from Scottrade Center to what?
Enterprise Center
54. Who was the first goaltender to score a goal?
Ron Hextall
55. Name the highest-scoring goalie in NHL history?
Martin Brodeur
56. Which NHL star married actress Elisha Cuthbert in 2013?
Dion Phaneuf
57. The last match in which the goaltender didn’t wear a mask played in which year?
58. What is the area in front of the goal in hockey called?
The crease
59. What 2018-19 team includes Steven Fogarty and Marc Staal?
New York Rangers
60. Name the first player who wears 99 number shirt?
Joe Lamb
61. What is the record Wayne Gretzky holds?
92 goals
62. Which 7-time Norris Trophy winner retired from the NHL in 2012?
Nicklas Lidstrom
63.  True or false: Windsor Bulldogs never won a Stanley Cup?
64. Who was the last player to play hockey without a helmet?
Craig MacTavish
65. The 2015-16 season is the New York Islanders first season played where?
66. Before Steve Yzerman who was the captain of the Detriot Red Wings?
Danny Gare
67. Who had a live penguin as their mascot?
Pittsburgh Penguins
68. Who won the 2018 NHL China Game played on September 15?
Boston Bruins
69. True or false question: Igor Larionov nickname was a professor?
70. Which is the only player to have worn jersey number zero?
Neil Sheehy
71. Who was the ice hockey world cup champion of 1933?
72. How many players can be removed from the ice field due to penalties?
73. Which Boston Bruins player drew a 15-game suspension in 2013 for aggression Brooks Orpik?
Shawn Thornton
74. Who was the captain of the US team during the hockey world cup 1933?
Ben Langmaid
75. How long is the intermission for in one game?
18 minutes
76. What former San Jose Sharks goaltender retired from the NHL in February 2015?
Evgeni Nabokov
77. Who was the coach of the Canada hockey team during world cup 1933?
Harold Ballard
78. Who was the first woman player to play in the NHL?
Manon Reahume
79. This NHL goalie was involved in a 1992 trade three times in the same off-season, and twice for the same player! Who is he?
Stephane Beauregard
80. In the final between the US and Austria in the ice hockey world cup 1933, how many goals did the US score against Austria?
4 goals
81. Which city is going to host the 32nd franchise of NHL?
82. Who was the first player in NHL history to score 100 points in a single season, when he scored 126 total points?
Phil Esposito
83. As of now, which is the newest team in the NHL?
The Las Vegas Golden Knights
84. Who had their Detroit Red Wing number 12 retired in 1995?
Sid Abel
85. In the hockey world cup 1933 in semifinal match between Romania and Belgium who was the winner?
Romania with 3 goals
86. What was the former player Marty McSorley famous for?
For hitting another player in the head with a stick.
87. Who is Joe Hockey?
A man who knows nothing about hockey
88. How many teams participated in the ice hockey world cup 1933?
12 teams
89. What is the name of the song that the US hockey team forgot after winning a match at the Olympics?
God Bless America
90. Which NHL player has played in the most regular-season wins during his career?
Scott Stevens
91. Which team got 3rd position in the ice hockey world cup in 1933?
92. How many face-off spots are there in the ice hockey rink?
There are nine face spots in the ring
93. Who is the last remaining player on the New York Rangers from their Stanley Cup victory in 1994?
Mark Messier
94. In the ice hockey world cup 1933 how many total goals were scored?
115 goals
95. What is the official term for the slang ‘the sin bin’?
The penalty box
96. On January 1, 1958, which player fought three Boston Bruins in succession?
Henri Richard
97. Which player was the leading goal scorer in ice hockey world cup 1933?
Josef Malecek
98. What are the two divisions the NHL conferences are divided into?
The eastern and the western divisions.
99. On March 24, 1936, the Detroit Red Wings defeated the Montreal Maroons 1-0. Who scored the winning goal at 16:30 of the 6th overtime?
Mud Bruneteau
100. What was the name of the first indoor ice hockey rink developed in Montreal?
Victoria Skating Rink
101. Which former player is popularly called ‘Mr.Hockey’?
Gordie Howe
102. Mike Peca who joined the New York Islanders in 2001, was first drafted by who?
103. What was the number of team players in first indoor ice hockey game played at Victoria Skating Rink?
9 players in each team
104. Which trophy is given to the most valuable player?
The Hart trophy
105. Violently checking an opponent into the boards is called _______ ?
106. Instead of ball or bung which type of thing was used in the first indoor match played at Victoria Skating Rink?
A flat circular piece of wood
107.  The Toronto Maple Leaves are a part of which division?
They are a part of the Atlantic Division.
108. What kind of stick did Ziggy Palffy of the LA Kings use?
109. Initially, what was the width of the goal post?
8 feet (Modern hockey goal width is 6 feet wide)
110. What infraction is a hockey referee calling if he clasps his writs?
111. The first ice hockey club was developed in 1877, do you remember the name of that club?
University Hockey Club
112. What number is Jose Theodore?
113. What coach for St. Louis, Montreal, Buffalo, Pittsburgh  and Detroit has the NHL’s highest career winning percentage?
Scotty Bowman
114. The first ice hockey world championship was held in 1883, which team won that championship?
McGill Team
115. Who was the first player to wear number 99?
Joe Lamb
116. What NHL team plays in an arena called The Pond?
The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
117. What was the date range between which the IHWC 2019 was played?
It was played between 10 to 26 May 2019
118. What was the nickname of former Detroit Red Wing Alex Delvecchio?
119. What infraction is a hockey referee calling if he waves his hand below his knees?
120. Who was the champion of ice hockey world cup 2019?
121. Which team got the third position in IHWC 2019?
122. Who was the first goalie to wear a mask in an NHL game?
Clint Benedict
123. What “Hockey Night in Canada” host is nicknamed “Grapes”?
Don Cherry
124. When the goal judge sees the puck go into the net, he or she triggers what?
A bright red light
125. Total goals scored in IHWC 2019?
126. Which brand of helmet did Mario Lemieux wear on his return to the NHL in December 2000?
127. In 2018 the International Ice Hockey Federation changed which two rules?
All overtime would be 3-on-3 rather than progressing, and gold medal game would no longer go to a shootout
128. Who was the first European-born player chosen by the Quebec Nordiques in an NHL Entry Draft?
Anton Stastny
129. What is the name of the “ball” used to play hockey?
Hockey puck
130. In women’s field hockey, which country has won the most World Cups?
131. What kind of Bauer skates did Pavel Bure use?
132. How many substitutes are there in each hockey team?
133. During a Hockey Bully-off, how many times must sticks touch?
3 Times
134. Which of the Sutter brothers is Ron’s twin?
135. In a hockey match, who is allowed to use their feet along with the stick to direct the hockey puck?
136. Which country has Hockey as its national game?
137. What is the surface on which field hockey is played on called?
Turf or grass
138. What is the nickname given to Jonathan Toews from the Chicago Blackhawks?
Captain Serious
139. The top line for the New Jersey Devils all used the same stick: what stick is it?
Easton Synergy
140. Who had the most NHL-season wins in his career?
Scott Stevens
141. Who was the last player to win the Conn Smythe trophy while playing for the losing team during the 20th century?
Ron Hextall
142. What is the goal horn of the Buffalo Sabres?
Kahlenberg F-3, a type of yacht horn.
143. In what year was the first Norris Trophy awarded?
144. What city was Matthew Barnaby born in?
145. Who holds the NHL season single’s record for shooting percentage?
Charlie Simmer
146. Whose last name means ‘the flower’?
Guy Lafleur
147. Who replaced his brother as the head coach of the Washington Capitals?
Terry Murray
148. Why was no Stanley Cup awarded in 1919?
Flu Epidemic
149. What is the machine called which is used to keep ice in the ice rink intact?
150. Who is Peter Demers?
A long-time team trainer
151. Who is the only goalie whose name appeared on the Cup as the captain?
Charlie Gardiner
152. When Wayne Gretzky was behind the net, where was he considered to be?
In his office
153. According to a legend, what was the first hockey puck ever used made of?
Frozen cow dung
154. How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in one season in pee-wee?
378 goals
155. Whose logo appears on each NHL game puck?
The home team’s
156. The NHL team, Pittsburgh Penguins, had a live penguin as their mascot. What was the name of the mascot?
Slapshot Pete
157. How many teams had horns that were chords in 2007?
158. What is the meaning of the phrase “to put the biscuit in the basket”?
To score a goal
159. Who was the first American-born player to have a 100 point NHL season?
Neal Broten
160. Name the popular Canadian singer and songwriter who played at the 2017 NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout?
Justin Bieber
161. What team had the WORST record in the NHL during the 1979-1980 season?
162. Who was the first African American on a Team USA Olympic roster for hockey?
163. After retiring from hockey, what suggestion did Patrick Roy have to increase goal scoring?
The net should be bigger and goalie equipment smaller

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